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Walker O. Cain architectural records and papers collection, 1892-1994, bulk 1960-1994

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Walker O. Cain (1915-1993) was an American architect associated with the firms of McKim, Mead & White (1940-1961), Steinmann, Cain & White (1961-1965), Steinmann & Cain (1965-1967), Walker O. Cain & Associates (1967-1978), and Cain, Farrell and Bell (1978-1986). Collection consists chiefly of travel sketches, cartoons, invitations, and other ephemera. The collection also includes correspondence with Alexander Calder and photographs of the sculptor and his works; photographs and printed materials related to the firm of McKim, Mead & White; Scrapbooks; Medals; and a few architectural drawings.

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Creator(s) Cain, Walker O., 1915-1993
Title Walker O. Cain architectural records and papers collection, 1892-1994, bulk 1960-1994
Physical Description 12.5 manuscript boxes; 3 print boxes; 2 document boxes; 2 rolls; 1 folder (flat-file)
Language(s) English .

This collection is available for use by appointment in the Department of Drawings & Archives, Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University. For further information and to make an appointment, please email avery-drawings@library.columbia.edu.



The collection is made up of seven series: Sketch File, Sketch Books, Sketch & Scrap Book, Architectural Drawings, General Files, Medals, and Miscellaneous.


Scope and Content

The collection consists chiefly of travel sketches, cartoons, invitations, and other ephemera. The arrangement of the material relies primarily on Walker Cain's filing system. Therefore, unlike material is sometimes grouped together because it was originally found in the same folder. Moreover, folder titles have been transferred from the original file folder label given by Walker Cain. A folder title in square brackets indicates it has been supplied by the cataloger and not from Cain's original file (however, this is not the case in Series VI: Medals and Series VII: Miscellaneous, where all titles have been supplied by the cataloger). The folder titles supplied by Cain do not always provide the most accurate description of the material found within a certain folder, therefore, a great effort has been put forward to describe the majority of the material contained within each folder. This description or scope and content note is found in the container list under each folder title. It is important to look at the scope and content notes rather than rely on a folder title to help determine what material will be found in each folder.

The names and groupings of the subseries under Series V: General Files comes from Cain's original filing system. Subseries 5: MMW includes material related to the firm of McKim, Mead & White. Some of the material within this series pre-dates Cain's employment with the firm and includes photographs and printed materials. Subseries 6: Sandy Calder includes correspondence with Alexander Calder and photographs of the sculptor and his works.

The collection was donated in 3 accessions, in 1994, 1996, and 2007. The material is from the first accession (1994.004) unless otherwise noted.

General Note

Walter O. Cain also donated materials related to the firm of McKim, Mead & White to Avery Library.

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Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library

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This collection is available for use by appointment in the Department of Drawings & Archives, Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University. For further information and to make an appointment, please email avery-drawings@library.columbia.edu.

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Permission to publish must be obtained in writing from the Director, Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University,1172 Amsterdam Ave., Mail Code 0301, New York, NY 10027.

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Walker O. Cain architectural records and papers collection. Dept. of Drawings & Archives, Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library. Columbia University, New York, NY.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Source of acquisition--Gift of Walker O. Cain, 1994.004; Gift of the Estate of Mrs. Walker O. Cain, 1996.005; Gift, 2007.017.

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History / Biographical Note


Walker O. Cain (1915-1993) was an American architect associated with the firms of McKim, Mead & White (1940-1961), Steinmann, Cain & White (1961-1965), Steinmann & Cain (1965-1967), Walker O. Cain & Associates (1967-1978), and Cain, Farrell and Bell (1978-1986). Among Cain's most notable buildings are St. Vartan Cathedral, the Armenian Church at Second Avenue and 34th Street, the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of History and Technology in Washington, and the Jadwin Gymnasium and Computer Center at Princeton.

Cain was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He attended Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland where he held the Trustees' Scholarship for five years. In 1937 he was a recipient of the Schweinfurth Scholarship to study in Fontainebleau, France.

In 1939 he won the Henry Adams Prize of the American Institute of Architects and was a finalist in the Paris Prize competition the same year.

In 1938 and 1939, he won honorable mention in architecture in the competition for the Rome Prize of the American Academy in Rome.

Then, in 1940, while a candidate for a master's degree in fine arts at Princeton University, Cain won the Rome Prize. After moving to New York City, he served as chairman of the board of the American Academy in Rome from 1974 to 1984. Cain also served as the chairmen of the New York chapter of Save Venice, Inc. during the 1970s.

Walker O. Cain died in Southhampton, L.I. in 1993.

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Series I: Sketches

Subseries 1: Sketch File

Box 01 Folder 01 Bermuda

4 landscapes (watercolor on paper)

1 portrait of Joan Benjamin, Nov. 1976 (ink on paper)

1 street scene labeled "Antigua 65?" (watercolor on paper)

Box 01 Folder 02 Life Drawings

25 misc. drawings from different places and dates (various media), majority with political themes

1 photocopy of drawing

1 sheet regarding the "Selectivity of Investigative reporters"

Box 01 Folder 03 Horses/Horses Shows

9 sketches, some riders identified, some dates (ink on paper)

Box 01 Folder 04 Italian Hill Towns

43 hill-town drawings

multiple photocopies of hill-town drawings

written sheets describing book and text on Italian hill towns, with 9 historical prints of hill towns and Italian urban topography

miscellaneous items, including a letter from Avery Fisher, and 2 pieces of correspondence from Brendan [Gill?]

Oversize 01 Folder 02 [Italian Hill Towns]

7 original drawings of Italian Hilltowns, and various photocopies of the same (ink and watercolor on paper)

Drawer 17 Folder 01 [Italian Hill Towns]

Italian hill-town drawing, printed onto mylar, rendered in a brown wash

Roll A29A.15 [Sketches of Italian Cities, 1978]

6 sepia prints

Box 01 Folder 05 Life Class/Art Students League/Garrison Life Class (20 oversize)

90 drawings of nude figures, some identified, various dates (various media)

3 photographs of drawings

1 photocopy of unidentified site plan

Oversize 01 Folder 01 [Life Class/Art Student League/Garrison Art Class]

20 drawings of nude figures, undated (watercolor and ink on paper)

Box 01 Folder 06 France

6 cityscape drawings (various media)

3 misc. drawings, including one of Le Corbusier with accompanying text

5 printed invitations

Box 01 Folder 07 Italy/General

17 cityscape and portrait drawings (various media)

