Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Marvin Drager papers, circa 1948-2010

Series I: Papers

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Box 1A Taekwondo

Box 1A United Cerebral Palsy of New York City (UCPNYC), 1960

Box 1A Belmont Ball, 1962

Much of this also related to United Cerebral Palsy.

Box 1A [United Cerebral Palsy], 3 folders

Box 1A Dana Valery

Box 1A Video Now Magazine

Box 1A Frankie Vaughn

Box 1B Vit-Min Production Ltd.

Box 1B Rusty Warren, 1963

Box 1B Water Wheel Inn

Box 1B Karl Westin

Box 1B Wayne Varnum Associates

Box 1B West Point Jewish Chapel

Box 1B Roger Williams / Gretchen Wyler / Rusty Warren

Box 1B Water Wheel Inn / Hugo Winterhalter

Box 1B World Body Building Guild

Box 1B [Unlabeled]

Appears to be related to Christmas Songs

Box 1B United Cerebral Palsy of New York City (UCPNYC) Clippings, 1966

Box 1B Belmont Ball, 1961

Box 2A Address Book

Box 2A Sing a Song with Vaughn

Box 2A Film Promotion

Box 2A Vaughn Monroe

Box 2A Nanuet Star Theatre

Box 2A Nathan, Johns, and Dunlap

Box 2A Outdoor Game Council of the USA, Inc.

Box 2A Bill Norvas and the Upstarts

Box 2A The Nurses

Box 2A Bernie Palmer

Box 2A Parker Sisters

Box 2A Parkinson's Disease Foundation, Inc.

Box 2A Pension Life Ins.

Box 2A Gene Pitney

Box 2A Carmel Quinn

Box 2A Prenctice-Hall

Box 2A Johnnie Ray

Box 2A Wilma Reading

Box 2A Lillian Roth / Ziva Rodann / Teddy Randazzo

Box 2A Alberto Rochi

Box 2A Roundtable / Ronnie's Steak House / The Redheads

Box 2A Rankin / Bass Productions

Box 2B Caroline Richter / Jimmy Roselli

Box 2B Monti Rock III

Box 2B Sale of the Century

Box 2B Sauter-Finnegan

Box 2B Martha Schlamme

Box 2B O.D. Schuman, Inc.

Box 2B Steven Scott Entertainment

Box 2B Nina Simone / Dorothy Sarnoff

Box 2B Supermarket Sweep

Box 2B Silverfox Prod.

Box 2B Trans-World Entertainment Net

Box 2B Enzo Stuarti Correspondence, 1963

Box 2B New York Tuberculosis & Health Assoc.

Box 2B Charles Trenet / Conway Twitty

Box 3A Address Book

Box 3A Address and Appointment Book, 1980s

This is related to The Federation, Skywaves, Bes' Friends, and Celebration.

Box 3A [Miscellaneous]

Includes various papers and photographs that were unfoldered in the box.

Box 3A Drager-Bass Productions, Inc. (Binder)

Includes seal. These papers were originally in a binder. Binder was discarded due to its poor condition.

Box 3A Marvin Drager, Inc. Corporate Records

Includes seal. These papers were originally in a binder. Binder was discarded due to its poor condition.

Box 3B Phonograph Records

Includes various commerical recordings.

Box 3C United Cerebral Palsy--Photograph, 1968

Photograph in frame, thanking Marvin for the 1968 telethon.

Box 3C Nic-Mar Printing Company

Various mechanicals and samples for Drager's business letterhead, cards, etc.

Box 3C Wheeldex (Address Cards)

Box 3C Ledger, 1960s-1980s

Box 4A 424 Madison Ave. Corp.

Box 4A [Dangerfield's], 2 folders

Box 4A United Cerebral Palsy of New York City (UCPNYC) Clippings, 1961

Box 4A Where City Guide

Box 4A [Negatives]

Includes Vaughn Monroe; Steven and Eydie [Lawrence]; Roger Williams; Fats Domino; Jean Carroll, Dog Show, Mountains; Steve Allen; Johnny Mercer.

Box 4B Dangerfield's Concierge Mailing Card

Includes cards and envelopes.

Box 4B Dangerfield's Press Information Letterhead

Box 4B Negatives

Approximately 30 envelopes of negatives. Primarly of people, most envelopes have labels.

Box 5 Vaughn Monroe Portraits, 2 folders

Box 5 "Singing Guns" Stills / Toughest Man in Tombstone…Stills

Box 5 [Vaughn Monroe]

Box 5 Vaughn Monroe '63

Box 5 Vaughn Monroe --Radio and Record Promotion '53

Box 5 Special Promotions

Vaughn Monroe

Box 6A The Mariners / Corbett Monica / Al Martino / Clyde McFatter

Box 6A John MacNally

Box 6A Jane Morgan / Patricia Marand / Clyde McCoy

Box 6A Minsky

Box 6A The Money Maze

Box 6A Eydie Gorme, 1956-1957

Includes slides from June 1959.

