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June Rose Garrott papers, 1960-2015

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Creator(s) Garrott, June Rose
Title June Rose Garrott papers, 1960-2015
Physical Description 22 linear feet (18 boxes)
Language(s) English , Chinese .
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Arranged in ten series.



The most substantial part of the collection is the extensive correspondence between Nien Cheng and June Rose Garrott (originals have been scanned onto discs). There are letters; WWW print-outs; email print-outs; artwork; audio cassettes; VHS tapes; DVDs; CDs; photographs; a scroll; a fan; printed ephemera; books; and a bust of Lao She.

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This collection is located off-site. You will need to request this material at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical / Historical

June Rose Garrott served as a missionary in Hong Kong in the 1960s. She and her husband joined the Hong Kong/Macao Baptist Mission from 1961-1969. Garrott went on to teach in the English Department at WKU, spent five years teaching English to college students in China, and was the international student adviser at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. In 1986, while teaching in Beijing's Second Foreign Language Institute, Garrott instructed the daughter of Shu Yi, the only son of the Lao She. The following year, the granddaughter of Lao She was assigned to Garrott as a personal translator. Subsequently, Garrott was invited to the Shu home. In 1992, with a Ph.D. from The University of Texas at Austin, Garrott was appointed Professor in the Department of English at Seinan Jo Gakuin Junior College in Kitakyushu, Japan. As a missionary and educator in Hong Kong and China, she amassed substantial materials related to Chinese life and society. Garrott established a close friendship with Nien Cheng, a well-known chronicler of the hardships of the Cultural Revolution and a research interest in Lao She, penname of Shu Qingchun, who wrote in the early 20th century and is considered one of the most important modern Chinese literary figures. This collection features audiotapes of Lao She lecturing in the 1920s. Professor Garrott ia also a friend and supporter of the composer Lei Liang.

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Series I: Nien Cheng

1990-2005 loose letters and emails mostly between Nien Cheng and Garrott or regarding Nien Cheng.

Nien Cheng's memoir Life and Death in Shanghai was widely praised as one of the most riveting accounts of the Cultural Revolution

The originals have been scanned onto discs in Box 9.

Box 3 1987 letters, 1987

Box 1 1989 After 4 June (two long letters), 1989

Box 1 1989 21 October letter, 1989

Box 5 1990 19 November Envelope (with Kentucky magazine. Ruler, tourist information), 1990

Box 1 1990-2005 loose letters, and emails mostly between or regarding Nien Cheng, 1990-2005

Box 1 1999 16 February(photocopy with accompanying articles, clippings, etc.), 1999

Box 2 1990-1997

Box 5 1990-1999 (included some manuscripts about Nien Cheng), 1990-1999

Box 3 1990 letters, 1990

Box 2 1990-2009

Box 3 1991 letters, 1991

Box 5 1991-1995 letters (mostly in envelopes), 1991-1995

Box 6 1991-1998 Nien Cheng, 1991-1998

Box 1 1992 correspondence, 1992

Box 3 1993 letters, 1993

Box 1 1993 7 January letter (with clippings and 7 photographs re. political prisoners), 1993

Box 3 1994-1998 letters in envelopes, 1994-1998

Box 2 1994 letters, 1994

Box 3 1995 letters, 1995

Box 2 1996 letters, 1996

Box 5 1996-1997 (with some photographs attached), 1996-1997

Box 6 1996 8 February: June Rose Garrott to Nien Cheng: "A Funny Valentine", 1996 8 February

Box 5 1996 12 April Envelope, 1996

Box 8 1996 27 June -- 1 July Richmond, Washington, 1996

Box 3 1997 letters, 1997

Box 2 1997-2000 Photocopies, 1997-2000

Box 3 1998 letters, 1998

Box 3 1999 letters, 1999

Box 5 1995 30 December Envelope, 1995

Box 5 1999 5 December (regarding obituary of Ai-Fang Yang Lin), 1999

Box 2 2000 letters, 2000

Box 2 2001 letters, 2001

Box 1 2002 correspondence, 2002

Box 6 2002 April 26 June Rose Garrott to Nien Cheng "Goings on about Town", 2002

Box 2 2003 letters, 2003

Box 2 2004 letters, 2004

Box 5 2005 letters, 2005

Box 2 2007 letters, 2007

Box 2 2006 letters, 2006

Box 2 2008 letters, 2008

Box 2 2009 letters, 2009

Box 4 100 Garrott letters to Nien Cheng (brought back from Nien's home in Washington, DC on June 2, 1998)

