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Peter Schickele Papers, 1874-2013, bulk 1955-2013

Series IV: Additions to the Collection

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Sub Series IV.1, 2023 Addition

Composition sketchbooks:

Box 22 Sketchbook number 1, Summer 1962

Box 22 Sketchbook number 2, June 1963 - March 1964

Box 22 Sketchbook number 3, August 1966 - September 1967

Box 22 Sketchbook number 4, October 1966 - September 1968

Box 22 Sketchbook number 5, March 1968

Box 22 Sketchbook number 6, August 1969 - December 1970

Box 22 Sketchbook number 7, November 1969

Box 22 Sketchbook number 8, 1971-1972?

Box 22 Sketchbook number 9, October 1972 - July 1973

Box 22 Sketchbook number 10, July 1973 - February 1975

Box 22 Sketchbook number 11, March 1975 - September 1976

Box 22 Sketchbook number 12, September 1976 - July 1978

Box 22 Sketchbook number 13, August 1978 - September 1979

Box 22 Sketchbook number 14, October 1979 - June 1980

Box 22 Sketchbook number 15, June 1980 - May 1981

Box 22 Sketchbook number 16, May 1981 - October 1982

Box 22 Sketchbook number 17, October 1982 - October 1983

Box 22 Sketchbook number 18, October 1983 - October 1984

Box 22 Sketchbook number 19, October 1984 - September 1985

Box 22 Sketchbook number 20, October 1985 - June 1986

Box 22 Sketchbook number 21, June 1986 - Decmber 1986

Box 22 Sketchbook number 22, January 1987 - June 1988

Box 22 Sketchbook number 23, June 1988 - March 1990

Box 22 Sketchbook number 24, March 1990 - June 1991

Box 22 Sketchbook number 25, May 1991 - April 1992

Box 22 Sketchbook number 26, April 1992 - October 1992

Box 22 Sketchbook number 27, October 1992 - June 1993

Box 22 Sketchbook number 28, June 1993 - December 1993

Box 22 Sketchbook number 29, January 1994 - August 1994

Box 22 Sketchbook number 30, August 1994 - December 1994

Box 22 Sketchbook number 31, January 1995 - August 1995

Box 22 Sketchbook number 32, August 1995 - March 1996

Box 22 Sketchbook number 33, March 1996 - August 1996

Box 22 Sketchbook number 34, August 1996 - March 1997

Box 22 Sketchbook number 35, March 1997 - August 1997

Box 22 Sketchbook number 36, August 1997 - June 1998

Box 22 Sketchbook number 37, June 1998 - February 1999

Box 22 Sketchbook number 38, February 1999 - December 1999

Box 22 Sketchbook number 39, December 1999 - March 2001

Box 22 Sketchbook number 40, March 2001 - March 2003

Box 23 Sketchbook number 41, April 2002 - April 2003

Box 23 Sketchbook number 42, April 2003 - August 2004

Box 23 Sketchbook number 43, August 2004 - July 2006

Box 23 Sketchbook number 44, July 2006 - August 2006

Box 23 Sketchbook number 45, Aug 06 - Jan 12

Box 23 Sketchbook number 46, January 2010 - Summer 2012

Box 23 Sketchbook number 47, Summer 2011 - September 2012

Box 23 Sketchbook number 48, September 2012 - July 2013

Box 23 Unnumbered sketchbook

Box 23 Unnumbered sketchbook

Box 23 Unnumbered sketchbook

Box 23 Unnumbered sketchbook

Box 23 Unnumbered sketchbook

Box 23 Quintet for horns

Box 23 Several more unnumbered sketchbooks

Box 23 Partial listing of sketchbook contents

Box 23 Chronological composition notebooks (2)

Box 24 Eine Kleine Saxmusick

Box 24 Missa "If I Fell"

Box 24 New Goldbe (add'l mvts? some already written)

Box 24 At The Lake (fl, vlc, accordion, harp parts)

Box 24 Bird Song (retrograde inversion canon)

Box 24 Charlotte Letter

Box 24 Dawn Songs

Box 24 Eighty Years Ago (implied title)

Box 24 Eine Kleine (retrograde inversion canon)

Box 24 For Beth's 86th

Box 24 Heilige Dank (retrograde inversion canon)

Box 24 If It's Gone L (song lead sheet)

