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F. W. (Frederick Wilcox) Dupee papers, 1778-2003, bulk 1933-1979

Series I: Personal papers and photos, 1831-2005, undated, bulk 1933-1979

The series is divided into four subseries. Subseries 1 contains Dupee's journals and personal notes and some of his drawings. Most of the items date 1933-1952, but some are undated. Subseries 2 contains correspondences of Mr. and Mrs. Dupee from 1933 to 1999. Subseries 3 contains vital records, photographs of Dupee or taken by Dupee, photographs and genealogy of Dupee's extended family, and some family correspondence. The items in this subseries date back to 1831. Subseries 4 curates souvenirs from Dupee's trips to Mexico in the 1930s, including photographs, books and newspapers from Mexico, journals, and hand-drawn maps of Mexican cities.

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Subseries I.1: Journals, notes and drawings, 1933-1979 undated, 1933-1979, undated

Subseries 1 includes Dupee's journals from Mexico (1933-1935), a 1942 journal, undated personal notes and drawings, and Dupee's farewell letter to his wife. The series also includes a 1951-1952 journal by Mrs. Dupee.

Box 1 Mexico journals, 1933-1935

Box 1 Journal, 1942

Box 1 Journal of Barbara "Andy" Dupee, 1951-1952

Box 1 Drawings, undated

Box 1 Notes, undated

Box 1 Suicide note, 1979

Subseries I.2: Correspondence, 1933-1999 undated [Bulk dates: 1933-1980], 1933-1999, undated

One of the most valuable parts of this archive, subseries 2 contains hundreds of letters written to F. W. Dupee and Barbara "Andy" Dupee throughout six decades, many by notable friends such as Mary McCarthy, Lillian Hellman, Edward W. Said, Delmore Schwartz, Sonia Orwell, Thomas Flanagan, Gore Vidal, Lionel Trilling, and others. Several of the letters include manuscripts and related materials from those authors. Dozens of condolences sent to Mrs. Dupee are included, as well as readings from the F. W. Dupee memorial. Many of the letters refer to professional matters, and attest to Dupee's work no less than to his social ties.

Box 1 F. W. Dupee and Barbara "Andy" Dupee letters, Europe, 1952-1953, (3 folders)

Box 1 Condolences, 1979 (Dolly Stade, Richard Kuhns, Quentin Anderson, Dorothea Straus, Margaret Shaffer, Vida Deming, Henry S. Coleman, Samuel-Rene Quinones, Keith Cohen, Leo Braudy, Sidney Morgenbesser, Richard Rovere, Peter Glassman, Homer Brown, Thomas R. Goethals, Katherine Koch, Janice Koch, James Guttman, Winifred Hall, Fred Neustadt, Penelope Vita-Finzi, Lowell Harris, Nielson Abeel, Alice D. Wolfson, John Thompson, Carl Houde, Nick Macdonald, Michael Macdonald, Eve Stwertka, Michael Rosenthal), 1979

Box 1 "Notable" condolences: Stella Adler, Jason Epstein, Allison Lurie, Gore Vidal, David Schapiro, Diana Trilling, Alfred Kazin, Lillian Hellman, Robert Giroux, Daisy Suckley, Arthur Schlesinger (missing), 1979

Box 1 Condolences, California friends, 1979

Box 1 F. W. Dupee memorial readings, 1979 (Michael Wood, Mary McCarthy, Kenneth Koch, George Stade, Alexander Ehrlich), 1979

Box 1 California academics letters, 1973-1979

Box 1 Drury Pifer letters, 1972-1979

Box 1 Mary McCarthy letters, 1969 1974-1976 1983-1989, 1969, 1974-1976, 1983-1989