Box 4 Web print outs re China, 1999-2005 (many with attached letters to Nien Cheng), 1999-2005

Box 5 Email, 12, May 2004

Box 5 Envelope containing:

Letter from Ai Fang Yang Lin, 21, August, 1990

Letter 9 August 1990 re. birth of baby to Susan and Scott Henon (with two photographs), August 1990

Box 6 Nien Cheng Lecture by June Rose Garrott

Box 7 Memorial Celebration Service for the Life of Nien Cheng

Box 8 Various photographs of Nien Cheng and June Rose Gattott

Box 8 Dry-mounted photographs of Nien Cheng and June Rose Garrott in Cheng's home in D.C.

Box 8 Photographs: Nien and June Rose Garrott: Living room

Box 8 Photographs: Nien (2)

Box 8 Photographs: 1995 Waco, 1995

Box 8 Photographs:, March 1997

Box 8 Photographs: MAFSA, Nien, May 1998

Box 8 Photographs: Nien, Christmas, 2000

Box 8 Favorite photographs that Nien Cheng and I took of each other in her home in Washington"

Box 9 VHS: PBS News Hour with Jim Lehrer (Nien Cheng)

Series II: Lei Liang

Lei Liang (b.1972) is a Chinese-born American composer. He is the winner of the 2011 Rome Prize, a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, an Aaron Copland Award, a Koussevitzky Music Foundation Commission and a Creative Capital Award. His concerto Xiaoxiang (for saxophone and orchestra) was named a finalist for the 2015 Pulitzer Prize in Music.

Box 1 Folder: Emails, clippings, schedules, letters, 2001

Box 1 Manila envelope labeled "Liang Lei"

Box 1 Folder: Liang Lei (for Music Poster), October 2000

Box 5 Email (with photograph), 6, December 2014

Box 5 Letters, 1998-2015

Box 5 WWW print-outs and photograph

Box 6 Letters to June Rose Garrott, 2002-2003 (with photographs), 2002-2003

Box 8 Photographs (2 envelopes)

Box 6 Programs for performances by Lei Liang, 2002/2002

Series III: Lao She and Family

Lao She, pseudonym of Shu Sheyu, original name Shu Qingchun (born February 3, 1899, Beijing, China—died August 24, 1966, Beijing) was a Chinese author of humorous, satiric novels and short stories and, after the onset of the Sino-Japanese War (1937–45), of patriotic and propagandistic plays and novels.

Box 4 Lao She web printouts and photographs

Box 6 "Lao She: Teacher and Writer, Timely and Timeless" by June Rose Garrott

Box 6 Garrott Lao She material. In an envelope

Box 6 Lao She Conference Papers and publications

Box 6 "Four Generations Under One Roof"

Box 8 Two Photograph albums

Box 9 One small bust of Lao She (8"tall and stand for it)

Series IV: Correspondence

Box 1 Emails between Dorothy Cai and June Rose Garrott, 2006

Box 2 Ruth F. Weiss to June Rose Garrott, 21, May 1989

Box 3 Sue Howard Delves, 23, October 2006

Box 4 Shu Yi, 1994

Box 4 Britt Towery, Baylor University, 1991

Box 4 Shu Yue (includes some photographs and printed matter), 1988-1991

Box 4 Professor Nakayama, 1992

Box 5 Cao Sheng-jie (Current, important), 12/2014

Box 5 Ai Fang Yang Lin (copy) 28, February1987

Box 5 Thomas Scovel letters, 1990-1993

Box 5 Samuel Lam, 17, December 1990

Box 5 Shu Yi, 1994

Box 5 Marcia S. Kierscht to June Rose Garrott, 16, August 1995

Box 5 Yu Bin and Shu Yi visit, 1995

Box 6 June Rose Garrott to Shu Yue, 2 June 1998

Box 6 Thomas Sinclair, 31 December 2010

Box 6 Bob to June Rose Garrott, 7 June 1998 and 12 March 2012, 7 June 1998, 12 March 2012

