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Larry Tye Papers, 2008-2013

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Research material for two of Larry Tye's books, Superman: The High Flying History of America's Most Enduring Hero, which includes correspondence, subject files, and legal files, and for Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon, which includes oral history files and subject files.

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Creator(s) Tye, Larry
Title Larry Tye Papers, 2008-2013
Physical Description 30.6 linear feet (19 record storage cartons and 2 document boxes of documents; 6 record storage cartons of books)
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This collection is arranged in two series.


Scope and Content

This collections consists of files related to two of Tye's book projects: Superman: The High-Flying History of America's Most Enduring Hero (2012) and Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon (2016)

The files in Series I relate primarily to Tye's well-received 2012 book on Superman. The files include, correspondence, subject files, and legal files related to litigation between Superman's creators and Warner Communications, DC Comic's parent company.

The files in Series II relate to Tye's research work on Robert Kennedy for Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon (2016). These are divided into two subseries: Oral History Files and Subject Files. The Oral History Files consists of transcripts of interviews done by Tye, as well as transcripts of interviews done by the Kennedy Library, Johnson Library, and others. There is also a small amount of correspondence in these files. The Subject Files consists of clippings, articles, correspondence, and other research materials.

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Larry Tye, Gift 2012 (Superman files) and 2016 (Robert Kennedy files)

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History / Biographical Note


Larry Tye is the author of Superman: The High Flying History of America's Most Enduring Hero (2012) and Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon (2016).

He is a journalist who, from 1986 through 2001, was a reporter at the Boston Globe. At the Globe he primarily covered health care and medicine stories. Prior to his time at the Boston Globe Tye write for the Louisville Courier-Journal and the Anniston Star in Anniston, Alabama. He was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University in 1993-1994.

In addition to his biographies of Superman and Bobby Kennedy, Tye has also written biographies of Satchel Page, Edward Bernays, and books on electroconvulsive therapy and the role of Pullman porters in creating a black middle class.

Larry Tye currently lives in Lexington, Massachusetts where he runs the Health Coverage Fellowship, an organization designed to improve media coverage of health care issues.

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Series I: Superman Research Files

Box 1 Adams, Neal

Box 1 Alyn, Kirk

Box 1 Animation

Box 1 Fiftieth Anniversary

Box 1 Artists of Superman

Box 1 Batman

Box 1 Bibliographies

Box 1 Binder, Otto

Box 1 Book Reviews

Box 1 Boring, Wayne

Box 1 Brando

Box 1 Broadway

Box 1 Celebrities

Box 1 Censors

Box 1 Circulation (of Comics)

Box 1 Clark Kent

Box 1 Classes

Box 1 Cleveland

Box 1 Coates, Phyllis

Box 1 Collectors

Box 1 Comic Con SD

Box 1 Com-Con NY

Box 1 Comic Books

Box 1 Comic Books/Others

Box 1 Comic Books/Super

Box 1 Comic Book Stores

Box 1 Comic Strips

Box 1 Commercial

Box 1 Commercialization

Box 1 Costume

Box 1 Creators

Box 1 Crime

Box 1 Crisis

Box 1 Danger

Box 1 DC Comics

Box 1 Death

Box 1 Depression

Box 1 Distribution (of Comics)

Box 1 Donenfeld, Harry and Irwin

Box 1 Donner, Richard and Mankiewicz, Tom

Box 1 Education/Academia

Box 1 Ellsworth Transcripts

Box 1 Emmett, Jay

Box 1 Evolution

Box 1 Finance

Box 1 Flying

Box 1 Frauds

Box 1 Glenville

Box 1 Glenville Torch

Box 1 Golem

Box 1 Hirschfeld, Wilson

Box 1 History

Box 1 Hollywood Kryptonite and Hollywoodland

Box 1 House Ads

Box 1 Impersonators

Box 1 Infantino, Carmine

Box 1 International

Box 1 Jokes/Humor

Box 1 Kahn, Jenette

Box 1 Keaton, Russell

Box 1 Keaton

Box 1 Kents

Box 1 Kidders

Box 1 Kids, Benefits

Box 1 Kids, Perils

Box 2 KKK

Box 2 Krypton

Box 2 Kryptonite

Box 2 Larson, Jack

Box 2 Leap Year

Box 2 Lester, Richard

Box 2 Levitz, Paul

Box 2 Libraries

Box 2 Library of Congress

Box 2 Licensing Corp of America

Box 2 Liebowitz, Jack

Box 2 Literacy

Box 2 LL

Box 2 Lois and Clark

Box 2 Lois Lane

Box 2 Luthor, Lex

Box 2 MAD Magazine/Feldstein

Box 2 Man/Superman -- Shaw

Box 2 Mannix, Toni and Eddie

Box 2 Marketing and Advertising

Box 2 Marriage

Box 2 Marvel

Box 2 Meltzer

Box 2 Memorabilia

Box 2 Metropolis

Box 2 Middle Age

Box 2 Murray, Will

Box 2 Music

Box 2 Myths/Symbols

Box 2 Nazis

Box 2 Nostalgia

Box 2 Novels

Box 2 Obama

Box 2 Olson, Jimmy

Box 2 O'Neil, Denny

Box 2 Painting

Box 2 Parades

Box 2 Parody

Box 2 Peavy/Peary

Box 2 Phantom, The

Box 2 Philosophy

Box 2 Phone Booth

Box 2 Politics

Box 2 Popular Culture

Box 2 Presidents (Kennedy +)

Box 2 Products

Box 2 Psychology

Box 2 Race

Box 2 Racism (Japanese +)

Box 2 Radio

Box 2 Readers (of Comics)

