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Martin E. Thompson architectural drawings and papers, 1822-1861

Series II: Papers

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Avery Miscellaneous Collection Accounts for work done for the Brick Presbyterian Church, July 1822 to January 1823

4 pages

Avery Miscellaneous Collection Agreement between the Trustees of Columbia college and Martin E. Thompson, architect, for the erection of the Columbia grammar school building, with the specifications and contract drawings for the plans and elevations, scale 1/16, 1829 May 5

18 pages [originally appended to drawing NYDA.1000.010.000011]

Avery Miscellaneous Collection Bill for work on the Tradesmens Bank, Broadway and Reade St., New York, 1859 to 1861

1 page

Avery Miscellaneous Collection Letter from Martin E. Thompson to James Renwick agreeing to build the East wing of the proposed addition to Columbia College, 1829 May 29

1 page

Avery Miscellaneous Collection An agreement for an unidentified town house, 1830 January 25

1 page [orignally appended to drawing NYDA.1000.010.00013]