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Rosario Ferré Papers, 1900-2014, bulk 1950s-2010

Series III: Correspondence and Professional Files

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Subseries III.1: General Correspondence Files, 1979-2002 2008, 1979-2002, 2008

This subseries consists of three general correspondence files. These contain both personal and professional correspondence, as well as a few editorial items.

Box 7 Folder 1-2 Correspondencias Literarias I & II, 1979-2002, (2 Folders)

(incoming and outgoing professional correspondence; numerous items between Ferré and Susan Bergholz. The files also include a small amount of editorial material.)

Box 7 Folder 3 Correspondencia Literaria, 2008

Subseries III.2: Classified Files, 1971-2007 undated, 1971-2007, undated

These files contain agreements, annotations, articles, books, clippings, correspondence, essays, programs, publicity, reviews, and typescripts, both written by Ferré and related to Ferré's work.

These files are arranged alphabetically by classification number. The alphanumeric filling system appears to be Ferré's, but there is no key to the system in her papers and most of the files do not have any other titles. It appears the first letter (with the exception of O) is a unique letter assigned to a particular work, for example, P forHouse on the Lagoon– as these letters appear to correspond to related materials in Ferré's manuscript files. The numbers correspond to individual items, and many files contain multiple items – UMM-1 / UMM-4 contains four items, numbered UMM-1 through UMM-4.

Box 5 OT-EE-1 / OT-EE-29, 1986-2004 undated, 1986-2004, undated

(Clippings and typescripts of articles written by Ferré)

Box 5 OT-FF-1 / OT-FF-14, 1977 1994-2003 undated, 1977, 1994-2003, undated

(Clippings and typescripts of articles written by Ferré.)

Box 5 OT-GG-1 / OT-GG-7, 1970s-1980s

(This folder has materials related to translation work by Ferré-clippings and typescripts. Includes material related to Lillian Hellman, including a published copy of Ferré's "Tiempo de Canallas" and Jean Rhys' "La Grosse Fifí".)

Box 5 OT-HH-1 / OT-HH-2, 1982 undated

(Includes "The Writing Kitchen" (circa 1982) and "Writing in Between" (Inédito) )

Box 5 OT-HH-3 / OT-HH-5, 1994-2000 undated, 1994-2000, undated

(Typescripts and two articles related to "Writing in Between",)

Box 5 OT-II-10 / OT-II-14, 2005

(Article and remarks related toZonafor a talk at Brown University.)

Box 5 OT-JJ-1, 2000

("El Sapito y el Pecesito" typescript, undated, and correspondence and a copy of Ex llaüt de Xámbia with published fiction, "Ánima alada")

Box 5 OT-KK-1 / OT-KK-2, undated

(Materials related to video projects. A grant application with cover letter for "Habia una vez" (1983) and a screenplay for "Vida en La Fortaleza")

Box 5 OT-LL-1 / OT-LL-12, undated

(Several typescripts in English and in Spanish for both poetry and prose: For Colonel Bum Vivant, El General Dum Vivant, La Leguna y Susa Significados, La Batalla de la Armada, Siega la Sombra, El Mangotin de Oro, El Delfin, A Woman's Pride, and Twin Sisters.)

Box 5 OT-NN-1 / OT-NN-10, 1988-2005

(Clippings-various articles and interviews.)

Box 5 OT-NN-11 / OT-NN-28, 1997-2001

(Clippings-various articles and interviews.)

Box 5 OT-OO-1 / OT-OO-15, 1984-1999

(Appears to be book reviews for anthologies that include Ferré.)

Box 5 OT-PP-1 / OT-PP-12, 1970s-1990s

(Includes biographical statements, curriculum vitae of Rosario Ferré, 1970s-1990s. Bibliography on Ferré, 1991.)

Box 5 OT-QQ-1 / OT-QQ-2, 1991 undated

(Two books on contemporary Puerto Rican literature by Julio Ortega and Myrna García-Calderón.)

Box 5 OT-QQ-3 / OT-QQ-4, 1995 2004, 1995, 2004

(Two book about Ferré: RosarioFerre en su Edad de Oroby Mariela A. Gutiérez (Inscribed by author) andRosario Ferre, A Search for Identityby Suzanne S. Hintz.)

Box 5 OT-QQ-5, 2006

(Book: Carmen Dolores Hernández, ed.Literatura Puertorriqueña Visiones Alternas. Inscribed by the editor to Julio Ortega.)

Box 5 OT-QQ-6, 1993

(CupeyVol. X N. 1-2. Includes an essay by Ferre onLa fiesta de Ponce, a painting by Rafael Ríos Rey.)

Box 5 OT-QQ-7 / OT-QQ-11, 1985-1994 undated, 1985-1994, undated

(Various articles of literary criticism on Ferré.)

