Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Steven Marcus papers, 1977-2001

Preliminary Box List

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Box 1 End of Century materials (The Bourgeois novel)

Box 1 End of Century Drafts of essays; copies of book reviews by SM; Erik Erikson

Box 1 Floppy Disks & hard drives

Box 1 Bibliographers references for 1890s

Box 1 History and secondary literature (1890s)

Box 1 Reviews and Ms. for Continental OP

Appointments Book 2001

Box 1 Course materials for psychoanalysis Its Applications

Box 1 Freud Notes

Box 2 Bronx (and NYC) books and notes

Box 2 Miscellaneous article drafts; Medical Humanities course; Photocopies of friend's articles

Box 2 Marcus report (Presidential Commission on Priorities in Arts), 1979

Box 2 Reading notes, alpha. Organized of major texts

Box 2 Other Victorians (drafts, typescripts)

Box 2 Miscellaneous files (Pater, Engels) Fussell

Box 2 Partisan Review correspondence

Box 3 Miscellaneous Photocopies (some for Refractions)

Box 3 Essays (photocopied) on vision, color, etc.

Box 3 Course materials for Romantic survey courses (1976-2000) (e.g. 3265; 3960; 3761)

Box 3 Medicine and Western Civilization

Box 3 Wordsworth notes

Box 3 Multiple Photocopies

Box 3 Maps of OT and NN London

Box 3 Class notes , 1982-1984

Box 3 English curriculum, 1977

Box 3 Course reading lists (Victorian)

Box 3 Teaching files (including Dickens), 1970s-1990s

Box 3 Miscellaneous photocopies (some for Refractions)

Box 3 Essays (photocopies) on vision, color, etc.

Box 4 Correspondence

Box 4 Journals (maybe Gertrud?)

Box 4 Photographs

Box 4 Personal

Box 4 Notes on published book reviews

Box 4 Notes from "English A" class

Box 5 Drafts "Risk"

Box 5 London conference: PSA & Literature

Box 5 Notes toward various Refractions essays

Box 5 Van Doren Prize Speech

Box 5 Trilling Seminar, 1980

Box 5 Correspondence

Box 5 Mss for Essay on Reich

Box 5 Mss Biographical Introduction

Box 5 Romanticism (courses, Photocopies, etc.)

Box 5 Victorian Courses (syllabi)

Box 5 Other course syllabi

Box 6 Correspondence with attorney

Box 6 Reading notebooks

Box 6 Folder of speeches

Box 6 Student papers

Box 6 Photocopies

Box 6 Photocopies of Wilde's Salome, 1995-1997

Box 7 Rolodex

Box 7 Miscellaneous files from Heyman Center Office

Box 8 S. Graham dissertation

Box 8 I. Berlin notes

Box 8 Narcissism

Box 8 Clippings

Box 8 Drafts

Box 8 Class notes

Box 8 Lectures

Box 8 Book reviews

Box 8 Kafka, Wordsworth, etc.

Box 8 Reading notebooks

Box 8 Material on Van Dorens and Quizz Scandal

Box 8 Unabomber clippings file

Box 8 Recommendations

Box 8 Colleagues/Students offprints

Box 8 APA Correspondence/Offprints

Box 8 Saul Bellow offprints

Box 8 Course materials for Eng. 3065 & 3066, 1963-1965

Box 9 Files from the Heyman Center

Box 10 Books from his library

Box 11 Books by Marcus; photographs; Books owned by Marcus with his notes

Box 12 Refractions Essays--Earlier Versions

Box 13 Refractions Essays--Final, Revised

Box 14 Refractions Essays--Full Set of Unrevised

Box 14 Refractions Essays--Typescript, pp. 1-118

Box 15 Refractions Essays--Background Research, etc.