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Charles Richard Crane Papers, 1869-1967

Series III: Non-Correspondence Materials

Memoirs, speeches, biographical material, and diaries of trips, as well as obituaries, telegrams, letters, editorials, and articles on the death of Charles Richard Crane.

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Speeches by CRC

Box 3 Address delivered by CRC soon after Tolstoy's death (1910) [Place and date unknown]

Box 3 Introductory remarks by CRC given at a Report of Meeting of the City Club of Chicago 10 December 1910 subject: Honest government and how to obtain it., December 1910

Box 3 Excerpts from Report of Meeting of the City Club of Chicago 27 January 1912 subject: The Chinese Revolution., January 1912

Box 3 Statement made by CRC at Peking, June 1921

Box 3 Address by CRC on Russia given at the University Club Chicago 7, January 1922

Box 3 Excerpts from Report of the Proceedings of the Golden Anniversary Reunion of the Everett Literary Society of Chicago 7 January 1922.

Box 3 CRC speech at "Wisconsin in China" Madison Wisconsin 10 January 1922.

Box 3 CRC on "Present conditions in Russia" at the Army War College Washington Barracks DC 2 February1922.

Box 3 Address given by CRC "Russia under the Bolshevikiy riven at the Church of the Convent Washington DC 5, February1922

Box 3 Remarks given by CRC at a meeting of the Crane Company Veterans at Bridgeport, Conn. 3 /010/1922.

Box 3 Address by SRC to students of Turkish National University Constantinople Dec 1922.

Box 3 Address by CRC given at the Rotary Club Madison Wisconsin 26 April 1923 subject: the Near East., April 1923

Box 3 Address by CRC given at the University of Wisconsin Madison Wisconsin 27 April 1923 subject: the Near East., April 1923

Box 3 CRC on "Ancient Oriental Music" at home to University of Columbia Chinese Students 1 June 1923.

Box 3 Excerpts from the City Club Bulletin Chicago 24 December 1923 on twentieth anniversary of the founding of the City Club., December 1923

Box 3 Account of address by CRC before the City Club of Chicago 8 February1924 subject: Affairs in Czechoslovakia., February1924

Box 3 Address by CRC at William and Mary College Williamsburg Virginia 22 February1924 subject: Woodrow Wilson and Thomas Marsaryk., February1924

Box 3 CRC talk at the City Club of Chicago 26 January 1926 subject: India., January 1926

Box 3 Outline of remarks by CRC at a dinner discussion of American Women's Association in December 1931.

Box 3 Diary of visit to Syria 1-9 April 1922.

Box 3 Diary of visit to Jiddah 25 February-3 March1931.

Box 3 Diary of visit to Albania 27 May to 15, June 1911

Box 3 Diary of trip across Siberia and Russia 1921.

Box 3 John O. Crane's "Iraq Letters" 1929.

Box 3 Letters on CRC's journey to Iraq and the Persian Gulf, 1929

Box 3 Memoirs of Charles R. Crane

Box 3 The memoirs begin with CRC's family history and continue through his

Box 3 1937 visit to the Soviet Union. 348p., 1937

Box 3 Miscellaneous biographical material on CRC

Box 3 CRC reminiscences by John O. Crane Copenhagen 5 June 1937.

Box 3 "Charles R. Crane" by Arnold J. Toynbee as reproduced from Acquaintances 1967 with addendum by John O. Crane., 1967

Box 3 Materials on China

Box 3 Summary of statement made by E. Carleton Baker U. S. Counsel at Mukdem to Walter S. Rogers regarding incident of Charles P. Crane recall in, /010/1909

Box 3 Interview between CRC, General Chang Tso-lin and Chu Shao-yang re: conditions in Siberia and Russia. Interpreted by Mr. Willye R. Peck Peking China 8 January 1921.

Box 3 "China Famine Relief" by D. M. Brodie Autumn 1921.

Box 3 CRC speech at City Club Chicago 2 January 1922.

Box 3 "Charles S. Crane's Ministership to China 1920-1921" by D. M Brodie, 1940

Box 3 Materials on the Middle East

Box 3 "Charles R. Crane as Mandate Commissioner" D. M. Brodie.