3 photocopies of drawings

1 misc. drawing with text

Oversize 01 Folder 06 [Italy 1948]

17 watercolor drawings of Italian scenes, including landscapes and cityscapes, dated 1948 (watercolor on paper, attached to hard cardboard frame with tape)

6 ink drawings of Italian hill-towns and landscapes, dated 1948 (ink on paper)

Box 01 Folder 08 Greece

47 drawings of different sites and cities (various media)

2 sketch books, one entitled "Greek Islands/1978" (23 sketches total

various media)

3 photo contact prints, and 1 photograph of a drawing

1 watercolor landscape by Ethel Walker

1 photocopy of drawing

Box 01 Folder 09 St. Croix

10 landscape and seascape drawings (watercolor on paper, ink on paper)

Box 01 Folder 10 Southampton

15 landscape and seascape drawings, variously dated, and 1 drawing of "Southampton Hurricane 1985" (watercolor on paper, ink on paper)

2 drawings of Jerusalem plaza and church interior, dated in 1950 and 1952 (watercolor on paper)

5 misc. items, including 3 photocopies of drawings

Box 01 Folder 11 Ireland

5 landscape drawings (watercolor on paper)

Box 01 Folder 12 Turkey/Istanbul/Armenia

31 landscape and streetscape drawings, variously dated in 1977 and 1969 (watercolor on paper, ink on paper)

2 misc. items, including a WOC business card, and a printed invitation

Box 01 Folder 13 USA

62 drawings of various landscapes, seascapes, and figures, some identified, variously dated (various media)

miscellaneous items, including various photocopies of a drawing from St. Paul the Divine, and from a drawing of Roy Rauschbaum

2 drawings with accompanying text, including plan sketches for "a house I'd like to design for us"

1 drawing entitled "Modernized Brownstone Residence of Wm. Lescaze, architect / New York"

Box 02 Folder 01 Indonesia

24 drawings and sketches (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

38 photocopies of various drawings (originals also available)

3 hand-written pages, including one on "Fireworks", one on what "Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore have in common", and one dated "Mandarin Oriental Hotel/1990/Year of the Horse"

Box 02 Folder 02 Iran

4 photocopies of politically charged drawings

Box 02 Folder 03 Jamaica/1974

9 drawings of landscapes and seascapes, including 3 labeled "Jamaica", 5 labeled "Antigua", and one labeled "Hawaii 1968" (ink on paper and watercolor on paper)

Box 02 Folder 04 Indonesia/1989?

7 drawings of various places and events, some labeled (ink on paper, some filled in with colored pencils)

14 photocopies of drawings

Box 02 Folder 05 Mexico

19 drawings of various towns, variously labeled, including sketches from Puebla, Taxco, Las Brisas, San Angel, Cuernavaca, and Mexico City (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

2 notepads, including 15 ink drawings in one notepad, and 7 pencil drawings in the other

Valentine's card to "Phill" signed by various people, including Betty and Walker Cain

3 photocopies of drawings

Box 02 Folder 06 Italy/Rome/Naples

88 drawings of various sites and events, variously labeled, including sketches of Rome, Caprarola, Sienna, Florence, Torcello, Milan, Venice, and Capri (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

37 photocopies of various drawings and text, including a copy of a small essay on "Janus"

miscellaneous items, including printed card of WOC drawing, short essay on "Italian Hill Towns", a collection of 11 Italian stamps, and 2 note cards on Italian Music and Art

Box 02 Folder 07 USA

35 landscape drawings of Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada, variously dated (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

34 figure and animal drawings, some labeled, variously dated (ink on paper)

2 abstract drawings (ink on paper)

miscellaneous items, including 2 negative copies of drawings, a hand-written note addressed to "Dears", a letter from Archbishop Manoogian, and 4 photocopies of drawing

Box 02 Folder 08 England

3 drawings, including one labeled "Henry Watt", and one labeled "Kristy's whatnot" (ink on paper, pencil on paper)

copy of poem written by WOC entitled "Once upon an Easton Neston"

sketch of "Mr. Cane Drawing" by N. Weir

Box 02 Folder 09 England/Scotland/Ireland

35 drawings of various landscapes, figures, and cityscapes, some identified, including one with accompanying text on "Proposal to Improve Irish (or English) Council Houses" (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

2 photocopies of drawings

one written page of memoirs dated "Yesterday June 1987"

Box 02 Folder 10 China/1986

2 sketches, one entitled "Japan Sea" (ink on paper, pencil on paper)

3 photocopies of flyer announcing arrival in China

Box 02 Folder 11 Scandinavia Tour -August 1991

12 cityscape drawings (various media)

Box 02 Folder 12 Portugal (Simina) 1973

16 cityscape and seascape drawings, and various portraits, including one labeled "Pilkington Plays/Sept. 3, 1973/ Colares" (ink on paper)

Box 02 Folder 13 Charleston S.C. Sketches

2 sketches of mansions, 1 labeled "The Blake Tenement", and the other "Miles Brewton House", dated 1990 (ink on paper)

1 portrait of Micheal Kingsley (ink on paper)

Box 02 Folder 14 Egypt 1992

5 sketches of landscapes and monuments, some labeled, including one with text on the history of Egypt (ink on paper)

Box 03 Folder 01 Drawings/WOC and Others

25 figure drawings, mostly labeled (mixed media)

23 landscape drawings, variously dated (mixed media)

miscellaneous items, including 2 copies of plan of "Refugee for Retired Tyrants", an Honorable Mention from the Garrison Art Exhibition, and various copies of Membership Cards for the "Manasota Key Conference on the Disposition of Political Redundancies", and photocopy of text on "Recollections on Haik Kavookjian"

Oversize 01 Folder 03 [Drawings/WOC and others]

Various portraits of Jose de Rivera (ink on paper)

New England Seascape drawing, dated 1971 (watercolor on paper)

Birthday Card to Samuel Duryee from Betty and Walker Cain, 1973 (ink and watercolor on paper)

Box 03 Folder 02 Cartoons

45 cartoon drawings, variously labeled, most including accompanying text (mixed media)

42 photocopies of various drawings, cartoons, and invitations to various occasions, including copy of drawing sent to G. Mead

miscellaneous items, including copies of 2 poems

Box 03 Folder 03 WOC/"Moon Landing"

7 "moon landing" drawings, dated 1969 (ink on paper)

1 copy of letter to Mr. Hyland

Box 03 Folder 04 Great Cartoons

8 photocopies of cartoons, Christmas Greeting Card, and other invitation, dated 1979