Box 24 If You Will Try It

Box 24 Lay of the Ja (retrograde inversion canon)

Box 24 Little Mushroom

Box 24 Love Has To (song lead sheet)

Box 24 Mantra

Box 24 Oh Calcutta (Oh Calcutta finale)

Box 24 Que Sarah, Sarah

Box 24 Snapshot (mvt 5 of "Sketchbook")

Box 24 Tangowaltz

Box 24 Thanksgiving Hymn

Box 24 Time for You (song lead sheet)

Box 24 Untitled set PS pencil

Box 24 You Should

Box 24 Shady Dawn

Box 24 Peaslee Porridge Cold

Box 24 Hillhouse Dawn

Box 24 Waltz

Box 24 Aubade

Box 24 Untitled piano piece

Box 24 Day After Valentine's Day Wish-I-Were-There Blues

Box 24 The Road We Walk

Box 24 Lullaby for Laada

Box 24 Pealing Sixty-Two

Box 24 Bellshadows

Box 24 Boston Won (suite for narrator, fl, pno)

Box 24 Brass Quintet

Box 24 Celebration for Carillon

Box 24 Ceremony

Box 24 Die Heiligen um ihre Gestalt

Box 24 Duo Triptych

Box 24 Four Choruses from Pogo

Box 24 Girls

Box 24 Had I the Heavens

Box 24 My Heart Is Like a Singing Bird

Box 24 My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord

Box 24 Oh David and Gail

Box 24 Pastorale

Box 24 Piano Concerto No. 3 in Ab major

Box 24 Sequiturs

Box 24 Seven Miniatures

Box 24 Small Serenade

Box 24 Such Should

Box 24 Suite for 2 pianos four hands

Box 24 Tale of the Boston Wonder

Box 24 Tangowaltz

Box 24 Terra Cotta

Box 24 Three Cellos

Box 24 Three Songs

Box 24 Timepiece

Box 24 Untitled mv (for vln, vla, vlc, pno)

Box 24 Chaconne a son gout

Box 24 Fish

Box 24 Garbage

Box 24 Hard Rock ID

Box 24 Lament for (script/dialog between King and Nell)

Box 24 Little Suite for Josie

Box 24 Oh Calcutta: What Will You Do When It's Over

Box 24 Pathetic Symphony

Box 24 Percussion Sonata No. 3 Maverick

Box 24 Starting Lines

Box 24 Three Songs for Chorus and Piano

Box 24 Three Songs on Robert Herrick

Box 24 Three Songs on Seventeenth-Century Lyrics

Box 24 Timepiece

Box 24 Twelve Quit (orch version)

Box 24 Unidentified ob, EH, str 4tet

Box 24 Unidentified (cb and pno, pages half-burned)

Box 24 Unidentified schema

Box 24 Unidentified script

Box 24 Unidentified script and music

Box 24 Unidentified solo line written in several keys

Box 24 Untitled multi-mvt piece, with lyrics for mvt 4

Box 25 A Triumph of Incompetence perf notebook

Box 25 A Triumph of Incompetence perf notebook (Michele Eaton's performance book)

Box 25 What's Your Sign perf notebook

Box 25 Bach Portrait (Prof.) (PS conductor score)

Box 25 Beatleset (PS piano perf part)

Box 25 Bestiary (includes intro notes used for Calliope performances)

Box 25 Bestiary (PS perf score; used for Calliope performances)

Box 25 Concerto for Bassoon vs Orchestra (PDQ; PS conductor score)

Box 25 Concerto for Two Pianos vs Orchestra (PDQ; PS ‐ piano II)

Box 25 Elegies (cl & pno; PS; piano perf part)

Box 25 Go For Broke (SSATB a capp; PS perf score)

Box 25 Good King Kong Looked Out (PDQ; copy of pub'd music)

Box 25 Gott sei Dank, dass Heute Fre (PDQ; piano perf part)

Box 25 Hansel & Gretel & Ted & Alice (PDQ; piano perf part)

Box 25 Haydn Andante (Hyden; str 4tet; bound engraved score)

Box 25 I Like To Go To (4‐pt round)

Box 25 Liebeslieder Polkas (PDQ; spiral‐bound copy of PS ms used for his performances)

Box 25 Little Nightmare Music (PDQ; special edition for "40 Years of Musical Mayhem")

Box 25 Little Suite (for concert band PS PS conductor score)

