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Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences Records, 1927-1934

Series IV: Correspondence Files, 1927-1934

This series contains the correspondence of the editors with the contributing authors, advisers and potential contributors. Most of the correspondence is in English, but European correspondents commonly employ the French and German. The list of correspondents below is not exhaustive, but includes only major sets and famous names: the series as a whole contains correspondence with more than 1200 persons. Much of the correspondence with famous people, such as W.E.B. DuBois and Oliver Wendell Holmes, consists merely of polite refusals, but many, such as Margaret Mead and Felix Frankfurter, did make substantial contributions to the Encyclopaedia.

A large gap exists in this series: there are no files from correspondents with names beginning with the letter C; in fact, none between the letters BR and DR. This material was not present when the collection was first inventoried in 1984 and must have been lost prior to that time.

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Box IV 1 Abbott, Edith through Bjorling, Carl G. including:

Box IV 1 Addams, Jane

Box IV 1 Adler, Max

Box IV 1 Arnold, Thurman

Box IV 1 Bauer, John

Box IV 1 Beard, Mary R.

Box IV 1 Beer, Max

Box IV 1 Benedict, Ruth

Box IV 2 Blachly, F.F. through Fellner, Frederic de including:

Box IV 2 Boas, Franz

Box IV 2 Boehm, Max H

Box IV 2 Bonn, Moritz J.

Box IV 2 Braun, Robert

Box IV 2 Brinkman, Carl

Box IV 2 Brinton, Crane

Box IV 2 DuBois, W.E.B.

Box IV 2 Eastman, Max

Box IV 2 Einaudi, Luigi

Box IV 2 Ellis, Havelock

Box IV 2 Fay, Sidney B.

Box IV 3 Fenwick, Charles G. through Griziotti, Benvenuto including:

Box IV 3 Fitch, John A.

Box IV 3 Frankfurter, Felix

Folder missing (August 2019)

Box IV 3 Friedrich, Carl J.

Box IV 3 Fuller, Raymond G.

Box IV 3 Gottschalk, Louis R.

Box IV 3 Gras, N.S.B.

Box IV 4 Groba, Kurt through Holbrook, David H. including:

Box IV 4 Hamilton, Walton H.

Box IV 4 Hardman, J.B.S.

Box IV 4 Hart, Albert Bushnell

Box IV 4 Herskovitz, Melville J.

Box IV 4 Hicks, Granville

Box IV 5 Holcombe, A.N. through Koch, Theodore Wesley including:

Box IV 5 Holmes, Oliver Wendell

Box IV 5 Hook, Sandy

Box IV 5 Hubert, Rene

Box IV 5 Jaszi, Oscar

Box IV 5 Jenks, Leland A.

Box IV 5 Kandel, I.L.

Box IV 5 Kennedy, W.P.M.

Box IV 5 Keynes, J.M.

Box IV 5 Klein, Philip

Box IV 5 Knight, Frank H.

Box IV 5 Knight, Melvin M.

Box IV 6 Kocharovski, K. through Lyon, Leverett S. including:

Box IV 6 Kohn, Hans

Box IV 6 Laski, Harold J.

Box IV 6 Latourette, Kenneth S.

Box IV 6 Lederer, E.

Box IV 6 Lerner, Max

Box IV 6 Lestschinsky, Jakob

Box IV 6 Lippman, Walter

Box IV 6 Lobinger, Charles S.

Box IV 6 Lorwin, Lewis L.

Box IV 6 Lowie, Robert H.

Box IV 7 MacCauley, Fred R. through Mowery, Albert H. including:

Box IV 7 Malinowski, Bronislaw

Box IV 7 Manes, Alfred

Box IV 7 Mannheim, Karl

Box IV 7 McBride, George M.

Box IV 7 Mead, Margaret

Box IV 7 Meusel, Alfred

Box IV 7 Miliukov, Paul

Box IV 8 Muhlmann, W.E. through Powicks, F.M. including:

Box IV 8 Mumford, Lewis

Box IV 8 Munro, William B.

Box IV 8 Nadler, Marcus

Box IV 8 Needham, Joseph

Box IV 8 Niebuhr, Helmut Richard

Box IV 8 Nolen, John

Box IV 8 Olmstead, F.L.

Box IV 8 Palyi, Melchior

Box IV 8 Parsons, Talcott

Box IV 8 Perlman, Selig

Box IV 8 Person, H.S.

Box IV 8 Pirenne, Henri

Box IV 8 Pound, Roscoe

Box IV 9 Prato, Giuseppe through Sarkissian, A.O. including:

Box IV 9 Radin, Max

Box IV 9 Reed, Harold

Box IV 9 Richards, Charles R.

Box IV 9 Rubinow, I.M.

Box IV 9 Ryan, John A.

Box IV 9 Salin, George

Box IV 9 Salomon, Gottfried

Box IV 9 Salz, Arthur

Box IV 9 Sanborn, Frederick R.

Box IV 9 Sapir, Edward

Box IV 9 Saposs, David J.

Box IV 10 Sauer, Carl through Sraffa, Piero including:

Box IV 10 Schacht, Joseph

Box IV 10 Schlesinger, A.M.

Box IV 10 Schneider, Herbert W.

Box IV 10 Schuman, Frederick L.

Box IV 10 Seelig, Ernst

Box IV 10 Seldes, Gilbert

Box IV 10 Sellin, Thorsten

Box IV 10 Sharman, I.L.

Box IV 10 Shepard, Walter J.

Box IV 10 Skalweit, August

Box IV 10 Sommer, Louise

Box IV 11 Stadelmann, Rudolf through Vreeland, Hamilton including:

Box IV 11 Stocking, George W.

Box IV 11 Struve, Peter

Box IV 11 Sturges, Wesley A.

Box IV 11 Suranyi-Unger, Theo

Box IV 11 Taussig, F.W.

Box IV 11 Tead, Ordway

Box IV 11 Toynbee, Arnold

Box IV 11 Tozzer, A.M.

Box IV 11 Vambery, Rustam

Box IV 11 Van Waters, Miriam

Box IV 11 Viner, Jacob

Box IV 12 Wade, Herbert T. through Woytinsky, Wladimir including:

Box IV 12 Ware, Norman J.

Box IV 12 Watkins, Myron W.

Box IV 12 Weber, Wilhelm

Box IV 12 White, Leonard

Box IV 12 Wilcox, Walter F.