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Thomas de Waal Interviews, 1994-2001

Series I: Interviews and Transcripts, 1994-2001

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Alexander Yakovlev, 8-Dec-00

Alexander Yakovlev, Gorbachev adviser

Anatoly Shabad, 19-Nov-96

Anatoly Shabad, Russian liberal parliamentarian (with questions from two different parties). Also includes part 1 of the interview with Laaneots.

Andrei Girenko, 2-Jun-00

Andrei Girenko, Soviet Communist Party official dealing with Nagorno-Karabakh

Andrei Kozyrev, 26-Jul-96

Andrei Kozyrev, Russian Foreign Minister. Interviewed in English by Sonia Mikich, Westdeutscher Rundfunk (ARD TV)

Ants Laaneots, 9-Dec-96

Ants Laaneots, Soviet Estonian military officer in Tartu

Aram Sarkisian, 4-May-00

Aram Sarkisian, Armenian Communist Party leader in 1991

Araz Azimov, Between 1994 and 2001

Araz Azimov, Azerbaijani deputy foreign minister

Arkady Volsky, 1-Jun-00

Arkady Volsky, Moscow envoy to Nagorno-Karabakh and later Chechnya

Arkady Volsky, 15-Jan-97

Arkady Volsky, Russian envoy to Chechnya and Nagorno-Karabakh

Aslan Maskhadov, 23-May-96

Aslan Maskhadov, Chechen commander, later president

Aslanbek Khasbulatov, 1-Oct-96

Aslanbek Khasbulatov, brother of former Russian parliament leader Ruslan Khasbulatov

Ayaz Mutalibov, 30-May-00

Ayaz Mutalibov, Former president of Azerbaijan

David Shakhnazarian, 2-May-00

David Shakhnazarian, Presidential aide, Armenia

Doku Zavgayev, 26-Jan-95

Doku Zavgayev, Last Soviet era leader of Chechnya

Eduard Shevardnadze, Between 1994 and 2001

Eduard Shevardnadze, President of Georgia

Elbrus Orujev, 29-Nov-00

Elbrus Orujev, Azerbaijani general, defender of Shusha

Eldar Namazov, 14-Nov-00

Eldar Namazov side a, Azerbaijani politician

Gurgen Boyajian, 26-Sep-00

Gurgen Boyajian, Armenian military commander

Heidar Aliev, and Co-Chairs, 18-May-01

Heidar Aliev, and Co-Chairs, President of Azerbaijan, Carey Cavanaugh, others

Hikmet Hadjizade, 15-Nov-00

Hikmet Hadjizade, Azerbaijani ambassador to Moscow 1992-3

Hrant Voskanian, 28-Sep-00

Hrant Voskanian, Armenian Communist Party official in 1988

Ikhvan Gerikhanov, 10-Oct-96

Ikhvan Gerikhanov, Head of Chechnya Constitutional Court

Interviews in the Russian State Duma, 1994-1995, Moscow, 1994-1995

Original tape mislabled. Contains interviews in the Russian State Duma, 1994-1995, Moscow. It contains press conferences for two Duma fractons: Partiia Rossiiskogo Edinstva I Soglasiya (The Party of the Russian Unity and Accord) and Partiia Yabloko. Side B is another press conference, unknown location. Multiple journalists from different countries and media present.

Isa Gambar, 7-Apr-00

Isa Gambar, Speaker of Azerbaijani parliament 1992

Isa Sadiqov, 6-Apr-00

Isa Sadiqov, Azerbaijani general

Jalal Aliev, 4-Nov-00

Jalal Aliev, Brother of Azerbaijani president Heidar Aliev

Kocharian 01, 21-May-01

Lechi Umkhayev, 26-Oct-96

Lechi Umkhayev, Chechen nationalist politician

Leila Yunusova, 20-Nov-00

Leila Yunusova, Azerbaijani democracy activist, then dep. defence minister

Leila Yunusova, Tajedin Mekhtiev, 28 & 31 March 2000

Leila Yunusova, Tajedin Mekhtiev, Mekhtiev = Azerbaijani defence minister in 1992

Leonid Smirnyagin, 26-Apr-96

Leonid Smirnyagin, Kremlin political analyst, 1994. First 28 minutes is Smirnyagin interviewed by a woman in Russian (Carlotta Gall?). After 29 min. it stops, and the remainder of the tape is filled by an interview in English, in which the interviewer is Tom de Waal and the interviewee is an unidentified woman (native speaker of American English), also talking about Chechnya.

