Oral History Archives at Columbia

Gail Mary Killian and Stephen Desroches sound recordings, 1970-2003

Stephen Desroches oral history interviews, 1991-2003

5 audiocassettes

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Box OHAC C9 Oral history interview with Stanley Killian, 1991, 1 audiocassettes

This interview with Stanley Killian (1922-1999) was conducted by his grandson Stephen Desroches. The inteview was taken when Desroches was sixteen for a high school assignment in which students were to ask older family members about World War II. The tape incidentally contains a recording of Desroches narrating the movie Jaws II.

Box OHAC C9 Oral history interview with Stanley Killian, Eugene Killian, and Helen Killian, September 27, September 29, and October 3, 1999, 3 audiocassettes

This interview with Stanley Killian (1922-1999), Eugene Killian (1920-2012), and Helen Killian (1922-2015) was conducted by Stephen Desroches. Stanley and Helen were Desroches' grandparents, and Eugene was his great-uncle. At the time, Stanley had terminal brain cancer, and when Desroches visited he would record conversations of all present. Topics discussed include the Great Depression, World War II, and the experiences of their immigrant parents. The Killians also share their views on contemporary politics, including gun control, healthcare, the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, and the Democratic and Republican Parties. They also discuss social issues such as divorce and couples living together before marriage.

Box OHAC C9 Oral history interview with Schuyler "Ted" Meyer, 2003, 1 audiocassettes

This interview with Schuyler "Ted" Meyer was conducted by Stephen Desroches in 2003. Meyer was Chief of Police in Provincetown, Massachusetts, a small community at the tip of Cape Cod known for its art colony, eccentricity, and large LGBTQ community. The interview covers life in Provincetown, LGBTQ issues, and his previous experience as police chief in Richardson, Texas. Richardson had a large Muslim population, and Meyer discusses issues around keeping the Muslim community safe in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.