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Appleton Sheet Music collection, 1925-1955

Appleton Sheet Music

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Box 1 Miscellaneous:

Box 1 Mein galantes boudoir

Box 1 Franco-American rag

Box 1 A hot time in the old town

Box 1 Down by the old mill stream

Box 1 Going up

Box 1 I want a boy

Box 1 How's ev'ry little thing in Dixie

Box 1 The island of roses and love

Box 1 I want a little love from you

Box 1 Come Josephine in my flying machine

Box 1 By the beautiful sea

Box 1 Somebody else is getting it

Box 1 There's a little bit of bad in every good little girl

Box 1 There's a broken heart for every light on Broadway

Box 1 Waiting for the Robert E. Lee

Box 1 Take me out to the ball game

Box 1 Chinatown my Chinatown

Box 1 Cleopatra had a jazz band

Box 1 Clarinet marmalade

Box 1 Tell me pretty maiden

Box 1 Oh, you beautiful doll

Box 1 Ballin' the Jack

Box 1 Under the bamboo tree

Box 1 That ragtime Suffragette, Ziegfeld Follies of 1913

Box 1 Hello, Frisco! Ziegfeld Follies of 1915

Box 1 Tulip time, Ziegfeld Follies of 1919

Box 1 Moving day in Jungletown, Ziegfeld Follies of 1909

Box 1 See-saw

Box 1 Maxime Brasilienne "Sans Souci"

Box 1 Three twins

Box 1 A lemon in the garden of love

Box 1 The chocolate soldier waltzes

Box 1 Minor Shows and Composers:

Box 1 Blowin the blues away

Box 1 Sunny disposish

Box 1 The Thousand Islands Song ("Florence!")

Box 1 There must be somethin'better than love

Box 1 A cow and a plough and a Frau!

Box 1 The beauty part

Box 1 All that jazz

Box 1 Roxie

Box 1 Dear world

Box 1 The world is your balloon

Box 1 Here's to your illusions

Box 1 The springtime cometh

Box 1 Flahooley

Box 1 Express yourself

Box 1 Sing happy

Box 1 A quiet thing

Box 1 You wouldn't fool me, would you?

Box 1 Button up your overcoat

Box 1 My lucky star

Box 1 I want to be bad

Box 1 I could give up anything but you

Box 1 Let's hold hands

Box 1 Where did we go? Out. (What did we do? Nothing.)

Box 1 I wanna be loved by you

Box 1 Hello! My lover, good-bye

Box 1 Shake well before using

Box 1 My sweetheart 'tis of thee

Box 1 Ohhh! Ahhh!

Box 1 It means so little to you

Box 1 One second of sex

Box 1 Music in my fingers

Box 1 On the sunny side of the street

Box 1 Exactly like you

Box 1 Jubilation T. Cornpone

Box 1 I fell in love with you

Box 1 Gentleman friend

Box 1 I don't know her name

Box 1 Saturday night in Central Park

Box 1 Phil the fiddler

Box 1 My brudder and me

Box 1 Anything can happen in New York

Box 1 Noises on the street

Box 1 Just a memory

Box 1 I may be wrong

Box 1 Flings

Box 1 Life could be so beautiful

Box 1 You ain't so hot

There's no holding me

Box 1 Good-bye to all that

Box 1 What a world this would be, George White's Scandals 7th annual edition

Box 1 The girl is you and the boy is me, George White's Scandals 8th annual edition

Box 1 The birth of the blues, George White's Scandals 8th annual edition

Box 1 Black bottom, George White's Scandals 8th annual edition

Box 1 Lucky day, George White's Scandals 8th annual edition

Box 1 Sevilla, George White's Scandals 8th annual edition

Box 1 I'm on the crest of a wave, George White's Scandals 9th annual edition

Box 1 Pickin' cotton, George White's Scandals 9th annual edition

Box 1 Bottoms up, George White's Scandals 10th annual edition

Box 1 Bigger and better than ever, George White's Scandals 10th annual edition

Box 1 That's why darkies were born, George White's Scandals 11th annual edition

Box 1 If I thought I could live without you, I'd die, George White's Scandals 11th annual edition

Box 1 Ladies and Gentlemen that's love, George White's Scandals 11th annual edition

Box 1 This is the Mrs., George White's Scandals 11th annual edition

Box 1 My song, George White's Scandals 11th annual edition

Box 1 Ev'rebody has the right to be wrong!

Box 1 Opposites

Box 1 An occasional flight of fancy

Box 1 Show off

Box 1 I like a man around the house

Box 1 Nobody told me

Box 1 When I fall in love

Box 1 You've got possibilities

Box 1 Edie was a lady

Box 1 The old soft shoe

Box 1 My big best shoes

Box 1 Walking happy

Box 1 I don't think I'm in love

Box 1 Was I? Ziegfeld Follies of 1931

Box 1 Do the New York, Ziegfeld Follies of 1931

Box 1 Help yourself to happiness, Ziegfeld Follies of 1931

Box 1 Moon about town, Ziegfeld Follies [1933]

Box 1 Fancy our meeting

Box 1 She's such a comfort to me

Box 1 And her Mother came too!