Box 2 Reboot

Box 2 Reeves, Christopher

Box 2 Reeves Death

Box 2 Reeves, George

Box 2 Reference Point

Box 2 Religion

Box 2 Resurrection

Box 2 Right Wing

Box 2 Robinson, Jerry

Box 2 Role Model

Box 2 Sales, Comic Book

Box 2 Salkinds

Box 2 Scare/Plague

Box 2 Schwartz, Alvin

Box 2 Science

Box 2 Science Fiction/Context

Box 2 Science Fiction Magazine

Box 2 Schwartz, Julie

Box 2 Secret Identity

Box 2 Seinfeld, Jerry

Box 2 Serials

Box 2 Sex

Box 2 Shayne, Robert

Box 3 Shuster, Joe

Box 3 Siegel, Army

Box 3 Siegel, Bella

Box 3 Siegel -- Early Works

Box 3 Siegel Family

Box 3 Siegel House

Box 3 Siegel, Jerry

Box 3 Siegel Memoir

Box 3 Siegel, Mitchell

Box 3 Siegel Press Release

Box 3 Slam Bradley

Box 3 Smallville

Box 3 Smithsonian

Box 3 Social Justice

Box 3 Songs

Box 3 Specter, The

Box 3 Sports

Box 3 Stamps

Box 3 Stories

Box 3 Sullivan, Vin

Box 3 Superboy

Box 3 Supergirl

Box 3 Superman, the Movie

Box 3 Superman II

Box 3 Superman III

Box 3 Superman IV

Box 3 Superman Returns

Box 3 Superman: New Movies

Box 3 Superman-Tim

Box 3 The Adventures Continue, 1-8 (TAC)

Box 3 The Adventures Continue, 9-16 (TAC)

Box 3 The Adventures of Superman (TAOS)

Box 3 Timelines

Box 3 Tributes

Box 3 TV

Box 3 Unpublished Stories

Box 3 Villains

Box 3 Waid, Mack

Box 3 War

Box 3 Warhol

Box 3 Wedding

Box 3 Weisinger, Mort

Box 3 Wheeler-Nicholson

Box 3 Wolfman, Marv

Box 4 Writers (Others, of Superman)

Box 4 Wylie, Philip

Box 4 Zugsmith

Box 4 Toberoff

Box 4 Lawsuits -- Related

Box 4 Siegel Suits in NY -- The Early Stuff

Box 4 Expert Testimony

Box 4 Laura Siegel Larson v. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and DC Comics (Appeals Nos. 11-55863 11-56034)

Box 4 Miscellaneous Documents, Letters, and Exhibits regarding the Larson v. Warner Appeal

Box 4 Early Correspondence (Jerry and DC)

Box 4 Legal Siegel


Box 4 No. 1

Box 4 No. 2

Box 4 No. 3

Box 4 No. 4

Box 4 No. 5

Box 4 No. 6

Box 4 Just Imagine Stan Lee's Superman (John Buscema)

Box 4 The Death of Clark Kent (Jurgens, Breeding, and Rubinstein)

Superman for All Seasons (Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale)

Box 4 Book One -- Spring

Box 4 Book Two -- Summer

Box 4 Book Three -- Fall

Box 4 Book Four -- Winter

Box 4 Siegel and Schuster v. National Comics Publishers et al. Trial Transcripts

Box 4 Laura Siegel Larson v. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and DC Comics Legal Documents

Series II: Robert Kennedy Research Files

Files are arranged alphabetically.

Subseries I.2: Oral History Files

These files consists of transcripts of interviews done by Larry Tye, as well as interviews done by the Kennedy Library, Johnson Library, and others. Some of these files also contain small amounts of correspondence.

Box 5 Abel, Elie

Box 5 Abell, Bess and Tyler

Box 5 Abramson, Jerry

Box 5 Allison, Graham

Box 5 Alsop, Joseph

Box 5 Altman, Ben

Box 5 Amory, Robert

Box 5 Anderson, John

Box 5 Anderson, Patrick

Box 5 Arnone, Bill

Box 5 Asencio, Diego

Box 5 Azar, George

Box 5 Baime, Bob

Box 5 Baker, Bobby

Box 5 Barthelmes, Wesley

Box 5 Bartlett, Charles

Box 5 Bass, Jack

Box 5 Bayley, Edwin

Box 5 Beatty, James

Box 5 Beame, Abe

Box 5 Bebitch Jeffe, Sherry

Box 5 Belafonte, Harry

Box 5 Bellino, Carmine

Box 5 Benn, Al

Box 5 Bennett, James

Box 5 Bennett, Jim

Box 5 Bernhard, Berl

Box 5 Blackburn, Dan

Box 5 Blain, Bill

Box 5 Blakey, G. Robert

Box 5 Blumenthal, Albert

Box 5 Boatmer, Charles

Box 5 Boggs, Hale

Box 5 Bone, Julian

Box 5 Booker, Simone

Box 5 Bouck, Robert

Box 5 Boyarsk, Bill

Box 5 Braden, Joan and Tom

Box 5 Bradlee, Ben

Box 5 Brady, William J.

Box 5 Brady, William

Box 5 Branch, Taylor

Box 5 Breasted, David

Box 5 Brenner, Philip

Box 5 Breslin, Jimmy

Box 5 Brewer, Albert

Box 5 Bridges, Ed

Box 5 Brokaw, Tom

Box 5 Brown, Edmund G.

Box 5 Brown, Hamilton

Box 5 Brown, Joan Winmill

Box 5 Brown, Sam

Box 5 Brugioni, Dino

Box 5 Buchwald, Art

Box 5 Bundy, McGeorge

Box 5 Burden, Carter

Box 5 Burke, David

Box 5 Burks, Catherine

Box 5 Burns, Frank

Box 5 Burns, John J.

Box 5 Cabrera, Angelina

Box 5 Cannon, Lou

Box 5 Caplin, Mortimer

Box 5 Carey, Ted

Box 5 Carr, Oscar Clark

Box 6 Carroll, Mickey

Box 6 Carter, Hodding

Box 6 Cassidy, John

Box 6 Caudill, Anne

Box 6 Celler, Emanuel

Box 6 Chavez, Cesar

Box 6 Chayes, Abram

Box 6 Chiarodo, Marie Fehmer

Box 6 Clark, Kenneth

Box 6 Clark, Ramsey

Box 6 Clay, Lucius D.

Box 6 Clayton, Jim

Box 6 Clifford, Clark

Box 6 Clymer, Adam

Box 6 Cohen, Jerry

Box 6 Cohn, Roy

Box 6 Coleman, Barbara

Box 6 Colwell, Jack

Box 6 Connor, Lawrence

Box 6 Conway, Jack T.

