Avery Drawings & Archives Collections

Walker O. Cain architectural records and papers collection, 1892-1994, bulk 1960-1994

Series III: General Files

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Subseries 1: Correspondence

Box 06 Folder 01 AT&T/New Yorker

Various photocopies of letters addressed to Robert Gottlieb, Editor-in-Chief, The New Yorker, dated 27 January 1989, 28 February 1989, and 29 March 1989, regarding the "plagiarism" of idea about AT&T building as telephone receiver, originally WOC's idea

Rough draft letter addressed to Mr. Renbar regarding possible measures to deal with problem with The New Yorker, undated, and copies of letter addressed to Cy about the same subject, dated 4 May 1989

Response letters from Lee Lorenz, Art Editor, The New Yorker, dated 22 May 1991, and Robert Davidson, dated 28 February 1989

various photocopies of New Yorker cover, 30 January 1989, displaying AT&T building with phone receiver

various photocopies of drawing labeled "New York as an Italian Hill-town", including the AT&T building with phone receiver in landscape

various copies of page 20 from the August 1984 Connoisseur issue, including cartoon of AT&T building with phone receiver, among other cartoons by WOC

August 1984 Connoisseur magazine

Box 13 Folder 29 [AT&T/New Yorker]

Ink and color pencil drawing on WOC stationary of AT&T building with phone receiver.

(Accession no. 1996.005)

Box 06 Folder 02 Rosamond Bernier

Letters from Willard R. Epsy, Arthur Ross, and Rosamond Bernier exchanging bits of unfinished poetry to be completed

2 verse responses from WOC

Box 06 Folder 03 Casson

3 letters from Sir Hugh Casson, undated

Box 06 Folder 04 James Cramer/AIA Washington

Extensive rough-draft material written by WOC to James Cramer voicing his complaints about Leon Krier, the undeserved speaker at the annual AIA meeting (15 hand-written pages, ink on paper)

October 1989 issue of Oculus, journal published by The New York Chapter of the AIA

AIA Memorandum dated 10 April 1990 regarding the Honorary Fellowship Nominations for 1990

Box 06 Folder 05 Connoisseur and Interiors

August 1984 issue of Connoisseur, with note made on cover: See page 20 WOC pen & ink sketches

Reprint from Interiors, December 1967 issue, featuring "A Case of Creative Landmark Preservation in Manhattan", about the remodellation of McKim Mead & White's 1910 680 Park Ave. town house

Box 06 Folder 06 W.O. Cain Special File/Correspondence

16 letters addressed to WOC from April 1969 to May 1972, including correspondence from Beverly Pepper, Leonard Charmicheal, C.O.V. Keinbusch, and Daniel P. Moynihan

17 copies of letters/essays written by WOC from February 1970 to April 1973, including correspondence to Richard deVore, Leonard Carmicheal, Paul McCloskey, Edward West, Haik Kavookjian, Daniel P. Moynihan, and Robert Cramer

also a "Memorandum on Vietnam" addressed to Paul Barringer

Various clippings of WOC's acceptance of a Doctorate of Letters from Union College

Box 06 Folder 07 Rens Lee

1 postcard from Rens, dated 23 May 1976

Box 06 Folder 08 Russell Lynes

16 letters from Russell Lynes addressed to WOC, including one accompanied by Xerox of the cover-jacket of Lyne's new book Life in the Slow Lane

poster, about 16"x20" in size, announcing exhibit called "Russell Lynes Observes" at the Vassar College Art Gallery, Autumn 1987

New York Times clipping, dated 16 September 1991, announcing death of Russell Lynes

Century Association leaflet announcing Memorial Service for Russell Lynes

photocopy of essay on Russell written by WOC on 17 October 1991

Box 06 Folder 09 Mail

10 letters from various people, including a thank-you letter from Avery Fisher, and others by Lewis Thomas, M.D., Leonard Miall, O.B.E., Walter Lord, and John B. Coburn

copy of article on McKim, Mead & White written by Mosette Glaser Broderick (and signed by Mosette), entitled "A Place Where Nobody Goes: The Early Work of McKim, Mead, & White and the Development of the South Shore of Long Island"

Box 06 Folder 10 Personal Finance

Letter from Francis R. Bacon, Dean of the Cleveland School of Architecture, to congratulate for his son's acceptance

Dated list of events, presumably career chronology

Box 06 Folder 11 J. Russell

7 letters from John Rusell, some in regard to Rosamond Bernier's candidacy for the Century Association

2 letters from Rosamond Bernier

1 rough draft of letter to Secretary of the Century Assn. to propose Rosamond Bernier as a "Centurion"

