Rare Book & Manuscript Library

June Rose Garrott papers, 1960-2015

Series X: Printed Matter

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Box 6 The Commission: Christmas in China, October /November 1987 (with extensive notes by June Rose Garrott)

Box 6 Web print out "Story Behind the Song"

Box 7 Special newspaper regarding the establishment of Hong Kong Baptist College and Hong Kong Baptist Hospital

Box 7 Miscellaneous printed articles, magazines, calendars, advertisements, WWW print outs, maps, brochures, etc.

Flatbox 16 Newspapers and clippings

Box 7 Ralph Reed (TIME magazine)

Box 10-15 Books

Of my Lao She books, there are 18 in Chinese and two in English. One of the two in English is Mr. Ma & Son: a Sojourn in London, a novel by Lao She that was translated by Julie Jimmerson, Phoenix Books, First Edition, 1991, Printed in The People's Republic of China.

The other is Rickshaw Boy, by Lau Shaw. That spelling of Lao She's name on the volume may well be true, as many different spellings of his name have appeared over time and in different places. Rickshaw Boy was translated from the Chinese by Evan King, Reynal & Hitchcock, New York, 1945.

Flatbox 16 Posters: (Hu Jieqing; "Women on Mission" (Nien Cheng Life and Death in Shanghai ); Shu Yi "The Role of Literature in China Today"; Lei Liang performance at Baylor University