Box 6 Cook, Harry

Box 6 Corbett, Richard

Box 6 Corcoran, Thomas

Box 6 Condtz, Dan

Box 6 Cox, Archibald

Box 6 Craig, Greg

Box 6 Crancer, Barbara

Box 6 Crangle, Joseph

Box 6 Crawford, Bill

Box 6 Creedon, Jerry

Box 6 Criswell, John

Box 6 Cromwell, Judy

Box 6 Cull, Richard et al at INS

Box 6 Culver, John

Box 6 Curnane, Joseph

Box 6 Cushing, Richard Cardinal

Box 6 Cushman, Helen

Box 6 Daley, Bill

Box 6 Daly, Chuck

Box 6 Daley, Charles

Box 6 Damian, Father

Box 6 Davidoff, Sid

Box 6 Dean, John Gunther

Box 6 Dean, Kenneth

Box 6 Dector, Midge

Box 6 DeLoach, Cartha

Box 6 Dell, Donald

Box 6 DeVries, Tom

Box 6 Dillon, C. Douglas

Box 6 Dingeman, Jim

Box 6 Doar, John

Box 6 Dobbin, Muriel

Box 6 Doherty, Gerard

Box 6 Dolan, Joseph F.

Box 6 Donaldson, Sam

Box 6 Douglas, John W.

Box 6 Douglas, William O.

Box 6 Drew, Elizabeth

Box 6 Dunbaugh, Frank

Box 6 Dunfey, William

Box 6 Dungan, Ralph

Box 6 Dutton, Nancy

Box 6 Dutton, Frederick

Box 6 Edelman, Peter, (2 Folders)

Box 6 Eldridge, Ronnie

Box 6 Ellsburg, Daniel

Box 6 English, John

Box 6 Evans, Courtney

Box 6 Evans, Rowland

Box 6 Evans, Stan

Box 6 Evers, Charles

Box 7 Evers, Myerlic

Box 7 Fay, Paul B., Jr.

Box 7 Fay, Paul

Box 7 Feiffer, Jules

Box 7 Feinberg, Ken

Box 7 Feldman, Justin

Box 7 Feldman, Myer

Box 7 Fenn, Dan

Box 7 Fishbein, Peter

Box 7 Flug, Jim

Box 7 Forsythe, Dall

Box 7 Fox, Sonny

Box 7 Frankfurter, Felix

Box 7 Freeman, Orville

Box 7 Galbraith, John Kenneth

Box 7 Gallagher, Edward

Box 7 Gallagher, Neil

Box 7 Gans, Curtis

Box 7 Gaud, William S.

Box 7 Gelarden, Joe

Box 7 Germond, Jack

Box 7 Gibson, Gwen

Box 7 Gifford, K. Dun

Box 7 Gifford, Frank

Box 7 Gigerich, Bill

Box 7 Giles, Tommy

Box 7 Gilligan, John

Box 7 Glascoe, Ben

Box 7 Glass, Andrew

Box 7 Glenn, John

Box 7 Glichstein, Howard

Box 7 Golden, Jay

Box 7 Goldberg, Jay

Box 7 Goldfarb, Ronald

Box 7 Goldwater, Barry

Box 7 Goodwin, Dick

Box 7 Gotsbaum, Victor

Box 7 Gould, Stanhope

Box 7 Graham, Katharine

Box 7 Grannum, Colvin

Box 7 Green, Edith

Box 7 Green, Winifred

Box 7 Greenberg, Jack

Box 7 Greene, Roberta

Box 7 Greenfield, Jeff

Box 7 Gregory, Dick

Box 7 Grove, Brandon

Box 7 Guggenheim, Charles

Box 7 Guthman, Ed

Box 7 Gwiazda, Henry

Box 7 Gwirtzman, Milton

Box 7 Hackett, David

Box 7 Hackett, Judith

Box 7 Haddad, William

Box 7 Hakim, Joe

Box 7 Hamill, Pete

Box 7 Hamilton, Lee

Box 7 Hanan, Tim, (2 Folders)

Box 7 Hardin, Wayne

Box 7 Harriman, Averell

Box 7 Harris, Fred

Box 7 Harris, Ladonna

Box 7 Harrison, V.V.

Box 7 Hart, Gary

Box 7 Harvey, Craig

Box 7 Harvin, Josefina

Box 7 Harwood, Bea

Box 7 Hatcher, Richard

Box 7 Hayden, Tom

Box 7 Healy, Katie

Box 7 Helms, Nancy

Box 7 Henderson, Thelton

Box 7 Hennessey, Luella

Box 7 Henry, Aaron

Box 7 Henry, Sioux

Box 7 Herbers, John

Box 7 Herschberg, Jim

Box 7 Hesburgh, Ted

Box 7 Heymann, Philip

Box 7 Hiatt, Arnold

Box 7 Hill, Clint

Box 7 Hoffa, James P.

Box 7 Hogan, Tim

Box 7 Hollings, Ernest

Box 7 Hooker, John J.

Box 7 Houghton, Charles

Box 7 Howard, Margot

Box 7 Humphrey, Hubert

Box 7 Hundley, William

Box 7 Hunter-Gault, Charlayne

Box 7 Hyman, Lester

Box 7 Jacobs, Andy

Box 7 Jacobs, Eli

Box 7 Javits, Jacob

Box 7 Jeffe, Doug

Box 7 Johnson, Haynes

Box 7 Johnson, Peter

Box 8 Johnson, V. Alexis

Box 8 Johnston, Tom

Box 8 Jones, Charles

Box 8 Jones, Clarence

Box 8 Jones, James

Box 8 Jones, Kirby

Box 8 Jones, Thomas

Box 8 Jorden, William

Box 8 Josephson, Bill

Box 8 Kaden, Lou

Box 8 Kalb, Marvin

Box 8 Kapenstein, Ira

Box 8 Katz, Linda

Box 8 Katzenbach, Nicholas

Box 8 Kenary, Jim

Box 8 Kennedy, Ethel

Box 8 Kennedy, Jackie

Box 8 Kennedy, Kerry

Box 8 Kennedy, Ted

Box 8 Kerrebrock, Cricket

Box 8 Kerry, John

Box 8 Khrushchev, Sergei, (2 Folders)

