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Angus MacLise papers, 1956-2010

Series V: Audio-Visual Materials, 1963-2003

The audiovisual materials include copies of the commercially released CDs of MacLise's music released on the Quakebasket label in 1999 and 2000 and a copy of the flexidisc included in Aspen no. 9 featuring Angus and Hetty MacLise's band Joyous Lake.

The bulk of the series, though, is comprised of reel to reel tapes featuring recordings of MacLise and his associates. The tapes, compiled and created by Sheldon Rochlin in 1981 are from the collections of Don Snyder, Tony Conrad, and Rochlin. The recordings are of musical performances, poetry readings, and other performances, as well as informal recordings of MacLise and others.

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Box 3 Folder 8 Cohen, Ira. The Poetry of Ira Cohen with DJ Cheb i Sabbah. Brussels: Sub Rosa, 1987. CD.

Box 3 Folder 8 MacLise, Angus. Astral Collapse. New York: Quakebasket/Siltbreeze, 2003. CD.

Box 3 Folder 8 MacLise, Angus. Astral Collapse. CD-R copy in jewel box, identified in holographic ms. on disc.

Box 3 Folder 8 MacLise, Angus. Brain Damage in Oklahoma City. New York: Quakebasket/Siltbreeze, 2000. CD.

Box 3 Folder 8 MacLise, Angus. The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda. New York: Quakebasket/Siltbreeze, 1999. CD.

Box 3 Folder 8 MacLise, Angus. "Angus Vol. 2"., undated

CD-R copy in jewel case. Holographic ms. on cover in the hand of Will Cameron: "Angus Vol. 2/1. Solo drum/ 2. Angus collage/ 3. Duo/ 4. Benefit for the Oklahoma City police dept./5. Chembalism." Holographic ms. on disc: "Angus Vol. 2/un-mastered."

Box 3 Folder 8 Malanga, Gerard. Up From the Archives. Brussels: Sub Rosa, 1999.

Compilation including "Cloud Asylum" by Angus MacLise, recorded 1966.


Box 3 Folder 9 Anderson, Thomas R. "Ossian". Point Reyes CA, 1983.

JVC High Resolution VHS video cassette tape. Typescript label on cassette: "'OSSIAN' 27:30 © 1983/Thomas R. Anderson/Star Route, Point Reyes/Calif. 94956/Tel. (415) 663-1490."

Box 3 Folder 9 Gilson, George. "ORFEO." New York, NY [1995].

TDK High Standard VHS video cassette tape. Holographic label on cassette: "'ORFEO' by Angus MacLise/The Kitchen/Video by: George Gilson/(718)273-1955."

Box 3 Folder 9 Harris, Morgan. "Ballad of the Gone MacLise.", undated

BASF VHS video cassette tape in black plastic clamshell box. Holographic label on cassette: "2704 BALLAD OF THE GONE/MACLISE/w/visuals by MORGAN HARRIS." Taped over "B-roll Robert/Rauschenberg/Art studio."

Box 24 "Ossian: American Boy, Tibetan Monk", undated

BASF VHS video cassette tape in black plastic clamshell box.

Box 3 Folder 10 Flexidisc

Box 3 Folder 10 Aspen, Section 11. Issue #9. "The Joyous Lake." Deerfield IL: Eva-Tone, 1970.

Flexidisc on octagonal disc enclosed in folded, taped poster for Sheldon Rochlin film. Label text, A-side: "THE JOYOUS LAKE / recorded live at St.Mark's-in-the-Bouwerie, New York. Section 11 ASPEN No. 9 … Flute: Ellen Standlee, Drums: Raja Samyana, Angus MacLise, Voice: Ziska, Organ: Hetty MacLise." Label text, B-side: "SPONTANEOUS SOUND / recorded at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York, with gongs, drums, cymbals, bells, chimes, flutes, bass clarinet, Tibetan temple horn and voice played spontaneously by Christopher Tree on a collection of 150 instruments from many parts of the world."