Box 03 Folder 05 Bissier/Neo-Bissier

14 watercolor paintings entitled "Homage to Bissier", some with accompanying text (watercolor on paper)

1 landscape painting of "the Ruined Abbey of St. Astrid", dated 1979 (watercolor on paper)

1 abstract drawing (ink on paper)

2 photocopies of letter addressed to "Sir"

Box 03 Folder 06 Austria 1975/Venice-Salzburg

15 cityscape drawings, variously labeled (ink on paper, pencil on paper)

1 page of written text on recollections from August 31, 1975

Box 03 Folder 07 Arches

18 abstract drawings of arched figures (ink on paper, and 1 watercolor on paper)

2 other drawings (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

Box 03 Folder 08 Armenian Cathedral/St. Vartan/Sketches and Watercolors done/Armenia and Turkey 1969

9 landscape and church drawings (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

1 photo of model of St. Vartan Armenian Cathedral in New York

various photocopies and 2 prints of various Armenian churches and sites

miscellaneous items, including various pamphlets relating to events about St. Vartan Cathedral

various correspondence relating to St. Vartan Church matters, including WOC's schedule for a trip to Armenia in December 1965

Box 03 Folder 09 Jazz

11 photocopies of the Southampton Jazz Festival invitations, including photocopies of preliminary sketches for the invitation

Box 03 Folder 10 [Untitled]

2 copies of poems, including one by Samuel Walter Foss and an essay by Albert Einstein

3 photocopies of drawings

5 drawings (ink on paper), dated from the 1970's

Box 03 Folder 11 Digressionists

28 cut-outs taped onto blank sheets of paper, labeled, mostly of animals

2 birthday cards, one addressed to WOC

19 photocopies of invitations to Digressionist events from various years

various letters, including one from Otto Luenig, one from Frank Taplin, and one from Osborn

photocopies of 3 poems, including one by Paul Keiffer, and one by George Mead

Box 03 Folder 12 St. John of Jerusalem/Cruise

104 photocopies of ink drawings

copy of map of Lindos and Rhodes

Box 03 Folder 13 Hawaii

22 landscape and portrait drawings (ink on paper), some dated to 1968, variously labeled (one label attached to drawing with paper-clip)

Box 03 Folder 14 Miscellaneous Sketches and Xmas Cards

6 cartoon drawings, undated (ink on paper)

23 sketches of landscapes and cityscapes, some labeled, including 2 entitled "Morocco 1972", 2 entitled "Bodrum 1978", and 1 seascape dated 1976 (ink on paper, watercolor on paper, pencil on paper)

various copies of Christmas cards

Box 03 Folder 15 Sketches

43 sketches of various subjects, including 5 architectural drawings from 1934, various small-format watercolors, and other unlabeled landscape scenes dated as recently as 1990 (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

Box 04 Folder 01 Cards and Drawings sent to Mary Mathews

6 cards from WOC to Mary, variously dated (ink and watercolor over paper)

4 drawings addressed to Mary (ink on paper)

Box 04 Folder 02 Invitations, Various Organizations Done by WOC

28 invitations done by WOC, various organizations, various dates, and many copies of each

11 preliminary sketches or copies of various invitations

various photocopies of drawings

"The Garrison Art Exhibition 1958" Catalog

4 seasonal greeting cards

8 copies of "Century" invitations

Box 04 Folder 03 Xmas

Over 100 copies of various greeting cards for Christmas and New Year's (print on paper, some with watercolor applied), various years, various themes and locations

various preliminary sketches for varied cards

2 small landscape drawings (watercolor on paper)

18 photocopies of architectural drawings by Hitler (from the Speer-Archiv)

copies of 2 stories, one entitled "The Fellow from Sasabe and the Young Lady from Apache Creek", and the other "A Night in the Open", both signed RMMcK and dated in 1989

various photocopies of comic drawings depicting news-story about "Sex Charge- Doctor Suspended"

miscellaneous items, including letter from Rev. Edward N. West, and small pocket sketchbook with various writings and drawings

Box 04 Folder 04 Commentaries-Architecture/Cartoons

Drawing of the Louvre and its new addition-the pyramid, accompanied by London Times article dated Nov. 1984

Various copies of "modernized" Piranesi drawings and letter addressed to Frank

Article from Sports Illustrated dated Oct.22, 1990 showing drawing by WOC

3 figure drawings (ink and pencil on paper)

4 photocopies of cartoon drawing

Essay entitled "Bias Lives" by WOC, dated March 27, 1986 (3 pages attached with paper-clip)

Box 04 Folder 05 Future Exhibition

4 drawing, various subjects (ink on paper)

Box 04 Folder 06 [Various Untitled]

14 drawings of various subjects and dates including: 1 watercolor drawing of "The Borda Gardens Cuernavaca, 1982", 1 cartoon of the "Digressionists" dated 1980, 1 ["medievalized"] city/village-scape of mid-town Manhattan dated 1978, 1 drawing of a port at "Bodrum" dated 1978, 3 watercolor drawings and 2 sketches of Italian villages dated 1976, streetscape of Salzburg dated 1975, 1 watercolor drawing of "Swallows at Shelter Island" dated 1975, 3 drawings in Spain dated 1971, and 1 watercolor of "Villa Hourand (?) near AAR" dated 1948

4 drawings, unlabeled (watercolor on paper, ink on paper)

Box 04 Folder 07 Coburn

Photocopies of cartoon drawings of ecclesiastical subjects, including 3 with original text, and 5 original drawings

Box 04 Folder 08 Arches

31 drawings of abstracted arches, mostly dated 1961, 8 dated 1971, and 1 dated 1968 (watercolor on paper, ink on paper)

Box 04 Folder 09 Misc. Sketches

10 drawings, including various cityscapes and cartoon drawings, unlabeled, undated, and 1 cartoon labeled "Capri Tourist" dated 1983

1 letter, unaddressed, dated 1992

11 copies of etchings of various sites in Rome and the Acropolis of Athens, and 1 music score of the Musical Alphabet by Mrs. T. Welsh

misc. items, including 7 photocopies of various unlabeled sites, and 1 copy of invitation to Century reception, and 1 photograph of painting signed in the back Eve Gugler (?)

