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Abram Saulovich Kagan Papers, 1909-1952

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Creator(s) Kagan, Abram Saulovich, 1888-1984 ; Khodasevich, V. F. (Vladislav Felit͡sianovich), 1886-1939 ; Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich, 1899-1977 ; Osorgin, Mikhail Andreevich, 1878-1942 ; Bunin, Ivan Alekseevich, 1870-1953 ; Fedin, Konstantin, 1892-1977 ; Zami︠a︡tin, Evgeniĭ Ivanovich, 1884-1937 ; Berdi︠a︡ev, Nikolaĭ, 1874-1948 ; Karsavin, L. P. (Lev Platonovich), 1882-1952
Title Abram Saulovich Kagan Papers, 1909-1952
Physical Description 190 items (6 boxes)
Language(s) Russian .

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Papers include Kagan's correspondence, photographs, printed materials and audio tapes. All letters in the collection date from 1938-39, when he had moved his Petropolis operations to Brussels; there are items by Vladislav Khodasevich, Vladimir Nabokov, and Mikhail Osorgin, and others. Among the photographs are pictures of Ivan Bunin, Konstantin Fedin, and Evgeniĭ Zami︠a︡tin. Printed materials consist chiefly of books published by his firms; some of the books are inscribed, for example by Nikolaĭ Berdi︠a︡ev and Lev Karsavin. Included is a lengthy taped interview of Kagan by Marc Raeff in which Kagan discuses his life and publishing activities.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical sketch

A publisher who was the founder of the Petropolis publishing firm in Berlin in the 1920s, and also of other publishing houses.

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Series I: Correspondence and Manuscripts

Box 1 Cataloged Correspondence

Box 1 Anderson, Paul B.

Box 1 Bern, Al'fred Liudvigovich

Box 1 Berdiaev, Nikolai Aleksandrovieh

Box 1 Khodasevich, Vladislav Felitsianovich

Box 1 Losskii, Nikolai Onufrievich

Box 1 Na"bo&srv, Vladimir Vladimirovich

Box 1 Osorgin, Mikhail Andreevich

Box 1 Osorgina, Tat'iana (Bakunina)

Box 1 Teffi, Nadezhda Aleksandrovna

Cataloged Photographs

Box 1 Bunin, Ivan Alekseevich

Box 1 Burtsev, Vladimir L'vovich

Box 1 Erenburg, II'ia Grigor'evich

Box 1 Fedin, Konstantin Aleksandrovieh

Box 1 Gessen, Iosif Vladimirovich

Box 1 Karsravin, Lev Platonovich

Box 1 Lapshin, Ivan Ivanovich

Box 1 Osorgin, Mikhail Andreevich

Box 1 Zaitsev, Boris Konstantinovich

Box 1 Zamiatin, Evgenii Ivanovich

Box 1 Correspondence, Miscellaneous

Kagan, Abram Saulovich Manuscripts

Box 1 Memoirs

Box 1 Notes on Russian Publishing

Box 1 Transcript of Interview with A.S. Kagan conducted by Marc Raeff

Box 7 Kagan, Anatol Manuscript--"In Exile from St. Petersburg: Life of Abram Saulovich Kagan, Book Publisher"

Box 1 Sound Recording of Interview with A.S. Kagan conducted by Marc Raeff (5 audio cassettes)

Box 1 Photographs

Series II: Books and Printed Material

Box 2 Aleksandrpv.i Kto pravit Rossiei? Berlin: Parabola, undated (inscribed), undated

Box 2 Angell, Norman. Versal'kii mir i ekonomicheskii khaos v Evrope. Trans.

Box 2 A.I.Khanozh. Petrograd: Pravo, 1922.

Box 2 Argus. Vostochnyi geroi. New York: 1947 (inscribed), 1947

Box 2 Bakounine (Osorgina), Tatiana. Le repetoire biographique des francs-magons russes. Brussels: Petropolis, undated

Box 2 Berdiaev, Nikolai A. Mirosozertsanie Dostoevskago. Prague: YMCA, 1923. (inscribed)

Box 2 Berdiaev, Nikolai A. Smysl istorii. Berlin: Obelisk, 1923.(inscribed) (plus second copy)

Box 2 Bogolepov, M.I. Evropa posle voiny. Petrograd: Pravo, 1921.

Box 2 Buchanan, George. Moia missiia v Rossii. Vospominaniia diplomata, II.

Box 2 Trans. D.Ia. Blokh. Berlin: Obelisk, 192U.

Box 2 Chegrintseva, Emiliia. Poseshcheniia. Prague: Skit, 1936. (inscribed)

Box 2 Ekonomicheskii Vestnik. Nos. 1-2, 1923.

Box 2 Felfzen, Iurii. Schast1e. Berlin: Parabola, 1932. (inscribed)

Box 2 Fettveis, E. Kak nekogda schitali. Berlin: Nauchnaia Myslf, 1925.

Box 2 Filosofov, D.V. Slova i zhizn. St. Petersburg: 1909.

Box 2 Frank, Semen Liudvigovich. Vvedenie v filosofiiu. Berlin: Obelisk, 1923.

Box 3 Gladishchev, Petr. Sny na iavu. Berlin: Parabola, 1933. (inscribed)

Box 3 Gofman, M.L. Pushkin-Don-Zhuan. Paris: Sergei Lifar1, 1935. (inscribed)

Box 3 Gorlin, Mikhail. Puteshestviia. Berlin: Petropolis, 1936. (inscribed)

Box 3 Grinevich, V. Narodnoe khoziaistvo Germanii. Berlin: Nauchnaia Mysl', 1925.