Reel to Reel

The tapes in the archive are copies of masters from several collections. Tapes with numbers beginning "DS" originate in the collection of Don Snyder; tapes beginning "TC" originate in the collection of Tony Conrad, and tapes beginning "SR" originate in the collection of Sheldon Rochlin. These tapes were created in 1981 by Sheldon Rochlin.]

Box 3 Folder 10 [MacLise, Angus]. "Cloud Doctrine Reading." New York, September 17, 1976.

7.5" reel-to-reel 3M Scotch brand tape. Identified in holographic ms.in blue ink on verso: "ANGUS MACLISE/7 ½ 2 ch. stereo -- 1 side only/September 17 1976/Millennieum[sic] Film Workshop NYC/Poetry Reading w/music/ THE CLOUD DOCTRINE."

Box 5 DS-8042 "2) Angus MacLise and Tony Conrad: Druids Imprisoned Emerald -- 'Split Rock of Poetry.'"

Box 5 DS-8042-B: "#2 B side (entire)."

Box 5 DS-8043 "Birth-Earth Rituals, plus: reading of Ecological Mysteries."

Box 5 DS-8044 "The Sixth Face of the Angel of Death."

Box 5 DS-8045-B: "#5 Side A -- Begins 2/3rds max tape -- Digit 565, End digit 886."

Box 5 DS-8054 "Cloud Asylum: 1. 'July 17 Drone,' [etc.]."

Box 5 DS-8059 "Earth Mysteries #1 … Spectramach #1, 1969… Spectramach #1, 1969."

Box 5 SR-8037 "Master Dub #1, #2 (March21, 1969): #1 Cembalism/Beelzebub, Session #2 and #4; #2 Bash Bish/Echo Lake Set #2 version/set at night."

Box 5 TC-8001 "Short Drum & Viola." 7 min.

Box 5 TC-8002 "Guitar." 4 min. 8.20 sec.

Box 5 TC-8003 "Unedited." 5 min. 58 sec.

Box 5 TC-8004 "Long Spook (I)." 9 min. 3 sec.

Box 5 TC-8005 "Knife Guitar." 10 min. 55 sec.

Box 5 TC-8006 "Long Spook (II)." 5 min. 9 sec.

Box 5 TC-8008 "Druid's Imprisoned Emerald/Beelzebub." 1 min. 21 sec, 7 min. 36 sec.

Box 5 TC-8009 "Haight Riot Mime." 3 min. 35 sec., 8 min. 27 sec., 11 min. 27 sec.

Box 5 TC-8010 "Dreamweapon Benefit (excerpt)." 14 min. 25 sec.

Box 5 TC-8011 "Mylar Fantasies." 5 min. 33 sec.

Box 5 TC-8012 "Bash Bish." 11 min. 22 sec.

Box 5 TC-8013 "Cembala and the Front and the Back." 9 min. 3 sec.

Box 5 TC-8014 "Night Wing Pt. 1A." 12 min. 54 sec.

Box 5 TC-8015 "Night Wing Pt. 1B." 20 min. 2 sec.

Box 5 TC-8016 "Night Wing." 31 min.

Box 5 TC-8017 "Second Night -- 'sh'". 30 min. 6 sec.

Box 5 TC-8018 "Bridge Night Wing." 25 min. 25 sec.

Box 5 TC-8019 "After Auditing the Definitive Tape (II)." 31 min.

Box 5 TC-8020 "After Auditing the Definitive Tape (I)." 31 min. 18 sec.

Box 5 TC-8021 "November 14 1963 (I)." 28 min. 6 sec., 1963

Box 5 TC-8022 "November 14 1963 (II)." 20 min. 21 sec., 1963

Box 5 TC-8023 "Music for Flaming Creatures." 13 min. 19 sec.

Box 5 TC-8024 "/010/18 1968." 32 min. 25 sec.

Box 5 TC-8025 "/010/18 1968." 33 min. 25 sec.

Box 5 TC-8026 "Les E.G. Damnees." 15 min. 47 sec.

Box 5 TC-8027 "April 28 1968." 22 min. 24 sec.

Box 5 TC-8028 "July 29 1968." 32 min. 5 sec.

Box 5 TC-8029 "July 29 1968." 3 min. 40 sec.