Box 04 Folder 10 Sketches/New York Public Library

7 drafts of lion motif for invitation to NYPL reception on September 27 1979 (ink on paper)

various photocopies of final draft of drawing included on invitation

1 invitation and 2 RSVP cards for the reception

architectural plan, unlabeled (pencil on trace)

Box 04 Folder 11 [Untitled]

11 drawings, including series of abstract geometric drawings, and various unlabeled streetscape scenes (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

copy of invitation to Spring Concert on March 25, 1970, signed by Benny Goodman

Box 05 Folder 01 Connoisseur Article

3 letters, including one to Mr. Hoving regarding a response to an article published in Connoisseur, one to Mr. Gottlieb, Editor-in-Chief of the NEW YORKER magazine, and one from Stewart Richardson

4 photocopies of ink drawings

2 drawings, including one cartoon of Christo, and one "modernized" Piranesi drawing (ink on paper)

1 photograph of person wrapped in cloth (and 1 photocopy of photograph)

Box 05 Folder 02 Venice

45 drawings of Venice (ink, pencil, and watercolor on paper)

2 drawings (watercolor on "canvasette")

12 photocopies of drawings

miscellaneous items, including a map and booklets about Venice

Box 05 Folder 03 Portugal/Spain

13 cityscape and landscape drawings (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

5 prints of landscape drawing

Box 05 Folder 04 Obelisk

4 cityscape/obelisk drawings and 1 landscape drawing (ink on paper, watercolor on paper), locations include Italy and Turkey

4 photocopies of drawings of Rome and Istanbul

Box 05 Folder 05 [Untitled]

34 drawings, various subjects, mostly portraits (ink on paper, pencil on paper, watercolor on paper)

60 photocopies of drawings, some rendered in color pencil, various subjects

miscellaneous items, including the May to August 1989 issue of "The Sound Alternative" with cover designed by WOC

Box 05 Folder 06 Miscellaneous Sketches

8 photograms of church elevation, unlabeled, undated

6 drawings, 1 fountain drawing labeled "Bethesda", 1 portrait of Henry Cooper with various notations on Marcel Duchamp, dated 1974

Box 05 Folder 07 Postcard-size drawings and cards

11 drawings, cartoon sketches, and notes, some with accompanying text, including 3 addressed to Mary, and 2 addressed to Maria, dated 1984 (watercolor and ink on paper)

Box 05 Folder 08 McKinney

5 photocopies of cartoon drawings, 1 labeled as "Robert's Folly", the others of cowboy/horse motifs

2 cartoon/portrait drawings, 1 labeled "Les Lalanne's Centaur" dated Easter 1988, the other unlabeled, dated 1986 (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

Box 05 Folder 09 Miscellaneous Sketches by Walker O. Cain

various copies of cartoon drawings, including one with text attached on "Idea for Cartoon Strip entitled 'The Leader'"

Box 05 Folder 10 Drawings and Watercolors

21 watercolor sketches, landscapes and cityscapes, including scenes from Spain, Italy, Mexico, and Israel, variously dated from 1947 to 1953 (watercolor on paper)

14 ink drawings, including landscapes and seascapes from Gloucester (1962) and Amalfi (1948), and one unidentified portrait (ink on paper)

2 pencil drawings of "toreros"

misc. items, including copies of an invitation to an American Historical Society event, and an Annual Meeting invitation from the BAID, dated November 1954

Box 05 Folder 11 [Untitled]

Essay on Humor in Architecture (14 typed pages attached by paper-clip)

2 portrait sketches (ink on paper, pencil on paper)

Card of recognition for award of "Newsbury Etching Contest" sponsored by Walther League of the Ohio District

3 invitations, including the BAID Annual Meeting, a Mississippi Steamboat Party, and a 1947 American Academy in Rome celebration

Box 05 Folder 12 Miscellaneous Drawings and Photostats

4 figure drawings (ink on paper, watercolor on paper, pencil on paper)

2 landscape drawings (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

3 cartoon drawings (ink on paper), and various photocopies of multiple cartoons (some colored with colored pencil)

various invitations to various events, including preliminary sketches to invitation for the Century Assn's 1972 Annual Reception

photograph of three men observing architectural plan (unidentified), and 4 Photostats of various cartoons

Box 05 Folder 13 WOC Announcements/Sketches

39 copies of invitations/announcements/pamphlet from various events, organizations, and dates, all illustrated by WOC, including The Century Association's 1956 "Welcome to New Members" booklet, and various invitations from the Architectural League of New York

3 original drawings for invitations the Architectural League and the Alumni Association if the American Academy in Rome (ink on drafting paper) [oversize file]

misc. items, including sketches of Paul Manship and JK Smith, and a copy of a cartoon labeled "Olsen Eats"

Oversize 01 Folder 05 [WOC Announcements/Sketches]

3 original trace drawings for various invitations (ink on trace)

Drawer 17 Folder 01 [Collage]

Collage made from various liquor labels, pasted onto silhouette of dancing woman, outlined in black ink, undated

Drawer 17 Folder 01 [Watercolor painting]

Unfinished painting of typical New England autumn scene, with white house in the foreground, undated, unlabeled (watercolor on paper)

Drawer 17 Folder 01 La Pianta di Roma del 1748

Printed in 1931 by Danesi Editore, with introduction by Francesco Ehrle S.I. 24 engravings of various views of Rome, in plan and elevation. [/p][p]2 small sheets of paper, with square grid and various measurements included, probably pertaining to reduced scale of one of the engravings (pencil on paper)

Box 05 Folder 14 [Untitled]

42 photocopies of sketches, cartoons, and portraits, many with accompanying text

3 ink drawings, including original drawing for party invitation (ink on paper)

6 invitations/greeting cards, including WOC's Birthday invitation April 14, 1972

Box 13 Folder 26 to 28 [Drawings] (3 folders)

56 items : watercolor, ink, and/or pencil on paper or canvas ; the majority of the drawings were originally framed and depict various travel scenes and range in date from the 1940s to the 1980s

(Accession No. 1996.005)

Oversize 03 Folder 08 [Drawing]

1 item : ink and pencil on paper (fron tside), ink and color pencil (on back side)

(Accession No. 1996.005)

Oversize 01 Folder 07 [Ink Drawings/Cartoons]

5 drawings belonging to series, identified by page number, of cartoon drawings rendered in thick, deep black traces of ink (ink on trace paper attached with tape to cardboard frames)

5 cartoon drawings with accompanying text (ink on paper torn from sketch book)

9 ink drawings of various subjects, including 2 sketches of unidentified women, 1 still-life of paint jars and brushes, 1 abstract drawing of arches, 1 cartoon drawing labeled "Illustrated Adler Lecture Notes", dated 6 July 1974, 1 collage of ink drawings pasted onto backboard, labeled "From the Mexican sketchbook of WOC", and 1 interior/porch scene with 4 unidentified people lounging (ink on paper)