Box 1 Morris Dickstein letters, 1972-1977

Box 1 Dorothy Van Doren letters, 1978

Box 1 Leon Edel letters, 1949

Box 1 Barbara and Jason Epstein letters, 1962-1977

Box 1 James T. Farrell letters, 1977-1978

Box 1 Thomas Flanagan letters, 1973-1979

Box 1 Lenore Grey letters, undated

Box 1 Herbert Hart letters, 1962-1997

Box 1 Eloise Hay letters, 1973

Box 1 Seamus Heaney letters, 1976

Box 1 Lillian Hellman letters, 1976

Box 1 William Humphrey letters, 1971-1979

Box 1 Diane Johnson letters, 1977

Box 1 Kenneth Koch letters, 1974

Box 1 Dwight Macdonald letters, 1973-1986

Box 1 Louis MacNeice letters, 1941

Box 1 Sonia Orwell letters, 1977-1979

Box 1 Helen Pellegrin letters, 1977

Box 1 William Phillips letters, 1962-1974

Box 1 Richard Poirier letters, 1969-1977

Box 1 Richard Rovere letters, 1969-1971

Box 1 Edward W. Said letters, 1972-1978

Box 1 Mark Schorer letters, 1975-1981

Box 1 Meyer Schapiro letters, 1976

Box 1 George Stade letters, 1971-1978

Box 1 Irma Brandeis letters, 1980 1999, 1980, 1999

Box 1 Dorothea Straus letters, 1975

Box 1 Diana and Lionel Trilling letters, 1975-1979

Box 1 Eleanor Clark letters, 1977

Box 1 Edmund Wilson letters, 1974

Box 1 Victor Wolfson letters, 1977-1978

Box 1 Michael Wood letters, 1971-1978 (and possibly earlier), 1971-1978

Box 1 Claudio Vita-Finzi letters, 1977-1981

Box 1 Bill Miller letters (Iran), 1960-1961

Box 1 Suzy Morris letters, 1975

Box 1 Leo and Dorothy Braudy letters, 1978

Box 1 Darryl Pinckney letters (date unknown)

Box 1 Andrew Chiappe letters, 1953

Box 1 James Atlas letters, 1977

Box 1 Mark Krupnick letters, 1976

Box 1 Aldriches of "Rokeby" letters, 1944-1960

Box 1 John D. Margolis letters (Krutch), 1975

Box 1 Edward Mendelson letters, 1971

Box 1 Aristide R. Zolberg letters, 1971

Box 1 Christian Enzensberger letters, 1969

Box 1 Letters from Robert Brina, Berkeley student, 1975-1976

Box 1 Letters regarding Philip Rahv, 1975-1978 (William Phillips, Andrew J. Dvosin, Arabel Porter, Mark Krupnick), 1975-1978

Box 1 Miscellaneous letters, 1952-1999

Subseries I.3: Vital records, photos and personal items, family photos and genealogy, family correspondence, 1831-2005 undated [Bulk dates: 1870s-1979], 1831-2005, undated

Subseries 3 includes Dupee's personal vital records, among them certificates of birth and death, passports, marriage license, and invitation to wedding ceremony; photos of Dupee from the 1930s throughout the 1970s; clippings on friends and colleagues; correspondence with mother and family; photographs of friends and family; and some movies. Detailed genealogies of Dupee's paternal (Church-Dupee) and maternal (Woodruff-Wilcox) family trees are filed, alongside family portraits dating back to 1831. The subseries also includes information on Dupee's rented house in Rome and the family residences in New York and Illinois, and copies of Dupee's yearbooks from Rockford High School and Yale College.

Box 4 F. W. Dupee personal vital records, 1904-1979

Box 4 F. W. Dupee photographs, youth

Box 4 F. W. Dupee photographs, 1930s

Box 4 F. W. Dupee photographs, 1940s

Box 4 F. W. Dupee photographs, 1950s

Box 4 F. W. Dupee photographs, 1960s

Box 4 F. W. Dupee photographs, 1970s

Box 4 Clippings on friends and colleagues, 1966-2005 undated, 1966-2005, undated

Box 4 Correspondence with mother, 1928-1933

Box 4 Obituary of mother, 1963

Box 4 Correspondence with family, 1947

Box 4 Church-Dupee genealogy

Box 4 Woodruff-Wilcox genealogy

Box 4 Family photos 1831-1959 undated, 1831-1959, undated, (3 folders)

Box 4 Photographs, 1931-1932 (binder), 1931-1932

Box 4 Family home, Woodruff Wilcox house, 1890-1930 undated, 1890-1930, undated

Box 4 Architectural Digest, January 1983 (article on Wildercliff), January 1983

Box 4 Rented house in Rome, undated

Box 4 Rockford, Illinois High School, The 1920 Annual Book (Mary Dupee on page 30, F. W. Dupee on page 69)

Box 4 History of the Class of 1927 Yale College , 1927

(Dupee on pages 179-180)

Box 12 Family photos, (2 folders)

Box 5 Reel to reel with Dupee movies.

Subseries I.4: Mexico, 1933-1935

(some professional materials)

(see also box 1)

Subseries 4 is dedicated to souvenirs from and testimonials of Dupee's formative journeys to Mexico in the 1930s. This small subseries includes Dupee's letters from Mexico and articles he published about his trips, notes and photographs taken by Dupee in Mexico, drawings and hand-drawn maps of Mexican cities and markets, and several newspapers, leaflets and magazines. Dupee's journals from Mexico are filed in subseries 1.

Box 2 Letters from Mexico, November 1934-December 1935

Box 2 Mexico notes, December 1933-March 1934

Box 2 Mexico photographs, 1933, (3 folders)

Box 2 Acapulco photographs, 1934

Box 2 Mexico photographs, 1935

Box 2 Mexico photographs, date unknown

Box 2 Drawings from Acapulco, 1934

Box 2 Hand drawn maps, Mexico

Box 2 Souvenirs from Mexico; El Proletario 1933 October 7, Algunos Versos 1931 (annotated), Guia de Pátzcuaro 1908 (map drawn inside), 1933, 1931, 1908

Box 2 F. W. Dupee articles on Mexico + Mexican Life, December 1934 January 1935, December 1934, January 1935