Benjamin Graham papers, 1927-2021 [Bulk: 1951-1998]

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Series I: Benjamin Graham papers, 1927-2021

This series is organized chronologically by the earliest date found in a particular folder. This arrangement allows one to roughly trace the career path of Benjamin Graham through his death in 1976 and then follow how his work and life were championed by his protégés and mentees, especially Warren Buffett. Materials consist primarily of correspondence, articles, interviews and lectures. Most of the non-Benjamin Graham correspondence found here is either from or to Warren Buffett.

Box 1 Folder 1 Biographical Information, 1927-1954, 2004-2006

Box 1 Folder 2 Benjamin Graham Correspondence, 1927-1976

Regarding the June 28, 1927 letter, see "Chapter 10: The Northern Pipeline Contest" in Benjamin Graham: The Memoirs of the Dean of Wall Street for more information.

Box 1 Folder 3 Articles by Benjamin Graham, 1932-1965

Box 1 Folder 4 "U.S. Steel Announces Sweeping Modernization Scheme", 1936

Unpublished satire written by Benjamin Graham and given by the author to Warren Buffett in 1954.

Box 1 Folder 5 Committee for Economic Stability, 1941 March

Ben Graham proposed a Commodity Reserve Currency Plan to stabilize the economy and prevent a recurrence of the 1930s Depression, which attracted interest from Washington but did not get adopted. See "Chapter 16, The Commodity Reserve Currency Plan" in Benjamin Graham: The Memoirs of the Dean of Wall Street for more information.

Box 1 Folder 6 Ten Lectures of Benjamin Graham, 1946-1947

Based on a course called "Current Problems in Security Analysis". Printout from 2022.

Box 1 Folder 7 Teaching Outlines, 1947-1951

Box 1 Folder 8 Example of Graham's Security Analysis, circa 1948

Box 1 Folder 9 Graham-Newman Corporation, 1949-1956, 2007

Box 1 Folder 10 Warren Buffett Assignment for Ben Graham's Finance 304 Class at Columbia University, 1951 May 5

Box 1 Folder 11 Correspondence between Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett, 1951-1976

Box 1 Folder 12 Published Interviews with Benjamin Graham, 1955-1976

Box 1 Folder 13 Published Talks Given by Benjamin Graham, 1955-1974

Box 1 Folder 14 Warren Buffett Correspondence, 1956-2008

Includes responses to Warren Buffett's tribute article "Benjamin Graham 1894-1976," published in November/December 1976 issue of The Financial Analysts Journal. Correspondence often includes attachments. Most correspondence and attachments are somehow related to Ben Graham.

Box 1 Folder 15 Investment Tables, 1964

Box 1 Folder 16 Articles About Benjamin Graham, 1964-2006

Box 1 Folder 17 CFA Institute and Benjamin Graham Portrait, 1965, 2005, 2015

Box 1 Folder 18 1968 Buffett Group Meeting in San Diego, 1968, 1995

Includes photos of the group from 1968 and 1995.

Box 1 Folder 19 Correspondence with Barr Brothers and Co., 1969-1971

Box 1 Folder 20 Material for Buffett's Attention and Work, 1970s

Box 2 Folder 1 The Intelligent Investor , 1973-2021

Box 2 Folder 2 Benjamin Graham Obituaries and Tributes, 1976-1988

Box 2 Folder 3 James B. Rea and The Rea-Graham Fund, 1976-1987

Box 2 Folder 4 "The Results of Benjamin Graham's Recent Research" by James B. Rea, 1976

First draft.

Box 2 Folder 5 Warren Buffett correspondence with Marjorie Janis and "Buzz" Graham, 1982-2003

Ben Graham's daughter and son.

Box 2 Folder 6 "The Superinvestors of Graham and Doddsville" by Warren Buffett, 1984

Box 2 Folder 7 Security Analysis , 1987-2008

Book reviews and materials related to this publication by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd.

Box 2 Folder 8 Proposal for The Last Intelligent Investor, 1993

Box 2 Folder 9 Benjamin Graham on Value Investing by Janet Lowe, 1994

Box 2 Folder 10 "A Tribute to Benjamin Graham", 1994-1995

Box 2 Folder 11 Articles about Irving Kahn, 1995, 2003-2021

Kahn was a protégé of Ben Graham.

Box 2 Folder 12 Benjamin Graham: The Memoirs of the Dean of Wall Street , 1996

Excerpt and book review.

Box 2 Folder 13 Articles by Jason Zweig, 1998-2003

Jason Zweig is a financial journalist who writes "The Intelligent Investor" column every weekend for The Wall Street Journal. Jason Zweig is also the editor of the revised edition of Benjamin Graham's The Intelligent Investor.

Box 2 Folder 14 Correspondence between Warren Buffett and Jason Zweig, 2002-2009

Box 2 Folder 15 Thesis about Benjamin Graham by Jeffrey Bingham, 2003

Box 2 Folder 16 Columbia Business School and Heilbrunn Center for Graham and Dodd Investing, 2005-2016

Includes proof of Graham related content from the publication Columbia Business School: A Century of Ideas.

Box 2 Folder 17 Articles about Warren Buffett, 2006-2016

Box 2 Folder 18 Graham Seminar Transcript (Host: Sandy Burton), 2004

Panelists included Michael Jensen and Warren Buffett.

Box 2 Folder 19 Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing and The Ben Graham Chair in Value Investing, 2005

The Centre is located at the Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario.

Box 2 Folder 20 NYSSA - Value Investing: Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Benjamin Graham, 2007 May 6

Box 2 Folder 21 "My Hero, Benjamin Grossbaum," by James Grant, 2007 November 15

Lecture given at the Center for Jewish History.

Box 2 Folder 22 Graham-Newman Archives, 2007-2012

Box 2 Folder 23 "Common Sense Investing: The Papers of Benjamin Graham", 2010

Compilation of papers by Benjamin Graham originally from 1930-1974.

Box 2 Folder 24 Buffett Interviews for Benjamin Graham biography by Joe Carlen, 2011

Scheduling emails for the interviews.

Box 2 Folder 25 "Roger F. Murray: The Bridge Between Benjamin Graham and Modern Value Investing", 2020

Box 3 Folder 1 Benjamin Graham: Memoirs of the Dean of Wall Street (typescript copy), 1996

This typescript copy is included to provide convenient access to information found in chapters referenced in the container list notes. This copy is missing the Editor's Introduction, the Chronology, the Bibiliography, and the Index. The donor placed some post-its about missing pages on page 347. There may be some other omissions. A pragraph from pages 385-385 was cut to follow the published chapter. Chapters 11 and 16 are identical with the published memoirs.