Box 8 King, Ed

Box 8 King, Ray

Box 8 Kirby, Anne

Box 8 Kirk, Paul

Box 8 Knap, Ted

Box 8 Knebel, Fletcher

Box 8 Knowles, John

Box 8 Kobliska, Jayne

Box 8 Koch, Ed

Box 8 Kornbluh, Peter

Box 8 Korth, Fred

Box 8 Kotz, Nick

Box 8 Kraft, Joseph and Polly

Box 8 Kraslow, David

Box 8 Kretchmer, Jerome

Box 8 Kriegel, Jay

Box 8 Krim, Arthur

Box 8 Krock, Arthur

Box 8 Kroll, Jules

Box 8 Kupperman, Theodore

Box 8 Kurzman, Steve

Box 8 LaFollette, Gerry

Box 8 Landis, James

Box 8 Landsdale, Edward

Box 8 Lapides, George

Box 8 Larner, Jeremy

Box 8 Lasker, Mary

Box 8 Lawrence, William

Box 8 Lawson, Marjorie, McKenzie

Box 8 Leone, Richard

Box 8 Levinson, Larry

Box 8 Levy, Bonnie Angelo

Box 8 Lewin, Nat

Box 8 Lewis, Anthony

Box 8 Lewis, John

Box 8 Lindsay, John

Box 8 Linton, Ronald

Box 8 Lisagor, Peter

Box 8 Loeb, James

Box 8 Loevinger, Lee

Box 8 Logue, Edward

Box 8 Lois, George

Box 8 Lopez, Hector

Box 8 Lovett, Robert

Box 8 Lowenstein, Allard

Box 8 Lowi, Ted

Box 8 Lucey, Patrick

Box 8 Lugar, Richard

Box 8 Lumat, Pidey

Box 8 Lynd, Staughton

Box 8 Lynn, Frank

Box 8 Lyons, Nance

Box 8 MacLellan, Pete

Box 8 Mahern, Louis

Box 8 Mallon, Jack

Box 8 Mankiewicz, Frank, (2 Folders)

Box 8 Mann, Lane

Box 9 Markman, Sherwin

Box 9 Marlin, Dave

Box 9 Marshall, Burke

Box 9 Marshall, Margaret and Tony

Box 9 Marshall, Thurgood

Box 9 Martin, Gordon

Box 9 Martin, Louis

Box 9 McCarthy, Bobbie Green

Box 9 McGill, Ralph

Box 9 McGovern, George

Box 9 McGowan, Joe

Box 9 McMillan, Doug

Box 9 McNamara, Robert

Box 9 McPeck, Eleanor

Box 9 McPherson, Harry

Box 9 McShane, James

Box 9 Meacham, Ellen

Box 9 Mesta, Perle

Box 9 Miller, Herbert John

Box 9 Miller, Melody

Box 9 Minor, Wilson

Box 9 Minow, Martha

Box 9 Minow, Newton

Box 9 Mitchell, Clarence

Box 9 Mitrovich, George

Box 9 Mode, P.J.

Box 9 Mondale, Walter

Box 9 Morgan, Edward

Box 9 Morganthau, Robert

Box 9 Moses, Robert

Box 9 Mosk, Richard

Box 9 Moynihan, Liz and Pat

Box 9 Mudd, Roger

Box 9 Murphy, Irene

Box 9 Nader, Ralph

Box 9 Navasky, Victor

Box 9 Newberg, Esther

Box 9 Newfield Interviews

Box 9 Newman, Susan

Box 9 Nickerson, Eugene

Box 9 Nolan, John

Box 9 Nolan, Marty

Box 9 Oberdorfer, Lou

Box 9 O'Brien, Lawrence

Box 9 O'Connor, Frank

Box 9 O'Dell, Jack

Box 9 O'Donnell, Kenneth

Box 9 Ochmann, Andrew

Box 9 Ohrenstein, Manfred

Box 9 Orrick, William

Box 9 Ormsby-Gore, William David (Lord Harlech)

Box 9 Ottinger, Richard

Box 9 Pachios, Harold

Box 9 Papert, Fred

Box 9 Parisi, Carmine and Barbara

Box 9 Pastor, Robert

Box 9 Patterson, John

Box 9 Penn, Bob

Box 9 Pigman, Wendell

Box 9 Pincus, Walter

Box 9 Pitt, David

Box 9 Pollak, Steve

Box 9 Powers, Dave

Box 9 Prettyman, Barnett

Box 9 Radziwill, Lee

Box 10 Randolph, A. Philip

Box 10 Rather, Dan

Box 10 Raymont, Henry

Box 10 Raywid, Alan

Box 10 Rauh, Joe, Jr.

Box 10 Reddin, Tom

Box 10 Reed, Jewel

Box 10 Reedy, George

Box 10 Reeves, Richard

Box 10 Reggie, Edward

Box 10 Reich, Robert

Box 10 Reilly, John Richard

Box 10 Reis, Harold

Box 10 Richtel, Murray

Box 10 Ridder, Marie

Box 10 Riley, Mike

Box 10 Ring, Jinx

Box 10 Ritchie, Don

Box 10 Robertson, Ian

Box 10 Robertson, Joe

Box 10 Rogers, Sean

Box 10 Rose, Alex

Box 10 Rosenberg, John

Box 10 Rosenblatt, Roger

Box 10 Rosenthal, Jack

Box 10 Ross, Sandy

Box 10 Rossides, Eugene

Box 10 Rowe, James H., Jr.

Box 10 Royan, William J.

Box 10 Rusk, David

Box 10 Rusk, Dean

Box 10 Rusk, Richard

Box 10 Ryan, Philip

Box 10 Salinger, Nicole

Box 10 Salinger, Pierre

Box 10 Saloschia, Robert

Box 10 Sanders, Carl

Box 10 Schlei, Norbert

Box 10 Schlesinger, Arthur, (2 Folders)

Box 10 Schlesinger, Marie

Box 10 Schlesinger, Steve

Box 10 Schmidt, Benno

Box 10 Schnittker, John

Box 10 Schrade, Paul

Box 10 Schwartz, Michael

Box 10 Scotto, Anthony

Box 10 Seigenthaler, John

Box 10 Senate Staff

Box 10 Shakow, Patricia

Box 10 Shannon, Dan

Box 10 Sheriden, Walter

Box 10 Sherman, Tony

Box 10 Shore, Larry

Box 10 Shields, Mark

Box 10 Shriver, Eunice Kennedy

Box 10 Shriver, Sargent

Box 10 Shur, Gerald

Box 10 Silberling, Edwyn

Box 10 Silverman, Samuel

Box 10 Smathers, George

Box 11 Smith, Charles Z.

Box 11 Smith, Jean Kennedy

Box 11 Smith, Steven E.