Box 3 Cabled text of report from the American Section International Commission on mandates in Turkey Beirut Syria 8 July 1919.

Box 3 "American Section of International Commission on Mandates in Turkey" D. M. Brodie /010/1919.

Box 3 "Memorandum regarding publication of King-Crane Report" D. M. Brodie 20 December 1922.

Box 3 Record of Charles P. Crane Conversations Jerusalem 1931 prepared by George Antonius., 1931

Box 3 Arbitration agreement between Saud and t h e Imam of the Yemen, 1931-1934

Box 3 by George Antonius.

Box 3 Record of conversation between Charles R. Crane and the Grand Mufti Ba.i

Box 3 Amin al-Hussini Jerusalem 1935 prepared by George Antonius., 1935

Box 3 Memorandum regarding the suppression and publication in 1922 of the King-Crane report on mandates in Turkey D. M. Brodie 28 August 1940, 1922, August 1940

Box 3 Newspaper editorials and articles upon death of Charles R. Crane

Box 3 New York Sun, obituary, 15, February1939

Box 3 New York Herald Tribune obituary 16 February1939.

Box 3 New York Times 16 February1939.

Box 3 New York Herald Tribune 17 February1939.

Box 3 "Mr. C R. Crane" from the London Times 20, February1959

Box 3 "Charles R. Crane" by Paul Boyer Le Temps Paris 21 February1939.

Box 3 "A Good remembrance is the best of eulogies--Charles P. Crane" by P. G. Kohanick from The Light 23 February1939.

Box 3 "Charles R. Crane" by Paul Miliukov Russian Daily New York 13 March1959.

Box 3 "Charles R. Crane" by Nicholas ftoerich Himalayas, 1939

Box 3 "Charles P. Crane" by Alexandre Pilenco March1939.

Box 3 "Bulgaria has l o s t another great friend" by Catherine Karavelova from Sjovo

Box 3 Sofia Bulgaria 12-15 April 1939.

Box 3 "Charles R. Crane" by Maria Safonoff from the Russian-American Orthodox Messanger Jackson Heights New York April 1939.

Box 3 "Summary of Arabian expeditions financed by Charles R Crane 1927-1932" by K. S. Twitchell April 1939.

Box 3 "A Friend of China-Hon. Charles R. Crane" by C. J. Todd from Journal of the Association of Chinese and American Engineers Peking China May -June 1939., May -June 1939

Box 3 "A Friend of Mankind" by Nicholas Roerich from Flamma 6 Summer, 1939

Box 3 "Charles R Crane" by Count Hermann Keyserling translated by T. L Blakemore from Proceedings of the School of Wisdom July 1939.

Box 3 "Materials for an account of Charles R. Crane's interest in the Marine Biological Laboratory" by Frank R. Lillie 30 June 1939.

Box 3 "Mr Crane and palm dates" by Toyohiko Kagawa Tokyo 27 July 1939.

Box 3 "Charles Richard Crane" by Thos. H. Morgan & Gary N. Calkins read at unveiling of CRC portrait at Marine Biological Laboratory Woods Hole Mass. 8 August 1939.

Box 3 "Charles R Crane some biographical details" by Bertram Thomas Tangier Morocco 20 August 1939.

Box 3 "The Late Charles R Crane" by Julean Arnold U. S. Commercial Attache to China & Thos F. Millard Shanghai 30 September 1939.

Box 3 "Charles R Crane" by Thomas F. Millard Shanghai 27 /010/1939.