Box 5 OT-QQ-12, 2004

(Master's Essay (Ferré was a reader) onZona.)

Box 8 OT-RR-1 / OT-RR-40, 1977-1992

(Various clippings, articles on Ferré.)

Box 8 OT-RR-41 / OT-RR-89, 1993-2005

(Various clippings, articles on Ferré.)

Box 8 OT-SS-1, 1979-2005

(Announcements and programs for speaking engagements and readings.)

Box 8 OT-SS-2, 1977-2002

(Materials related to events-invitations, programs, etc. Includes a few photographs.)

Box 8 OT-UU-1, 1981-2007

(Correspondence on various subjects-writings and events. Includes an envelope of event photographs.)

Box 8 OT-UU-2, 1971-1979 1989, 1971-1979, 1989

(Correspondence; all items are photocopies except a single 1989 item. Includes correspondence with Manual Ramos Otero and Angel Rama. Originals are at Princeton University.)

Box 8 OT-UU-3, 1990-2001

(Correspondence primarily related to theThe Youngest Doll,The House on the Lagoon, andEccentric Neighborhoods. Professional and personal comments by readers of the books.)

Box 8 OT-UU-4

(File is empty)

Box 8 OT-UU-5, 1975-2005

(Primarily correspondence, together with some event materials. The file include some professional correspondence with Susan Bergholz and with Farrar, Straus and Giroux.)

Box 8 OT-UU-6, 1977-1998

(File includes short typescripts related toSitio a Erosand Lillian Hellman, as well as synopses ofHouse on the Lagoon.)

Box 8 OT-UU-7

(File is empty.)

Box 8 OT-UU-8, 1972-1997

(Material from the registrar at the University of Puerto Rico. The file also includes professional correspondence regarding publications, translations, and events.)

Box 8 OT-UU-9, 1983-1994 2000, 1983-1994, 2000

(The file includes agreements forHouse on the Lagoon, Flight of the Swan, How to Write What Can't Be Said. The file also includes some editorial correspondence related toHouse on the Lagoon. )

Box 8 OT-UU-10, 1988-1999

(Correspondence and agreements related to several titles, including foreign publications and rights.)

Box 8 OT-WW-1, 1975-2003

(Various materials, including business cards, envelopes, as well as brochures and programs to do not appear to relate directly to Ferré.)

Box 8 OT-WW-2

(File is empty.)

Box 8 [OT--Miscellaneous 1], 1982-1999

(The file includes the project statement forEl velorio del angel/The Wake of the Angel. There are also clippings on subjects of interest; most don't relate directly to Ferré.)

Box 8 [OT--Miscellaneous 2], 1976-2003

(Clippings, reviews articles, etc. Includes articles written by Ferré.)

Box 9 PFE-1 & 2, 1991 1997, 1991, 1997

(La casa de la laguna--Articles and reviews)

Box 9 PMM-1 / PMM-17, 1995-1997

(Materials related to awards, events etc. related toHouse on the Lagoon. Also includes cover proofs. PMM-14 includes hand-drawn maps.)

Box 9 PP-1 / PP-103, (4 Folders)

(Materials related toHouse on the Lagoon. Includes advertisements, book reviews, clippings, and event listings.)

Box 9 QC1 / QC2, 1997-1999

(Publishers catalogs featuringEccentric Neighborhoods.)

Box 9 QFI-1, circa, 1996

(Extract ofEccentric NeighborhoodsfromConjunctions:27.)

Box 9 QMM1-QMM20, 1997-2002

(Event announcements, notes, etc. related toEccentric Neighborhoods.)

Box 9 QP1-QP117, 1997-2000, (3 Folders)

(Articles, reviews, etc. related toEccentric Neighborhoods.)

Box 9 SL-2001, 2001

(A la sombra de tu nombre. Mexico City: Alfaguara, 2001. Published book.)

Box 9 SP-1 / SP-8, 2001

(Clippings related toA la sombra de tu nombre.)

Box 9 TC1, 2001

(Farrar, Straus and Giroux catalog featuringFlight of the Swan.)

Box 9 TFI1 / TFI2, 2001

(Hispanic Magazine, 2001. Includes excerpt fromFlight of the Swan.)

Box 9 TL2001-1 / TL2001-2, 2001

(El vuelo del cisne. Mexico City: Alfaguara, 2001 andFlight of the Swan. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2001. Published books.)

Box 9 TL2002 / TL2002-2, 2002

(Flight of the Swan. New York: Plume, 2002 andVuelo del Cisne. New York: Vintage Español, 2002. Published books.)

Box 9 TL2002-3 / TL2003, 2003

(Vuelo del Cisne: Una Novela. Waterville, Maine: Thorndike Press, 2002.Vuelo del Cisne. Cité, 2003. Published book. In Chinese.)