Box 3 V Gul', Roman B. KonT ryzhii. Nev York: Izd. im. Chekhova, 1952. (inscribed)

Box 3 Gumilev, Nikolai. Frantsuzskie narodnye pesni. Petrograd-Berlin: Petropolis, 1923.

Box 3 Gumilev, Nikolai. Gondla. Berlin: Petropolis, 1926.

Box 3 Gumilev, Nikolai. K sinei zvezde.iBerlin: Petropolis, 1923.

Box 3 Il'berg, V. Radiotelegrafiia i radiotelefoniia. Berlin: Nauchnaia Myslf, 1925.

Box 3 Inber, Vera. Mesto pod solntsem. Berlin: Petropolis, 1928 (inscribed), 1928

Box 3 Iretskii, V. Graviury. Petrograd: 1921. (inscribed)

Box 3 Iretskii, V. Pokhititeli ogni. Leipzig: Arzamas, undated (inscribed), undated

Box 3 James, William. Psikhologiia. Trans. I.I.Lapshin. Petrograd: Nauka i Shkola, 1922

Box 3 Karsavin, Lev. Dialogi. Berlin: Obelisk, 1923.

Box 3 Karsavin, Lev. Dzhiordano Bruno. Berlin: Obelisk, 1923.

Box 3 Karsavin, Lev. Filosofiia istorii. Berlin: Obelisk, 1923. (inscribed)

Box 3 Karsavin, Lev. Noctes petropolitanae. Petrograd: 1922. (inscribed)

Box 3 Karsavin, Lev. 0 nachalakh. Berlin: Obelisk, 1925.

Box 3 Karsavin, Lev. 0 somnenii, nauke i vere. Berlin: Evraziiskoe Knigoizdatel'stvo, 1925. (inscribed)

Box 3 Karsavin, Lev. Saligia. Petrograd: Nauka i Shkola, 1919. (inscribed)

Box 4 Khodasevich, Vladislav, NekropolT. Brussels: Petropolis, 1939.

Box 4 Kliuchevskii, Vasilii.-Geschichte Russlands, IV. Berlin: Obelisk, 1926.

Box 4 Kotliarevskii, Nestor. Kholmy rbdiny. Berlin: Obelisk, 1923.

Box 4 Kotliarevskii, Nestor, Deviatnadtsatyi vek. Petrograd: Nauka i Shkola, 1921. (inscribed)

Box 4 Kulakovskii, Sergei. Legenda o obrazie Matki Bbskiej JRzymskiej v literaturze staroruskiej. Warsaw: Tow. Nauk. Warszawskie, 1926. (Inscribed)

Box 4 Kulakovskii, Sergei. Sovremennye pol'skie poety. Berlin: Petropolis, 1929.(inscribed)

Box 4 Kulakovskii, Sergei, trans. Tri povesti Marii Frantsuzskoi. St. Petersburg:Astreia, undated (inscribed), undated

Box 4 Kulisher, I.M. Mezhdunarodnye torgovye dogovory, I. Petrograd: Pravo, 1922.

Box 4 Kuzmin, Mikhail. Seti. Petrograd-Berlin: Petropolis, 1923 (3d ed.)., 1923

Box 4 Kuzmin, Mikhail. Kryl'ia. Berlin: Petropolis, 1923 (4th ed.)., 1923

Box 5 Losskii, Nikolai. Logika, II. Berlin: Obelisk, 1923.

Box 5 Losskii, Nikolai. Obosnovanie intuitivizma. Berlin: Obelisk, 192U.

Box 5 Losskii, Nikolai. Osnovnye voprosy gnoseologii. Petrograd: Nauka i Shkola, (inscribed)

Box 5 Mandel'shtam, Iurii. Tretii chas. Berlin: Petropolis, 1935. (inscribed)

Box 5 Piotrovskii, Adrian, trans. Feognida iz Megary. Elegii. Petrograd: Petropolis, 1922

Box 5 Pregel', Sofiia. Razgovor s pamiat'iu. Paris: Chisla, 1935 (inscribed), 1935

Box 5 Prokopovich, Sergei. Ocherki khoziaistva sovetskoi Rossii. Berlin: Obelisk, 1923.

Box 5 Pushkin, Aleksandr. Sochineniia. Berlin: Petropolis, undated

Box 5 Roshcha. 2-oi sbornik berlinskikh poetov. Berlin: Slovo, 1932. (inscribed)

Box 5 Shkliar, Evgenii. Poeta in aeternum. Riga: 1935. (inscribed)

Box 5 Smirnov, A.M. Krizis denezhnoi sistemy frantsuzskoi revoliutsii. Petrograd: Pravo, 1921.

Box 5 Sofiia. No. 1, 1923.

Box 5 Stepun, Fedor. Zhizn' i tvorchestvo. Berlin: Obelisk, 1923.

Box 5 Tretii chas. No. 1, 1946.

Box 5 Turaev, B.A. Drevnii Egipet. Petrograd: Ogni, 1922.

Box 5 Vernadsky, George. 0 sostave velikoi iasy Chingis Khana. Brussels: Petropolis, 1939

Box 5 Vsevolodskii-Gerngros, V.N. I.A.Dmitrevskoi. Berlin: Petropolis, 1923.

Box 5 Zaitsev, Boris. Italiia. N.p.: Literaturnyi Fond, 1952

Box 5 Zamiatin, Evgenii. 0 torn kak istselen byl otrok Erazm. Petrograd: Petropolis,1922. Illustrations by V. Kustodiev.

Box 6 Offprints and Journals