Box 6A Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lawrence

Box 6A Dick Lord / Dorothy Lamour

Box 6A Gloria Lynne--Correspondence

Box 6A Four Lads

Box 6A The Saucier Restaurant

Box 6A Johnny Marks

Box 6A Glenn Miller Band

Box 6A Glenn Miller Orch.

Box 6B Guy Mitchell

Box 6B Mills Brothers / J. Fred Muggs / Buddy Morrow

Box 6B Vaughn Monroe Releases From

Box 6B [The Lawrences]

Box 6B The Lawrences, 1963

Box 6B Vaughn Monroe Candids

Box 6B [Vaughn Monroe Photographs]

Box 6B Vaughn Monroe Negatives

Box 6B Vaughn Monroe Contacts

Box 7A The Lawrences, 1960

Box 7A Steve Lawrence Candid and Contacts

Box 7A Lester Lanin

Box 7A George Kirby Clippings

Box 7A George Kirby Releases

Box 7A George Kirby

Box 7A Kapp Records / Jack Kane

Box 7B George Kirby, 1964-1965

Box 7B '67 Honeymoon Race

Box 7B Burl Ives

Box 7B Ahmad Jamal Prods.

Box 7B "Jimmy"

Broadway musical.

Box 7B Joni James

Box 7B Dick Jensen

Box 7B Damita Jones / Betty Johnson / Dick Jurgens

Box 7B Jubilee Records

Box 7B Hugo Kahn

Box 7B Benny Goodman

Box 7B Goodman Records

Box 7B Al Ham

Box 7B Ina Rey Hutton / Ted Heath / The Highwaymen

Box 7B Bill Hayes / Al Hoffman

Box 7B Johnny Halliday / George Hamilton IV

Box 7B Heathertel

Box 7B Heathertel Ent.

Box 8A Greatest Sports Legends TV

Box 8A Greatest Sports Legends

Box 8A Georgia Gibbs / Larry Green

Box 8A Dave Gershenson

Box 8A Glen Island Casino

Box 8A Four Seasons

Box 8A Tim Gale

Box 8A Generation Gap Clippings

Box 8A Marvin Drager (Personal)

Box 8A Yvonne Constant

Box 8A Column Items

Box 8A Sherman Edwards

Box 8A Ralph Flanagan

Box 8A Jacqueline François

Box 8A Commerical Interiors Corp.

Box 8A Fats Domino / Bill Doggett / Phyllis Diller

Box 8B Jamie DeRoy

Box 8B Jimmy Dean

Box 8B George Carlin / Camel Caravan / Don Costa / Chase & Reed

Box 8B Tommy Dorsey Orch.

Box 8B Beryl Davis

Box 8B Chubby Checker

Box 8B Mindy Carson, 2 folders

Box 8B Jean Carroll

Box 8B Sam Cooke / Dick Caruso

Box 8B Chase & Reed

Box 8B Christmas Cards (Samples)

Box 8B Courtime Meadowlands Racquetball

Box 8B Bob Crosby / Corrine Calvet / Commodore Hotel

Box 9A Castle Hillbeach Club, 2 folders

Box 9A Kaye Ballard / Oscar Brown, Jr.

Box 9A Bond Sign

Box 9A Kathy Barr / Barry Sisters

Box 9A Café Versailles

Box 9A Tony Cabot

Box 9A Tony Bennett / Brook Benton

Box 9A Ray Anthony

Box 9A Paul Anka

Box 9A Alternate Energy Industries

Box 9A Jimmy Clanton / Karen Chandler / Jo Ann Campbell

Box 9A Roger Ailes & Associates, Inc.

Box 9A Alliance of Latin Arts

Box 9A Eddy Arnold

Box 9A Frankie Avalon

Box 9B Contract Forms

Box 9B [Unlabeled], 2 folders

Box 9B Antenna Correspondence

Box 9B Drager / Bass Prod. Inc.

Box 9B Personal Management Contracts

Box 9B Drager Enterprises Corporate Taxes

Box 9B The Federation

Box 9B The Mobley Gang

Box 9B Skywaves

Box 9B Celebration

Box 9B Bes' Friends Contract

Box 9B Sweet Life Photos, 2 folders

Box 9B Anselmo

Box 9B Recapitulation

Box 9B United Cerebral Palsy of New York City

Box 10A Concierges

Box 10A Advertising Art

Box 10A Radio Promotions

Box 10A Lists

Box 10A Advertising

Box 10A [Dangerfield's]

File and unlabeled envelope.

Box 10A Promotion

Box 10A High Schools

Box 10A [Unlabeled]

Box 10A [Unlabeled Photograph File]

Box 10B Drager's Business Cards

Box 10B Drager's Business Name Tag Stickers

Box 10B Dangerfield's Advertising Cards

Box 10B Triumph Books Fall 2005 Catalog

Box 10B Unlabeled Envelope of Negatives

Box 10B Expense Sheets, 1975

Box 10B Contracts

Box 10B [Dangerfield's]

Box 10B Johnny Marks Bio

Box 10B [Unlabeled]

Box 10B Empire State Messenger Service

Box 10B Goodman Magazine Promotion

Box 10B [Dangerfield's]

Promotions, press for George Kirby, Red Foxx, etc.