Rare Book & Manuscript Library

George Y. Shevelov Papers, 1922-2001

Series III: Documents, Biographical and Background Materials, 1945-2000

Documents include some MUR related documents and acknowledgement and certificate of 1990s. Biographical and background materials include articles about Shevel'ov, reviews on his writings, and bibliography of his works.

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Box 29 Folder 10 MUR Documents: By-law, list of members, [1945]

Folder 11 to 13 Personal Documents:

Box 29 Folder 11 Acknowledgement for contribution to science, Kyiv, undated

Box 29 Folder 12 Certificate of election Shevelov as a foreign member of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kyiv,, 1991

Box 29 Folder 13 Addresses, notes

Biographical and Background Materials:

Box 29 Folder 14 to 16 Articles about him, 1998-2000

Box 29 Folder 14 Chaban, L., A.Danylenko, E.Solovei. Foreword and biography forIurii Volodymyrovych Shevel'ov (Iurii Sherekh): Materiialy do bibliohrafii. New York, 1998 (with Shevelov's notes), 1998

Box 29 Folder 15 Chumachenko, Anna. Iurii Sherekh i "Shosta symfoniia Mykoly Kulisha",, undated

Box 29 Folder 15 Danylenko, Andrii. "Iurii Sheveliov iak istoryk skhidnoslov'ians'kykh mov,", 2000

Kachurovs'kyi, Ihor. Radioscript dedicated to Shevel'ov's 75 anniversary, 1983 see Series I:Correspondence--Subseries I.1: Correspondence with Individuals--Kachurovs'kyi (Box 5, Folder 13), 1983

Box 29 Folder 16 Materials related to Shevelov's 90-year anniversary, 1998

Reviews on his writings, 1948-1998 (including enclosures found in the books):, 1948-1998

Box 29 Folder 17 Historical Phonology of the Ukrainian Language. Heidelberg, 1979 (by various authors), 1979

Box 29 Folder 18 In and around Kiev. Heidelberg, 1991

Box 29 Folder 19 Kirschenslavischen Elemente in der modernen russischen Literatursprache, , 1960

Box 29 Folder 20 Neues Theater? Betrachtungen zur modernen Dramatic. Munich, 1948

Box 29 Folder 21 Prehistoric Slavic

Box 29 Folder 22 Prehistory of Slavic: the historical phonology of Common Slavic

Box 30 Folder 1 "Reader in the history of the Eastern Slavic languages: Russian, Belorussian, Ukrainian,", 1958

Box 30 Folder 1 Syntax of Modern Literary Ukrainian. The Simple Sentence. 1963 (by W.Svoboda), 1963

Box 30 Folder 1 Taras Shevchenko. 1814-1861. A Symposium, 1965

Box 30 Folder 2 Ukrainian language in the first half of the twentieth century (1900-1941), , 1989

Box 30 Folder 3 Ukrainische Schriftsprache 1798-1965.

Box 30 Folder 4 to 5 Bibliography of Shevelov's works:

Box 30 Folder 4 Iurii Volodymyrovych Shevel'ov (Iurii Sherekh): Materiialy do bibliohrafii. New York, 1998

Box 30 Folder 5 List of works