Box 25 Mystery case (has a spoken intro, xword puzzles, tums and a hairbrush)

Box 25 New Goldberg (vlc & pno PS piano perf part)

Box 25 O Little Town of Hackensack (PDQ xerox of engraved score)

Box 25 Oedipus Tex (PDQ xerox of short version kbd part)

Box 25 Oedipus Tex (PDQ PS perf part)

Box 25 On the Banks of the Roundout (sopranino part of mvt 3 from Six Quartets)

Box 25 Pavilion Piece concert band (PS PS conductor score)

Box 25 Quintet No. 2 for piano and s (PS PS piano perf part)

Box 25 Stoned Guest (PDQ score and mat'ls used for recording)

Box 25 Swing Sweet, Low Chariot (Prof xerox of PS perf part)

Box 25 Three Songs for a Wedding (PS accordion‐bd copy of PS ms, 1st song only, used in PS & Dusing song program)

Box 25 Throw the Yule Log on, Uncle (PDQ PS copy of pub'd music)

Box 25 Tribe of Ahasueconcert band (PS PS conductor score)

Box 25 Twelve Quite Heavenly Songs (PDQ xerox of engraved version for 3 singers)

Box 25 Twelve Quite Heavenly Songs (PDQ pub'd score marked for only some mvts to be performed)

Box 26 Baptism poems

Box 26 Knock Knock mock‐up

Box 26 PDQ Concerto for Simply Grand Piano, work score & solo pno part

Box 26 PDQ tour show tech requirement sheets

Box 26 Piano quintet (superseded by published edition)

Box 26 Twelve Quite Heavenly Songs Director's Cut, work papers

Box 26 Miscellaneous notes and financials

Box 26 A stack of miscellany too numerous to list individually

Box 26  Folk Song Set

Box 26 If Love Is Real

Box 26 Piano Trio Alaria

Box 26 String Quartet No 6

Box 26 String Quintet

Box 26 String Quintets (No 1 & 2 work papers)

Box 26 Three Songs for a Wedding

Box 26 Viola Quintet

Box 27 Abduction of Figaro (orch score, pv, libretto)

Box 27 Schickele (non‐PDQ) programs, 1999‐2000

Box 28 Unsorted box marked "original pencil PS"

Box 29 Topical / Occasional music:

Box 29 Armadillo Encore '03

Box 29 Bert Skakoon

Box 29 Chicory‐Ah

Box 29 Christmas Vocalise

Box 29 DCB

Box 29 Fanfare for Walther

Box 29 Farfisa

Box 29 Five Pleasing and Melodious Pieces (5 composers)

Box 29 Fogul the Mogul

Box 29 For Art and Martha Kaemmer's 25th…(lyric sheet only)

Box 29 For Mary and Leo

Box 29 For Stewart Warkow's 60th

Box 29 Happy Birthday David Shifrin

Box 29 Happy Birthday in the Pines

Box 29 Here's a Bar

Box 29 Here's to the OK Mozart Festival

Box 29 Here's What Matters

Box 29 Hey Alan and Mamie

Box 29 It's About Time

Box 29 Jon Kimura Parker

Box 29 The Lazy Mississippi Macaroon

Box 29 Mixing It Signature

Box 29 No‐No Nonette (8‐bar pencil excerpt)

Box 29 Oh Danny B

Box 29 Oh Eriko

Box 29 Over the Ocean and Onto the Plains

Box 29 Requiem for Nancy

Box 29 Robert Sherman Ramen Sherbert

Box 29 A Sermon, A Narrative and a Prayer

Box 29 Somewhere

Box 29 Ten Short Years Ago

Box 29 Ten Years Ago

Box 29 Thank you Very Much

Box 29 These are a Few of Judy Grunberg's Favorite Things

Box 29 Twas the Year that Nothing Went Wrong

Box 29 WNYC

Box 29 You've Heard

Box 29 American History Lesson all materials

Box 30 Amazing Grace (PS arr, copy of ms)

Box 30 Amazing Grace (score masters)

Box 30 Autumn Trio (pencil score)

Box 30 Baptism (Vanguard scores)

Box 30 Beatleset (pencil sketch of bsn pt mvt 6)

Box 30 Birthday Present for Joan Tower? (For pno)

Box 30 Blakes Proverbs (work score)

Box 30 Blue Set No 2 (3 c. of work scores)