Box 5 TC-8030 "July 29 1968." 9 min. 18 sec.

Box 5 TC-8031 "Destruction of the Chumlum." 30 min. 48 sec.

Box 5 TC-8032 "Thunder Cut." 31 min. 57 sec.

Box 5 TC-8033 "May 10 1968." 32 min.

Box 5 TC-8034 "Brain Damage Reel 1." 31 min. 40 sec.

Box 5 TC-8035 "Brain Damage Reel 2." 13 min. 20 sec.

Box 6 SR-8038 "Stonehenge Set," "reading from… 'Sauitri,'" "Drum interlude," "Shortwave radio recordings by Angus," "Ektar Interlude," "Ocharina piece, ""Angus' voice describing whipping ceremony," "Drums." Most dated 1971.

Box 6 SR-8039 "New York Cuts," "Angus recording of Hetty playing harmonium," "Flute & Cembalum mix," "Earthday Jam," most dated 1969.

Box 6 SR-8040 "Special recordings for 'Mystic Fire Diary,' 1978 NYC.", 1978

Box 6 SR-8041 "1. Synthesizer piece for 'Dracula: A Panic Opera,' March1978 NYC, 2. Drum and flute overdub, 1978 3. Harminum with Bill Breeze on electric viola, 1978 4(b) Arab Drum (Dumbak) & harmonium overdub copy with Hilary Harris on violin, E2) 4-track mix for 'Panic Opera' 1978.", March1978, 1978, 1978

Box 6 DS-8045 "Gamelon #1… Knife Guitar… Angus MacLise with John Cale, '65/'66."

Box 6 DS-8045-C: "Gamelon #1… Knife guitar… Angus MacLise with John Cale, '65/'66."

Box 6 DS-8046 "Marymount College Show… The Quasar Show, for Vietnam People, St. Mark's Church, Xmas 1967."

Box 6 DS-8047 "Angus MacLise, July 1970… Marymount Show, preparation 1967."

Box 6 DS-8047-B: "Marymount show, Conversations… Ludlow's Eastern Birth."

Box 6 DS-8048 "Marymount College Show, 1969… Goerlegan 2 -- Hetty's Birth Ritual, 1969… Epiphany #6."

Box 6 DS-8049 "Epiphany #4, Drum Solo, Frikas Dance."

Box 6 DS-8050 "Epiphany #3, con't."

Box 6 DS-8051 "Goerlegan #4; Voice of the Fire, 1966."

Box 6 7-inch tapes:

Box 6 #A: "Nepalese Chants, Tibetan 'Indoctrination,' Mahkala Derivations Puja -- 1975."

Box 6 DS-8068-B: "The Jive Ikon, March14, 1969 plus selected music's, 1967/68 mon-ancient cembelum, Barking dog drone (drums).", March14, 1969, 1967/68

Box 6 5-inch tapes:

Box 6 "Angus MacLise, Summer 1978." "Haze… Tupamaro… High Roller."

Box 6 DS-8057-B: "Monks chanting with drum & cymbals, 1st 5 minutes only."

Box 6 DS-8060-B: "Goerlegan parts I, II, III; Hetty's Birth Ritual, 1969 (Goerlegan #2).", 1969

Box 6 SR-8041-B: "4-Track Mix of 'Panic Opera.'"

Box 7 DS-8051 "Epiphany #7; Goerlegan #4; Voices of Fire, 1966."

Box 7 DS-8053/DS-8052 con't: "Goerlegan #2/Hetty's Birth Ritual, Berkshires, MA, 1969

Cloud Asylum (from the tape owned by Gerard Malanga as soundtrack for his film, 'The Children' (1969)."

Box 7 DS-8055 "Epiphany #5, January 6, 1970 Drone Harmonium & Organ.", January 6, 1970

Box 7 DS-8056 "Marymount College Show, 1970

Drone Harmonium; MacLise recording of Mahkala Pula & Indian musics."

Box 7 DS-8057 "Drone Harmonium; MacLise recording of Mahkala Pula & Indian musics."

