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Lillie Ronvo Collection of Dance and Music Materials, 1915-2002, bulk 1952-1991

Series II: Japanese Art--Kabuki Books and Memorabilia, Ukiyo-e Books, 1978-1987

This series contains collection materials related to Japanese art.

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Subseries II.1: Kabuki Books, 1978-1987

This subseries includes, for the most part, Kabuki plays translated to English and photo books of Kabuki actors. Several of the books focus on Tamasaburo Bando (b. 1950), a celebrated onnagata (the term for male Kabuki actors who specialize in depicting women).

Box 1 Leiter, Samuel L. The Art of Kabuki: Famous Plays in Performance, 1979

Box 6 Bando, Tamasaburo, undated

(all Japanese text)

Box 6 Gunji, Masakatsu Kabuki, 1985

(reissue of earlier book)

Box 6 The Kabuki , 1987

Box 6 Usui, Kenzo,Ebizo Kara Danjuro E , 1985 (2 copies), 1985

(text is in Japanese)

Box 7 Brandon, James R. Kabuki: Five Classic Plays, 1975

Box 8 Tamasaburo Bando , 1978

(photography by Kishin Shinoyama)

Box 8 Portfolio of Tamasaburo Bando, 1983

(2 copies, photography by Shunji Okura)

Box 8 Kabuki: Eighteen Traditional Dramas , 1985

Box 8 Kabuki , 1979

(photography by Chiaki Yoshida; text entirely in Japanese)

Box 8 Gunji, Masakatsu Kabuki, 1980

(later reissue also in collection)

Box 8 Kawatake, Toshio Kabuki: Danjuro's Lucky Eighteen, 1984

(photography by Iwata Akira)

Box 8 Okura, Shunji Tamasaburo Bando, Onnagata,, 1983

Subseries II.2: Kabuki Programs and Magazines, 1981-1982

Kabuki Programs and Magazines includes souvenir programs from The Grand Kabuki of Japan's performances in the U.S in 1982, and a 1981 magazine copy containing mostly photos of Kabuki performances. The souvenir program of the Grand Kabuki's 1982 North American tour contains autographs of seven members of the group, including celebrated actor Ichikawa Ebizo.

Box 8 Grand Kabuki of Japan--North American Tour Program, 1982

(includes autographs of seven members of the group: Utaemon, Tomiijuro, Tamaschuro Ebizo, Nakamara Utaemon, Nakamara Kanzeburro, Ichikawa Ebizo, and Kiyomoto Shizutayu)

Box 8 Grand Kabuki Playbill, 1982 July, 1982

(Metropolitan Opera, New York City)

Box 8 Double Page, Volume 13, 1981

Subseries II.3: Ukiyo-e Books, 1982

This subseries includes two books on the Japanese art of wood carving.

Box 8 Kobayashi, Tadashi Ukiyo-e, 1982

(part of seriesGreat Japanese Art)

Box 8 Oka, Isaburo Hiroshige, 1982

(part of seriesGreat Japanese Art)