Box 11 Smith, Terry

Box 11 Sorensen, Theodore

Box 11 Spalding, Charles

Box 11 Spivak, Alan

Box 11 Stanton, Elvin

Box 11 Stern, Sheldon

Box 11 Stevens, George

Box 11 Stevens, Liz

Box 11 Stevenson, Adlai

Box 11 Stevenson, James

Box 11 Sturz, Herb

Box 11 Styron, Rose

Box 11 Sweets, Adele and Robert

Box 11 Symington, James

Box 11 Talese, Gay

Box 11 Taylor, Hobert, Jr.

Box 11 Taylor, Mawell

Box 11 Terris, Bruce

Box 11 Thomas, Franklin

Box 11 Thompson, Llwellyn

Box 11 Thornberry, Homer

Box 11 Thornton, James Mills

Box 11 Tolan, James

Box 11 Travell, Janet

Box 11 Tremblay, Gerald

Box 11 Troyer, Tom

Box 11 Tuck, Dick

Box 11 Tucker, Herbert

Box 11 Tuttle, Rick

Box 11 Tydings, Joe

Box 11 Ulen, Harold

Box 11 Updegrove, Mark

Box 11 Vandekamp, John

Box 11 Van Heuvel, Bill

Box 11 Vandiver, S. Ernest

Box 11 Vanocur, Sander

Box 11 Vaughn, Jack

Box 11 Vidal, Gore

Box 11 Viorst, Milton

Box 11 Von Hoffman, Nick

Box 11 Wade, Richard

Box 11 Wagner, Robert

Box 11 Wald, Patricia

Box 11 Walinsky, Adam, (2 Folders)

Box 12 Walker, Wyatt

Box 12 Walpin, Gerald

Box 12 Walters, Bob

Box 12 Walton, William

Box 12 Wamsley, Susan Wilbur

Box 12 Watson, Marvin

Box 12 Watson, Thomas

Box 12 Watt, Ruth

Box 12 Weininger, Janet Ray

Box 12 Weisl, Edwin, Jr.

Box 12 Weisl, Edwin, Sr.

Box 12 White, Byron

Box 12 White, Lee

Box 12 White-Crane, Diane

Box 12 Whitesall, Calvin

Box 12 Whittaker, Jim

Box 12 Wicker, Tom

Box 12 Wilens, Phil

Box 12 Wilkie, Curtis

Box 12 Wilkins, Roy

Box 12 Williams, G. Mennen

Box 12 Wilson, Don and Susan

Box 12 Winmill, Joan

Box 12 Witcover, Jules

Box 12 Witker, Kristi

Box 12 Wofford, Harris

Box 12 Wolff, Lester

Box 12 Yeagley, Walter

Box 12 Young, Andrew

Box 12 Zenkel, Lois

Subseries II.2: Subject Files

These files consist of articles, clippings, correspondence, and other research materials.

Box 12 Abortion

Box 12 Accidents

Box 12 Adams, Sherman

Box 12 Advertising

Box 12 Africa

Box 12 Aides

Box 12 Alabama

Box 12 Alcatraz

Box 12 Anti-Semitism

Box 12 Antitrust

Box 12 Appalachia

Box 12 Appointments

Box 12 Arms Race

Box 12 Army -- McCarthy

Box 12 Arnone, Bill

Box 12 Assassination

Box 12 Attorney General

Box 12 Bail Reform

Box 12 Bedford-Stuyvesant

Box 12 Berlin

Box 12 Biographies

Box 12 Bolshakov, Georgi

Box 12 Book Reviews

Box 12 Books

Box 12 Boykin, Frank

Box 12 Bowles, Chester

Box 12 Brazil

Box 12 British Guiana

Box 12 Business Outreach

Box 12 Camelot

Box 12 Campaign Finance Reform

Box 12 Cape Cod

Box 12 Carlyle Hotel

Box 12 Cartoons, (2 Folders)

Box 12 Castro, Fidel

Box 12 Catholic

Box 12 Censorship

Box 12 Charity

Box 12 Chavez, Cesar

Box 12 Children

Box 12 Children (Robert F. Kennedy's)

Box 12 China

Box 12 CIA

Box 12 Civil Liberties

Box 13 Civil Rights

Box 13 Civil Rights Bill

Box 13 Civil Rights Commission

Box 13 Civil Rights Division

Box 13 Civil Rights Division--FBI Study

Box 13 Cohn, Roy

Box 13 Cold War

Box 13 Communists

Box 13 Competition

Box 13 Conflict of Interest

Box 13 Conservative

Box 13 Corbin, Paul

Box 13 Counterinsurgency

Box 13 Crime


Box 13 General, (3 Folders)

Box 13 Documents (New JFK Releases)

Box 14 Cuban Missile Crisis

Box 14 National Security Archives, (3 Folders)

Box 14 Prisoner Exchange

Box 14 Curse

Box 14 Death

Box 14 Democratic Convention, 1964

Box 14 Dirty Tricks

Box 14 Drugs

Box 14 Eisenhower, Dwight D.

Box 14 Estes, Billie Sol

Box 14 Eulogy

Box 14 Factor, John

Box 14 Family

Box 14 Fans

Box 14 Farm Policy

Box 14 FBI -- Robert F. Kennedy, (2 Folders)

Box 14 Films

Box 14 Foreign Policy

Box 15 Foreign Travels

Box 15 Freedom Riders

Box 15 Friends

Box 15 Garrow, Dave

Box 15 General Aniline

Box 15 Greek Shipping Crisis

Box 15 Gun Control

Box 15 Harvard

Box 15 Health Issues

Box 15 Helms, Richard

Box 15 Hickory Hill

Box 15 History

Box 15 Hoffa, Jimmy

Box 15 Hoffa Legal

Box 15 Homes

Box 15 Hoover, J. Edgar, (2 Folders)

Box 15 Hoover Special Files (FBI)

Box 15 Housing

Box 15 Humor

Box 15 Humphrey

Box 15 Hunger

Box 15 Indiana

Box 15 Indianapolis

Box 15 Indians

Box 15 Indonesia

Box 15 Injuries

Box 15 IRS

Box 15 Jackson, Henry

Box 15 Japan

Box 15 Jews

Box 15 Johnson, Lyndon B., (1 Folder)

Box 16 Johnson, Lyndon B., (1 Folder)

Box 16 Lyndon B. Johnson Library, (2 Folders)

Box 16 Journalism

Box 16 Judges

Box 16 Justice / Bail Reforms

Box 16 Juvenile Delinquency

Box 16 Keating, Ken

Box 16 Kennedy, Christopher

Box 16 Kennedy, David

Box 16 Kennedy, Ethel

Box 16 Kennedy, Jackie

Box 16 Kennedy, Jean

Box 16 Kennedy, John F.

