June Rose Garrott papers, 1960-2015

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Series IX: Audio Visual/Digital


Box 9 DVD: Anthems Collected by Shi Qigui

DVD: 2 DVDs not identified

DVD: Prime Story: Dr. David S.C. Lam (2 DVD's)


Box 9 CD: At Nien's Memorial Service, 11/21/2009

Box 9 CD: DC and NY, 2009

CD: Two CDs wrapped in photocopy of two smiling women

CD: June Rose Garrott/Nien Cheng Letters, Donated to Columbia by June Rose Garrott, Summer 2015 (3 Cds), Summer 2015

Nien Cheng died in November of 2009.

CD: Ch'in music performed by Wu zhao

CD: June Rose Garrott "Life in China" holdings, 12/17/2014 Data Mac 207 MB (28 PDF files), 12/17/2014

CD: "March Cathedral" by Lei Liang (2 copies)

CD: Two commercial CDs of choral music

CD: "Music of Lei Liang", 2002

CD: Scarlatti Sonatas (1-19) performed by Scott Ross Sent to June Rose Garrott by Lei Liang

CD: Bellini "Norma" and "Il Pirata" Sent to June Rose Garrott by Lei Liang

CD: Takae Ohnishi "A Harpsichord Recital". Sent to June Rose Garrott by Lei Liang


Box 9 Cassette Tapes: Chinese comprises 30 Lessons.  Two cassette tapes recorded by Lao She cover the lessons: Chapters 1 through 7 and 8 through 16 are on tape A, by SONY, and Chapters 17 through 25 and 26 through 30 are on Tape B., by Maxell: both 60-minute tapes.

Cassette Tapes: Institute for the Humanities at Salado, 5 March 1989 (2 tapes) Note by June Rose Garrott: "I was present in March 1989, March 1989, March 1989

Cassette Tapes: Dr. Maxfield Garrott (2) With note by June Rose Garrott, 14 July 2015

The ashes of the late Dr. Maxfield Garrott and his late wife Dorothy Carver Garrott, who were Baptist missionary educators for many years in Japan, are buried on the grounds of Seinan Jo Gakuin Junior College in Kitakyushu, Japan, where June Rose Garrott taught between 1991 and 1994. The tapes at Columbia University were copied in July of 2015 from an original recording that someone had made of Dr. Maxfield Garrott's message many years earlier.

Cassette Tape: "Musical Gardens" by Lei Liang


Box 9 VHS: Sixteen "Chapters"

Box 9 VHS: Prime Story: Dr. David S.C. Lam, 10 August and 17 August 1998

Box 9 VHS: Nien Cheng

VHS: PBS News Hour with Jim Lehrer (Nien Cheng)