Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Manuel Ramos Otero Papers, circa 1920s-2007, bulk 1967-1992

Series V: Theatre and Performances, 1975-1982, undated

Series VI: Theatre and Performances contains manuscripts, flyers, and posters related to Manuel Ramos Otero's theatrical works from 1978-1990. The series consists primarily of material related to Otero's experimental performance, Fuegos fúnebres, which comprises subseries V.1. Fuegos fúnebres was adapted from the first section of Otero's book of poetry, El libro de la muerte. Manuscripts for Fuegos fúnebres can be found in Series I.1. The material regarding Fuegos fúnebres in this series consists primarily of photographs and posters which directly reference the performance.

Subseries V.2: Poetry Readings and Other Performances, mostly contains articles and flyers relating to Aspasguanza, the New York-based theatrical workshop that Otero founded in September 1971. There are also various flyers and posters for poetry and book readings that Otero participated in. Many of these book readings are sponsored by the publishing group founded by Otero in 1975, El libro viaje. The subseries also includes various manuscripts and posters for less well-known performances which Otero either directed or wrote, such as La araña, Historia del barrio, and other untitled plays. Finally, there are a small number of audiovisual recordings of Otero and friends reading poetry.

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Subseries V.1: Fuegos fúnebres

Box 10 Folder 15 Published poem from "Fuegos funerales" in El Mundo newspaper and handwritten notes for performance, 1978, undated

Box 10 Folder 16 Flyers for performance, 1980

Box 10 Folder 17 Photocopies of performance, undated

Box 10 Folder 18 Photographs from performance, undated

Subseries V.2: Other theatrical performances and poetry readings

Box 10 Folder 19 Mixed Aspasguanza-related material, circa 1975

With a note from Gelpí listing the collection's contents.

Box 10 Folder 20 Postcards from El libro viaje, 1976

Box 10 Folder 21 Manuscript of theatrical production called "La araña", with drawings by Otero, 1977

Box 10 Folder 22 Typed draft of "La araña", 1977

Box 10 Folder 23 Puerto Rican Center for the Arts flyers, 1979

Box 10 Folder 24 Manuscript of "Yoruba", 1979

Box 10 Folder 25 Various flyers for poetry readings and panels, 1979-1982, undated

Box 12 Item 22 Otero and friends reading poetry, undated, 1 audiocassettes

With a note from Carmen Beatriz Ramos Otero: "Pasar el cassette a la cara #2 después de escuchar Poema número 29 y ponerlo desde el principio de #2." ("Turn the cassette to side # 2 after listening to 'Poem number 29 and play it from the beginning of # 2.")

Box 10 Folder 26 Typed manuscript of "Historia del barrio", undated

Box 10 Folder 27 Manuscript of "La muerte de la muñeca," with illegible notes by Gelpí, undated

Box 10 Folder 28 Manuscript of untitled play Otero performed with Vanessa Droz, undated

Box 10 Folder 29 Script of "The House of the Setting Suns", undated

Theatrical piece directed by Otero.

Box 10 Folder 30-31 Untitled typed manuscripts of plays, undated

Box 10 Folder 32 Various plays written and/or directed by Otero, undated

"Porque me dijeron que las mariposas," "We're Gonna Sue You Johnny," a booklet on Teatro Cleopatra en Puerto Rico, and "Anfora de oro y melocotones de fuegos."

Box 10 Folder 33 2 posters from Angel Rodriguez Diaz's exhibit, inscribed to Cambury and Amelia, 1990

Box 12 Item 23 Las mañas, Hyde Park, undated, 1 audiocassettes