Box 16 Kennedy, Joseph P.

Box 16 Kennedy, Joseph, Jr.

Box 16 Kennedy, Joseph III

Box 16 Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation

Box 16 Kennedy, Kathleen

Box 16 Kennedy, Robert F., Jr.

Box 16 Kennedy, Rory

Box 16 Kennedy, Rose

Box 16 Kennedy, Ted

Box 16 Kennedy Library, (3 Folders)

Box 17 Kennedy Library, (4 Folders)

Box 17 Kilgallen, Dorothy

Box 17 King, Martin Luther

Box 17 KKK

Box 17 Labor

Box 17 Latin America

Box 17 Lattimore, Owen

Box 17 Law School

Box 17 Letters (Personal)

Box 17 Levison, Stanley

Box 17 Liberal

Box 17 Lies

Box 17 Lincoln, Abraham

Box 17 Lindsay, John

Box 17 Lippmann, Walter

Box 17 Mafia

Box 17 Male Chauvinism

Box 17 Manchester

Box 17 Massachusetts

Box 17 McCarthy, Eugene

Box 17 McCarthy, Joe, (2 Folders)

Box 17 McClellan Committee

Box 17 McNamara, Robert

Box 17 Media

Box 17 Mental Retardation

Box 17 Mexican-Americans

Box 17 Middle East

Box 17 Military

Box 17 Mississippi

Box 17 Money, (2 Folders)

Box 18 Marilyn Monroe

Box 18 Morrissey, Judge Francis

Box 18 Mount Kennedy

Box 18 Movies

Box 18 Nazis

Box 18 Nepotism

Box 18 Newfield, Jack

Box 18 New Politics

Box 18 New York

Box 18 Nixon, Richard

Box 18 Nuclear Weapons

Box 18 Opteka Case

Box 18 Organized Crime

Box 18 Other Robert Kennedys

Box 18 Parker, Frank

Box 18 Parties

Box 18 Patronage

Box 18 Peace Corps

Box 18 Pearson, Drew

Box 18 Peress, Irving

Box 18 Pets

Box 18 Physical Fitness

Box 18 Pictures

Box 18 Poetry

Box 18 Poland

Box 18 Political Conflicts

Box 18 Politics

Box 18 Polls

Box 18 Popularity

Box 18 Portsmouth Priory

Box 18 Post-Assassination

Box 18 Postal Rates

Box 18 Poverty

Box 18 Preach

Box 18 Pre-Presidential Campaign

Box 18 Presidential Campaign, 1960

Box 19 Presidential Campaign

Box 19 Press

Box 19 Press Bias

Box 19 Press Conference

Box 19 Prince Edward County

Box 19 Protégés

Box 19 Public Speaking

Box 19 Rackets Committee

Box 19 Reagan, Ronald

Box 19 Reapportionment

Box 19 Religion

Box 19 Reuther Memorandum

Box 19 RFK (Robert F. Kennedy) Center

Box 19 Right Wing

Box 19 Rusk, Dean

Box 19 Russia

Box 19 Scales, Junius

Box 19 Schools

Box 19 Senate

Box 19 Senate Campaign

Box 19 Senate Staff and Committee Assignments

Box 19 Senate Staff Interviews

Box 19 Sexism

Box 19 Shriver, Sargent

Box 19 Sinatra, Frank

Box 19 Sirhan Sirhan

Box 19 Sisters

Box 19 Smathers, George

Box 19 Smith, Steve

Box 19 Solicitor General Cox

Box 19 Song

Box 19 South

Box 19 Speeches

Box 19 Sports

Box 19 Steel

Box 19 Stevenson, Adlai

Box 19 Stories

Box 19 Supreme Court

Box 19 Surrogate Court

Box 20 Talbott

Box 20 Taxes

Box 20 Teamsters

Box 20 Television (TV)

Box 20 Terrorism

Box 20 TFX Scandal

Box 20 Theatre

Box 20 Threats

Box 20 Timelines

Box 20 Transformation

Box 20 Transportation

Box 20 Travel

Box 20 Tribute

Box 20 Unions

Box 20 University of Virginia Law

Box 20 Urban Crisis

Box 20 Vice Presidency

Box 21 Vietnam

Box 21 Wallace, George

Box 21 Wallace (Trammell)

Box 21 Warren Commission

Box 20 Wealth

Box 20 Welfare

Box 20 Wiretapping

Box 20 Womanizing

Box 20 Yorty, Sam

Series III. Books and Audiovisual Materials Used for Research

Books, periodicals and audiovisual materials that Larry Tye bought for his research. Only the annotated books were kept and listed in this series. The books without annotations were either discarded or transferred to the general collection. A folder with a printed out lists of both annotated and unannotated books from this collection is enclosed in the first box of the series (box 22 of the collection).

Box 22 Lists of annotated and non-annotated books in this collection

Box 22 Connie Bruck. Master of the Game: How Steve Ross Rode the Light Fantastic from Undertaker to Creator of the Largest Media Conglomerate in the World, New York, NY: Simon & Schuster, 1994

Box 22 Edited by Paul Buhle. Jews and American Comics: An Illustrated History of an American Art Form, New York: The New Press, 2008

Box 22 Bryan D. Dietrich. Krypton Nights, Lincoln, NE: Zoo Press, 2002

Box 22 Arthur Asa Berger. The Comic-Stripped American: What Dick Tracy, Blondie, Daddy Warbucks, and Charlie Brown Tell Us About Ourselves, Baltimore, MD: Penguin Books Inc., 1974

Box 22 Steven Soderbergh and Richard Lester. Getting Away With It: Or: The Further Adventures of the Luckiest Bastard You Ever Saw, London, England: Faber and Faber Limited, 1999

Box 22 The Comics Journal no. 287: Jeffrey Brown, Greg Rucka, Non-Krazy Kat Comics of George Herriman, Reviews of The Blot, In the Studio and Dozens More, Seattle, WA: Fantagraphics Books, Inc., 2008

