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Gay J. McDougall South Africa and Namibia Papers, 1932-2006, bulk 1980-1994

Series II: Independent Electoral Commission, 1993-1994

This series documents the work of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in overseeing the 1994 election in South Africa. The IEC was a statutory body consisting of 11 South Africans and 5 others. Gay McDougall served on the Commission as the only United States representative. Materials relating to the work of the communications, logistics, administration and monitoring units are included. The IEC met frequently, sometimes daily, and therefore the agendas, minutes, and accompanying documents from the meeting (for example, reports) provide a chronological look at the IEC's day to day work leading up to the election. There are also sample ballots and posters.

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Box 9 Acts, undated

Box 5 Authority to subcommittes, undated

Box 5 Chief Executive Officer, undated

Box 5 Contact information, undated

(IEC staff and South Africa contacts)

Box 5 Curriculum Vitae, undated

Box 5 Expenditures, 1993-1994

Box 7 Final report of the IEC, undated

Box 5 Financial Administration, undated

Box 9 Independent Electoral Commission, undated

(formation of)

Box 5 Insurance, undated

Box 5 Management, Feb 1994

Box 9 Matters to be Dealt with During the Voting and Counting, undated

Box 1 Meeting minutes, Dec 1993-Feb 1994

Box 2 Meeting minutes, Feb-May 1994

Box 3 Meeting minutes, May 1994

Box 9 Meeting minutes, Mar-Apr 1994

Box 3 Meeting minutes (executive committee), Jan-May 1994

Box 3 Meeting schedule, undated

Box 9 Miscellaneous memos and reports, undated

Box 9 OFS Delegation report, Mar 1994

Box 5 Organizational chart and list of subcommittes, undated

Box 9 Our Organization, undated

Box 9 Roles and Functions, undated

Box 9 Visit reports, Feb-Apr 1994

Analysis Department

Box 6 Final report, undated

Box 6 Polling days reports, Apr 1994

Box 6 Role of Political Analysis in the Work of the IEC, Mar 18 1994

Box 6 Weekly reports, Mar-Apr 1994

Box 8 Weekly reports, Apr 1994

Box 4 Betsy's memos, undated

Box 8 Bophuthatswana, 1994

Box 8 Canadian Observers, undated

Box 4 CARE International, Mar 1994

Box 6 CEO's special project teams reports, undated


Box 5 Press clippings, Jan-Feb 1994

(international and local)

Box 3 Press summaries, Feb-Apr 1994

Box 3 Press summaries, Jan-Feb 1994


Box 5 Press summaries, Dec 1994-Apr 1994

(national and international)

Box 6 Fact sheets and press releases, undated

Box 6 Image manual, undated

Box 6 Press releases, radio spots, undated

Box 7 Press summaries (national), Mar-May 1994


Box 4 Determining the Results, undated

Election Administration Directorate

Box 6 Disabled and special voters, Mar 1994

Box 6 Election report and memo, undated

Box 6 Election week, undated

Box 6 Foreign voting, undated

Box 251 General, 1994

Box 6 Prisoners, Feb-Mar 1994

Box 6 Reports, Mar 1994

Box 6 Report (final), May 1994

Box 6 Report (weekly), Jan 1994

Box 9 Reports and presentations, undated

Box 251 Election analysis, 1994

Box 251 Election analysis note book (McDougall), undated

Box 4 Election results, undated

Box 9 Election results, undated

Box 4 Electoral Act ammendments, undated

Box 4 Electoral Fund, Mar 1994

Box 4 Electoral regulations, undated

Box 4 European Union/European Election Unit, Jan-Mar 1994

Box 4 Free and fair, undated

(including criteria)

Box 251 General, 1994

Box 4 Goldstone Commission, Jan 1994

Box 4 Government Gazettes, 1993-1994


Box 8 Counting officers and enumerators, undated

Box 8 Monitors, undated

Box 251 Monitors, undated

Box 8 Observer training, undated

Box 251 Observer training, undated

Box 8 Observers, undated

Box 8 Observers at foreign voting stations, undated

Box 8 Operations Center training manual, undated

Box 8 Party Voting Agents, undated

Box 8 Presiding Officers and Voting Officers, undated

Box 8 Provincial Election Officers and Deputies and District Officers and Deputies,, undated

Box 8 Voting Officers of Foreign Stations, undated

Box 6 Information Technology, undated

(procedures and reports)

International Liaison Office

Box 6 Final report, May 1994

Box 9 List of observers, undated

Box 6 Progress reports, Mar 1994

Box 4 Intimidation, undated


Box 4 Mar-May 1994,, Mar-May 1994

Box 4 Reports, May 1994

Box 8 Weekly analysis report, Mar 24 1994

Box 4 Legal opinions, Mar 1994

(regarding power of the IEC)

Box 9 Logistics, undated


Box 4 Maps, undated

Box 4 McDougall's notes, 1993-1994

Box 4 Migrant workers, undated

Box 9 Miscellaneous, undated

(regarding the election)

Box 251 McDougall correspondence, 1994

Monitoring Directorate

Box 6 Jan-Apr 1994,, Jan-Apr 1994

Box 7 Mar-May 1994,, Mar-May 1994

Box 6 Departmental structure, undated

Box 7 Draft acknowledgement and waiver, undated

Box 7 Final report executive summary, undated

Box 7 Foreign voting, undated

Box 7 Functions, duties, criteria, undated

Box 7 Guide to election observers from NGOs, undated

Box 7 Observers, undated

Box 7 PWV investigations department final report, undated

Box 7 Specialist monitoring structure, undated

Box 7 Terms and conditions, Jan 1994

Box 8 Newspaper clippings, 1994

Box 8 Observers, undated

Box 251 Observers, Mar 1994

Box 4 Operation Access, undated

Box 5 Party Liaison Committee, Jan-Feb 1994

Box 5 Political parties, undated

Box 4 Polling places by district, undated

Tube Box 253 Posters, 1994

Tube Box 254 Posters, 1994

(sample ballots)

Box 4 Pre-election updates, 1993-1994

Box 5 Provincial offices, undated

Box 4 Readiness plan, Feb-Mar 1994

Box 5 Readiness plan, Mar 1994

Box 5 Readiness report, undated

Box 5 Security matters, Jan-Apr 1994

Box 9 South African Defence Force, Mar 1994

Box 5 Strategic positioning, undated

Box 7 Telecommunications Division, Apr 1994

(status report)

Box 8 Temporary Voter Cards, Mar-May 1994

Transitional Executive Council

Box 7 IEC reports, undated

Box 7 Management committee, undated

Box 251 Media statement, Jan 1994

Box 7 Media statement and curriculum vitaes, undated

Box 7 Meeting minutes, Dec 1993-Jan 1994

Box 5 U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Jan-Feb 1994

Box 7 Voter Education Directorate, undated

Box 251 Voter Education Directorate, undated

Box 9 Voting Station and Counting Station Procedures, Apr 1994

Box 5 Women (status of), undated