Rare Book & Manuscript Library

June Rose Garrott papers, 1960-2015

Series III: Lao She and Family

Lao She, pseudonym of Shu Sheyu, original name Shu Qingchun (born February 3, 1899, Beijing, China—died August 24, 1966, Beijing) was a Chinese author of humorous, satiric novels and short stories and, after the onset of the Sino-Japanese War (1937–45), of patriotic and propagandistic plays and novels.

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Box 4 Lao She web printouts and photographs

Box 6 "Lao She: Teacher and Writer, Timely and Timeless" by June Rose Garrott

Box 6 Garrott Lao She material. In an envelope

Box 6 Lao She Conference Papers and publications

Box 6 "Four Generations Under One Roof"

Box 8 Two Photograph albums

Box 9 One small bust of Lao She (8"tall and stand for it)