Yu Feng Tse papers, 1928-2002, bulk 1943-1996

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The Yu Feng Tse papers (于鳳至檔案) document her family life and that of her spouse, the Young Marshall Zhang Xueliang, who was under house arrest since 1937, first in mainland China and later in Taiwan until he was free in 1992. The materials primarily consist of correspondence, writings, printed materials, photographs, as well as memorabilia, dating from 1928 to 2011, with its bulk dating from 1943 to 1996. The materials show the relationship between Yu Feng Tse who was in the United States and Zhang Xueliang who was in Taiwan at the time.


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Yu, Fengzhi, 1897-1990; Zhang, Xueliang, 1901-2001
C. V. Starr East Asian Library
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The Yu Feng Tse papers (于鳳至檔案) document the family relations between Yu Feng Tse and her spouse, the Young Marshal Zhang Xueliang, dating from 1928 to 2002 with its bulk dates from 1943 to 1996. The materials contain correspondence, writings, articles, photographs, portraits, books, magazines, calendars, post cards, business cards, and other memorabilia such as chops. The highlights of the correspondence in the collection are mostly incoming family letters from Zhang Xueliang to Yu Feng Tse and the family on his activities, perspectives in life, and other family matters. Other correspondence consists of letters from H.H. Kung and Madame Chiang-Soong Mayling to Yu Feng Tse. The photographs depict the daily activities of Zhang Xueliang in Taiwan and later when he was began living overseas in Hawaii. Also include in the photographs are portrait and photographs of Chang Tso-lin. Also worth noting are the twelve Chang family chops, including some carved with the Chang family members' courtesy name.

于鳳至檔案記錄了她與配偶張學良少帥的家庭關係,年份為1928年至2002年,主要年份為1943年至1996年。檔案內含信件,文章,照片,肖像,書籍,雜誌,日曆,明信片,名片與其它紀念品(如印章)。檔案中往來信件主要是張學良致張于鳳至和家人的家信,內容涉及他的日常活動與其它家庭事務。其他信件包括有孔祥熙, 蔣宋美齡致張于鳳至的信件。檔案內的照片描繪了張學良在台灣以及後來在夏威夷生活和日常活動。照片中還有張作霖的肖像和照片。另外值得一提的是檔案內的十二個張氏家族的印章。

  • Series I: Correspondence and papers, 信札文件等, 1943-2001

    The series comprises primarily incoming correspondence from Yu Feng Tse's former spouse, Zhang Xueliang, also known as the Young Marshal, as well as family members, relatives, and friends such as H.H. Kung and Madame Chiang-Soong Mayling, etc., dating from 1943 to 2001. Most of the Chinese letters and pages have caption cards in English. This series also includes news clippings and articles about Zhang Xueliang and the family as well as speeches by Madame Chiang and writing by Yu Feng Tse.

  • Series II: Printed materials, 印刷品, 1933-2002

    The series comprises books and magazines articles related Zhang Xueliang and the family, as well as printed calendars featuring Chinese artifacts as gifts from Chiang-Soong Mayling, dating from 1933 to 2002. Some books in the series were inscribed to Zhang Xueliang.

  • Series III: Photographs, 照片, 1928-2011

    The series comprises photographs and some portraits, dating from 1928 to 2011. The photographs primarily depict Zhang Xueliang's daily activities, trips, family and friends, which he sent to his family abroad during the time when he was under house arrest in Taiwan until 1993 when he moved to Hawaii. Also include in the photographs are portraits of his father, Zhang Zuolin (張作霖).

  • Series IV: Artworks, ephemera, and memorabilia, 紀念物品等, 1932-1958, undated

    The series consists of eight traditional color painting, one box of Yu Feng Tse's business cards, four sets of postcards, twelve family chops, and holiday cards and other ephemera.


Arranged by material type. Collection is arranged in 4 series.

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Yu Feng Tse (Chinese: 于鳳至, 于凤至; Wade-Giles: Yu Fengchih, Yu Feng Tse, (signature: F.T. Chang-Yu); pinyin: Yu Fengzhi; courtesy name: Xiangzhou, 翔舟) was born in Jilin province, China, in 1897. In 1913, she began attending the Fengtian Women's Normal School (奉天女子師範學校). Her father Yu Wendou (于文斗) and Zhang Zuolin (張作霖, known as the Old Marshal) arranged the married between Yu Fengzhi and Zhang Xueliang (張學良, Peter H.L. Chang, known as the Young Marshal). In 1916, she married the Young Marshall and moved to the Shenyang. Between 1917 and 1921, she gave birth to one daughter and three sons (Zhang Luying 張閭瑛; Zhang Luxun張閭珣; Zhang Luyu 張閭玗; Zhang Luqi 張閭琪). In 1928, she attended classes at the Nort heastern University (東北大學). Since the Xi'an Incident in 1937, she was under house arrest with the Young Marshal. In 1940, she was diagnosed with cancer and she travelled to New York to be treated. After her treatment, she moved to Los Angeles with her family. She passed away in Los Angeles at the age of 93 in 1990.

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