3 drawings of buildings, 1 of the Rotunda at UVA, 1 labeled "St. Anthony's Hall, Hartford, 1947", and 1 labeled "Hale's Tower, East Hampton" (ink on paper)

photocopy of cartoon drawing labeled "Whitney Symposium" dated October 1985, of various renditions of the Whitney Museum

6-drawing series of ink sketches of various subjects and objects, undated, including drawings labeled "Diving", "Dancing Siva/S. India", "Havana Club Courtyard", "Conference in the Rain", "Tube Green Jade/Shang Dynasty", and unlabeled sketch of policeman (ink on paper)

2 sketches of tennis players at play, one dated 1970, the other 1974 (ink on paper)

Drawer 17 Folder 01 [Ink Drawings]

5 5"x7" drawings of geometricized animals, pasted with glue onto long board, undated (ink on paper)[/p][p]drawing of engine, all parts labeled, entitled "Oversonic Audiodamp Insert XL303; Anit-hood Fume Decoagulator, MSKCC Special Edition", undated (ink on paper)[/p][p]drawing of market scene entiltled "Promenade", perhaps in Mexico, signed by Brendan?, undated (ink on paper, mounted with glue onto hard-board)

Oversize 01 Folder 08 [Invitation Originals]

4 final drafts for invitations to various events and institutions, including 1953 Architectural League of New York (others undated) (ink on trace paper or cardboard)

Oversize 01 Folder 09 [Jerusalem/Beirut]

6 drawings of Arab landscapes/cityscapes, unlabeled, including one sketch on stationary with "American University of Beirut" head letter, and 3 drawings dated 1969 (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

1 ink drawing of market scene, labeled Jerusalem, dated 1952 (ink on paper)

two head portraits of men wearing a fez (watercolor on paper)

Oversize 01 Folder 10 [Beach Scenes]

6-drawing series of beach, ocean, and waterfront scenes, dated 1955, variously labeled in Bermuda (watercolor on paper)

4 ink and watercolor drawings of beach scenes, distinguished by New England character, yet unlabeled, one drawing dated 1948, the others undated (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

Oversize 01 Folder 12 [Church]

1 drawing of church from behind, with view to adjacent cemetery, unlabeled, undated (watercolor on paper)

Oversize 01 Folder 13 [Strathmore Alexis Drawing Sketchbook, 14x17]

4 drawings of varied subjects, including sketches for fountain design, sketches for desk design, sketch of artist at work, and bird's-eye view of farm-house (ink on paper, pencil on paper, watercolor on paper)

Oversize 02 Folder 01 [Beach and Night Scenes]

1 drawing of sea-cove, dated 1935, and 1 drawing of boat and seagulls out in the ocean (watercolor on paper)

Winding streetscape at night, illuminated by lamp (watercolor on paper)

Oversize 02 Folder 02 [Portraits]

2 head portraits of men wearing a fez, one labeled Jerusalem 1952, the other unlabeled (ink and watercolor on paper)

Oversize 02 Folder 04 [Valentine's Cards]

2 hand-made collage cards using photographs and magazine clippings, both for Valentine's Day, undated

2 Valentine Day's cards made by WOC, one for Mary dated 1982, the other unaddressed (ink on paper)

Oversize 02 Folder 06 [Figure Drawings]

3 nude figure drawings, unlabeled (ink and watercolor on paper)

Oversize 02 Folder 07 [Arches]

11 drawings of abstract arch compositions, three matted together, the rest matted separately (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

Oversize 02 Folder 08 [Garrison, New York]

1 shore and river landscape labeled "Sketch for the William Church Osborn Memorial Park, Garrison New York, April 1959" (watercolor on paper)

1 isometric drawing of shore and river's-edge labeled "Hudson River Valley Museum of Transportation, Garrison Landing, N.Y." (Photostat)

Oversize 02 Folder 09 [The Lawrence School]

4 drawings of building for The Lawrence School, including copy of plan for the New Student Dining Room by WOC and Assoc., Architects

Oversize 02 Folder 11 [Landscape and Seascape Drawings/1978]

6 sketches of landscapes/seascapes, none labeled, some dated 1978 (watercolor on paper, ink on paper)

1 sketch of church interior, unlabeled

Oversize 02 Folder 12 [Refugee of Retired Tyrants/Cartoon Sketches]

4 ink sketches, including some detail drawings, of cartoon labeled "Refugee of Retired Tyrants" (ink on paper)

Oversize 02 Folder 13 [Walker's Illustrated Lecture Notes]

2 original drawings, and 3 Photostat reproductions of "Walker's Illustrated Lecture Notes", including one labeled "Mortimer Adler on 'Marx as a Profit'", one labeled "Capitalabor", and one labeled "Illustrated Adler Notes"

Oversize 03 Folder 10 [Illustrated Lecture Notes]

Set of drawings from Aspen 4 July 1974. One labeled "Remarks by Liz Cooperten(?)", and one of Mortimer Adler.

Oversize 02 Folder 14 [Cartoon Drawings]

5 original cartoon drawings, including one political satire dated December 1985 (ink on paper)

2 photocopies of cartoon, dated in 1982 and 1987, one labeled "Mark Millard builds his Dream House"

1 collage/cartoon labeled "Before/After Walker's visit to Killingworth"

Oversize 02 Folder 15 [Figure and Portrait Drawings]

2 original ink drawings of various people in guild/studio-like environment, unlabeled, undated, and 2 photocopies of the same, including one labeled "Vive les Amateurs!"

