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Manfred Kridl Papers, 1925-1974

Series III: Manuscripts

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College and University Lectures

Box 6 Lectures on Czech Literature, Brussels University

Box 6 Lectures on the History of Polish Culture, Columbia University

Box 6 Lectures on the History of the Polish Language, Columbia University

Box 6 Lectures on Modern Slavic Poetics, Columbia University

Box 6 Lectures on the 19th and 20th century Polish Novel, Columbia University

Box 6 Lectures on Old Polish Literature, Columbia University

Box 7 Lectures on Polish Folklore, Columbia University

Box 7 Lectures on Polish Intellectual History, Columbia University

Box 7 Lectures on Polish Poetry, Columbia University

Box 7 Lectures on Slavic Literary Theory, Columbia University

Box 7 Lectures on 19th century Slavic Literature, Columbia University

Box 7 Miscellaneous Lectures at Smith College

Box 8 Lectures on Literary Theory, Wilno University

Box 8 Miscellaneous Lecture Notes

Box 9 Curriculum Vitae and Lists of Publications

Box 9 "Adam Mickiewicz" (1955 United Nations talk)

Box 9 "Adam Mickiewicz" in Great Men and Women of Poland

Box 9 "Adam Mickiewicz (1798-1855)"

Box 9 "Adam Mickiewicz jako poeta i jako dzialacz"

Box 9 Adam Mickiewicz, Poet of Poland: A Symposium

Box 10 "Alexandre Fredro"

Box 10 Anthology of Polish Literature

Box 11 "Bibliography of Prose Fiction Studies" (with related correspondence)

Box 11 "Bibliography on Czechoslovak Literature"

Box 11 "Cyprien Norwid"

Box 11 "Early Russian Epic Poetry (Byliny)"

Box 11 "The First Polish Translation of the Slovo o polku Igoreve"

Box 11 "La genese de la 'Jeune Pologne'"

Box 11 "Henryk Sienkiewicz"

Box 11 "Introduction a la theorie du roman"

Box 11 "Introduction to the Study of Literary Works"

Box 11 "JTai a vous parler de la Pologne contemporaine..."

Box 11 "Jean Kochanowski (1530-1584)"

Box 11 Juliusz Slowacki. Liryki

Box 12 "Literatura polska na emigracji (1939-1945)"

Box 12 Literatura polska (na tie rozwoju kultury)

Box 12 "The Lyric Poems or Juliusz Slowacki"

Box 12 "Lyric Poetry and its 'Genres'"

Box 13 "Mickiewicz on America and the American Potato"

Box 13 "Mickiewicz w powojennej krytyce polskiej"

Box 13 "Narodiny nowego swiata"

Box 13 Obituaries of Berent, Boy-Zeleriski, Brzozowska, Kleiner, Piwinski

Box 13 "O pierwszej sowieckiej okupacji Wilna"

Box 13 "O polskosci Wilna"

Box 13 "O przyszlosl kultury polskiej"

Box 13 "O t.zw. polityce realistycznej"

Box 13 Office of War Information Broadcasts

Box 13 Pharaoh screenplay (with related correspondence)

Box 13 "Poland and Russia in the Past and Future"

Box 13 "Poland's Fight for Democracy"

Box 13 "Polish Democratic Traditions"

Box 13 "Polish Literature" in Collier's Encyclopedia (with related correspondence)

Box 13 "Polish Literature" in Encyclopedia Americana (with related correspondence)

Box 13 "Polish Literature between 1918 and 1939" in Poland, 1918

Box 13 "Polish Literature in Exile"

Box 13 "Polish Poetry" in Dictionary of Poetics and Poetry (with correspondence)

Box 13 "Polish Post-War Literature"

Box 13 "The Position of Poland"

Box 13 "Present Ideological Trends in Poland"

Box 13 "Psychologia sowietystow"

Box 13 Reviews

Box 13 "The Role of Joseph Pilsudski in Polish Life"

Box 13 "Romantik und Moderne des Zeitgenossen der Heimat, Adam Mickievicz:

Box 13 Juliusz Slowacki"

Box 14 "Russian Formalism"

Box 14 "Salt of Earth"

Box 14 "Shprt Stories, of Erski.ne Caldwell

Box 14 "Some Remarks about Realism in Fiction"

Box 14 "The Structure of Slowacki's Lyric Poems"

Box 14 "Die Struktur der lyrischen Gedichte von Juliusz S^owacki"

Box 14 Survey of Polish literature and Culture

Box 14 "Szkic dziejow kultury polskiej" (with related correspondence)

Box 14 A Treasury of Slavic Literature

Box 14 "Two Champions of a New Christianity: Lamennais and Mickiewicz"

Box 15 "Waclaw Borowy, 1880-1950

Box 15 "What is Theory of Literature?"

Box 15 "Wielki szyderca"

Box 15 "Wstep do liryk Slowackiego"

Box 15 "Zadania demokracji polskiej"

Box 15 Za wasza i nasza wolnosc. Polska mysl demokratyczna w ciagu wiekow

Box 15 "Zu einer richtigen Auffasung des Mickiewicz Nachlasses"

Box 15 Unidentified (on various authors)

Manuscripts by Other Persons

Box 15 Ryszard Matuszewski, "Poezja polska na nowych drogach"

Box 15 Skafander, "De profundis ad astra"

Box 15 Julian Tuwim, Poems

Box 15 Jozef Wittlin, "The Tragic Gogol"

Box 15 Students' Papers