Box 30 Bobbin Jack (sketches)

Box 30 Carnival of the Animals (poems)

Box 30 Ceremonial March (score masters)

Box 30 Chorale Prelude Froh

Box 30 Eagle Rock (score masters)

Box 30 Emperor's New Clothes (Script Corrections, score, Copyist's Corrections)

Box 30 Fanfare for the Common Cold

Box 30 Fantasy for Organ (score masters)

Box 30 Flow My Tears (with PS Orchestration Notes)

Box 30 Gross Concerto No 2

Box 30 Guide My Soul (score masters)

Box 30 Hal's Aria (from the "Magic Bassoon")

Box 30 Hansel and Gretel and Ted and Alice

Box 30 Here's to Diane (String Quartet)

Box 30 Hoarse Trojan (p/v score masters)

Box 30 Hollers, Hymns and Dirges (score masters)

Box 30 Hymn Set (sketches)

Box 30 I am a Moon Rider… (pencil score for "phony piano")

Box 30 Jekyll & Hyde show

Box 30 Jekyll & Hyde show (add'l mat'l)

Box 30 Kate and Karla (wedding gift song)

Box 30 Little Suite for Susan score (copy of PS ms)

Box 30 Morning Noon and Night (mvt 3 pencil excerpts of some parts)

Box 30 Oh Calcutta (folder of scores with PS notations)

Box 30 One More Dawn (4 pt round)

Box 30 Quodlibet (old ending)

Box 30 Three Songs for a Wedding (voice & gtr score masters)

Box 30 Three Strange Cases

Box 30 Thurber's Dogs

Box 30 Unidentified orch score (winds, strings, piano ‐ 2 mvts)

Box 30 Variations on a Medieval Theme ("corr for publication")

Box 30 Variations on a Theme Somebody Threw Away… (onion skins)

Box 30 Whereas (Round for 3 Voices)

Box 31 Business folders:

Box 31 Tour schedules

Box 31 Musicians

Box 31 Librettos

Box 31 A Likely Story

Box 31 Flyers

Box 31 Corrections (Music)

Box 31 Various business, 1992‐1993 

Box 36 Radio scripts

Box 36 Abduction of Figaro narration

Box 36 PDQ scripts WTWP

Box 36 PDQ Bach scripts TV, etc

Box 36 PDQ Bach texts

Box 36 PDQ timings

Box 36 Tour itineraries

Box 36 Tour lists

Box 36 PDQ Bach video cassettes

Box 69 Business Correspondence, 1985-1990

Box 70 Business Correspondence, A-J, 1991-1997

Box 71 Business Correspondence, K-Z, 1991-1997

Box 32 Disney materials (Pomp & Circumstance arr. for Fantasia 2000)

Box 33 PDQ Bach concert heralds

Box 34 PDQ printed programs, 1989‐1995

Box 35 PS "Items" lists ‐ business between PS and office assistant

Box 37 Tour schedules

Box 37 Folders re recordings

Box 37 PDQ Programs, 1989‐1990

Box 37 Misc commission and contract folders

Box 37 Idea lists

Box 37 Expired membership cards

Box 37 Various handwritten materials

Box 38 PS: Concerto for Flute and Orchestra, '91 score, obsolete.

Box 38 PDQ: Schleptet, full score (corr.)

Box 38 PS: Concerto for Piano and Chorus, full score (corr.)

Box 38 PS: Serenade for Six, pencil score master

Box 38 PS: Music for Mary/What Did You Do at Jeffrey's House?, pencil score master

Box 38 PS: Go for Broke, pencil score master

Box 38 PS: Mountain Music I, score master

Box 38 PS: 3 Uncharacteristic Pieces, score and parts

Box 38 PS: Summer Music, score master

Box 38 PS: Two Pleasant Songs/The Boston Wonder, score masters

Box 38 PS: Prelude and Potboiler, score

Box 38 PS: Four Easy Folk Song Settings, score

Box 38 PS: Overture to "The Civilian Barber", score

Box 38 PS: The Civilian Barber, parts

Box 38 PS: Dances for Three, parts

Box 38 PS: Dream Dances, parts

Box 38 PS: Last Tango in Bayreuth, parts

Box 38 PS: Little London Trio, parts

Box 38 PS: A Little Mosey Music, parts

Box 38 PS: The Lowest Trees Have Tops, parts

Box 38 PS: Monochrome I, II, III, V, parts

Box 38 PS: Mozart on Parade, parts

Box 38 PS: Mountain Music I, parts

Box 38 PS: Music for an Evening Wedding, parts and score

Box 38 PS: Requiem I, parts

Box 38 PS: Summer Serenade, parts

Box 39 PS: Summer Music, full score (corr.), 18 copies, one black-bound

Box 38 PS: Summer Music, score, (uncorr.), 9 copies, not black-bound

Box 38 PS: Dream Dances, full score (corr.)