Box 6 Christmas greeting from David C. Lam, 1994

Series V: Manuscripts

Box 5 "Texas Habitat" and "John Dewey and China" by June Rose Garrott

Box 5 "A Survey of Chinese Students' Values and their Attitudes towards English Language Learning and Teaching (Dissertation Proposal), 1, February1990

Box 6 Autobiography of June Rose Sinclair

Box 7 "Thanksgiving 2003"

Box 7 "Palm Sunday 1995"

Box 7 "The Sinclair Family"

Box 7 "Christmas Wish"

Box 7 Meditation

Box 7 Obituary; Anne Hardie Padilla; "Lucky Money", etc

Box 7 Chiang Ching-kuo

Box 7 WWW print-outs: Philosopher King; A Passion for Objects; How Objects Speak; Love Labour

Box 7 "Chinese Cultural Values: New Angles, Added Insight" by June Rose Garrott, 1995

Box 7 Dr. Chow Lien-Hwa

Series VI: Documents

Box 5 June Rose Garrott Resume (with photograph)

Box 9 Waco Guest Book

Box 6 Examples of various Christmas cards

Series VII: Photographs

Box 8 Album of photographs of June Rose Garrott, her travels, and her friends (numbered 1-101)

Box 8 Lan Ting

Box 8 Album of photographs (mostly of a home at Christmas)

Box 8 Envelope: "Peaceful Lake"

Box 8 June Rose Garrott and Robert Lin in New York, circa, 2012

Box 8 Photographs of African and Asian Baptist Educators taken at the Baptist History & Heritage Society Annual Conference, Dallas, TX, 20, May 2011

Box 8 Fred Ting

Box 8 Mildred Lovegren, Dr. Kwan Hsu, and June Rose Garrott

Box 8 Group photograph of Lau She conference attendees, with six people identified, 1999

Box 8 June Rose Garrott with students at Seinan Jo Gakuin Junior College in Kitakyushu, Japan, 1991-1994

Box 8 Sinclair Family bound for Hong Kong in, July 1960

Box 8 Envelope: Mostly for Nien

Box 8 Envelope of photograph of a house

Box 8 Envelope: "Phtographs I took at various retirement homes, condos, homes for sale in my neighborhood when Nien was considering moving to Waco"

Box 8 Envelope: At Nien's, 2004

Box 8 Envelope: Mostly for Nien. Also wedding of Maggie and John

Box 8 Envelope: Mostly interior of a home

Box 8 Envelope: Mostly interior of a home

Flatbox 16 Large white photograph album (includes photographs of June Rose Garrott with Lt.-Gov. David S.C. Lam and Dorothy Lam; Dr. Chou Lien Hwa; and Lao She's widow and son, Hu Jieqing and Shu Yi)

Flatbox 16 Large group photograph of Lau She conference attendees, with people identified, 1999

Series VIII Art

Box 8 Original painting of flowers presented to June Rose Garrott by a former student

Box 9 One small bust of Lao She (8"tall and stand for it)

Two examples of Lao She's wife's (Hu Jieging's) artistry:

Flatbox 16 One silk fan, painted and inscribed on both sides

Flatbox 16 One long scroll featuring roses, inscribed to me in Chinese, "To The Rose Professor"

Series IX: Audio Visual/Digital


Box 9 DVD: Anthems Collected by Shi Qigui

DVD: 2 DVDs not identified

DVD: Prime Story: Dr. David S.C. Lam (2 DVD's)


Box 9 CD: At Nien's Memorial Service, 11/21/2009

Box 9 CD: DC and NY, 2009

CD: Two CDs wrapped in photocopy of two smiling women

CD: June Rose Garrott/Nien Cheng Letters, Donated to Columbia by June Rose Garrott, Summer 2015 (3 Cds), Summer 2015

Nien Cheng died in November of 2009.