Levon Ter-Petrosian, 24-May-00

Levon Ter-Petrosian, President of Armenia

Lyudmila Harutyunyan, 2-Oct-00

Lyudmila Harutyunyan, Armenian sociologist, political activist

Mikhail Gorbachev, 25-Sep-96

Muzayev & Ziyauddin Malsagov, Jan-94

Muzayev & Ziyauddin Malsagov, Head of Archive/Witness to 1944 massacre

Nagorno-Karabakh Danidia, 16-May-00

Nagorno-Karabakh Feb, Feb-00

Naira Melkumian, Arkady Gukasian, 30-Mar-01

Naira Melkumian, Arkady Gukasian, Foreign minister/ president of Nagorno-Karabakh

Pyotr Deinekin, 10-Apr-96

Pyotr Deinekin , Head of Russian airforce

Robert Kocharian 00, 25-May-00

Robert Kocharian 00, President of Armenia

Ruslan Aushev, 18-Jul-96

Ruslan Aushev , President of Ingushetia

Salambek Khajiev, 2-Oct-96

Salambek Khajiev, Pro-Moscow Chechen politician

Salambek Khajiev, 2-Oct-96

Samashki, 23-24 November 1999

Samashki, Residents of village where massacre occurred. the transcript has the interviewee names: Vakhid Derbyshev, Murshid Khasbulatov, Rustam Derbyshev. Interview conducted by a woman especially between 30th and 45 min., ( possibly Carlotta Gall?)

Scott Horton, 2-Jan-01

Scott Horton, US lawyer, human rights activist

Sergei Yushenkov, 29-Oct-96

Serzh Sargsyan, 15-Dec-00

Sumgaitsy, 15-Dec-00

Sumgaitsy side a. Armenians who fled pogrom in Sumgait -- Side b. Maria Mosia (and family but only her name is given)

Thomas de Waal Azerbajian 2, Mekhtiev 31 March 2000; Kemal Ali 4 April 2000

Thomas de Waal, February 2000, Between 1998-2000

Interviewees: Samvel Babayan, Karen Ohanjanyan, Arkady Gukasian, Shamil Basayev, Valeriy Draganov, 1998-2000. Both Nagorno-Karabakh and Chechnya. (both NK and Chechnya)

Thomas de Waal, Nagorno-Karabakh Ref, 16-May-00

Interviewees: Seiran Ohanian, Yevgeniy Primakov, Konstantin Zatulin, Konstantin Titov, 1998-2000

Usman Imayev, 20-May-96

Usman Imayev, Chechen justice minister, negotiator

Vadim Byrkin, 1-Jun-00

Vadim Byrkin, Russian journalist worked in Nagorno-Karabakh

Vartan Oskanian, 13-Dec-00

Vartan Oskanian, Foreign Minister of Armenia

Vazgen Manukian, 3-Oct-00

Vazgen Manukian, Armenian politician, defence and prime minister

Vyacheslav Mikhailov, 20-Feb-97

Vyacheslav Mikhailov, Russian nationalities minister

Vyacheslav [Mikhailov?] Cont., 5-Dec-00

Willi Weissert, 9-Oct-96

Willi Weissert, Ethnic German elder in Chechen village

Yegor Gaidar, 9-Oct-96

Yusif Agayev, 25-Nov-00

Yusif Agayev, Azerbaijani prosecutor

Zahid Abasov, 10-Nov-00

Zahid Abasov, Former Az Communist official in Nagorno-Karabakh

Zahid Neftaliev, 28-Nov-00

Zahid Neftaliev, Az military officer

Zardusht Alizade, 9-Jun-00

Zardusht Alizade, Az democracy activist

Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, 21-Oct-96

Original tape mislabeled. Contains interview with Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, 21 October 1996.

Zenon Kuchciak, 19-May-96

Zenon Kuchciak, Polish OSCE diplomat in Chechnya

Zhanna Galstian, 10-Oct-00

Zhanna Galstian, Nagorno-Karabakh Armenian activist and politician