Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Judith Crist papers, 1930s-2012

Series V: Personal and Biographical Material, 1934-2011, undated, undated

This series contains biographical materials, academic records, address and telephone books, correspondence, drawings, photographs, programs, scrapbooks, and mementos.

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Subseries V.1: Biographical Materials, 1940-2010 undated, 1940-2010, undated

This subseries contains articles, biographical statements, clippings, and interviews relating to Crist.

Box 96 Biography, undated

Box 96 Oral History Interview, 1992-1994

(Conducted by the American Jewish Committee)

Box 96 Judith Crist Interview Series, 2008

(Interviewer is not identified. Appears to be an edited transcript with the interviewers notes typed into it. Seven interviews.)

Box 108 AARP Interview, 2008

(Interview with Crist)

Box 27 Who's Who Bio, 1997- 2001

Box 26 Clips about Crist, Crist Clips, 1994-2010

Box 41 Clips about Christ, 1960-2008

Box 41 Articles about Crist, 1972-2006

Box 41 Christ Interview / American Way Magazine, 1975

Box 41 Clippings about Christ, 1967-2007 [Bulk: 1976], 1967-2007

Box 41 Clippings about Crist (especially on being a critic),, 1968-2003

Box 41 Crist Interview in Entertainer Magazine, 1975

Box 41 Articles by and about Judith Crist, 1970-1993

Box 41 Harris Poll (1979) and Critics and Criticism in the Mass Media,, 1970

Box 105 Publications, 1974, 1975, 1985, 1987, 1974, 1975, 1985, 1987

Box 109 Clippings about Judith Crist, 1960s, (2 folders)

Box 110 Clips about Crist, 1960-1967

Box 85 Clippings, 1960s

(Clipping about Crist from the Herald Tribune News for Staff Members and an advertisement for Take the Money and Run)

Box 85 Telephone Review magazine,, 1964

(Includes photograph of Crist with article, as well as a thank you letter from the New York Telephone Company )

Box 112 Articles about Crist, 1968-1974, (3 Folders)

Box 124 P.M. Article on Self-Employed Actors, 1940

(This refers to Crist)

Box 105 Press Passes and IDs, 1940s-1960s

Subseries V.2: Academic Records, 1934-1941, undated, 1934-1941, undated

This subseries contains records related to Crist's work at Morris High School and Hunter College. The records include class notes, correspondence, diplomas, essays, yearbooks, and copies of student magazines and newspapers for which Crist was contributor or editor.

Box 125 Hunter College--Correspondence, Diploma, Records, 1937-1941, (3 folders)

Box 125 Echo Magazine (Hunter College), 1938-1941, (2 Folders)

Box 125 English Class Notes, 1940, undated

Box 125 Graded English Essays, 1937-1943

Box 124 Hunter College Yearbook, 1941

Box 129 Morris High School Yearbook, 1937

Box 129 Morris High School Records, 1934-1937

Box 129 The Morris Piper Issues, 1936, 1937, 1936, 1937

Box 129 Tower Magazine (Morris High School), 1937

Box 129 Hebrew Exercise Notebook, undated

Box 57 Creative Writing (JC), 1934-1941, (3 Folders)

Subseries V.3: Address Books, Appointment Books, Calendars, Routine Books, Telephone Logs, 1957-2010, undated, 1957-2010, undated

This subseries contains address books, appointment books, desk calendars, telephone directories, and telephone logs.

Box 122 Address Book, undated

Box 56 "Big Black Book" (Address and Telephone Book), 1980s

Box 96 Address Books, circa, 2000s

(2 Items)

Box 96 Judith Crist Daily Routines, circa, 1998

(This appears to be instructions for Crist's assistants related to her daily routine, annual party, Tarrytown weekends, etc.)

Box 109 Appointment Books, 1957, 1963, 1957, 1963

Box 111 Desk Calendar, 1967

Box 129 Daily Planner, 1968

Box 103 Phone Log, 1988- 2010 (15 Items), 1988- 2010

Box 26 Phone List, 1999 undated

Box 57 Telephone Log, 1997- 2001

Box 122 Telephone Directory, 1990s undated

Subseries V.4: Photographs, 1940s-2011, undated, 1940s-2011, undated

This subseries contains both personal and professional photographs.

Box 123 Headshots, 1965 undated

Box 41 Judith Crist Headshots, undated

Box 125 Assorted photographs, 1940, undated

(The 1940 headshot is of Crist, others are not)

Box 123 Personal photos, 1960s

Box 123 Photographs, 1970s

Box 85 Photograph of Crist, with Nancy cartoon, 1975, undated

(Cartoon mentions Crist)

Box 56 Photos, circa, 1991- 2001

Box 122 Photos and Slides, circa, 2000s

Box 98 Framed Photograph of Crist with Her Spring Semester Class,, 2011

(Frame includes small messages from the class)

Box 48 Photos, undated

Box 57 Photos, undated

Box 40 Photos, undated

Box 55 Photos, undated

Box 105 Assorted Photographs, undated, (2 Folders)

Box 105 Photographs, undated

(Possibly a trip to Ireland)

Box 129 Photographs and other miscellaneous, 1950s undated

Subseries V.5: Personal Correspondence and Files, 1940s- 2002, undated, 1940s- 2002,, undated

This subseries contains personal cards and correspondence, as well as cartoons, poems, and files related to her "annual survival party" and her wedding.