CD: Ch'in music performed by Wu zhao

CD: June Rose Garrott "Life in China" holdings, 12/17/2014 Data Mac 207 MB (28 PDF files), 12/17/2014

CD: "March Cathedral" by Lei Liang (2 copies)

CD: Two commercial CDs of choral music

CD: "Music of Lei Liang", 2002

CD: Scarlatti Sonatas (1-19) performed by Scott Ross Sent to June Rose Garrott by Lei Liang

CD: Bellini "Norma" and "Il Pirata" Sent to June Rose Garrott by Lei Liang

CD: Takae Ohnishi "A Harpsichord Recital". Sent to June Rose Garrott by Lei Liang


Box 9 Cassette Tapes: Chinese comprises 30 Lessons.  Two cassette tapes recorded by Lao She cover the lessons: Chapters 1 through 7 and 8 through 16 are on tape A, by SONY, and Chapters 17 through 25 and 26 through 30 are on Tape B., by Maxell: both 60-minute tapes.

Cassette Tapes: Institute for the Humanities at Salado, 5 March 1989 (2 tapes) Note by June Rose Garrott: "I was present in March 1989, March 1989, March 1989

Cassette Tapes: Dr. Maxfield Garrott (2) With note by June Rose Garrott, 14 July 2015

The ashes of the late Dr. Maxfield Garrott and his late wife Dorothy Carver Garrott, who were Baptist missionary educators for many years in Japan, are buried on the grounds of Seinan Jo Gakuin Junior College in Kitakyushu, Japan, where June Rose Garrott taught between 1991 and 1994. The tapes at Columbia University were copied in July of 2015 from an original recording that someone had made of Dr. Maxfield Garrott's message many years earlier.

Cassette Tape: "Musical Gardens" by Lei Liang


Box 9 VHS: Sixteen "Chapters"

Box 9 VHS: Prime Story: Dr. David S.C. Lam, 10 August and 17 August 1998

Box 9 VHS: Nien Cheng

VHS: PBS News Hour with Jim Lehrer (Nien Cheng)

Series X: Printed Matter

Box 6 The Commission: Christmas in China, October /November 1987 (with extensive notes by June Rose Garrott)

Box 6 Web print out "Story Behind the Song"

Box 7 Special newspaper regarding the establishment of Hong Kong Baptist College and Hong Kong Baptist Hospital

Box 7 Miscellaneous printed articles, magazines, calendars, advertisements, WWW print outs, maps, brochures, etc.

Flatbox 16 Newspapers and clippings

Box 7 Ralph Reed (TIME magazine)

Box 10-15 Books

Of my Lao She books, there are 18 in Chinese and two in English. One of the two in English is Mr. Ma & Son: a Sojourn in London, a novel by Lao She that was translated by Julie Jimmerson, Phoenix Books, First Edition, 1991, Printed in The People's Republic of China.

The other is Rickshaw Boy, by Lau Shaw. That spelling of Lao She's name on the volume may well be true, as many different spellings of his name have appeared over time and in different places. Rickshaw Boy was translated from the Chinese by Evan King, Reynal & Hitchcock, New York, 1945.

Flatbox 16 Posters: (Hu Jieqing; "Women on Mission" (Nien Cheng Life and Death in Shanghai ); Shu Yi "The Role of Literature in China Today"; Lei Liang performance at Baylor University

Additions to the Papers

Gift of June Rose Garrott, 2018

Box 17 Folder 1 Cao Sheng-jie. Four article (in Chinese)

Box 17 Folder 2 Photograh of Cao Sheng-jie and June Rose Garrott (Baptist World Alliance World Congress in Buenos Aires, 1995)

Box 17 Autobiography (in Chinese) of Cao Sheng-jie (presented to June Rose Garrott, January 2017)

Box 17 One USB Lexar JumpDrive containing the articles and photograph

Box 18 Photograph album

Box 18 Large photograph (10' x 24") of 1999 conference attendees

Box 18 Clippings

Box 18 Advertisements and publicity relating to Shu Yi, Nien Cheng, Hu Jieqing, and Lei Liang