Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Jean Nathan Collection on Dare Wright, 1927-2005, bulk circa 2000-2002

Series I: Research material, 1927-2002

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Box 1 Album of "Photos from Others", circa 2000

Original photographs of paintings, dolls, and other materials related to Dare Wright, sent to Jean Nathan.

Box 1 Thumbnails of all photographs, circa 2000

Black and white printed thumbnails of high-resolution digitized versions of photographs by Dare Wright, which are stored on 37 CD-Rs in Box 4.

Box 3 Research checklist, 2002 January 10

Box 3 Names and addresses of interviewees for book, 2002 December 26

Box 5 Research files, A-C, circa 2000-2002, 134 folders

Box 2 Russell Barrett Aitken, 2000-2002

Box 1 Roberts, Bruce and David Stick. The Cape Hatteras Seashore. Charlotte, NC: McNally and Loftin, 1964

Box 2 Cleveland (Ohio), 2000

Box 6 Research files, D-J, circa 2000-2002, 157 folders

Box 1 Walsh, Maurice. The Dark Rose. New York: Frederick A. Stokes Co., 1937, With notes inside front cover by Dare Wright.

Box 1 Brooke, Iris and James Laver. English Costume from the Fourteenth through the Nineteenth Century. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1937

Box 2 Charles T. Gaither, circa 2000

Box 2 Good Housekeeping, circa 2000

Box 2 Gayelord Hauser, 1972-1974, 2000

Box 2 Alice Whiteside Jorg, circa 2000

Box 7 Research files, K-L, circa 2000-2002, 38 folders

Box 1 Andrews, Ethel. Roots and Branches: Laurel School, 1896-1971, 1971

Box 1 Murphy, Hope Ford. Educating the Independent Mind: The First Hundred Years of Laurel School. Shaker Heights, Ohio: Laurel School, 1996

Box 8 Research files, M-N, circa 2000-2002, 50 folders

Box 3 Mannequin based on Edith's (the doll) head, 2005

Box 1 Suzanne Norton, 2001

Cousin of Dare Wright.

Box 13 Phoebe fishing lures, undated

Invented by Blaine Wright.

Box 1 Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County/Mahoning Valley Historical Society, 2000-2001

Box 9 Research files, O-T, circa 2000-2002, 174 folders

Box 1 Goersch, Carl. Ocracoke. Raleigh, NC: Edwards and Broughton Printing Company, 1956

Box 1 Ballance, Alton. Ocracokers. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press, 1989

Box 1 Butler, Joseph G. Recollections of Men and Events. New York: Putnam, 1927

Box 4 Audio recording of interview with Brian Sandeman, circa 2000, 1 microcassettes

Box 4 Interview with Brian Sandeman, circa 2000, 2 videocassettes (VHS)

Box 2 Philip Sandeman, 2000-2001

Box 2 Alonzo Shadman/Bruce Meyer, 2000-2001

Box 1 Shadman, Alonzo J. Who is Your Doctor and Why? The Lanesville Publishing Company, 1971

Box 12 "T-shirt" mock-up of a story about Edith (the doll) and the bears, undated

Box 10 Research files, U-Z, circa 2000-2002, 96 folders

Box 4 Audio recording of interview with George Vaillant, circa 2000, 2 microcassettes

Box 3 VHS tape: Value Shopper Lonely Doll Show, 1998 January

Box 4 Audio recording of Meg Wolitzer

from Wolitzer, Meg research file.

Box 2 Blaine Wright—Military, 2000-2001

Box 12 Dare Wright address book, undated

Box 2 Dare Wright—Books, 1950s-2001

Box 4 Copies of 16mm films by Dare Wright, circa 2000, 2 videocassettes (VHS)

Box 2 Dare Wright—Innocent Expletives, undated

Box 13 Magazine features on Dare Wright, circa 1960s

Box 4 Digital copies of photographs by Dare Wright, circa 2000, 37 compact disks; Still images from 37 optical disks transferred to CUL Servers at /digital/ingest/RBML/LEVEL_1/12918915_nathan_wright. One image from Disk 11 was corrupted and not transferred.

Box 12 Watercolor portrait of Dare Wright, undated

Probably by Edith Stevenson Wright.

Box 2 Edith Stevenson Wright, circa 2000

Box 2 Edith Stevenson Wright addresses, Don Petit (correspondence), 2001

Box 12 Edith Stevenson Wright family tree, circa 2000

Box 2 Edith Stevenson Wright letters, circa 1920s-1970s

Box 13 "Portraits of Professional Men" scrapbooks, volumes IIa and IIb, undated

Duplications of portraits by Edith Stevenson Wright.

Box 12 Photographs of portraits: Dare Wright and V. C. Eliot Wright, undated

Box 1 Wulff, Lee. Bush Pilot Angler. Camden, ME: Down East Books, 2000