2 photocopies of cartoons of John Russell entitled "Homage to the Labors of Russell" dated February 1986

Box 06 Folder 12 Gabriel [Seymour]

10 letters/cards sent to WOC from Gabriel Seymour, dated from 1989 to 1991

Box 06 Folder 13 Taplin

35 letters and poems from Frank E. Taplin addressed to WOC, dated from 1988 to 1992, and one package of poems still in the postage envelope

23 photocopies of poems, notes and essays written by WOC, presumably addressed to Frank Taplin

18 original copies of various poems, essays and letters addressed to Frank, including a poem entitled "O Fetch me some Gin to Toast Ethelyn"

miscellaneous items, including 2 letters with accompanying poems from Frederick P. Rose dated 1991, and 1 from John O'Connor dated 1978

Box 06 Folder 14 Lewis Thomas

Letter and accompanying essay entitled "On Error in Biology" written by Lewis Tomas, M.D., dated April 1979, 18 pages, typed

Box 06 Folder 15 [Untitled]

Spring 1985 issue of the "Village Views" magazine, including an article entitled "Walking to Work with Stanford White"

various sheets of blank letterhead stationary for "The Commission for an Exile Island of Ousted Usurpers (A.E.I.O.U.)"

3 copies of invitations to party hosted by Walker and Betty Cain, and Lyn and Ned Chase

various correspondence, including letters to Governor Mario Cuomo, Wilfred Sherk, Mosette Broderick, Raymond Clairville, Arthur Ross, and Paula Pagonis

miscellaneous, including copy of article about John Karol, and specifications letter for competition to design bronze doors for Armenian Cathedral of St. Vartan in NYC

Subseries 2: Written Text

Box 06 Folder 16 Text and Drawings for "Supermouse"

12 original drawings to illustrate text for "Supermouse", presumably written by James W. Murray

21 photocopies of drawings for "Supermouse"

Rough draft of "Supermouse", dated 26 February 1975, 11 pages, typed

Two letters from James W. Murray dated Sept. 1975 and Oct. 1976, and one undated letter signed Joch, all regarding the illustrations and publication specifications for "Supermouse"

Oversize 01 Folder 04 [Text and Drawings for "Supermouse"]

4 drawings with accompanying text for "Supermouse" cartoon (ink on paper)

Box 06 Folder 17 De Rivera

10 photographs of de Rivera and his work, including various photos of model of sculpture for entrance of Smithsonian Institution at Washington

Pamphlet offered by the Borgenicht Gallery of Art in New York City displaying de Rivera's "Constructions", and a small excerpt on de Rivera's biography

4 newspaper clippings from The New York Times dated 1969 and 1972, about de Rivera's current work on exhibit, including the sculpture for the Smithsonian Institution

Box 06 Folder 18 Prince Charles

5 newspaper clippings and 3 photocopies from 1987 to 1991 regarding the strife between modern architects and the Prince of Wales (articles from The Sunday Times (London), The New York Times, The Evening Standard (London), and the Daily Mail)

3 pages of "Notes on an Article" written by WOC, 19 May 1987, regarding competitions, winning entries, and the designs for new buildings in England

Box 06 Folder 19 Edited Version of Italian Sketchbook by WOC

2 letters from Lime Rock Press, Inc. including specifications about Italian Sketchbook, dated 1984

37 pages of text and illustrations for Italian Sketchbook by WOC, including notes and corrections made in pencil

Box 06 Folder 20 M.F.A. Thesis/Princeton University/June 1940

Hand-written, typed, and corrected version of thesis concerning School for Handicapped Children

Subseries 3: Century Club

Box 07 Folder 04 Century Association

Miscellaneous items, including original card announcing that WOC "has become an Associate of the Firm McKim, Mead & White" dated January 1, 1951

Box 07 Folder 05 Century Association

10 copies of library drawing (ink on paper)

12 invitations, drawings, and photocopies of invitations to various events to the Century Club

various correspondence among Century members regarding the sale of "The Power of Music" by William Sidney Mount

New York Times clipping about the original Century Club designed by H.H. Richardson (written by Christopher Gray)

Box 07 Folder 06 Century Club

Over 100 photocopies, enlarged and reduced, of drawings of scenes and interiors of the Century Club

Various versions and revisions to the Guide for the Club, entitled "Inside the Century", including drawings by WOC

Various letters regarding the completion of the Guide of the Club

1 portrait photograph (unknown)

