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Aleksandr Mikhailovich Nikolaev Papers, 1899-1967

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Call No.: BAR Ms Coll/A.M. Nikolaev
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Creator(s) Nikolaev, Aleksandr Mikhailovich, 1876-1967 ; Florinsky, Michael T., 1894-1981 ; Robinson, Geroid Tanquary, 1892-1971 ; Kli︠u︡chevskiĭ, Vasiliĭ Osipovich, 1841-1911
Title Aleksandr Mikhailovich Nikolaev Papers, 1899-1967
Physical Description 10 linear feet (20 boxes)
Language(s) Russian .

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The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, memoirs, diaries, notes, subject files, documents, photographs, and printed materials. Most of the material in the collection concerns Nikolaev's tenure as military attachʹe at the Russian embassy in Washington. Cataloged correspondents include Mikhail T. Florinsky and Geroid T. Robinson. There is a typescript by Vasiliĭ O. Kli︠u︡chevskiĭ, "Kratkoe posobie po russkoĭ istorii." Among the correspondence are cablegrams and official communications to the Russian embassy during World War I and the revolutionary period. Manuscripts, mostly by Nikolaev, concern contemporary and historical military topics. Diaries and memoirs deal with Nikolaev's travels to Europe during World War I and his activities as military attachʹe. Among orders granted to Nikolaev is the "Order of the Sacred Treasure," signed and sealed by the Japanese Emperor Meiji (1911). Printed materials include many articles by Nikolaev.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical sketch

Colonel in the Imperial Army and military attachʹe at the Russian embassy in the United States until the Revolution. Following the Revolution, Nikolaev worked at the New York Public Library.

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Series I: Correspondence

Box 1 Cataloged Correspondence

Box 1 Aleksandrova, Vera

Box 1 Armstrong, Hamilton Fish

Box 1 Fisher, Harold H.

Box 1 Florinsky, Michael

Box 1 Karpovich, Mikhail Mikhailovieh

Box 1 Mosely, Philip E.

Box 1 Robinson, Geroid Tanquary

Arranged Correspondence

Box 1 American Military Institute

Box 1 Barclay, C.N.

Box 1 Candadian Defence Quarterly

Box 1 The Cavalry Journal

Box 1 The Coast Artillery Journal

Box 1 Danilov, Iurii

Box 1 Davis, Malcolm W.

Box 1 Domanevskii, V.N.

Box 1 Doughty, Sanford and Cynthia

Box 1 Drobashevskii, V.P.

Box 1 Gali ch-Goncharenko, G.

Box 1 Gilbert, Prentiss B.

Box 1 Gilder, J.B.

Box 1 Golovin, N.N.

Box 1 Guaranty Trust Company of New York

Box 1 The Infantry Journal

Box 1 Invitations

Box 1 Ionov, Aleksandr Mikhailovieh

Box 1 Jones, Lucile de Nevers (Russian Student Fund)

Box 2 Khrabrov, N.M.

Box 2 Larner, W. Angamar

Box 2 Library of Congress

Box 2 The Literary Review

Box 2 Lukomskii, A.

Box 2 New York Times Book Review

Box 2 New York Times Subscription Department

Box 2 Nikolaev, Aleksandr M.

Box 2 Nikolaev, Nikolai Mikhailovieh

Box 2 Nikolaeva, Marie

Box 2 The Outlook

Box 2 Pototskii, S.

Box 2 Rebinkova, P.F.

Box 2 Retirement '

Box 2 Riasinskii, Sergei N.

Box 2 Richardson, Robert C.

Box 2 Stern, Eva(Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Box 2 Sworakowskii, W.S.(The Hoover Institute)

Box 2 Tsingtao, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

Box 2 Ughet, S.

Box 2 Vasil'ev, V.V.

Box 2 Volkonskii, A.M.

Box 2 Walter, C.