Box 38 PS: What Did You Do Today at Jeffrey's House?, 7 copies of score

Box 39 PS: What Did You Do Today at Jeffrey's House?, 1 copy of score

Box 39 PDQ: Canzonetta "La Hooplina", score

Box 39 PDQ: Capriccio "La Pucelle de New Orleans", full score (corr.)

Box 39 PDQ: Echo Sonata, full score (corr.)

Box 39 PDQ: The Musical Sacrifice, score

Box 39 PS: Three Canons, full score (corr.), corr. to Pub. and a few earlier versions PS: Mountain Music I, full score (corr.)

Box 38 PS: Summer Serenade, full score (corr.)

Box 38 PS: Songs from Shakespeare, score

Box 38 PS: A Walk at Briones, parts

Box 38 PS: Summer Serenade, score (uncorr.), 3 copies

Box 38 PS: 3 Uncharacteristic Pieces, full score (corr.)

Box 38 PS: Mountain Music I, full score (corr.), 2 copies PS: What Did You Do Today at Jeffrey's House?, 2 scores

Box 38 PS: Go for Broke, score, 2 copies

Box 38 PS: Concerto for Piano and Chorus, full score (corr.) , 4 copies

Box 38 PS: Go for Broke, full score (corr.)

Box 40 "The Knight of the Burning Pestle" scores

Box 40 "Knight" retracted pieces and incidential cues

Box 40 "Knight" extra parts with added notes and changes for a past performance

Box 40 "Knight" script

Box 40 "Knight" Back-up part sets

Box 40 "My Mother Told Me Not To Worry"

Box 41 Cello concerto sc & parts used for premiere; now obsolete

Box 42 Cello concerto sc & parts used for premiere; now obsolete

Box 43 Concerto for Simply Grand Piano and Orchestra

Box 43 Symphony No. 2 "The Sweet Season"

Box 43 Score IV C (II & III)

Box 43 II "Out On the Dance Floor"

Box 43 Score in C I "Piper At The Gates of Dawn"

Box 43 Symphont No 2 scores and parts

Box 44 Abduction of Figaro ‐ sc, parts, libretto, other misc mat'ls

Box 45 Abduction of Figaro ‐ sc, parts, libretto, other misc mat'ls

Box 46 Easy‐Going Waltz Tempo (PS String Sextet Movement of a larger piece)

Box 46 After Bach (PS ob, vln, vla, vlc Is this the same as "After Hearing Bach"?)

Box 46 All the Things You Are (pencil sc & pts)

Box 46 Amazing Grace (PS arr)

Box 46 Amazing Grace (PS arr. pno.)

Box 46 American in Texas & River (PS 4 undesignated parts)

Box 46 Answers to Questions We Are Often Asked (PS)

Box 46 Aspendicitis (PS pencil sc & pts plus some work materials)

Box 46 Autumn Trio (PS)

Box 46 Bachanale (PS pencil parts)

Box 46 Bagatelle (Pno.)

Box 46 Baptism (PS)

Box 46 Beatle Set (PS Sop and orch)

Box 46 Better Dead Than Red (PS MS and parts masters on onion skin)

Box 46 Birthday Ode to Big Daddy Bach (PS pv photocopy but has a couple of onion skin original pages added)

Box 46 Blue Chain (PS pencil parts)

Box 46 Boston Wonder (PS flute and pno.)

