Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Rosario Ferré Papers, 1900-2014, bulk 1950s-2010

Series V: Audiovisual Materials, 1900s-2000s

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Subseries V.1: Audiocassettes, 1985-1997, undated

The audiocassettes in this subseries include recordings of conferences, lectures, programs, featuring Ferré, as well as recordings related toMemorias/ Luis A. Ferré.

Box 15 Cortázar & Alegría Lectura I, undated, (1 audiocassette)

Box 15 Cortázar & Alegría Lectura--Literature and Reality, undated, (1 audiocassette)

Box 15 Cortázar Conferencia #2 to #9 (2), undated, (12 audiocassettes)

Box 15 National Public Radio Puerto Rico and Rosario Ferré and The Girl from Ipanêma-Vinicius de Moraes, Tr. G. Rabassa, 1997 March1 and undated (OT-VV-26), 1997, undated, (1 audiocassette)

Box 15 Memorias / Récuerdos Luis A. Ferré, Lado#3 and #4, 1985, (1 audiocassette)

Box 15 Récuerdos Luis A. Ferré, Lado#5 and #6, undated (OT-VV-27), undated, (1 audiocassette)

Box 15 Rosario Ferré University of Arizona Poetry Conference, 1997 or 1998 (OT-VV-28), 1997, 1998, (1 audiocassette)

Box 15 "The Sound of Writing" Program #22: Joyce Carol Oates "Where is Here", and Rosario Ferré "The Dreamer's Portrait",, (1 audiocassette)

Box 15 "The Sound of Writing" Program #35: Charles Baster "Lake Stephen", Peter Meinke "The Cranes", and Rosarios Ferré "The Dust Garden",, undated, (1 audiocassette)

Subseries V.2: Photographs, circa 1900-2000s

This subseries includes personal, professional, and family photographs related to Ferré. The photographs include childhood photographs, bridal portraits, family photographs – and many of these are professional photographs, particularly those related to large celebrations – as well as photographs related to Ferré's professional career.

Box 17 Folder 14-16 Fotos varias sobre todo: Familia Ramírez de Arellequo, Familia Ferré, Varias Rosario acompañada, circa 1900-1960 circa 2000, 1900-1960, 2000

Box 20 Folder 1 [Childhood Photographs], 1930s-1950s

Box 17 Folder 5-6 Rosario Ferré--bebé/niñez -- adultez--sola, 1938-1965 circa 1995 undated, 1938-1965, 1995 undated, (2 Folders)

Box 17 Folder 11-13 Photograph Album-1) Fotos Ponce-[niñez?] mía y años de la Alhambra 2) 3) Dana Hall & Wellesley 4) Fotos papa tocando piano 5) Fiesta de los Ramirez de Arellano en la Casa de Ponce,, 1940s-1990s, (3 Folders)

Box 17 Folder 10 Reinado de la Música Club Deportivo de Ponce, 1950

Box 17 Folder 2 [Ballet Photographs with Related Clippings], 1953

Box 17 Folder 3-4 Fiesta 16 años, Casa de la Alhambra, 1954 or 1955, 1954, 1955, (2 Folders)

Box 17 Folder 17 Small white photo album, 1950s, undated

(Family photographs.)

Box 18 Folder 1-7 Bridal Portraits, circa 1960, (7 Folders)

(These are professional black and white portraits of Ferré, along with some proofs, and one additional professional portrait.)

Box 14 Folder 29-30 Rosario Ferré Photos, 1970s-1990s, (2 Folders)

(Primarily of her alone. A few cancelled immigration photos, as well.)

Box 17 Folder 1 Three Slides of Artwork (OT-VV-32), undated

("El Mangle" by Myna Baez and two works by Cundo Bermúdez, "Portrait of Rosario Ferré" and the cover forla casa de la laguna.)

Box 17 Folder 7 Vida Profesional-Rosario Ferré (1), 1980s, undated

Box 17 Folder 8-9 Vida Profesional-Rosario Ferré (2), 1984-2001, undated, (2 Folders)

Box 19 Folder 4 Miscellaneous Photo Album Pages, 1990s-2000s

(These appear to be family photographs.)

Subseries V.3: Videotapes and DVDs, 2002-2007, undated

This subseries contains six videotapes that include recordings of interviews and programs featuring Ferré.

Box 16 Charlando con Vervantes (2ᵅ Serie, Programa n˚2) Entrevista con Rosario Ferré, Presentan: José María Conget, Raquel Chang Rodriguez,, undated, (1 VHS Videotape)

Box 16 En la Punta de la Lengua, 2006 ?, 2006, (1 VHS Videotape)

Box 16 Jacobo y el arte 203#11 Rosario Ferré (tutv), undated, (1 VHS Videotape)

Box 16 Programa Rosario Ferré en la Punta de la Lengua, 2007 April 11, 2007, (1 VHS Videotape)

Box 16 Programa sobre zona de carga y descarga, undated (3 DVDs), undated

Box 16 Retratos literarios: Rosario Ferré-En la puntade la lengua, undated (2 DVDs), undated

Box 16 Rosario Ferré Interview by Judith Escalona at the Park Central Hotel in New York City, 2002 June 2, 2002, (1 VHS Videotape)

Box 16 TEAT [???] [Teatro?] Interpreta cuentos de Rosario Ferré: Arroz de leche (Ballet San Juan), Sin losoga… (Venezuela), Los tres [?]orobaos (CBA),, undated, (1 VHS Videotape)

Box 16 Telemundo T48 KTMD Houston (Telemundo) Rosario Ferré Interview and Promos / Entrevista,, undated, (1 VHS Videotape)

Box 16 TUTV (Tu Universo Televisión)-Culturaviva: Rosario Ferré, undated (DVD), undated