Box 2 Who's Who in America

Box 3 A-Z

Box 3 Unidentified Correspondence

Box 4 Correspondence as Military Attache, 1917-1928

Box 5 Cablegrams as Military Attache

Series II: Manuscripts

Box 1 Kliuchevskii, Vasilii 0.-"Kratkoe posobie po russkoi istorii"

Box 1 Meiji, Emperor of Japan-"Order of the Sacred Treasure"

Box 5 Manuscripts by Nikolaev

Box 5 "The Campaign in Switzerland"

Box 5 "Civil War in Russia"

Box 5 "Expansion of the German Army in the War of 19lU-l8"

Box 5 "The FebruaryRevolution and the Russian Army"

Box 5 "Grazhdanskaia voina v Rossii"

Box 5 "Kampaniia 1914 goda", 1914

Box 5 "Katalog aviatsionnoi biblioteki kantceliarii voennogo agenta v

Box 5 Soedinennykh shtatakh ameriki"

Box 5 "More Light on the Invasion of East Prussia"

Box 5 "Napoleon and 'General Winter' in the Russian Campaign"

Box 5 "Napoleon in Russia"

Box 6 "0 pol'skikh pritiazaniiakh na russkie zemli"

Box 6 "0 rechi Lloyd George'a"

Box 6 "0 Rumynii"

Box 6 "The People's Army at Samara"

Box 6 "Peter I or Peter the Great as a Military Leader 1709-1959"

Box 6 "Po voprosu o poteriakh russkoi armii vo vremia velikoi voiny"

Box 6 "A Russian Military Observer at Napoleon's Court before the Campaign of l8l2"

Box 6 "The Three Fateful Landmarks in Napoleon's Campaign in Russia"

Box 6 "The Time of Troubles in XVII Century Russia"

Box 6 "Tolstoi in the Light of a Russian Scholar"

Box 6 Translation into Russian of Ovid's "Metamorphoses"

Box 6 Translations into English and Russian

Box 6 "Universal Military Service in Russia and Western Europe from the l8th Century to the World Wars"

Box 6 "Who Started the First World War"

Box 6 Manuscript by Vasilii V. Vitkovskii, "Kurs geodezii"

Series III: Diaries and Memoirs

Box 7 Memoirs by Nikolaev

Box 7 "At the Front at the Battle of Neuve Chapelle"

Box 7 "Polveka tomu nazad..."

Box 7 "in Russia before the Revolution"

Box 7 "V poiskakh raboty"

Box 7 "Vtoroi god rossiiskoi grazhdanskoi voiny i poslednii god pervoi mirovoi voiny"

Box 7 "Years of War and Revolution"

Box 7 Memoirs by N.K. Borishchevskii

Box 7 "Zapiski o nedavnom proshlom"

Box 7 Unidentified Memoir

Series IV: Subject Files

Box 7 Antonina Borshchevskii

Box 7 Applications to Join the Russian Army

Box 7 Black Tom Terminal and Kingsland, N.J. Munitions Munitions Factory Explosion (1916)

Box 7 Employment

Box 7 Federation Interalliee des Anciens Combattants

Box 7 Joint Queensview Housing Project

Box 7 Knights of Malta

Box 7 Kuzfmin-Karavaev(pseud.-Kin), Evgenii M.

Box 7 Litigation vs. Metro-Goldwyn-May er

Box 7 Military Attache

Box 7 Retirement

Box 7 Trip to British Front in France, 1915

Series V: Documents and Printed Material

Box 9 Notes and Notebooks

Box 10 Documents

Box 10 Addresses

Box 10 Awards

Box 10 Financial Records

Box 10 Photographs

Box 11 Books

Box 12 Books

Box 13 Journals

Box 14 Journals

Box 15 Maps

Box 16 Clippings

Box 17 Clippings

Box 17 Mimeographed Materials

Box 18 Mimeographed Materials

Box 19 Pamphlets

Box 19 Off-prints

Box 20 Miscellaneous Printed Material

Box 20 Miscellaneous