Box 3 "A Short account of the life of Cornelia Workman Smith in the Crane family" by Frances Crane Lillie, July 1940

Box 3 "Charles R Crane in my early life" by Frances Crane Lillie Sept, 1940

Box 3 Obituaries Telegrams Letters upon death of Charles R. Crane, 1939

Box 3 Telegrams to Mrs. Cornelia Workman Crane:

Box 3 Cordell Hull

Box 3 Franklin D. Roosevelt

Box 3 Hu Shih

Box 3 W. G. McAdoo

Box 3 Stanley K Hornbeck

Box 3 William E. Dodd and Son

Box 3 Nelson Trusler Johnson

Box 3 Maxwell N. Hamilton

Box 3 Charles B Nolte

Box 3 Clarence Woolley

Box 3 A. A. Sprague

Box 3 Robert M Hutchins

Box 3 Isaiah Bowman

Box 3 J. L. Newcomb

Box 3 Stanley King

Box 3 John F. O'Hara

Box 3 Bishop Cassidy-

Box 3 Charles F. Buddy

Box 3 William J. Finn

Box 3 Father Considine

Box 3 Boris Bakhmeteff

Box 3 Rev. T. Bukeoff et al.

Box 3 Archbishop Nicholas et al.

Box 3 Nicholas Roerich

Box 3 Edith Boiling Wilson

Box 3 David F. Houston

Box 3 Frank O. Lowden

Box 3 William Green

Box 3 Admiral Mark L. Bristol and Mrs. Helen Moore Bristol

Box 3 Cleveland E. Dodge

Box 3 Eugene E. Barnett

Box 3 Arthur B. Kinsolving

Box 3 Alexander Kirk

Box 3 H. H. Kung

Box 3 Wang Chung Hui

Box 3 T. V. Soong

Box 3 P. K. Chang

Box 3 K. C. Li

Box 3 Hannah and Eduard Benes

Box 3 Jan Masaryk

Box 3 Olga and Vladimir Hurban

Box 3 Alphonse Mucha

Box 3 Hans and Lili Sulzer

Box 3 Vivien Gabriel

Box 3 George and Helen Young

Box 3 Fred and Emy Whyte

Box 3 Hafiz Wahba

Box 3 Shahbendars

Box 3 Fawzan El-Sabek

Box 3 Karl Bickel

Box 3 Victor Clark

Box 3 John and Anne Brown

Box 3 Samuel Harper

Box 3 Francis G. Caffey

Box 3 Iphigene Ochs Sulzburger

Box 3 Martha and John Finley

Box 3 William Allen and Sallie Lindsay White (Mr. and Mrs. William Allen White)

Box 3 Charles S. Diehl and Family

Box 3 Ida M. Tarbell

Box 3 Agnes and Henry Haskell

Box 3 John and Isabella Breckinridge

Box 3 Bessie H Alderman

Box 3 George Gordon Battle

Box 3 Martha Draper

Box 3 Eleanor Belmont

Box 3 Julean Arnold

Box 3 Letters to Cornelia Workman Crane:

Box 3 Nicholas Murray Butler

Box 3 Bishop Cassidy

Box 3 Richard Crane Bradley

Box 3 John Finley

Box 3 C. P Gates

Box 3 Lillian Wald

Box 3 Brig. Gen. Sir Percy Sykes

Box 3 Elena Trayan

Box 3 Henry W. Kidder

Box 3 Albert Howe Lybyer

Box 3 K. I. Datibah

Box 3 Nicholas and Helene Roerich

Box 3 John Finley

Box 3 A. Lawrence Lowell

Box 3 Ray Lyman Wilber

Box 3 Martha Berry

Box 3 Irene Lewisohn

Box 3 Lady Cator

Box 3 Mabel Taylor Fisher (wife of Walter L. Fisher)

Box 3 Ellen Eynaud (wife of Faris Nimr)

Box 3 Emir Feisal Ibn Saud

Box 3 Vladimir Tsanoff

Box 3 Ivan Gorokhoff

Box 3 Daisetz T. Suzuki

Box 3 K. S. Twitchell

Box 3 Mr. and Mrs. Christo Dako and Sevasti Kyrias-Dako and Miss Prisky Kyrias

Box 3 Bertram Thomas

Box 3 Henriette Hirshman

Box 3 American Geographical Society

Box 3 Julean Arnold

Box 3 John R. Mott on religion in Russia in, 1917

Box 3 Address of John R. Mott member of the special diplomatic mission of the

Box 3 United States to Russia May -August 1917 at the Great Sobor of the Russian, May -August 1917

Box 3 Orthodox Church Moscow 19 June 1917.

Box 3 W. H. Taft speeches en route to Philippines, 1907