5 portrait drawings, including one unlabeled drawing of various people painting on easels, one labeled "The Crew ashore at Santorini" dated 1978, one labeled "Life Drawing, Louis Bonche at ease with Model", and one labeled "the Gallery Opens, East Hampton"

2 nude figure drawings (watercolor on paper)

1 nude figure drawing by XG(?), dedicated to WOC, dated 1972 (charcoal on paper)

2 portrait drawings, one labeled "Malcolm Campbell", the other unlabeled (ink on paper)

Oversize 02 Folder 17 [Garden Drawings]

1 drawing of baroque fountain, undated, labeled "Hamilton" (ink on paper)

1 drawing of English garden-scape, characterized by sharply-hewn bushes and trees (colored pencil on paper)

print of oak tree in garden setting, dated 1978

drawing of interior court/garden in museum setting, with modern sculpture as center-piece, undated, unlabeled (colored pencil on paper)

Oversize 02 Folder 18 [Abstract Drawings/1977]

series of 4 abstract drawings, one accompanied by quote by El Greco, dated 1977 (watercolor on paper)

Oversize 02 Folder 20 [Watercolor Drawings]

Seascape drawing, dated 1930 (watercolor on board)

abstract drawing of various realistic objects/art pieces, each labeled by its type or author (i.e. Bissier, Joan Fitzgerald, Eero, Berrocal, 19th Century Portuguese, 18th century English), undated (watercolor on paper)

Oversize 02 Folder 22 [Sculptor Drawings]

2 original drawings of sculptor at work, in various poses, dated 1974 (ink and watercolor on paper)

2 positive and 2 negative copies of the sculptor drawings, and details thereof

Oversize 03 Folder 01 [La Pianta di Roma]

24 reproductions of prints of Roman maps and sites, drawn by Giambattista Falda, 1676. Printed in Danesi Editore, Rome, 1930, with accompanying booklet, including other information.

Oversize 03 Folder 05 [Watercolor and Ink Drawings]

5 watercolor drawings, including a "Homage to Septimus Severus" dated 1968, 1 seascape from Bermuda dated 1955, 1 lakeside view dated 1959, and 1 figure drawing (watercolor on paper)

2 ink drawings, including 1 seascape drawing and 1 street scene, unlabeled, undated (ink on paper, set on board with tape)

Oversize 03 Folder 06 [Invitations and Cartoon Drawings]

3 invitations, including 2 original drawings, and 1 print dry-mounted onto backboard (ink on paper)

1 negative print of cartoon drawing of gymnast's steps

2 drawings belonging to series, identified by page number, of cartoon drawings rendered in thick, deep black traces of ink (ink on trace paper attached with tape to cardboard frames)

Box 13 Folder 30 [Various Drawings]

2 small drawings of Italian cityscapes, dated 1974 and 1975 (watercolor on paper)

2 ink drawings : one portrait labeled Gollschah(?). And one cartoon of floating doll, both dated 1961 (ink on paper)

1 landscape drawing labeled "Jerusalem from the Wilderness," dated 10 March 1952, and one unlabeled portrait of older man (ink and watercolor on paper)

Box 17 Folder 9 "Over the hill to the Telephone"

Subseries 2: Sketch Books

Box 09 Folder 01 China/Japan

4 drawings of China, 2 labeled "Peking 1988" and "Shanghai 1986" (watercolor on paper, ink on paper)

4 seascape drawings of Japan, none labeled or dated (watercolor on paper, pencil on paper)

1 drawing labeled "Dunes Church June 1988" (ink on paper)

4 pages of scattered text, some on Japan

Box 09 Folder 02 Lilli

Pencil drawing of horse on cover, labeled "Lilli"

First page indicates Mrs. Denver Duff Stewart's name and address, and below, "Drawings by Walker Cain", undated (pencil on paper)

Following 29 pages recount story of Lilli the horse, accompanied by animated ink drawings (text typed onto separate sheet of paper, and glued onto sketch book)

Following 8 pages contain child's drawings and scribbles, last page unattached (pencil on paper)

Box 09 Folder 03 [The Beverly Spiral Sketch Book]

10 drawings of Italian landscapes, cityscapes, and a few portraits, mostly labeled, dated from October 15-18, 1947 (ink on paper, pencil on paper)

1 page of text

Box 09 Folder 04 [Strathmore]

2 pages of text on Maurice Cranston (cont'd), and Anthony Quinton

1 cartoon drawing (ink on paper), 1 incomplete ink drawing, and 1 incomplete pencil drawing

Box 09 Folder 05 French Riviera/1980

5 landscape and townscape drawings labeled St. Paul de Vence, Colombe d'Or, and Les Baux, dated October 1980, (ink on paper)

Box 09 Folder 06 [Artist's Sketchbook 80 pages]

Mostly blank pages

8 pages of text, including essay on "The Sabatini article (May 2, 1988)", and short story (ink on paper)

8 scattered drawings, including portrait, unlabeled (ink on paper, pencil on paper)

Box 09 Folder 07 [Untitled/Marrakech]

37 landscape and portrait drawings of various places, including Marrakech and Rabat, dated 1982 (ink and colored pencil on paper)

2 pages of text, mostly names of people, and descriptions of places

misc. items including Moroccan money bill and postcard glued into sketch book, and loose postcard inserted between pages

Box 09 Folder 08 French Riviera/1980

6 drawings from Villa Haute, Nimes, Avignon, and St. Paul de Vence, dated from Sept. 27 to Oct. 10, 1980 (ink on paper)

Box 09 Folder 09 Christmas/New Year Tour-1987/London/Grindelwald/Munich/Vienna

13 drawings, mostly incomplete portraits, 2 city/landscape drawings labeled "Kuzerne", and "Munich Opera" (ink on paper)

6 pages of text

Box 09 Folder 10 Hong Kong/Honolulu

9 pages of text, including chronology of Chinese history

5 seascape and landscape drawings, none labeled (watercolor on paper)

Box 10 Folder 01 St. Croix

6 pages of text, including general information about the Virgin Islands, and a "Story told by John Meruim(?), Prime Governor, Virgin Islands" dated July 14, 1975

12 seascape, landscape, and portrait drawings, labeled Salt River Inlet, Fredriksted, and Virgin Islands, dated July 1975 (ink on paper)

Box 10 Folder 02 Venice/Montgreenan

14 drawings, including various at Lady Dorothy Weir's home in Ayrshire, Scotland, and various in Venice, dated 1982 (ink on paper, watercolor on paper, pencil on paper)

Box 10 Folder 03 1989 Rome/Florence/S.Giminiano/Certaldo Alta

25 drawings from Florence, Rome, Certaldo Alta, S. Giminiano, including various sketches of Henry Moore's "Warrior with Shield" in cortile near the Pazzi Chapel, dated October 1989 (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

postcard of Florence pasted into sketch book

Box 10 Folder 04 [Untitled Black Book]

60 drawings, mostly cartoons and portraits accompanied by text or newspaper clipping attached with glue, dated 1982 (ink on paper, color pencil on paper)

extensive text, including "Two Stories-A and B", and various newspaper clippings, including one loose article, and one loose letter written by WOC addressed to "Dear Childs, both-"

