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Daniel Haberman papers, 1972-1987

Series III: Drafts of Poems

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Box 2 Nothing's New

Box 2 Oh Let's just say I'm sad for all the world

Box 2 Yet astride the peccant moon

Box 2 Go ramble in the lolling hills

Box 2 Letter from the Virgin Isles

Box 2 In the early of the evening, June 1979

Box 2 I cannot say I'm pleased

Box 2 Aleatory wind, September 1977

Box 2 Startled the sound of the sea

Box 2 Morning streams, August 1977

Box 2 Blinking buoy/the pinioned sky

Box 2 The little flower

Box 2 Ballad- in the night of my heart, January 1979

Box 2 A tale

Box 2 I by a lake, September 1977

Box 2 Blear to the night

Box 2 When loss is in the night

Box 2 When I have gathered in the night

Box 2 Futile snow of spring

Box 2 The trees in gentle umbrage swayed

Box 2 Red hand of the sun, December 1976

Box 2 Shame

Box 2 There is a wall, October 1972

Box 2 Opening epigraph

Box 2 Trout duet

Box 2 When I was young? Refrain

Box 2 On a spindling whorl

Box 2 Artists in the Hamptons

Box 2 Middle epigraph

Box 3 Sonnet- Primitive in my perpetual dawn

Box 3 On a holiday in Latium

Box 3 In the fields of Tuscany I would go

Box 3 The other day (as I went by) Loitering Hill

Box 3 Amended dreams

Box 3 Do I have an opinion?

Box 3 On crying, 24 March 1972

Box 3 The keening soil, June 1974

Box 3 Flouting spider, January 1974

Box 3 Intimate, September 1974

Box 3 Dauber & Pine

Box 3 Truth is: not for me are books to breathe -Unruly thing

Box 3 Perdix

Box 3 Over many years; my son

Box 3 Mr. America, December 1973

Box 3 40 is a foolish age

Box 3 Epigraph for a tired friend, July 1974

Box 3 I don't understand

Box 3 Worm

Box 3 For Ray, 13 October 1972

Box 3 Variations on Herbert Read

Box 4 Do we have such secrets to keep within, 17 February 1972

Box 4 A fortress heart, June 1974

Box 4 There is now a time of unsweet regress, 19 February 1973

Box 4 Know thyself, December 1973

Box 4 If I write a poem is it not mine to keep

Box 4 When I walk among the flowers, 7 March 1973

Box 4 Hillary Brook

Box 4 I am the prisoner of my poems

Box 4 Dear little bird, March 1981

Box 4 Bleak of the heart and hearth

Box 4 Attis

Box 4 Four by night

Box 4 And in conjunction with a day

Box 4 In the inchoate plan, December 1978

Box 4 Sea dreamed cloister house

Box 4 Frequent fantasy, May 1979

Box 4 Let time in disparagement of days

Box 4 Walk with me, June 1977

Box 4 Kafka

Box 4 Van Gogh

Box 4 Splicing Sonnet 64

Box 4 Edward died- will no one grieve

Box 4 Sistine chapel

Box 4 An explanation for Edward, 16 February 1972

Box 4 After Thanksgiving with Barbara, November 1983

Box 5 Risk now the wind of I would too

Box 5 With cattle lowing to the hills

Box 5 Belling life moves through its field

Box 5 Though mild is the wind of day

Box 5 When there's nothing I've to do

Box 5 Two months it is since last we spoke

Box 5 Clumbering in the umbered night

Box 5 Through an oriel where, November 1985

Box 5 One drop upon a rusted leaf

Box 5 When the mist is on the morning, February 1985

Box 5 In the west of Cornwall

Box 5 Have you seen Coppelia's eyes?

Box 5 In the purple of an autumn

Box 5 Not without lessons

Box 5 Then let me add a simple prayer

Box 5 To Heraldic day I'd sing my song

Box 5 O Savage sing amid the flames

Box 5 Allegheny night WV

Box 5 Now the night descending

Box 5 Though a shooting sprout of spring begins

Box 5 Before the wind we lived at sea

Box 5 Wu! Hu!

Box 5 Written to a scholar, March 1984

Box 5 Venus orbits as the rose, August 1984

Box 5 I am dead and having died, January 1985

Box 5 Sweet sweetness of the phlox

Box 5 The certain tree, January 1986

Box 5 Writings on the wall

Box 5 Harold Bloom

Box 5 Your inditement says I cannot love

Box 5 Not before lunch (12/72), December 1972

Box 5 So you have a blue balloon

Box 5 Strangers in bed, February 1972

Box 5 Cornelia touched me

Box 5 Her changeling heart, 17 October 1972

Box 5 I challenge you to a duel, May 1973

Box 5 Look for no love, May 1973

Box 5 I suppose, of course, there's nothing new

Box 5 The wedding, February 1975

Box 5 Gladiator of the heart

Box 5 Winning

Box 6 Acceptance, December 1973

Box 6 Taunting

Box 6 Tolstoy's well

Box 6 Mingling

Box 6 Grosse Fugue

Box 6 Cried out beneath the quarreling sky

Box 6 Formlessness, February 1974

Box 6 Babel-world, January 1975=4

Box 6 Catullus #63

Box 6 At the Poets' Park

Box 6 Lunching with middle-age couple, December 1973

Box 6 Copies of books by Daniel Haberman

Box 6 The Furtive Wall

Box 6 The Lug of Days to Come

Box 6 4 Xmas Card Poems by Daniel Haberman

Box 6 Copy of Erinna fragment- translation

Box 7 When love—my love—is a proxy claim

Box 7 Petunias raise their lovely heads

Box 7 One rose bouqueted with others

Box 7 The wind blows and I am cold, May 1973

Box 7 Night on the beach at Amagansett

Box 7 And in tumbreled night

Box 7 Rereading Othello, June 1974

Box 7 Friend on DaVinci

Box 7 And now you tell me you've grown old

Box 7 Remaindermen

Box 7 Be my workmate

Box 7 Halfway to Hawaii

Box 7 Loitering wolf moon

Box 7 Economics of love, February 1975

Box 7 Visiting Nurse

Erinna and Translations:

Box 7 Antipater of Sidon- Epigram

Box 7 Erinna

Box 7 Zenobius on Praxilla

Box 7 Praxilla

Box 7 Gaetulicus' Epitaph on Archilochus

Box 7 Archilochus

Box 8 Djerassi Foundation Residency (October 1987) includes poetry revised during residency

Box 9 Manuscript of The Furtive Wall

Box 9 Manuscript of The Lug of Days to Come

Box 12 "Odd bits for poems" -notes/lines jotted down; book lists/ miscellaneous

Box 12 Miscellaneous jottings/articles saved