Box 22 Ron Coulart. Comic Book Encyclopedia: The Ultimate Guide to Characters, Graphic Novels, Writers, and Artists in the Comic Book Universe , New York, NY: HarperEntertainment (Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers), 2004

Box 22 Jenette Kahn. In Your Space: Personalizing Your Home and Office, New York, NY: Abbeville Press Publishers (First Edition), 2002

Box 22 Geoff Johns, Richard Donner. Superman: Last Son, New York, NY: DC Comics, 2008

Box 22 Eric Stevens. Superman: The Menace of Metallo, Mankato, MN: Stone Arch Books, 2009

Box 22 Ian Gordon. Comic Strips and Consumer Culture 1890-1945, USA: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1998

Box 22 J. Michael Straczynski. Superman: Earth One, New York, NY: DC Comics, 2010

Box 22 John Shelton Lawrence and Robert Jewett. The Myth of the American Superhero, Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2002

Box 22 Michael Shapiro. The Jewish 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Jews of All Time, *: Simon & Schuster, 1996

Box 22 Edited by Frank Plowright. The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide: A Critical Assessment of Over 2,500 Titles, London, England: Aurum Press (Copyright Slings & Arrows), 1997

Box 22 Tony Blanche and Brad Schreiber. Death in Paradise: An Illustrated History of the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner, New York / London: Four Walls Eight Windows, 2001

Box 22 N.C. Christopher Couch with Introduction by Pete Hamill, Foreword by Dennis O'Neil. Jerry Robinson: Ambassador of Comics, New York, NY: Abrams ComicArts, 2010

Box 22 Simcha Weinstein. Up, Up, and Oy Vey! How Jewish History, Culture, and Values Shaped the Comic Book Superhero, Baltimore, MD: Leviathan Press, 2006

Box 22 Craig Yoe with Introduction by Stan Lee. Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman's Co-Creator Joe Shuster, New York, NY: Abrams ComicArts, 2009

Box 22 Marc Tyler Nobleman. Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2008

Box 22 Christopher Knowles. Our Gods Wear Spandex: The Secret History of Comic Book Heroes, San Francisco, CA: Weiser Books, 2007

Box 22 Mark Waid. Superman: Birthright: The Origin of the Man of Steel, New York, NY: DC Comics, 2004

Box 22 Chuck Harter. Superboy & Superpup: The Lost Videos, Hollywood, CA: Cult Movies Press, 1993

Box 23 Joe Simon and Jim Simon. The Comic Book Makers, Lebanon, NJ: Vanguard Productions, 2003

Box 23 Marv Wolfman. Crisis on Infinite Earths, New York, NY: DC Comics, 2008

Box 23 Charles Strouse. Put on a Happy Face: A Broadway Memoir, New York, NY: Union Square Press (Imprint of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.), 2008

Box 23 Larry Thomas Ward. Truth, Justice, & the American Way: The Life and Times of Noel Neill the Original Lois Lane , : Nicholas Lawrence Books,

Box 23 Superman: The Dailies 1939-1942, New York: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. (Arrangement with DC Comics), 2006

Box 23 Les Daniels. Comix: A History of Comic Books in America, New York, NY: Bonanza Books, 1971

Box 23 Kirk Alyn. A Job for Superman! The Original Superman of Motion Pictures, Hollywood, CA: Kirk Alyn, 1971

Box 23 Truman Frederick Keefer, Edited by Sylvia E. Bowman. Philip Wylie, Boston, MA: Twayne Publishers (Division of G.K. Hall & Co.), 1977

Box 23 G. Legman. Love & Death: A Study in Censorship, New York: Breaking Point, 1949

Box 23 Amy Kiste Nyberg. Seal of Approval: The History of the Comics Code, Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi, 1998

Box 23 Douglas Bradshaw. Shaquille O'Neal Man of Steel, New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 2001

Box 23 Stan Lee and George Mair. Excelsior! The Amazing Life of Stan Lee, New York, NY: A Fireside Book (published by Simon & Shuster), 2002

Box 23 Bob Kane and Tom Andrae. Batman & Me, Forestville, CA: Eclipse Books, 1989

Box 23 George Lowther. The Adventures of Superman, Bedford, MA: Applewood Books, 1995

Box 23 David Mamet. Some Freaks, New York, NY: Penguin Books , 1991

Box 23 Bernard Shaw. Man and Superman, Baltimore, MD: Penguin Books, 1960*

Box 23 Foreword by Mark Waid. Superman: The Action Comics Archives, Volume 1, New York, NY: DC Comics, 1997

Box 23 Dennis O'Neill. Superman: Kryptonite Nevermore, New York, NY: DC Comics, 2009

Box 23 Leonard Maltin. Of Mice and Magic: A History of American Animated Cartoons, New York, NY*: Plume (published by the Penguin Group), 1987

Box 23 Superman and the Amazing Spiderman: The Battle of the Century, New York, NY: National Periodical Publications, Inc. and Marvel Comics Group, 1976

Box 23 Alex Ross and Paul Dini. Superman: Peace on Earth, New York, NY: DC Comics, 1999

Box 23 Better Homes and Gardens , Des Moines, IA: Meredith Publishing Company, 20149

Box 24 Edited and introduction by E. Nelson Bridwell. Superman: From the Thirties to the Seventies, New York, NY: Crown Publishers, Inc. (National Periodical Publications, Inc.) , 1971

Box 24 Martin Pasko with Foreword by Paul Levitz. The DC Vault: A Museum-In-A-Book Featuring Rare Collectibles from the DC Universe, : Running Press (DC Comics) , 2008

Box 24 Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Louise Simonson, and Roger Stern. The Death of Superman, New York, NY: DC Comics, 1993

Box 24 Sam Moskowitz. Explorers of the Infinite: Shapers of Science Fiction, Cleveland, OH: Meridian Books, 1963

Box 24 George Lowther. Superman, Los Angeles, CA: Kassel Books, 1979

Box 24 Tom De Haven. It's Superman!, New York: Ballantine Books, 2006

Box 24 Richard A. Lupoff. Master of Adventure: The Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 2005

Box 24 Les Daniels. DC Comics: Sixty Years of the World's Favorite Comic Book Heroes, : A Bulfinch Press Book (Little, Brown and Company), 1995 (Copyright DC Comics)

Box 24 Mike Benton. Superhero Comics of the Golden Age: The Illustrated History, Dallas, TX: Taylor Publishing Company, 1992