Box 46 Cantata Singalonga Melior Cave Canem (PDQ)

Box 46 Canzona for Organ (PS PS‐engraved onion skin)

Box 46 Ceremonial March (PS)

Box 46 Christmas Carols ‐ by Edmund Edwards (PS arr pencil scores, several titles)

Box 46 Civilian Barber Variations ‐ Tonight Show (PDQ pencil parts)

Box 46 Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (PS)

Box 46 Concerto for Flute and Orch (PS Flute and 2‐piano reduction)

Box 46 Concerto for Piano vs Orchestra (PDQ obsolete; superseded by revised version)

Box 46 Concerto for Simply Grand Piano and Orchestra (PDQ)

Box 46 Concerto for Violin (PS Full pencil score plus engraved parts)

Box 46 Cool Clear Walter (PS copy of pencil ms; orig pencil parts)

Box 46 Description of Spring & This Song Wants Drink (PS bar voice & bsn & tbn mvts 3 & 4 of a larger unidentified work)

Box 46 Divertimento (* winds, brass, perc, timp, harp, cb *composer Lawrence Widdoes, but it's in PS hand)

Box 46 Dream Dances (PS orig pencil on onion skin, plus parts masters engraved on onion skin)

Box 46 Duo Caprice (PS pencil sc plus engraved parts masters ‐ onion skins)

Box 46 Duo Concertante (vn,vla, orch)

Box 46 Dutch Suite in G major (PDQ PS ms onion skin, plus printed copy)

Box 46 Eagle Rock (PS)

Box 46 Fantasy for Organ (PS)

Box 46 Five Pop Settings (PS 2 bassoons, pno., strings)

Box 46 Guide My Soul (PS)

Box 46 History of Susanna (PS Mezzo and The Open Window Pencil  score and pencil parts)

Box 46 Hoarse  Trojan (PDQ Solo singers and orch mostly photocopies, some pencil parts)

Box 46 Hoarse Trojan (PDQ pencil sc and pencil pv)

Box 46 Hollers, Hymns and Dirges (PS)

Box 46 I am a Moon Rider Bound for Another Paradise (PS Orga, elec. Pno, pno Elec. Pno. Is dubbed "phony pno")

Box 46 I Would in that Sweet Bosom Be (PS Voice and pno.)

Box 46 Incidental Music for Iphigenia in Aulis (PS fl and vla)

Box 46 Intermesso for Cello and Piano

Box 46 It Ain't Necessarily So (PS arr unidentified)

Box 46 Jukebox No. 1 (PS pencil sc plus engraved parts masters ‐ onion skins)

Box 46 Kat and Carla Wedding Song (PS)

Box 46 Many Happy Returns (PS Chorus and pno. Birthday song for unidentified recipient)

Box 46 Mary Queen of Scots 

Box 46 Minor Concern (PS sax trio ‐ alto ten bass parts)

Box 46 Moonwalk (PS pencil parts)

Box 46 Nellermojo (PS engraved score, pencil parts for jazz band)

Box 46 Night and Day (PS alto ten bass drums parts)

Box 46 Oedipus Tex "Howdy There" (PDQ pno part in PS hand)

Box 46 One For the Money (PS Orch Orig Pencil MS plus Photocopy Correction Pages)

Box 46 Only Piece Ever Written for Violin and Tuba (PDQ Parallel Orgasm)

Box 46 PS jazz ensemble (pencil parts Part‐Time Invention)

Box 46 PS pencil sc & pts

Box 46 Pastorale (PS Pno 4 hands)

Box 46 Peaslee Does It

Box 46 PS jazz ensemble (pencil parts)

Box 46 Potboiler (PS pno.?)

Box 46 Prairie Skies (PS Orch 1st Movement Only in Pencil)

Box 46 Prelude (PS pno.?)

Box 46 Quintet for Horn and Strings Requiem (PS String Quintet?)

Box 46 Rituals (PS ob, vla, African instruments)

Box 46 Roamin' Carnivore Overture (PS? PDQ? fl, ob, bsn)

Box 46 Sequiturs (PS)

Box 46 Seven Miniatures (PS)

Box 46 Solo (vln. Part)

Box 46 Shake Allegro (PDQ piano mvt from a larger work)

Box 46 Something for Everyone (PS winds, tbn, str, voices, gtr, pno, bass, drums)

Box 46 Sonata para Klavier (PS piano after D.)

Box 46 Scarlatti Sonatina for Piano (PS)

Box 46 South (PS 2 pno & vln pencil parts)

Box 46 Summertime (PS arr jazz ens, pencil sc & pts)

Box 46 Take Me Back to Funk Nebraska (PS jazz ens)

Box 46 This Song Wants Drink (PS male voice, bassoon, trombone)

Box 46 Three Canonic Pieces (PS piano also incl Ov Civ Barber, Election March from Civ Barber)

Box 46 Three Songs for a Wedding (PS Medium voice and pno.)