Commemorative scroll of appreciation for WOC from Century Association, undated

1 rough sketch of Palladian window and shrubbery, labeled Century Club, undated

Box 07 Folder 07 W. Cain/Century Association

6 copies of 1990 Century Masked Ball invitation

1 sketch labeled "Columbus Circle-The Main Monument", and 1 plan drawing, unlabeled (ink on trace paper, pencil on trace paper)

13 letters addressed to WOC, including letters from Marshall Davidson, Otis Blodget, John Russell, John Chancellor, Francis Mason, Peter G. Cook, and Stowe C. Phelps

photocopy of monograph of the Century Club, 1889-1891, and detail photograph of open loggia, unlabeled

Box 07 Folder 08 Martin Cook/Century Book

23 drawings by WOC for the booklet "Inside the Century", of various sizes, and some with specifications on accurate dimensions

accompanying text (without the drawings) for the pamphlet

4 letters from Martin Cook Associates, presumably the publisher of the pamphlet, regarding various specifications and notes about it

Box 07 Folder 09 Century Association

Booklet of the Association entitled "Inside the Century", and 12 photocopies of the drawings by WOC used to illustrate the booklet

Essay entitled "A Janusian Musing" on Charles McKim, and various copies and drafts of poem entitled "I Can't Get Started", including one addressed "To Lyn", dated January 1993

Oversize 01 Folder 14 [Century Booklet Accompanying Illustrations]

11 original drawings of cartoon illustrations used in Century Booklet (ink on paper)

Subseries 4: Clerihews/Poems

Box 07 Folder 01 Clerihews

Various copies of poems by Lyn Chase, Lawrence White, and poems taken from "The Old Farm" and The New York Times, March 19, 1991

Correspondence including letters from Willard R. Epsy, Tom Wolfe, and Alick Bear

Copies of poem/essay entitled "The Clerihew", copies of poems entitled "Moonstruck", "The Hen", and essay entitled "Obelisks" and "Louis Galentiere"

10 drawings accompanied by short poems, and various copies of the same

copy of page from Connoiseur, August 1984, containing three drawings by WOC

copies of various invitations for various events

Box 07 Folder 02 Poems/Humor

17 original poems and notes written by WOC, various related to the "Clerihews"

13 photocopies of poems and notes written by WOC

9 photocopies of printed articles or memos, including an entry on "Clerihews Galore" from the National Review, 11 February 1991

poem entitled "Ode on a Self-Inflicted Birthday", about WOC, written on American Academy of Rome head letter, dated 1973, signed FEB

25 photocopies and original notes/letters from various people, including copies of a poem by Lawrence G. White, and Cathy Cochran

Box 07 Folder 03 Humor/Cartoons

46 original cartoon drawings and notes by WOC, mostly political satires from the early 1980's (ink on paper)

Correspondence to WOC from various people, including Robert C. Osborn, J.S. Coles, Edward C. Brewster, and Maude Davis

about 50 photocopies of drawings and cartoons by WOC, some rendered in colored pencil

about 50 photocopies of printed material on comic accounts, cartoons, puzzles, etc.

Subseries 5: McKim, Mead & White

Box 08 Folder 05 McKim Mead & White

1 group photograph, unlabeled, undated, presumably of the members of the McKim, Mead and White firm sometime in the 1920's

Undated pamphlet for a proposal for "a new Museum of History and Technology for the Smithsonian Institution"

2 New York Times clippings by Christopher Gray on McKim Mead & White architecture

Photocopy of Leland Roth's Building List for McKim Mead and White

Various photocopies of Vitruviu's text on "Qualities of an Architect"

Box 08 Folder 06 McKim

Detailed description of contents and placement of exhibit on Stanford White entitled "Stanford White's New York", displayed at the Gallery of the New York School of Interior Design, 7 December 1987 through 12 February 1988

Receipt for Outgoing Loan from the Museum of the City of New York to the Century Association, attn: Walker Cain, for exhibition entitled "Public Spaces and Private Places: Architectural Photographs of McKim, Mead & White", from 27 March 1989 to 15 May 1989, including 13 page description of each photograph on loan

original photograph of bronze statue, unlabeled, untitled

11 copies of black and white photograph of three men seated, holding plan, presumably McKim, Mead & White

various photocopies of McKim, Mead & White book label

Box 08 Folder 07 "Competition for Municipal Building, New York" by MMW

47 bound pages of plans and elevations for the Municipal Building, New York, and the US Post Office Building, New York. (Book label from MMW's office. Pencil inscription on top left corner identifying "Case 49")

Box 08 Folder 08 Bound compilation of magazine and newspaper articles and photographs