Box 7 DS-8058 "Angus MacLise and John Cale, 1965/66

Bagpipe Illuminos, Organum Lengths, Ludlow's Eastern Birth, Song of John."

Box 7 DS-8060 "Epiphany; Goerlegan parts I, II, III; Hetty's Birth Ritual, 1969."

Box 7 DS-8061 "Epiphany #2; Beginning Ziska reading, etc.; Epiphany Show, beginning, St. Mark's Church, 1/6/69."

Box 7 DS-8062/DS-8061 con't.: "Epiphany Show, beginning, St. Mark's Church, 1/6/69; Epiphany Show, Xmas '70; 'Three Magi…'; Prelim. Rough music mix for Tibetan poetry reading, the Millennium, September 17, 1976."

Box 7 DS-8063 "MacLise Berkshire Clan, 1970 Tribal musics…", 1970

Box 7 DS-8064 "Prelim. Rough music mix for Tibetan poetry reading, the Millennium, September 17, 1976 November 1965 Angus MacLise, John Cale, Tony Conrad-Drum & Viola Message, Dervish Tracks; Trance #3 -- Derivations, Film-maker's Cinematheque, 1965/66 Epiphany, Earth Drum.", September 17, 1976, November 1965, 1965/66

Box 7 DS-8065 "Angus MacLise, John Cale, Tony Conrad-Drum & Viola Message, Dervish Tracks; Trance #3 -- Derivations, Film-maker's Cinematheque, 1965/66 Epiphany, Earth Drum; Last of the Berkshire Clan -- 'The Tribal Musics,' 1970.", 1965/66

Box 7 DS-8066 "Spectramach 2, 1969."

Box 8 DS-8067/DS-8066 con't.: "The MacLise Clain in the Berkshires… Epiphany, Tanberg Session, last section."

Box 8 DS-8068/Con't onto 7" reel 8068-B: "The Jive Ikon: a) March14, 1969 plus selected music's 1967/68 b) mono-ancient cembalum; c) Barking dog drone (drums).", March14, 1969, 1967/68

Box 8 DS-8069 (inc. DS-8069-ZB): "From live performance at St. Marks Church (1970)

possibly 'Epiphany'… 'Benefit with Thunderbolt Pagoda'… 'Jive Icon.'" Total 87.5 min.

Box 8 DS-8070 (inc. DS-8070-ZB): "Improvisation… Improvisation… Organ drone." Total 90 min.

Box 8 DS-8071 (inc. DS-8071-ZB, DS-8071-IC): "Dreamweapon Benefit for Oklahoma City Police Department; St. Marks Group; Time For Being." Total 82 min.

Box 8 DS-8075 "Shortwave radio 4/10/69; Shortwave mix 8/20/70." Total 94 min.

Box 8 DS-8077 "Angus on percussion instrument; Angus on organ -- 'Organica'; Angus on drum -- 'Moroccan Suites'; Angus in ektar; Angus on drums -- 'Moroccan Suites'; Party in the Berkshires -- 1969-1970." Total 91 min.

Box 8 DS-8078 "Drums Unanumoys; Organ expo '69; Drums (for Jacki Cassans Light Show); Zither type instrument; New York cuts; Unknown session." Total 94 min.

Box 8 DS-8082 "Early jams (1967) (10 min.) … Continuation of above (7 min.)… Wild jam (1967) (4 min.)… Epiphany -- St. Marks Church 1/6/70 'Show begins' (1 hr. 10 min.).", 1/6/70

Box 8 DS-8084 "Epiphany St. Marks Church." 88 min.

Box 8 DS-8085 "From Epiphany St. Marks Church: Unidentified Jam[s]." 95 min.

Box 8 DS-8087 "Birth and Death of the Planet Earth… S.O.S. Mix." 81 min.

Box 8 DS-8088 "Berkshires Session[s]… Ritual Drum Music." 90 min.

Box 9 DS-8089 "Ritual music's from the Berkshires… Sitar Rhapsodies… Live ensemble… Angus MacLise/Jews's harp + crickets, flute + crickets… Misc. mixes w/Indian drones… Misc mixes w/cembalam… Telephone conversation between Don Snyder and Angus, January 30, 1978." 86 min. (approx.)