Box 10 Folder 05 The Voyage of the IAAYPIA/Venice-Istanbul

43 drawings labeled from Rhodes, Istanbul, Bodrum, Villa Julia, Rome, Venice, Dobrovnik, dated from October 1988 (ink on paper)

1 painting from the interior of a boat, loose page (watercolor on paper)

Box 10 Folder 06 [Album Dessin Canson/Paris 1980]

15 drawings, mostly cartoons, including 3 labeled "NYC as an Italian Hill Town", and some accompanied by text (ink and watercolor on paper)

11 pages of text, including "Lawyer Story", and an essay on "Feminist Nomenclature"

Box 10 Folder 07 [Strathmore Drawing/Acapulco 1983]

14 seascape, interiors, and portrait drawings from Acapulco, dated 1983 (ink and colored pencil on paper)

Box 10 Folder 08 [Strathmore Drawing]

9 rough sketches of house plans and portraits, including one labeled "Woman at next table" (ink on paper)

Box 10 Folder 09 Portugal/Southern Dune Church

7 drawings and rough sketches of church facades and townscapes, unlabeled, undated (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

2 cartoon drawings

Box 10 Folder 10 [Strathmore Drawing/Abby Rockefeller Mauze Room]

5 sketch designs for doorway for the Abby Rockefeller Mauze Room, undated (pencil on paper, watercolor on paper)

Box 11 Folder 01 [Album Aquarelle Canson]

7 drawings, including a few architectural plans and sketches (pencil on paper, ink on paper)

Box 11 Folder 02 [Raritan Sketch Book]

13 drawings and sketches of architectural plans, perspectives, and staircase studies (pencil on paper, ink on paper)

Box 11 Folder 03 [Joredco Sketch Book/1989]

12 drawings, including one of Hagia Sophia, and various scenes from Italian streets, dated 1989 (ink on paper, pencil on paper)

4 pages of text, some accompanying drawings

Box 11 Folder 04 [Strathmore Drawing]

5 drawings, including one figure drawing and landscape drawing (ink on paper, pencil on paper, watercolor on paper)

3 pages of text, including quotes and some addresses

Box 11 Folder 05 Capri/Rome/Venice 1977

15 drawings, including various plans of churches, chapels and cathedrals from Venice and Rome (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

5 pages of text, including various dates and addresses such as Bruno Zevi's in Rome, and a crossword puzzle of Italian architect's names

Box 11 Folder 06 [Strathmore Drawing]

7 architectural sketches of plans including specific measurements, undated (ink on paper)

Box 11 Folder 07 [Aquabee Sketch Book]

26 drawings, including some plans of villas, and various portraits of men such as Chairman Roth, Walter Stanley, and Hackley, undated (ink on paper)

7 pages of text, including statistics of property owned by the American Academy in Rome

1 loose page with specifications for closet dimensions

Box 11 Folder 08 [Morilla Sketch Book/Acapulco 1983]

15 drawings of Acapulco and Merida, including seascapes and church facades, and drawings of the Casa Portanova in Acapulco, dated 1983 (ink on paper, colored pencil on paper)

2 pages of text on " Notes on Parrish Art Museum Tour of McKim Mead and White Houses on East Long Island"

Box 11 Folder 09 [Grumbacher Sketch Book/Mexico]

17 drawings of Cuernavaca, Merida and Taxco, mostly of church facades and interiors, a few with accompanying text, undated (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

Box 11 Folder 10 [Untitled]

2 unfinished landscape drawings, 1 sketch of house facade, and 1 map of Eastern Europe, undated (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

Box 11 Folder 11 Quinta Alegria, Portugal

4 pages of text including travel schedule

4 portraits and sketches, including one of colonial house, and one of dock-yard (ink on paper)

Box 12 Folder 01 [Artist's Sketch Book]

20 drawings, mostly architectural sketches and numerical calculations (ink on paper)

8 portraits and beach scene drawings, undated, unlabeled (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

Box 12 Folder 02 [Untitled]

5 drawings, mostly portraits, unlabeled, undated, one accompanied by text (ink on paper)

Box 12 Folder 03 [Strathmore Alexis Drawing]

13 drawings, mostly architectural sketches of cathedrals (ink on paper)

2 portraits, unlabeled, and 1 abstract drawing (ink and

Box 12 Folder 04 [Block/Portugal 1973]

6 drawings, including 1 drawing of church facade labeled "Portugal 1973" (ink on paper, pencil on paper)

1 draft of unfinished letter addressed to "Jim"

Box 12 Folder 05 [Classic Sketchpad/Greece 1984]

2 landscape drawings and 1 cartoon drawing about Soviet repression, undated (ink on paper)

8 pages of text, including 1 page of memoirs dated 20 September 1984, apparently from Greece

Box 12 Folder 06 Jugoslavia 1970/Dubrovnik/Split/Greece-Mykonos 1970

16 drawings from Dubrovnik, Sveti Stefan, Sounium, dated August-September 1970, including landscape and portrait drawings (ink on paper)

9 pages of text, including extensive description of Sveti Sefan and Dubrovnik

Box 12 Folder 07 [Strathmore Drawing/Italy 1982]

9 drawings from Venice and Rome, mostly of church facades, dated September 1982 (ink and watercolor on paper)

4 drawings from the Smithsonian Museum of History and Technology, including 2 drawings of the facade, 1 drawing labeled "Calder Stabile", and 1 drawing labeled "Cafritz Memorial" (ink and watercolor on paper)

Box 12 Folder 08 [The Langton Spiral Bound Book]

1 drawing of forest/road scene, undated, unlabeled (ink on paper)

Box 12 Folder 09 [Watercolor/Greece 1980/England 1981]

19 drawings of Greece, including landscapes and cityscapes, dated October 1980 (ink and watercolor on paper)

1 drawing from Rome, undated (ink on paper)

14 drawings from England, including streetscapes, portraits and horse-back riding scenes, dated August 1981 (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

7 pages of text, including poem entitled "Once Upon an Easton Neston or Ode to Flora Mary"

Box 12 Folder 10 [Oberlin College]

18 drawings, mostly architectural plans and numerical calculations, undated, unlabeled (ink on paper)

13 pages of text, including notes on "How to Read an Architectural Drawing"

Box 12 Folder 11 [Strathmore Alexis Drawing]

4 drawings, including 1 abstract portrait of woman, unlabeled, undated (ink on paper)

various pages of text, including 2 rough drafts of invitations for Century Ass'n event

