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Arthur T. Sutcliffe Papers, 1838-1962

Series I: Personal Papers

documents the life and development of architect Arthur T. Sutcliffe. The series is composed primarily of diaries, photographs, architectural drawings, watercolor sketches, correspondence, architectural drawing tools, 2,495 postcards and other collected ephemera of Arthur T. Sutcliffe. The subjects of the watercolor sketches range from residential renderings to still life drawings. The diaries in the collection were kept by Arthur Sutcliffe from 1884 to 1971. Each year has its own diary and every day has an entry by Sutcliffe..

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Box 01 Folder 01 to 02 Biographical/Background Information, 1906-1959

2 folders; includes a short biography of Sutcliffe as well as personal papers such as miscellaneous certificates, identification cards, and writings.

Box 12 Conch Shells, undated

Box 01 Folder 03 Correspondence, Edwin Ginn, 1903

Box 01 Folder 04 to 05 Correspondence, General, 1902-1968

2 folders.

Box 01 Folder 06 Correspondence, William and Ida Sutcliffe, 1906-1907

Letters written during a trip to Europe; includes ephemera collected during the trip.

Box 06 to 11 Diaries, 1884-1971

87 diaries.

Box 05 Folder 01 Ecole Des Beaux Art, 1906-1907

3 notebooks.

Box 05 Folder 02 Gustave Umbdenstock, "Conference D'Architecture", 1908

Signed and addressed by Umbdenstock to his student Sutcliffe.

Box 05 Folder 03 Gustave Umbdenstock, Portrait, undated

Signed and addressed by Umbdenstock.

Box 01 Folder 07 Photographs [1 of 2], undated

Primarily portraits.

Box 01 Folder 08 Photographs [2 of 2], undated

Box 01 Folder 09 Photographs and clippings of friends and mentors, 1887-1932

George Grey Barnard, Edna Barnard, Edwin Ginn, Grace Bigelow, Theophilus Parons Chandler, William Henry Cusack, George B. Ford.

Box 15 Postcard Collection, undated

United States, Virgin Islans, Puerto Rico, Canada, Bermuda, Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico, Cuba.

Box 16 Postcard Collection, undated

France, Monaco

Box 17 Postcard Collection, 1906-1907

France; collected while a student at the Ecole des Beaux Arts.

Box 18 Postcard Collection, undated

England, Scotland, Switzerland, Ireland, Russia, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Greece, Denmark, Syria.

Box 19 Postcard Collection, undated

Italy, greeting cards, ships, flowers, airplanes, art works.

Box 20 Postcard Collection, undated

United States

Box 05 Folder 04 Poughkeepsie High School Commencement Excercises, 1894

Includes Commencement program and Sutcliffe's commencement essay "Evolution in Architecture."

Box 05 Folder 05 Theophilus P. Chandler Material, 1898-1927

Primarily photographs and sketches of buildings designed by Chandler.

Box 01 Folder 10 Architectural Drawings [1 of 2], undated

Pencil on trace drawing with color wash.

Box 05 Folder 06 Architectural Drawings [2 of 2], ca. 1900s

Ink and pencil drawings.

Box 05 Folder 07 Notebook, 1898-1900

Pencil and watercolor sketches.

Box 05 Folder 08 Residential Renderings, undated

Primarily watercolor paintings, but some ink drawings.

Box 01 Folder 11 to 13 Sketches, undated

3 folders; primarily watercolor paintings, but some ink or pencil drawings.

Box 02 Folder 01 Tie Pin, 1908

Engraved with "Staff of Ernest Flagg Architect, 1908" and an image of the Singer Tower.

Box 02 Folder 02 American Institute of Architects, Annual Convention, New York, NY, 1925

Medal and committee ribbon.

Box 02 Folder 03 Eastman College memory books, 1894

2 books as well as a drawing and poem of William Henry Cusack.

Box 02 Folder 04 Long Island Country Club, 1953-1962

Photographs, by-laws, book of officers and directors, and a brief history.

Box 02 Folder 05 Miscellaneous French architecutral studies, undated

Box 02 Folder 06 Office of Ernest Flagg letterheads, forms, and cards, undated

Box 02 Folder 07 Pamphlets on the Loire Chateaux and Paris, 1906

Box 02 Folder 08 Poughkeepsie, New York [1 of 2], ca. 1890-1910s


Box 02 Folder 09 Poughkeepsie, New York [2 of 2], 1889-1931


Box 02 Folder 10 Set of architectural drawing tools, undated

In a black leather box (#601); includes calipers and compasses.