Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Obshchestvo Pomoshchi Russkim Detiam za Rubezhom Records, 1926-1964

Series VIII: Printed Material

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Box 98 Biulleten1, 1948-1949

Box 98 Bog, trud, edinstvo (Munich), 1948-1949

Box 98 Department of State Bulletin, 1946

Box 98 Iunaia my si', (Munich), 1949

Box 98 Izvestiia Vysshego Monarkhicheskogo Soveta, 1948-1949

Box 98 Lagernyi vestnik, 1949

Box 98 Obozrenie, 1948

Box 98 Obshchestvo Pomoshchi Bulletin, 1944-1945

Box 98 Current Reports, 1946-1947

Box 98 Otchet (Hamburg), 1949

Box 98 Posev, March1949

Box 98 UNRRA Monthly Review, 1945-1946

Box 98 Volia, November 1952-August 1953

Box 99 Za pravdu, 1949-1951

Box 99 Znamia Rossii, 1949-1953

Box 99 Miscellaneous Printed Bulletins

Box 99 Miscellaneous Emigre Journals

Box 99 Miscellaneous Newspapers

Box 100 Harbin Russkii Dom

Box 100 Miscellaneous American Benevolent Organizations-Publications

Box 100 Miscellaneous Russian Benevolent Organizations-Publications

Box 100 Miscellaneous Russian Organizations-Publications

Box 101 Obshchestvo Special Events (Flyers, etc.)

Box 101 The President's War Relief Control Board-Publications

Box 101 United Nations-Publications

Box 101 U. S. Foreign Economic Administration -- Publications

Box 102 U. S. Government Publications on Post-WWII Reconstruction

Box 102 U. S. Government Publications-Miscellaneous

Box 102 Miscellaneous Printed Materials

Box 102 Clippings

Box 103 Clippings

Box 104 Books

Box 104 Opis' muzeia, Fourth Pamiatka of First Russian Prince Konstantin

Box 104 Konstantinovich Kadet Corps

Box 104 Shestaia kadetskaia pamiatka iubleinaia, Sixth Pamiatka of First

Box 104 Russian Prince Konstantin Konstantinovich Kadet Corps.

Box 104 Signed and inscribed by A. Popov

Box 104 Zarubezhnaia russkaia shkola, 1920-1921+, Signed by Prince Lfvov

Box 104 Two books on Post-WWII emigration (U. S. Government reports)

Box 104 Two booklets on Russkii Dom/School, Harbin

Box 105 Colored charts of organization and contributions, 1926-1940

Box 105 Miscellaneous hand-painted cards

Box 105 Miscellaneous handwritten notes

Box 105 Miscellaneous manuscripts

Box 105 Musical scores

Box 105 Material acquired after 1957 (Flyers and reports), 1957

Box 105 Loose-leaf calendars

Box Oversize Three scrapbooks on Den1 Russkogo Rebenka, 1952-1934

Box Oversize One scrapbook of clippings, 1948

Box Oversize One scrapbook of color plates

Box Oversize Two scrapbooks of photographs: Bulgaria, Estonia, Yugoslavia

Box Oversize One scrapbook of hand-lettered cards

Box Oversize One scrapbook of letters and manuscripts by noted emigres