Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Richard N. Gardner papers, 1927-2019

Preliminary Box List

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Box 1 Key Cases at Court

Box 2 Audio Visual: Videotapes; Cassette Tapes; Reel-to-Reel

Box 3 Miscellaneous

Box 4 Chronological Files: 1980s

Box 5 Chronological Files: 1960s

Box 6 Kennedy Administration Period; 1962-1963 Thematic Speeches

Box 7 Italy, late 1970s

Box 8 Italy, 1977-1978

Box 9 U.S. Embassy in Italy

Box 10 Articles and Mementos, 1970s

Box 11 Chronological Files: Late 1970s

Box 12 Chronological Files: 1950s

Box 13 CLS early years and International Fellows Program

Box 14 Italy, early 1980s

Box 15 Chronological Files: 1980s

Box 16 Speeches, 1963-1965

Box 17 Mixed Articles and Speeches

Box 18 Speeches, 1961-1965 (organized by subject and date)

Box 19 Carter Campaign, 1975-1979

Box 20 "Mission Italy" Chapter Notes

Box 21 Italy -- embassy years

Box 22 Arrival in Italy, 1979-1981

Box 23 Chronological Files: late 1980s

Box 24 Chronological Files: 1980s

Box 25 Chronological Files: 1990s

Box 26 CLS Chronological Files - Pre Kennedy Administration

Mission Italy:

Box 27 Chapters 1 and 2

Box 28 "Epilogue"

Box 29 "Speech Texts"