Concerning MMW, including Cortissoz, Royal, "Some Leaders in our Architectural Renaissance," and Andrews, Wayne, "McKim, Mead, White: Their Mark Remains" (Book label from MMW's office. No. 1 appears on the spine)

Box 08 Folder 09 Pamphlet on Stanford White

Including 3-page biography, and list of Watercolors and Drawings on exhibit at Davis Gallery, New York, from April 22 to May 11, 1963

Box 08 Folder 10 Stanford White's 1896 Knickerbocker Trust Company checkbook

Including various hand-written entries on recipients of written checks

Box 15 National Air Museum Smithsonian Institution

13 Photographs of Models for the Plan for the Air Museum prepared by MMW (bound and stored in clear plastic sleeves)

Box 14 An Architectural Decade by Egerton Swartwout

126 pages of text, regarding the architect's professional experience (typed, double-spaced, and bound, catalogued in the MMW library)

Box 15 Park Commission Book of Photographs taken in Europe

395 Architectural photographs of buildings from Paris, Rome, Venice, Vienna, Budapest, and England (Bound and indexed. Property of MMW library)

Box 15 McKim, Mead and White Office Party, 1954, 1 film reels; 8mm

Oversize 03 MMW Office Party, Photo Album

24 black and white photographs, unlabeled, undated

Box 17 Folder 10 List of Employees at McKim, Mead and White, 1876-1911

Subseries 6: Sandy Calder

Box 08 Folder 01 Sandy Calder

6 photographs of Alexander Calder and his work, including photos of model of the Museum of History and Technology, and the placement of an outdoor sculpture by Calder

Box 08 Folder 02 Calder

31 photographs of Smithsonian-Calder Stabile model, including 2 spreadsheets

16 letters and 10 postcards addressed to WOC from Alexander Calder, mostly related to a joint project at the Smithsonian Museum, and 2 invitations to gallery openings and reception

8 carbon copies of letters from WOC to Alexander Calder, mostly related to joint Smithsonian-Calder Stabile project, and 13 photocopies of notes and cartoon drawings related to the project

10 newspaper clippings about Calder and his current projects

Various copies of invitation to Calder Memorial Service at the Whitney Museum, December 6, 1976, including one copy with comments written by WOC, and various newspaper clippings relating Calder's recent death

Box 08 Folder 03 Writings/Calder

3 letters and 2 postcards from Sandy Calder to WOC in reference to "the project" (joint sculpture project at the Smithsonian Museum), dated 1967 (some with double-sided tape attached, thus sticking to other surfaces)

4 photocopies of letters from WOC addressed to Sandy Calder, dated 1968

Box 08 Folder 04 Symposium Text/Drafts

Various drafts, comments and considerations related to the essay regarding the Natural History Museum of the Smithsonian, including 2 typed and revised drafts on "The Museum of History and Technology" (8 pages each), and 1 hand-written draft

5 photographs of architectural renderings

1947 Report on luncheon held to discuss the dissension for plans for the United Nations building project, including various newspaper articles on the subject

Interview with WOC for the Smithsonian Institution Office of Architectural History and Historic Preservation, February 3, 1988 (70 pages)

Report written by Cynthia R. Field on "A Case of Hidden Authorship: The Role of Charles Follen McKim in the Design of the Natural History Museum of the Smithsonian"

various letters regarding matters and concerns about the new Museum of History and Technology

Subseries 7: Student Work

Box 17 Folder 1 "A Personal Introduction to City Planning", ca. 1936-1937

Handwritten student paper by Cain

Box 17 Folder 2 "A Summary of the Life, Works & Character of Leon Batista Alberti", 1936

Handwritten student paper by Cain.

Box 17 Folder 3 "An Analysis of The Cost of Housing", 1937

Handwritten student paper by Cain.

Box 17 Folder 4 "Sketches of Buildings Important in Renaissance History", ca. 1936-1937

Sketches by Cain likely submitted for school assignment

Box 17 Folder 5 "Sketches: English Renaissance," Dec. 8, 1936 - Jan. 20, 1937, 1937

Sketches by Cain likely drawn during a trip to England and submitted for school assignment

Box 17 Folder 6 "Sketches: modern residences", 1937

Sketches by Cain likely submitted for school assignment

Box 17 Folder 7 "The Water Plan - as used in Italian Renaissance Villas", 1936

Box 17 Folder 8 "Thesis III: Sir John VanBrugh and the English Renaissance", ca. 1936-1937

Handwritten student paper by Cain

Box 17 Folder 11 Cleveland School of Architecture, Western Reserve University, 1939-1948

Includes syllabi and exams

Box 17 New York Structural Institute

Leather binder with course notes (typed and handwritten)