Box 46 Tutti Flutti 8 flutes?

Box 46 Undecided (PS pencil sc & pts)

Box 46 Untitled (PS bsn & tuba has 4 titles mvts)

Box 46 Untitled (PS pencil sc & pts incomplete?)

Box 46 Untitled (Piece PS vn, vla, cello, pno pencil sc & pts)

Box 46 Untitled piece for string quartet (PS pencil score and parts)

Box 46 Walled Stein? (PDQ pno, pencil sc )

Box 46 We'll Be Together (PS pencil parts)

Box 46 Where the Wild Things Are (PS score masters)

Box 46 Where the Wild Things Are (PS recording materials parts etc.)

Box 46 You Were Gone & Is That 12 Bars? (PS)

Box 46 You Were Gone ‐ organ; Is That 12 Bars ‐ bass cl & tbn

Box 47 Hudson Valley Mall, 19 September 2000

Box 47 Fantasy

Box 47 HBA

Box 47 Spring Ahead Sketches

Box 47 Sketchbooks by Category

Box 47 Sketchbook Indices

Box 47 "What a Grand Canyon, Sweet"

Box 47 "Hot & Cold Running Water"

Box 47 "The Fish"

Box 48 Air for G Strings (6 solo vlns, engraved score PDQ )

Box 48 Allegretto Gabinetto (pno & bass clef instr, copy of PS ms PDQ )

Box 48 Abduction of Figaro (excerpts PDQ )

Box 48 Birthday Ode to "Big Daddy" (Bach soloists, cho, orch PDQ spiral‐bd copy of PS ms )

Box 48 Breakfast Antiphonies (orch PDQ spiral‐bd copy of PS ms )

Box 48 Breakfast Antiphonies (deleted pages PDQ )

Box 48 Canine Cantata "Wachet Arf" (PDQ staple‐bd copy of PS ms )

Box 48 Concerto for Horn and Hardart (poorly‐bound faded print score PDQ )

Box 48 Concerto for Two Pianos vs Orchestra (score marked "partially corrected" PDQ )

Box 48 Dismissed by Conductor (6 violins PDQ bachelor conductor gag )

Box 48 Diverse Aires on Sundrie (Notions copy of PS ms score with some pencil markings PDQ )

Box 48 Eine Kleine Kiddiemusic (spiral‐bd scores with some PS markings PDQ )

Box 48 Fanfare for the Common Cold (xerox of PS ms PDQ )

Box 48 Four Curmudgeonly Canons (PDQ )

Box 48 Four Folk Song (Upsettings mezzo, devious instr, pno PDQ staple‐bd copy of PS ms )

Box 48 Fugue of the Volga (Boatmen copy of PS ms score with some pencil markings PDQ )

Box 48 Gott sei Dank, dass Heute Freitag ist (sop & instr ensemble PDQ marked "corrected")

Box 48 Gross Concerto (flutes, tpts, str PDQ )

Box 48 Hansel & Gretel & Ted & Alice (spiral‐bd scores with some PS markings PDQ )

Box 48 Here's to the OK Mozart Festival (staple‐bound copy of PS ms PDQ )

Box 48 Howdy Symphony (staple‐bound copy of PS ms PDQ )

Box 48 Iphigenia in Brooklyn (staple‐bound copy of PS ms PDQ )

Box 48 Little Nightmare Music (PDQ )

Box 48 Moonwalk (pencil parts in PS hand PS movie underscore?)

Box 48 Oedipus Tex (soloists & orch PDQ "Lurye reduction ‐ corr")

Box 48 Where the Wild Thing Are (PS recording materials)

Box 49 Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra (score used for recording with list of takes)

Box 49 Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra (score)

Box 49 Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra (score with corrections)

Box 49 Duo Sonata for basset cl & pno (pencil score & xerox copy)

Box 49 Folk Song Set (old ‐ has been revised)

Box 49 Jekyll & Hyde tour production file (large accordion file/envelope)

Box 49 Percussion Sonata No. 3 (pencil score)

Box 49 Spring Ahead (PS pencil score)

Box 49 Swing Sweet Low Chariot (formerly "PS corr")

Box 49 Twelve Quite Heavenly Songs (John Ferrante's score)

