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Zone Books records, 1985-2014

Accession of 2012 - Files: Reviews, publicity, press releases, correspondence, production

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Box 47a Agamben – Remnants of Auschwitz

Box 47a Agamben – Profanazioni 

Box 47a Ariella Azoulay

Box 47a Baharani – Rituals of War

Box 47a Georges Bataille – The Accursed Share

Box 47b Georges Bataille – The Accursed Share II + III

Box 47b Georges Bataille – Cradle of Humanity

Box 47b Georges Bataille – Theory of Religion

Box 47b Henri Bergson – Matter and Memory

Box 47b Wendy Brown

Box 47b Walker Bynum – Christian Morality

Box 47b Walker Bynum – Metamorphosis & Identity

Box 48a Cai Hua – A Society Without Fathers or Husbands

Box 48a Georges Canguilhem – On The Normal and The Pathological

Box 48a Chretien – The Great Lakes of Africa

Box 48a Pierre Clastres – Chronicle of the Guryaki Indians

Box 48a Pierre Clastres – Society Against the State

Box 48a François Dagognet – Etienne-Jules Marey

Box 48a Lorraine Daston – Things That Talk

Box 48a Daston + Galiston – Objectivity

Box 48a Daston and Park – Wonders + The Natural Order of Nature

Box 48a Manuel DeLanda – A thousand Years of Non-linear History

Box 48a Manuel DeLanda – War in the Age of Intelligent Machines

Box 48b François Delaporte – A Vital Rationalist

Box 48b Gus Debord – Society of the Spectacle

Box 48b Gilles Deleuze – Bergsonism

Box 48b Gilles Deleuze – Expressionism in Philosophy

Box 48b Gilles Deleuze – Masochism

Box 48b Gilles Deleuze – Pure Immanence

Box 48b Marcel Detienne – Masters of Truth in Archaic Greece

Box 48b Beshara Doumani – Academic Freedom After September 11

Box 48b Georges Dumezil – Mitra-Varuna

Box 48b Veit Erlmann – Cultural History of the Ear

Box 48b Farquhar + Zhang – Ten Thousand Things

Box 48b Passin

Box 48b Michael Feher – The Libertine Reader

Box 48b Vacarme

Box 48b Henri Rocillon – The Life of Farms in Art

Box 49 Blanchot – Foucault

Box 49 Pierre Francastel – Art + Technology in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Box 49 Goldhammer

Box 49 Goldstein – The Organic

Box 49 Grouer-Friedlander – Operatic Afterlives

Box 49 Valentin Groebner – Defaced

Box 49 Identification Papers

Box 49 Fernand Hallyn – Poetic Structure of the World

Box 49 Jeffery Hamburger – The Visual + The Visionary

Box 49 Daniel Heller-Roazen – Echolalia

Box 49 Daniel Heller-Roazen- The Inner Touch

Box 49 Daniel Heller-Roazen – The Common Enemy

Box 49 Daniel Heller-Roazen – The Fifth Hammer

Box 49 Gilbert Herdt – Third Sex, Third Gender

Box 50 Françoise Heritier – Two Sisters + Their Mother

Box 50 Albert Hirshmann – Crossing Boundaries

Box 50 Lynn Hunt – Invention of Pornography

Box 50 Jambet

Box 50 François Jullien – In Praise of Blandness

Box 51 François Jullien – The Propensity of Things

Box 51 François Jullien – Nourrir Sa Vie

Box 51 Ben Kafka – Demon of Writing

Box 51 Siegfried Kracauer – Jaques Offenbach + The Paris of His Time

Box 51 Krikorian – Access to Knowledge

Box 51 Kuriyama – "Expressiveness of the Body" and "Embodied Differences"

Box 51 Laquer – Solitary Sex

Box 51 Joseph – Dream Syndicate

Box 51 Jullien – Detour + Access

Box 51 Asti Hustvedt – The Decadent Reader

Box 51 In Praise of the Whip

Box 51 Jaques LeGoff – Your $ or Your Life

Box 52 Claudio Lomnitz – Death and the Idea of Mexico

Box 52 Nicole Loraux – The Divided City

Box 52 Nicole Loraux – The Invention of Athens

Box 52 Robert Lyons – Intimate Enemy

Box 52 Marker – La Jetée

Box 52 Arnaud Maillet – The Claude Glass

Box 52 Philippe-Alain Michaud – Aby Warburg and the Image in Motion

Box 52 Nagel + Wood – Anachronic Renaissance

Box 52 Stephen Oettermann – The Panorama

Box 52 Ophir, Givoni, Hanafi – The Israeli Regime & the Order of Evils

Box 52 Park – Visible Women

Box 53 Erwin Panofsky – Perspective as Symbolic Form

Box 53 Carla Hesse + Robert Post – Human Rights in Political Transitions

Box 53 Robert Post + Michael Rogin – Race + Representation

Box 53 Amy Powell – The Taken-Down Gods

Box 53 Alois Riegel – Historical Grammar of the Visual Arts

Box 53 Sahlins – Culture & Practice

Box 53 Hillel Schwartz – Making Noise: From Babel to the Big Bang & Beyond

Box 54 Hillel Schwartz – The Curse of the Copy

Box 54 Jean Starobinsk – Action and Reaction

Box 54 Leo Steinberg – Leonardo's Incessant Last Supper

Box 54 Chantal Thomas – The Wicked Queen

Box 54 Rauol Vaneigem – The Movement of the Free Spirit

Box 55a Jean-Pierre Vernant – Myth and Tragedy in Ancient Greece

Box 55a Jean-Pierre Vernant – Myth Thought chez les Grecs

Box 55a Jean-Pierre Vernant + Vidal-Naquet – Myth and Tragedy

Box 55a Michael Warner – Publics + Counterpublics

Box 55a Wolfson – A Dream Interpreted

Box 55a Wood/Nagel

Box 55a Christopher Wood – The Vienna School Reader

Box 55a Zone Foreign Rights

Box 55b General Information About Zone: Bios, Statement, General Articles

Box 55b Rights

Box 55b Production

Box 55b Reviews Box 3-4

Box 56 Zone Books – Wonders Text

Box 56 Wolison Foul Matter

Box 56 Park + Daston – Images/Paid For and Reviewed (Correspondence)

Box 56 Fifth Hammer Foul Matter

Box 56 Erlhmann Foul Matter