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Lhasa Neighborhood Committee Number Three records, 1953-1974, bulk 1959-1972

Series I, The Uprising of 1959 and "Democratic Reforms," 1959-1963, 1959, 1959-1963

The date ranges for each series refer to the creation of the materials, not necessarily the subject.

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Subseries I.1, Personal Statements

This file contains autobiographical statements, self-criticisms, and eyewitness accounts authored by individuals in the neighborhood. These materials were written in conjunction with the introduction of "Democratic Reforms" [dmangs gtso bcos ʼgyur] in Lhasa, starting in 1959. Arranged by personal name of subject as spelled on the document, with alternative spellings of the name in parentheses. All translations are in English, and rendered by Matthew Akester and Tupten Khétsun, unless otherwise noted.

Box 1 Folder 1 Blo bzang dbang ldan (Lozang Wangden)

Autobiographical statement.

(Translation available.)

Box 1 Folder 2 Blo bzang lhun grub (Lozang Lhündrup), (2 sheets)

Confession of monk regarding his presence at Norbu Lingka [Norbulingka] in March 1959.

(Translation available.)

Box 1 Folder 3 Blo bzang tshe dbang (Lozang Tsewang)

Statement about the activities of Blo bzang tshe dbang during the late 1950s including trip to India.

(Translation available.)

(See also Box 1, Folder 30: Weapons: Blo Bzang tshe dbang.)

Box 1 Folder 4 Bshes gnyen blo gsal (Shenyen Losel), (3 items)

Autobiographical statement by resident of Jamyang Tara House, and two accounts of his estate property.

(Translation available.)

Box 1 Folder 5 Ngag dbang chos dar (Ngakwang Chödar)

Autobiographical statement, culminating in the events of 1959.

(Translation available.)

Box 1 Folder 6 Ngag dbang chos ldan (Ngakwang Chöden); Me chog (Mechok)

Statement by [author unidentified] entitled "Mig chog gi gnas tshul," concerning the allegedly criminal activities of Ngakwang Chöden and Mechok, residents of Jamyang House.

(Translation available.)

Box 1 Folder 7 Padma don grub or Pad ma don grub (Pema Döndrup)

Autobiographical statement, concerning his former salary and current assets.

(Translation available.)

Box 1 Folder 8 Spen pa (Penpa)

Autobiographical statement, describing events at Drapchi Prison in March1959.

(Translation available.)

Box 1 Folder 9 Thub bstan rnam dag (Tupten Namdak)

Autobiographical statement.

(Translation available.)

Box 1 Folder 10 Tshe chos (Tsechö), 1960?

Self-criticism by resident of Ngal rtsol srang lam.

(Translation available.)

Subseries I.2, Registers

The general and subcommittee registers of people, property, and weapons, list in table-format the name, address, age, gender, class category, place of origin and comments for each resident.

(See also: Series I, Subseries 1: Bshes gnyen blo gsal)


Box 1 Folder 11 Neighborhood Register, 1960 May 7, 1960, (58 pages, incomplete)

Includes: (a) preliminary assessment of residents in various parts of the neighborhood in the aftermath of the 1959 uprising, according to whether they are in custody, at home after making a confession, disappeared, dead or departed for India; (b) list of alleged crimes committed during the uprising and their informants; (c) list of residents under the new subcommittees according to their former occupations and involvement in the uprising.

Box 1 Folder 12 Subcommittee Number 1, (6 sheets)

Register of 132 residents.

Box 1 Folder 13 Subcommittee Number 2, (4 sheets)

Register of 136 residents.

Box 1 Folder 14 Subcommittee Number 3, (6 sheets)

Register of 210 residents.

Box 1 Folder 15 Subcommittee Number 4, (4 sheets)

Register of 153 residents.

Box 1 Folder 16 Subcommittee Number 5, (4 sheets)

Register of 97 residents.

Box 1 Folder 17 Subcommittee Number 6, (4 sheets)

Register of 94 residents.

Box 1 Folder 18 Subcommittee Number 1 of Neighborhood Committee Number 8 (Tib. Grong lhan ang brgyad paʼi tshogs chung dang po),, 1959

Register of 180 residents, including ethnicity, education, religion and occupation.

