Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Aleksandr Mikhailovich Nikolaev Papers, 1899-1967

Series II: Manuscripts

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Box 1 Kliuchevskii, Vasilii 0.-"Kratkoe posobie po russkoi istorii"

Box 1 Meiji, Emperor of Japan-"Order of the Sacred Treasure"

Box 5 Manuscripts by Nikolaev

Box 5 "The Campaign in Switzerland"

Box 5 "Civil War in Russia"

Box 5 "Expansion of the German Army in the War of 19lU-l8"

Box 5 "The FebruaryRevolution and the Russian Army"

Box 5 "Grazhdanskaia voina v Rossii"

Box 5 "Kampaniia 1914 goda", 1914

Box 5 "Katalog aviatsionnoi biblioteki kantceliarii voennogo agenta v

Box 5 Soedinennykh shtatakh ameriki"

Box 5 "More Light on the Invasion of East Prussia"

Box 5 "Napoleon and 'General Winter' in the Russian Campaign"

Box 5 "Napoleon in Russia"

Box 6 "0 pol'skikh pritiazaniiakh na russkie zemli"

Box 6 "0 rechi Lloyd George'a"

Box 6 "0 Rumynii"

Box 6 "The People's Army at Samara"

Box 6 "Peter I or Peter the Great as a Military Leader 1709-1959"

Box 6 "Po voprosu o poteriakh russkoi armii vo vremia velikoi voiny"

Box 6 "A Russian Military Observer at Napoleon's Court before the Campaign of l8l2"

Box 6 "The Three Fateful Landmarks in Napoleon's Campaign in Russia"

Box 6 "The Time of Troubles in XVII Century Russia"

Box 6 "Tolstoi in the Light of a Russian Scholar"

Box 6 Translation into Russian of Ovid's "Metamorphoses"

Box 6 Translations into English and Russian

Box 6 "Universal Military Service in Russia and Western Europe from the l8th Century to the World Wars"

Box 6 "Who Started the First World War"

Box 6 Manuscript by Vasilii V. Vitkovskii, "Kurs geodezii"