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Sergei Germanovich Pushkarev Printed Materials, 1920-1975

Series I: Sergei Germanovich Pushkarev Papers

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Box 1 Arranged Correspondence


Box 1 St. Sergius High School Fund

Box 1 Tolstoy Foundation

Box 1 Newsletters from various places

Box 1 Printed Materials-2 folders


Box 2 Africa

Box 2 Agriculture-6 folders

Box 2 Arts

Box 2 Asia-2 folders

Box 3 Civil War-3 folders

Box 3 Communist Party

Box 3 Cuba-4 folders

Box 3 Cultural Exchanges-2 folders

Box 3 Dissidents-3 folders

Box 4 Education

Box 4 Emigration-15 folders

Box 5 Europe-5 folders

Box 5 Germany-7 folders

Box 6 Hungary-5 folders

Box 6 India

Box 6 Indochina-2 folders

Box 6 Industry and Trade

Box 6 International Affairs-3 folders

Box 7 International Affairs-11 folders

Box 8 International Affairs-11 folders

Box 9 International Affairs-9 folders

Box 10 International Affairs-13 folders

Box 11 Khrushchev-2 folders

Box 11 Korea-8 folders

Box 12 Latin America

Box 12 V Lenin

Box 12 Medvedev, Z. A. & R. A.

Box 12 Middle East

Box 12 Military Affairs-2 folders

Box 12 Orthodox Church-3 folders

Box 12 Politics-T folders

Box 12 Pantiukhov, O. I.

Box 12 Pasternak

Box 13 Radio Broadcasts to the USSR

Box 13 Russian Culture in Emigration-2 folders

Box 13 Russian Literature-3 folders

Box 13 Russian Revolution-2 folders

Box 14 Sakharov

Box 14 Samizdat

Box 14 Science-3 folders

Box 14 Sovetskie dokumenty-3 folders

Box 14 Solzhenitsyn-8 folders

Box 15 Soviet Union-13 folders

Box 16 Soviet Union-13 folders

Box 17 Soviet Union-11 folders

Box 18 Stalin-4 folders

Box 18 Stalin, Svetlana

Box 18 Tolstaia, A. L.

Box 18 United States

Box 18 Vietnam-6 folders

Box 18 Vlasov, A.A.

Box 18 Oversize: 16 folders of oversize clippings