Box 1 Arlen, Harold

Box 1 Duke, Vernon:

Box 1 Banjo Eyes

Box 1 The Pink Jungle

Box 1 Martin, Hugh

Box 1 Schwartz, Arthur

Box 1 Movie Music:

Box 1 I fall in love too easily

Box 1 How about you?

Box 1 Watching the clouds roll by

Box 1 Why am I so romantic?

Box 1 You brought a new kind of love to me

Box 1 Broadway melody

Box 1 Lonely

Box 1 I only have eyes for you

Box 1 Sing a happy little thing

Box 1 Shanghai Lil

Box 1 By a waterfall

Box 1 Honeymoon hotel

Box 1 Forty-Second Street

Box 1 Shuffle off to Buffalo

Box 1 You're getting to be a habit with me

Box 1 Young and healthy

Box 1 The continental (you kiss while you're dancing)

Box 1 Painting the clouds with sunshine

Box 1 Selection

Box 1 I've got to sing a torch song

Box 1 Remember by forgotten man

Box 1 Shadow waltz

Box 1 Pettin' in the park

Box 1 The gold diggers' song, We're in the money

Box 1 I'm goin' shoppin' with you

The words are in my heart

Box 1 Lullaby of Broadway

Box 1 With plenty of money and you

Box 1 Singin' in the rain

Box 1 Hollywood Revue of 1929, Selection

Box 1 I'm no angel

Box 1 I want you – I need you

Box 1 Beyond the blue horizon

Box 1 Younger generation

Box 1 One hour with you

Box 1 Somebody might like you

Box 1 If I had a talking picture of you

Box 1 Hong Kong blues

Box 1 All at once

Comic Songs:

Box 1 Pseudo Black Songs:

Box 1 Strange fruit

Box 1 Missouri misery

Box 1 Emperor Jones

Box 1 Underneath the Harlem moon

Box 1 Sweet hoodoo

Box 1 Quit cryin' the blues

Box 1 Muddy water (a Mississippi moan)

Box 1 Harlem barcarolle

Box 1 Frosted chocolate

Cinderella Brown

Box 1 Home to Harlem

Box 1 N*** heaven blues

Box 1 Blue pipes of Pan

Box 1 G. I. Jive

Box 1 Specialty Material:

Box 1 At the moving picture ball

Box 1 Water under the bridge

Box 1 Something just broke

Box 1 Here comes the Show Boat

Box 1 As time goes by

Box 1 Fred Astaire's I'm building up to an awful let-down

Box 1 Say it

Box 1 Blame it on my youth

Box 1 All dressed up and no place to go

Box 1 After all these years

Box 1 Charleston

Box 1 Chicago that todd'ling town

Box 1 Charleston mad

Give us the Charleton, George White's Scandals 7th annual edition

Box 1 We won't Charleston

Box 1 Yiddisher Charleston

Box 1 Syncopate

Box 1 I love the land of Old Black Joe

Box 1 The old soft shoe

Box 1 Captain Spalding

Box 2 Berlin, Irving

Box 2 Coward, Noel

Box 2 Damase, Jean Michel:

Box 2 La croqueuse de diamants

Box 2 Gershwin, George

Box 2 Gershwin, George:

Box 2 Incidental Songs

Box 2 Kern, Jerome

Box 2 Porter, Cole:

Box 2 Hitchy-Koo, 1919

Box 2 Rogers & Hart

Box 2 Black Shows & Composers:

Box 2 Two hearts in tune

Box 2 Sweet smellin' mama

Box 2 Minnie the Moocher (The ho de ho song)

Box 2 Gulf Coast blues

Box 2 Loving you the way I do

Box 2 Sweet pain

Box 2 I'm feeling blue for Mammy Lou

Box 2 Have you ever met that funny reefer man

Box 2 Ain't-cha' glad?

Box 2 Rollin' down the river

Box 2 Prisoner of love

Box 2 Funny little you

Box 2 Buddie

Box 2 Little Brown Betty

Box 2 Hold my hand

Box 2 Concentratin' (on you)

Box 2 If it ain't love

Box 2 I've got a feeling I'm falling

Box 2 My fate is in your hands

Box 2 Honeysuckle Rose

Box 2 Gone

Box 2 If you like me (like I like you)

Box 2 Old Yazoo

Box 2 Tall timber

Box 2 The joint is jumpin'

Box 2 Stealin' apples

Box 2 African ripples

Box 2 My heart's at ease

Box 2 Midnight stomp

Box 2 Sheltered by the stars, cradled by the moon

Box 2 Take it from me (I'm takin' to you)

Box 2 I ain't got nothin' but the blues

Box 2 Don't get around much anymore

Box 2 Caravan

Box 2 Mood indigo

Box 2 I didn't know about you

Box 2 Sophisticated lady

Box 2 Drop me off in Harlem

Box 2 Rhapsody in love

Box 2 Sweet substitute

Box 2 Got the south in my soul

Box 2 The moon shines on the moonshine

Box 2 You'll never need a doctor no more

Box 2 I makes mine myself

Box 2 Play that barber shop chord

Box 2 "You're in the right church but the wrong pew"

Box 2 You're gwine to get somethin' what you don't expect

Box 2 That entertaining rag

Box 2 In my old home, (in Dixie land), Bandana land

Box 2 Chocolate drops, cake walk

Box 2 I'm just wild about Harry

Box 2 Dat's harmony, Ziegfeld Follies of 1911