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George Hunt Kwak'wala ethnographic manuscripts, 1890s-1930s

Volume 3

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Volume 3 Volume 3, 1903

Bound manuscripts, 190 pages.

This Volume mainly contains traditional tales.

Note on Numerations: There are four numerations present throughout the Volume. Numeration 1 is the continuous manuscript page number, written in pencil in the top right corner of a given page. Numeration 2 is the publication reference, written in colored pencil (red, blue), in the top margin of the page. Numeration 3 indicates the end of manuscrupt page numbers for the current story. Made in red pencil, below Numeration 1. Numeration 4 may be a correspondence or manuscript batch related number. Written in pencil, left of Numeration 1.

Content from this Volume was published in (1) Boas, F. (Ed.) 1910. Kwakiutl Tales. Columbia University Contributions to Anthropology, Vol.II. Leiden: Brill; New York: Columbia University Press. Shorthand to reference publication: CSII (2) Boas, F. (Ed.) and Hunt, G. 1906. Kwakiutl Texts - Memoirs of the AMNH, Vol. 10, Publications of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition, V.10 Pt.1. Leiden: Brill, New York: G.E. Stechert. Shorthand to reference publication: X