Box 1 Folder 19 Mnyam las u yon lhan khang gi riʼu mig, 1960 September 19, 1960

Register of 10 individuals in the Cooperative Street Neighborhood Committee, who were subject to detention, surveillance or re-education for involvement in the uprising.

Box 1 Folder 20 Dmangs gtso skyar zhibs skabs kyi gnas tshul bsdom tho, 1960, (9 sheets)

Register of changes in the class categories of residents and confiscation of their property as a result of the 1960 Re-examination Campaign.

(Translation available.)


Registers of animals and other forms of wealth.

(Arranged by resident, with residence in parentheses.)

Box 1 Folder 21 General register of valuables sold [to the state] or still in possession of residents, 1961 May 20, 1961

Box 1 Folder 22 Mkhyen rab brtan pa (ʼJams dbyangs shar)

List of property belonging to Khyenrap Tenpa of Jamyang Shar House, on Cooperative Street.

(Translation available.)

Box 1 Folder 23 Ngag dbang ʼbyor ldan (Dbang bdung khang gsar)

List of property and money [confiscated?] from Ngakwang Jorden of Wangdüng Khangsar House.

Box 1 Folder 24 Ngag dbang chos dar ; Skal bzang kun dgaʼ (Nga thang khyod thang)

List of estate property [formerly?] belonging to Ngakwang Chödar and Kelzang Künga of Ngatang Kyötang House.

(See also Series I, Subseries 1: Personal Statements.)

Box 1 Folder 25 ʼPhrin las chos ʼphel (Mchod pa khang)

List of property belonging to Trinlé Chöpel of Chöpakhang House.

(Translation available.)

Box 1 Folder 26 Rnam rgyal rgya mtsho (ʼJam dbyangs shar)

List of property belonging to Namgyel Gyatso of Jamyang Shar House.

(Translation available.)

Box 1 Folder 27 Thub bstan rab rgyas (ʼJam dbyangs dkyil)

List of property belonging to Tupten Rapgyé of Jamyang Kyil.

(Translation available.)

Box 1 Folder 28 Tshe dpal (Sog steng)

List of the property belonging to Tsepel of Sokteng House.

(Translation available.)


Box 1 Folder 29 Grong lhan bdun paʼi ʼkhungs gis me mdaʼ phyis ʼgyar gis riʼu [sic] smig, 1960 February21, 1960

Register of firearms submitted or confiscated under Subcommittee Number 7.

(Translation available.)

Box 1 Folder 30 Blo bzang tshe dbang (Lozang Tsewang), 1960 February 17, 1960

Statement on weapons and bullets used by Lozang Tsewang.

(Translation available.)

(See also Box 1, Folder 3: Blo Bzang tshe dbang.)

Box 1 Folder 31 Bstan pa mkhyen rab (Tenpa Khyenrap)

Statement on weapons in possession of Tenpa Khyenrap, resident of Jamyang Kyil [ʼJam dbyangs kyil (dkyil?)], as witnessed in January 1959.

(Translation available.)

Box 1 Folder 32 Gting skyes sprul sku[?], 1960 February 17, 1960

Statement by Tingkyé Trülku on weapons confiscated by the Peoples Liberation Army.

Box 1 Folder 33 Ur-rgyan chos rgron [sic] dang Ngag dbang mjon ldan gnyi [sic)] gi men [sic] mdaʼ gnas tshul yig shub,, 1960, (7 items)

Documents regarding Urgyen Chödrön [O rgyan chos sgron or Dbu rgyan chos sgron (above?)] and Ngakwang Jorden's possession of firearms, including statements by the accused, a blank form for registering escapees and a register of missing firearms/weapons in Subcommittee Number 7.

(Translation available.)

Subseries I.3, Reports

Box 1 Folder 34 Spyi lo 1962 loʼi ʼOd zer grong lhan gsum paʼi bde ʼjags bde khag gi las don ʼjug bsdoms ʼchar gzhi = [Annual report for 1962 from the security office of Brilliant Neighborhood Committee Number 3], 1963 February, 1962, 1962, 1963, (4 sheets); manuscript

(Translation available.)