Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Sylvia Ardyn Boone Papers, 1925-2011, bulk 1961-1993

Series VII: Slides, 1959-1991

This series contains a large number of slides, mainly professionally shot images of African art in museums. It also contains many images of African women with a focus on hairstyles and clothing, and some images of African architecture.

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Box 16 Folder 1 Maps, 1988

Box 16 Folder 2 AFAM, Faculty, Staff, Students, 1975-1976

Box 16 Folder 3 "Essential", circa 1989

Box 16 Folder 4 "Boring", circa 1978

Box 16 Folder 5 West African Architecture--Cote D'Ivoire, Nigeria, Ghana, Haute Volta, 1976

Box 16 Folder 6 Artists--Charles Alston; William E. Artis; Edward Bannister; Richmond Barthe; Romare Bearden; George W. Carver; George Catlin; Elizabeth Catlett; Claude Clark; William Cooper; Eldzier Cortor; Allan Crite; Mary Reed Daniel; Charles Dawson; B. Delaney; Robert Duncanson; Aaron Douglas; Thomas Eakins; William Edmondson; Rex Gorleigh; David Hammons; Elisha Hammond; Edwin Harleston; Isaiah Hathaway; Palmer Hayden; Richard Hobbs; Roscoe Holder; Julien Hudson; Wilmer Jennings; Joshua Johnston; Malvin G. Johnson; Sargent Johnson; William H. Johnson; Absalom Jones; Lois Jones, undated

Box 16 Folder 7 Artists--Lois Jones; Jacob Lawrence; Hughie Lee-Smith; Phillip Mason; Richard Mayhew; Richard Nugent; Gordon Parks; Robert Pious; Horace Pippin; PH Polk; James Porter; Betsy Reyneau; Winold Reiss; Earle Richardson; Al Schurlock; William Scott; William Simpson; Albert Smith; Lincoln Springfield; Vincent Smith; Henry O. Tanner, undated

Box 16 Folder 8 Artists--Alma Thomas; Dox Trash; James Van Der Zee; Laura Waring; James Wells; Charles White; Ellis Wilson; Walter Williams; Hale Woodruff; Unknown, Quilts, undated

Box 16 Folder 9 Eliot Elisofon Archives of the National Museum of African Art--Requested Slides of Central Africa, Women, 1959-1971

Box 16 Folder 10 Descriptions of Eliot Elisofon Slides, 1959-1971

Box 16 Folder 11 African Sets 1+2--Sculpture from the UCLA Museum of Cultural History, 1980

Box 16 Folder 12 African Art, Oceanic Art, Artifacts--UCLA, undated

Box 16 Folder 13 African Masks--UCLA, undated

Box 16 Folder 14 Ashanti People, undated

Box 16 Folder 15 Amistad, 1988

Box 16 Folder 16 Bolgatanga, Ghana, undated

Box 16 Folder 17 African Art--Figures, Stools, Jewelry, and Other Objects from the National Museum of African Art, ?

Box 16 Folder 18 Central African Art--Sculpture, Textiles from Multiple Collections, circa 1988

Box 16 Folder 19 West Africa--Sculpture, Textiles, Furniture, Jewelry, Metal, Ceramics, Ceremony, Dance, Calligraphy, circa 1988

Box 16 Folder 20 Clothing, Ceremony, Architecture, Villages--National Museum of African Art, Eliot Elisofon Archives, undated

Box 16 Folder 21 Clothing, Ceremony, Architecture, Villages--National Museum of African Art, Eliot Elisofon Archives, undated

Box 16 Folder 22 Unlabeled Event--Face Cast, undated

Box 16 Folder 23 Drums--H. Ross, 1979

Box 16 Folder 24 Masks and Figures from Dallas Museum of Art, undated

Box 16 Folder 25 Photos of Boone, undated

Box 16 Folder 26 Sculpture, Masks--Unlabeled, undated

Box 16 Folder 27 Neku and Mende, 1966-1991

Box 16 Folder 28 National Museum of Natural History Slide Set 10--Gemstones, 1980

Box 16 Folder 29 Women--Hair, Clothing, Textiles, circa 1980s

Box 16 Folder 30 Women--Hair, Clothing, Textiles, 1988

Box 16 Folder 31 Women--Hair, Clothing, Textiles, 1989

Box 36 Folder 1 Libya Trip--Photos, undated

Box 36 Folder 2 Unknown Event, undated

Box 36 Folder 3 Art and Architecture, 1986-1990

Box 36 Folder 4 Architecture, 1988

Box 36 Folder 5 Art--Clothing and Hairstyles, 1990

Box 36 Folder 6 Ancient Art, Hairstyles, Architecture, 1988

Box 36 Folder 7 Clothing and Hairstyles, 1990

Box 36 Folder 8 Ancient Art, 1988

Box 36 Folder 9 Clothing and Hairstyles, 1990

Box 36 Folder 10 Art and Architecture, 1989

Box 36 Folder 11 Art, 1988

Box 21 Folder 6 Hairstyles, Art, Architecture, 1988

Box 21 Folder 7 Hairstyles, 1989

Box 50 Folder 9-10 Artwork slides #1-273, undated