Box 49 Variations on an Unusually Simple‐Minded T (old version with some work papers)

Box 49 Year in the Catskills ‐‐ ww 5tet (pencil score & work papers)

Box 50 A minor sonata onion skins

Box 50 Answers to Questions We Are Often Asked

Box 50 Better Dead Than Red onion skins score & work mat'ls

Box 50 Canticle of the Sun

Box 50 Canzona for Organ score masters

Box 50 Ceremony

Box 50 Dream Dances ‐ score and parts masters

Box 50 Duo Caprice score masters

Box 50 Fanfare for a Happening

Box 50 Hoarse Trojan score masters

Box 50 Jukebox No 1 score masters

Box 50 Kyrie for mixed cho & brass quartet

Box 50 Magnificat

Box 50 Quodlibet

Box 50 Reflections for Flute and Oboe

Box 50 Symphony No 2 score copy ‐ not sure if it's the final version

Box 50 Third Piano Sonatina

Box 50 Unbegun Symphony

Box 50 Variations for Wind Sextet

Box 51 Prairie Skies score

Box 51 Prairie Skies score

Box 51 Prelude score

Box 51 Quintet for Horn ans Strings score

Box 51 Requim score

Box 51 Rituals (for Oboe, Viola and Africal Instruments)

Box 51 One for the Money score

Box 51 On the Strring score

Box 51 Posters, advertisements, etc.

Box 52 Concerto for Chamber Orchestra PS pencil score

Box 52 Grand Serenade for an Awful Lot of InstOrch. PDQ

Box 52 Invention for Orchestra score mast from Peter's "To be finished" drawer

Box 52 Louise PS jazz band

Box 52 Concerto for Flute and Orchestra

Box 52 Lincoln at Ease 

Box 53 Fantastic Garden 2 scores

Box 53 March of the Cute Little Wood Sprites

Box 53 Peter's wall calendars, 1992‐2019

Box 54 A Year In the Catskills (some pencil scores, correction notes)

Box 54 Open Window ‐ (folder of misc mat'ls)

Box 55 Peter's wall calendars, 1978-1992

Box 68 PDQ Programs, 1982-1988

Scripts and librettos:

Box 72 "The Self-Deliverance of Walter Murphy" by Jon Cutler and Gary Lee Rapp

Box 72 "Laserblast II" by Jonathan Cutler

Box 72 "God Save Nell" by William M. Green and Dennis Turner

Box 72 "Bliss: An Opera in Three Acts" Libretto by Michael Levin

Box 72 "National Lampoon: Ahead of its Time" , March 1991

Box 72 "The Captain and Tennille" Shaw #6, 29 September 1976

Box 72 "And So To Bed . . ." Book by Bill Green

Box 72 "That Merry Gang" Book by William M. Green

Box 72 "Nell" Book by William M. Green and Dennis Turner

Box 72 "God Save Nell" Book by William M. Green and Dennis Turner

Box 72 "The Protestant Whore" Book by William M. Green and Dennis Turner

Box 72 "The London Gentleman" Adapted by Brooks Jones

Box 72 "A London Lord's Love or Not What He Intended" Adapted by Brooks Jones

Box 72 "L'Histoire du Soldat and The London Merchant" Adapted by Brooks Jones

Box 72 "Oh! Calcutta!" Devised by Kenneth Tynan, 17 June 1969

Box 72 "Moon Walk" by Betty Jean Liften

Box 73 "The Concierge" by Mark Rosenthal and Larry Konner, 6 January 1992

Box 73 "The Defectors" Book, Lyrics, and Music by Douglas Worth, 1982

(With audio cassette)

Box 73 "The Deal" by Claudia Orpin, Robert Dupree, and Stephen Schmidt, 1971

Box 73 "The Bishop of Mishigasi" by Thomas Buckwalter Sneed, 1977

Box 73 "The Star Strangled Banner" by Clare Woock

Box 73 "The Carrion Eaters" by Robert Weingarten, 1966

Box 73 "Too Late For Living" A Daniel Aubry Film Production, 3 February 1959

Box 73 "The Naturalists" by Kay Eldredge

Box 73 "Paradise Lost" Adapted from John Milton by Kenneth Cavander

Box 73 "Ulysses inNighttown" by Marjorie Markentin, 1958

Box 73 "The $ Value of Man" by Robert Wilson

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