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Zines of the Greek Crisis collection, 2011-2016

Addition 2017

Accession #2017.2018.M

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Box 2 Hellenica for foreigners (Conceptual Museum "Maria Matapan")

Box 2 Mountzoures (?)

Box 2 Panos Gianniotis 8 (Oi Libertinoi)

Box 2 Eponyme (Voemvrios)

Box 2 Kakorizikh (T opovoros)

Box 2 Chimeres: the neuron stimulating zine (?), nos. 33-34

Box 2 Metaman 54 (Sodum)

Box 2 Dystopian sequence (?)

Box 2 Çakmak (Cheimonas)

Box 2 Kai roel: sthenakia tanikou, lekedes apo pissa (Tephlon)

Box 2 Jannis Poptrandou: he Europe murizei teleioteta (Tephlon)

Box 2 Poietes xoris poiemata


Box 2 Karagkiozologio(v), no. 2 (Farfoulas)

Box 2 Atlas horribilis: a novel of inauthenticity

Box 2 Tettiks (Gabrielides)

Box 2 OFarfoula, nos.1,2,4-5,8,9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19-20-21