Box 24 Scott Beatty. Superman: The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel, New York, NY: DK Publishing, 2006

Box 24 Ron Goulart. Over 50 Years of American Comic Books, Lincolnwood, IL: Mallard Press (Copyright: Publications International, Ltd.), 1991

Box 24 Jan Alan Henderson. Speeding Bullet: The Life and Bizarre Death of George Reeves, Grand Rapids, MI: Michael Bifulco (Second Edition), 2007

Box 24 Bob Andelman. Will Eisner: A Spirited Life, Milwaukie, OR: M Press, 2005

Box 24 Introduction by John Byrne. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, New York, NY: DC Comics, 1994

Box 24 Will Jacobs and Gerard Jones. The Comic Book Heroes: From the Silver Age to the Present, New York, NY: Crown Publishers, Inc. , 1985

Box 24 Roger Stern. The Death and Life of Superman, New York: Barnes & Noble Books, 2004

Box 24 Jeph Loeb. Superman For All Seasons, New York, NY: DC Comics, 1999

Box 24 Thomas Andrae and Mel Gordon. Siegel and Shuster's Funnyman: The First Jewish Superhero, Port Townsend, WA: Feral House, 2010

Box 24 Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything, New York, NY: Harper Perennial (HarperCollins Publishers), 2009

Box 24 Danny Fingeroth. Superman on the Couch: What Superheroes Really Tell Us about Ourselves and Our Society, New York, NY: Continuum, 2004

Box 24 Jake Rosen. Superman vs. Hollywood: How Fiendish Producers, Devious Directors, and Warring Writers Grounded an American Icon, Chicago, IL: Chicago Review Press, 2008

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Box 25 Amanda Murrah Matetsky (writer and editor). The Adventures of Superman Collecting, West Plains, MI: Russ Cochran (In Association with DC Comics), 1988

Box 25 Thomas Andrae. Creators of the Superheroes, Neshannock, PA: Hermes Press, 2011

Box 25 Ted Cowan, Jerry Siegel and Reg Bunn. Spider: King of Crooks, London, England: Titan Books, 2005

Box 25 The Superman Chronicles, Volume One, New York, NY: DC Comics, 2006

Box 25 The Superman Chronicles, Volume Six, New York, NY: DC Comics, 2009

Box 25 Showcase Presents Superman, Volume One, New York, NY: DC Comics, 2005

Box 25 DC's Greatest Imaginary Stories, New York, NY: DC Comics, 2005

Box 25 The Golden Age Spectre Archives, Volume One, New York, NY: DC Comics (DC Archive Editions), 2003

Box 25 Edited and written by Michael Eury. The Krypton Companion, Raleigh, NC: TwoMorrows Publishing ( (Second Printing), 2007

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Box 25 Peter Coogan. Superhero: The Secret Origin of a Genre, Austin, TX: MonkeyBrain Books, 2006

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Box 25 Bob Holiday and Chuck Harter. Superman on Broadway, : Bob Holiday & Chuck Harter , 2003

Box 25 VHS set. Mysterious Doctor Satan, Los Angeles, CA: Republic Pictures Home Video, 1988

Box 25 CD. It's a Bird It's a Plane It's Superman: The New Musical Comedy, New York, NY: Sony Broadway, 1992

Box 25 DVD. National Geographic Channel Science of Superman, : ,

Box 25 CDs (radio show). The Adventures of Superman: Batman's Great Mystery, Cedar Knolls, NJ: DC Comics and Radio Spirits, 2003 (signed by Grossman, inscribed to Larry)

Box 25 Gary Grossman, Edited by Leonard Maltin. Superman: Serial to Cereal, New York: Popular Library, 1976

Box 25 DVD. Look, Up in the Sky! The Amazing Story of Superman, : Warner Bros. Entertainment, 2006

Box 25 DVD. Holiday in Metropolis, : Combined Dreams Pictures, 2006

Box 25 DVD. Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics, : Warner Bros. Entertainment and DC Comics , 2010

Box 25 DVD. George Reeves, : Kit Parker Films and Blair & Associates, Ltd., 2006

Box 25 DVD. Superman: Doomsday, : Warner Bros. Entertainment,

Box 25 DVD. Superman: The 1975 Musical, : ,

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Box 26 Alvin Schwartz. An Unlikely Prophet: A Metaphysical Memoir by the Legendary Writer of Superman and Batman , Rochester, VT: Destiny Books, 2006 (signed and inscribed to Larry)

Box 26 Bill Schelly. Words of Wonder: The Life and Times of Otto Binder, Seattle, WA: Hamster Press, 2009 (signed by author)

Box 26 Roger Stern. Smallville: Strange Visitors, New York, NY: Warner Books (copyright DC Comics), 2002

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Box 26 Jules Feiffer. The Great Comic Book Heroes, New York, NY: Bonanza Books, 1965

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Box 26 William W. Savage, Jr.. Commies, Cowboys, and Jungle Queens: Comic Books and America, 1945-1954, Hanover, NH: Wesleyen University Press (University Press of New England) , 1990

Box 27 James Gilbert. A Cycle of Outrage: America's Reaction to the Juvenile Delinquent in the 1950s, : ,

Box 27 Gerard Jones. Killing Monsters: Why Children Need Fantasy, Super Heroes, and Make-Believe Violence, New York, NY: Basic Books (Perseus Book Group), 2002

Box 27 The Comics Journal no. 289, Seattle, WA: Fantagraphics Books, April 2008

Box 27 Jules Feiffer. Backing into Forward: A Memoir, New York, NY: Doubleday, 2010

Box 27 Eric Leif Davin. Pioneers of Wonder: Conversations with the Founders of Science Fiction, Amherst, NY: Prometheus Books, 1999

Box 27 Terri Hatcher. Burnt Toast and Other Philosophies of Life, New York, NY: Hyperion, 2006

Box 27 Mark Waid and Alex Ross. Kingdom Come, New York, NY: DC Comics, 2008

Box 27 Stephen Becker. Comic Art in America: A Social History of the Funnies, the Political Cartoons, Magazine Humor, Sporting Cartoons and Animated Cartoons, New York, NY: Simon & Schuster, 1959

Box 27 Robert Lesser. A Celebration of Comic Art and Memorabilia, New York, NY: Hawthorn Books, Inc., 1975 (Signed by author and dedicated to Mort Walker)