Box 9 DS-8092-MS and DS-8092 "1) Angus MacLise: Percussion, Flute; Bill Breeze: Viola; Marc Slivka: Prepared guitar, flute (Chelsea, Winter '78). 2) Angus MacLise: specially tuned steel drum; Bill Breeze: Viola; Marc Slivka: Prepared guitar (Prince St., Fall '78) 3) Angus MacLise: Flute, percussion, guitar; Marc Slivka: Guitar, voice, clarinet (549 W. 52nd St., Winter '78) 4) Angus MacLise-Drum, Hetty McGee -- Sitar. 5) Hetty -- Organ; Angus -- Drums. 6) Angus -- Drums; Flute-. 7) Balinese Mix." 91 min.

Box 9 DS-8093 "Organ Drone… Electronic Drone… Organ drone & electronic drone mix… Organ drone." 83 min.

Box 9 DS-8072 ("Green bag tapes"): "Readings of original poetry at Millenium Film Workshop, September 17, 1976 The Kathmandu Cycle… Universal Solar Calender [sic]… First Tunnel Music… Tunnel Music #2… Tunnel Music #3." 78 min., September 17, 1976

Box 9 DS-8073 ("Green bag tapes"): "Organ and drum recital at Saint Marks Church… Excerpt from above session… 2nd take… Electronic mix by Angus for 'Expanded Cinema' -- November 1965… Trance #1 (Angus MacLise, Tony Conrad, John Cale, Don Snyder)." 94 min.

Box 9 DS-8074 ("Green bag tapes"): "Trance #1… Trance #2… Two Speed Trance… Four Speed Trance… Shortwave Radio 4/10/69." 94 min.

Box 9 DS-8076 ("Green bag tapes"): "Tambura Drone & Sine Wave Generator… Tambura modulated & harmonium, drums… The Destruction and Rebirth of the Planet Earth… Angus on percussion insturument and overdubbed on drum." 94 min.

Box 9 DS-8079 ("Green bag tapes"): "Bash-Bish -- 3rd level… Lawn Set… Session at Ira Cohen's loft." 81 min.

Box 9 DS-8080 ("Green bag tapes"): "Loft Raga… Angus on Cembalum." 89 min.

Box 9 DS-8081 ("Green bag tapes"): "Mix from radio blends into jam with bass fiddle, guitar and flute… Radio mix (recorded by Angus) John Cage -- voice… Angus on Tabla (or) thumb piano for Jack Smith show 11/67… Organ pieces… Wild Jams (1967)… Cembalum (perhaps '67)… Feedback hum & distortion (Angus composition)." 85 min.

Box 9 DS-8083 ("Green bag tapes"): "Epiphany -- St. Marks Church… Epiphany: Earth Drum [3 sections]." 90 min.

Box 9 DS-8086 ("Green bag tapes"): "Drum solos -- 5/70… What sounds like either shortwave radio,or mix of radio & synthesizer… Birth & Death of Planet Earth -- Marymount Show live 1970." 90 min.

Box 9 DS-8090/SR-120. ("Green bag tapes"): "Drum solos… Trio: Bass, flute/voice, drums… Trio or quartet… Duo or trio: organ, bass, guitar… Quartet: Drums (Angus), elec. Guitar, tamboura drone, flute, harmonium/organ... Sounds like more of above, but warbled/May be intentional... Drum duet w/stringed instrument… Angus -- Drums, Loren Standlee -- electric flute… Continued from above, mainly drums and sitar." 90 min.

Box 9 DS-8091 ("Green bag tapes"): "Angus on shenai mixed with some pop records… Sitar, tambura, drum… Drums (Angus) then jam… Drums (Angus), Tambura (Hetty), Harmonium (Hetty), double speed strings, voice), flute , organ (Hetty), cembalum (Angus), then long drum solo with mixed effects… 'Video Voices' mix by Angus." 90 min.

Digital Audio Files

Box 9 A hard drive containing 24-bit, 96 Khz, uncompressed digital copies of all of the tapes in boxes 5-8.