Box 9 TLE-1999, 1999

(La extraña muerte del Capitanicito Candelario. Barcelona: Plaza and Janés Editores, S.A., 1999. Published book.)

Box 14 TMM1 / TMM9, 2001

(Flight of the Swan. Correspondence on corrections, covers, event information, etc.)

Box 14 TP1 / TP44, 2001-2003, (2 Folders)

(Book reviews and other clippings related toFlight of the Swan, 2001-2003. Also includes typescripts of "Novela de altos vuelos" by Edgardo Rodríguez Juliá and "Introduccion vuelo del cisne" (the latter with corrections). )

Box 14 UF-1, 2000

(Winter 2000 issue ofDoubletake, which includes one of Ferré's poems "Saguaro Downtown" that was used inLanguage Duel / Duelo del lenguaje.)

Box 14 UL2002, 2002

(Language Duel/Duelo del lenguaje. New York: Vintage Books, 2002.)

Box 14 UMM-1 / UMM-4, 2002

(Cover proofs and event announcements, related toLanguage Duel / Duelo del lenguaje.)

Box 14 UP-1 / UP-10, 2002

(Clippings, event announcements, etc. related toLanguage Duel / Duelo del lenguaje.)

Subseries III.3: Unclassified Files, 1967-2014 undated, 1967-2014, undated

These files contain agreements, annotations, articles, books, clippings, correspondence, essays, programs, publicity, reviews, and typescripts, both by Ferré and related to Ferré's work.

These file are arranged alphabetically by title.

Box 7 Folder 4 Academia Puertorriqueña de la Lengua Española, 2007-2008

Box 7 Folder 5 Art. New York Times y cartas, 1998

(Includes articles by Ferré.)

Box 7 Folder 6 Articles on Bilingualism, 1997-1999 undated, 1997-1999, undated

(Articles and typescripts.)

Box 7 Folder 7 Articles on Writing / Creative Writing Course, circa, 1999

(Includes articles by others, and Ferré's annotations and notes.)

Box 7 Folder 8 Artículo Ana Lydia Vega / Merce Lopez Barlait, 1994

Box 7 Folder 9 Artículo Angel Rama sobre "Papeles de Pandora,", 1978

Box 7 Folder 10 Artículos de Periódicos sobre Carrera lit., 1998-2006

(Clippings of articles on Ferré's literary career.)

Box 7 Folder 11 Artículos en Español y Publicados, 1997 undated

(Typescripts, some annotations.)

Box 7 Folder 12 Artículos (míos) Publicados en Periódicos, 1991-2004

Box 7 Folder 13 Artículos míos sin publicar: libro, 2004 undated

(Typescripts, some annotations.)

Box 7 Folder 14 Articulos Museo de Arte de Ponce, 2000-2010

Box 7 Folder 15 Artículos (2007). Periódicos recientes sobre Rosario Ferré, 2007

Box 7 Folder 16 Articulos Publicados (Viejos), undated

(Articulos publicados (viejos) -- includes annotated typescripts: La odisea picaresca de 'Tono bicicleta', 6 pp.; No lo era y sin embargo lo era: el dilema de La Guerra del fin del mundo, 17 pp. annotated typescript; "Un testigo fugaz y disfrazado" de Severo Sarduy, 7 pp. annotated typescript; "El palacio de las blanquísimas mofetas" by Reinaldo Arenas, 5 pp. annotated typescript; "La Increíble y Triste Historia de la Cándida Eréndira y de su Abuela Desalmad" -- siete cuentos de Gabriel García Márquez, 10 pp. annotated typescript.)

Box 7 Folder 17 Artículos sobre mi obra, 2008 undated

Box 7 Folder 18 Artículos sobre pintores, undated

Box 7 Folder 19 Beca Guggenheim, 2004-2009

(Guggenheim fellowship.)

Box 7 Folder 20 Susan Bergholtz / Contrato de Susan Bergholtz, 1996-2010

Box 7 Folder 21 Bibliographies for Rosario Ferré], circa, 1990

Box 7 Folder 22 Book Tours, 1996-2001

Box 7 Folder 23 Carmen Balcells, 1997-2007

(Literary agent. Correspondence with Susan Bergholz and Ferré relating to contract with Vintage Español and interest from Alfaguara to publish the Collected Works of Rosario Ferré; submissions of new material; emails relating toLazos de sangre.)

Box 10 Folder 1 La casa de la laguna [Literary Criticism],, 1994-1998

Box 10 Folder 2 Cartas Lic. Córdova, 1994-2000

(Correspondence relating to Jorge Córdova and La edición cultural and payments due to Ferré; also includes Random House 2000 agreement forPapeles de pandora.)

Box 10 Folder 3 Caso federal Anibal Acevedo Vilá, 2009

Box 10 Folder 4 Cheryl Coward--Internet Site Rosarioferre.com domain name, 2001

Box 10 Folder 5 Conferencias Universitarias, 1997-2000

(File includes reprints of several articles, 1978-1992.)