Box 96 Annual Survival Party, 1989-1995, 2002, 1989-1995, 2002, (4 folders)

Box 123 Cartoons, poems, and notes, 1942

Box 123 Cartoons and clippings, 1940s

Box 123 Plays and Lyrics, 1940s

Box 123 Letters, 1940s

(Primarily 1947 or later)

Box 125 Personal Correspondence, 1940s

Box 125 Personal Letters, undated

Box 125 Bill Crist Notes to Judith, 1950, 1951, 1950, 1951

Box 125 Wedding, 1947

Box 41 Miscellaneous Birthday Cards and Photographs

Box 41 Judith Crist Birthday Cards, 1975-2000, undated, 1975-2000, undated

Box 36 Birthday Cards, 1998, 2000, 1998, 2000

Box 36 Birthday Cards, 2004, 2006, 2004, 2006

Box 105 Anniversary Cards, undated

Box 105 Birthday Cards, undated

Box 105 Miscellaneous Correspondence, undated

Box 48 Christmas Cards, 1993- 1995

Box 58 Christmas Cards, 2003

Box 96 Christmas Cards, (2 Folders)

Box 96 Christmas Cards Received and Sent, 1982-1997

Box 96 Christmas Cards, 2003

Box 42 Christmas Correspondence, 1972-1973, 1975, 1995 undated, 1972-1973, 1975, 1995 undated

Box 129 Cards, 1963 undated

Box 129 Miscellaneous, 1937

Box 85 Miscellaneous Personal Correspondence, 1960s-1970s, undated, 1960s-1970s, undated

Box 85 Miscellaneous Personal Correspondence and Photographs,, 1970s undated

Subseries V.6: Scrapbooks, Drawings, and Mementos, 1934- 2003, undated, 1934- 2003,, undated

This subseries contains drawings and scrapbooks created by Crist, as well as mementos received from others.

The mementos include caricatures and drawings of Crist, as well as advertisements thanking Crist, programs, and an inscribed photograph and an inscribed book.

Box 129 Scrapbooks, 1934 undated, (4 folders)

Box 129 Scandinavian Airlines System Scrapbook, 1951

Box 129 Event Programs, 1936, 1957, 1962, 1936, 1957, 1962

Box 125 Original artwork and sketches, circa, 1920s-1930s

Box 113 Copy Spike (Originally belonged to Robert B. Peck of the New York Herald Tribune, who retired in 1955), circa, 1912-1955

Box 105 Cat-Related Paraphernalia, undated

Box 105 Miscellaneous Mementos, undated

Box 96 G William Jones. Black Cinema Treasures: Lost and Found (University of North Texas Press), 1991

(Inscribed by author)

Box 105 Drawings and Sketches for Crist, undated

(Cartoons, related to Crist)

Box 125 Memorabilia, 1947 undated

(Includes a date book)

Box 124 Caricature of Judith Crist by Laurie Edmonds, 2003

Box 124 Ad thanking Crist from Carl and Rob Reiner, 1984

Box 124 Photograph, signed by Barbara Streisand and three others, circa, 1970s

Box 85 Caricature of Crist for TV Guide, 1983

(Not used. Art is by Bruce Stark. Appears to be an original copy; received from Jerry Allen at TV Guide in Radnor on October 18, 1983.)

Box 85 Original Illustration by J.B. Handelsman for theNew Yorker, Line on Copper, 1973 November 5, 1973

(Not of Crist)

Box 85 "Madame Crist's Witticisms and Criticisms: A Nitpickers Guide to the Galaxy",, 1999

(Gift. List probably created by and signed by her journalism class students. Originally framed, mat board is signed by the students. There is a set of photographs from the occasion with the item.)

Box 85 Program and Seating Chart for Dinner given in honor of H.M. The Queen of the Netherlands and H.R.H. The Prince of the Netherlands by the Netherland-American Foundation,, 1952

Box 94 Original Color Illustration of Judith Crist by Charles Knight CKLW-TV, Guardian Building, Detroit, 48266 circa, 1972

Box 94 Original Color Illustration of "Honest -- She Loves the Movies" by [Brad?] Silverstein,, 1970

(Appeared on pp. 6 through 10 of the August 29-September 6, 1970 issue of TV Guide)

Box 94 Original Drawing of Judith Crist, circa, 1966

(Signed F Leoman)

Subseries V.7 Awards, 1951-2003

This subseries includes various award certificates, plaques, and other objects received by Crist.

Box 41 Columbia Journalism Alumni Award, 1961

Box 57 Gold Key Award, 1975

Box 98 Awards, 1951- 1973, 2003, 1951- 1973,, 2003


Box 94 Awards, 1953- 1965

(Various certificates)

Box 94 Certificate of Appreciation from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism for Forty Years of Service,, 1998

Box 113 Awards, 1965 1980-2003, undated, 1965, 1980-2003, undated

(Includes alumni service awards from Columbia University)