Box 10 Folder 6 Conferencias y Congresos, 1995-1999

Box 10 Folder 7 Contrato e-book La batalla de los virgins, Editorial UPR, 2009

Box 10 Folder 8-10 Contratas Literarios, 1990-2013, (3 Folders)

Box 10 Folder 11 Correspondencia Julio Ortega, circa, 2006-2008

Box 10 Folder 12 Correspondencia Lazos de sangre, circa, 2009

Box 10 Folder 13 Cuentos inédito en Español, undated

(Includes Animal alada, 3 pp.; El mangotin de oro, 6 pp.; Fábula de la joven brava, 4 pp.; El sueño de raMay quia, 17 pp.; El general bum vivant, 18 pp. (annotated); Pico Rico Mandorico, approx. 10 pp.)

Box 10 Folder 14 Donativo a Princeton de cartas Zona, 2006

Box 10 Folder 15 Editorial Joaquín Mortiz, 1996

(Reprint of article by Danny J. Anderson, U. of Kansas.)

Box 10 Folder 16 Ensayos inéditos en Inglés, undated

(Includes annotated typescript printouts: Obese and Globalized, 7 pp.; The Battle of the Virgins, 10 pp.; Latino Women Writers Stir Up the Literary Pot, 5 pp.; Boxing Breasts, pp. 40-47.; Champagne in the Chicken Coop, over 25 pp. (photocopy). )

Box 10 Folder 17 Essayos viejos de crítica literaria, 1971

(This is "Cien años de soledad: la a donde se llevaron el Caribe Hilton," University of Puerto Rico, written for Ferré's class on the novels of Gabriel García Márquez with Angel Rama. 36-page annotated typescript.)

Box 10 Folder 18 Entrevista, 2000-2005

Box 11 Folder 1 Maurice Ferré, 2007-2009

Box 10 Folder 19 Fisuras , 2007

(Partitura musical (score) of "Fissure" by Francis Schwartz inscribed to Ferré. The piece was inspired by her poetry.)

Box 10 Folder 20 German Editors, 1997-1998

Box 10 Folder 21 Google Settlement, 2009

Box 10 Folder 22 Libros de cuento de niños, 2006 undated

(Photocopies of Los cuentos de Juan Bobo and La mona que le pisaron la cola; contracts and permissions with illustrators (some unpublished).)

Box 10 Folder 23 Libros de Rosario Ferré, 1997 2007, 1997, 2007

(English transcript of NPR's "Book Club of the Air: The House on the Lagoon" and a listing of books held in the Colección Rosario Ferré at the University of Puerto Rico.)

Box 11 Folder 2 Memoria . Rosario Ferré, circa, 2010

Box 11 Folder 3 On autobiography, undated

(Related toMemorias de Ponce)

Box 11 Folder 4 Original Working Papers, 1991-1993 undated, 1991-1993, undated

(Related toMemorias de Ponce)

Box 11 Folder 5 Olga Nolla, 2001-2002

Box 11 Folder 6 Publisher's Catalogs, 1995-1999

Box 11 Folder 7 Las puertas del placer, 2005

Box 11 Folder 8 El Pulguero, 2009

Box 11 Folder 9 Reconocimientos, 2009-2010


Box 11 Folder 10-11 Regalías, 2009-2013, (2 Folders)


Box 11 Folder 12 Vecindarios autobiográfico inédito, undated

(Annotated typescript, labeled "Vecindarios autobiográfico inédito. parte de este material se ha usado para las memoiras" ("unpublished autobiographical Neighborhoods. Some of this material has been used for memoirs"); 263 pp.; with some annotations to first 10 pages or so.)

Box 11 Folder 13 Untitled Manuscript with Correspondence, circa 1991 2014, 1991, 2014

(This appears to be a photocopy of an early draft ofVencindarios Excéntrios,DialogoMay have published two of its chapters in 1990. Correspondence is between Suzanne Hintz and Ferré's son Benigno Trigo.)

Box 11 Folder 14-15 Miscellaneous Articles and Reviews

(Articles by Ferré and others, reviews of Ferré's work. Includes two typescripts: "Mario Vargas Llosa o El Escribidor" and "Agradecimientos coloquio sobre obra".)

Box 21 Folder 1 Miscellaneous Book Covers and Publicity, 1990s

(Book covers, programs, promotional materials, etc. related to Ferré.)

Box 22 Miscellaneous Magazines, 1967 1981 1997-2001, 1967, 1981, 1997-2001

Box 21 Folder 2-3 Miscellaneous Newspapers and Clippings, 1970s-1990s

Box 19 Folder 4-6 Miscellaneous Newspapers and Clippings, 1978-2001