3 wax seals with initials CA imprinted

Box 12 Folder 12 Italy 1992

5 drawings of Italian townscapes and monuments in Florence, including statue of Emperor Constantine (ink and pencil on paper)

Box 13 Folder 01 [Album Per Disegno/Italy 1937]

7 drawings, including portraits of Italian Soldiers in uniform, labeled "Fascist Uniforms Rome", and scenes from Sienna, dated 1937 (ink on paper)

Box 13 Folder 02 [Ca grain Dessin/Zermatt 1992]

3 drawings of interior lounge scenes, undated, unlabeled (pencil on paper)

6 landscape drawings from Zermatt and Wein, dated 1992 (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

3 pages of text, including mournful comments on the sale of The Power of Music by William Sidney Mount

Box 13 Folder 03 [Strathmore Drawing/1984-1985]

14 drawings, including cartoon drawings accompanied by text, unlabeled portraits, and architectural renderings, dated 1984-1985 (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

Box 13 Folder 04 Bausch Wedding

12 small portrait drawings, each accompanied by a thought/phrase, and labeled by name, undated (ink on paper)

9 rough sketches of unknown subject matter, unlabeled, undated (ink on paper)

Box 13 Folder 05 Caldwell 1985 or 1986

7 drawings, including map of Ohio small-town, seascape drawings, and sketches of train locomotives, undated (ink on paper)

Box 13 Folder 06 [Loose drawings]

12 photocopies of drawings from various sketchbooks, some labeled, one dated 1988

1 cartoon drawing torn out from spiral sketch book (ink on paper)

Box 13 Folder 07 Caldwell 1985

5 pages of text, including various genealogic trees of the Cain family

5 drawings, including 3 from graveyard sites and 2 of New England house among autumn foliage, undated, unlabeled (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

Box 13 Folder 08 [Strathmore Drawing]

6 architectural drawings, including plans and elevations of private house/villa, and rendering of MMW use of columns in exterior courtyards, undated (ink on paper)

7 pages of text, mostly appointment dates and numerical calculations

Box 13 Folder 09 [Strathmore Drawing/Florence S.C. 1983]

8 drawings, including various ice-skating figures, and a couple's portrait labeled "Munna & Lash/16 April 1983/Florence S.C." (ink on paper)

Box 13 Folder 10 [Strathmore Drawing/1986]

10 drawings, including sketches of sculptures and columns, and a few tropical landscape drawings, unlabeled, undated (ink on paper, pencil on paper)

5 pages of text, including reference to appointment on January 19, 1986

Box 13 Folder 11 [Academie Drawing Book/Via Garibaldi]

15 drawings of via Garibaldi, including plans and sections of the public spaces/underground roads and passageways, undated (ink on paper)

Box 13 Folder 12 Sketches/Istanbul

12 landscape and cityscape drawings of Istanbul, unlabeled, undated, and 1 drawing "to Stephanie" of Venice, dated 1977 (ink on paper)

Box 13 Folder 13 1937 Sketchbook of Walker Cain

10 sketches of Italian country side and hill-towns, labeled, undated (ink on paper)

8 drawings of S. Ohio barns/farm houses, glued into sketchbook, 2 drawings loose, dated 1950's (ink on paper)

Box 13 Folder 14 1984 Rome-Florence/Post-Mod Cartoons

6 drawings of Pitti Palace, Boboli Gardens and sculpture of Lorenzo de Medici, labeled, dated May-June 1984 (ink on paper, watercolor on paper)

2 cartoon drawings of "Post Modern Blocks", dated 7 June 1984 (ink on paper)

Box 13 Folder 15 Egypt 1992

5 drawings of sites and monuments in Egypt, some text on the history of the place, dated 1992 (ink on paper)

Box 13 Folder 16 From Rome to N.Y./Bologna, Venice, Trieste, Dubrovnik, Patras, Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, Amalfi, Palermo, Algiers, Gibraltar, Lisbon, Azores, Ponta Delgada, N.Y./1937

27 drawings of various towns, cities, landscapes, and figure drawings from the various places mentioned above, dated 1937 (ink on paper)

Box 13 Folder 17 Notes and Sketches of my 1947-8 residence in the AAR

11 drawings of townscapes and landscapes, and various drawings of site plan with sculpture center-piece, unlabeled (ink on paper)

4 pages of notes, including a 2-page diary entry on April 26, 1948 - Perugia

loose-leaf page with child's drawings on both sides, labeled as "Streamliner", and "Engine Stopped", by Tamma Cain

Box 13 Folder 18 London- Rome 1989/ Horace's Farm/ Anagni/ Castel Gandolfo Gardens

20 drawings of cityscapes, landscapes, and various portraits, including one labeled "The Hon. Rose Talbot/ London 1989" (ink on paper)

Box 13 Folder 19 Ecole des Beaux Arts/ Palais de Fontainbleau

Various portraits, including "Marge and Jaggers", "Ecole des Beaux Arts Students", "M. Jacques Carlu", "Jane Iglauer", all dated in 1937 (ink on paper)

Various pages of notes, perhaps from school lectures, including the topics of "Elements of Charlemagne's Crown", "Louis XVIII, XIV, and XV" dated 4/20/37, "Renaissance" dated 7/16/37, and "Gothic" dated 7/13/37 (ink and pencil on paper)

Box 13 Folder 20 [Strathmore/ 1983]

2 pages of notes on comments/opinions of many people regarding the case of "St. Bart's"

among the people represented are B. Gill, Edw. Kostikian, S. Armstrong, and many more

6 drawings, including "Sketch to commemorate Tommy Phipps 70th Birthday" dated Dec. 1983, sketches of barns, and unlabeled portrait of woman speaker (ink on paper)

Box 13 Folder 21 [Strathmore/1978]

Various sketches of blocks/buildings/geometric shapes, and rough sketch of unidentified site plan (ink on paper)

various sketches of unidentified man wearing glasses (ink on paper)

loose leaf pages of "Application and Approval Process from 3/1/77 to 6/30/79 for St. Francis Community Health Center, Jersey City, New Jersey"

Box 13 Folder 22 [Aquabee Co-Mo]

6 pages of sketches of abstract drawings using geometric forms and volumes (ink on paper)

4 drawings of Greek Revival mansion, including one detail of ground floor arcade (ink on paper)

2 pages of notes, addresses and fragments of poems, including poem by J. McCall, and rough drafts of notes to Richard Webel and Buck, undated

Box 13 Folder 23 [Daler/1991]

9 drawings, including various unidentified cityscape scenes (perhaps London), a drawing of a Henry Moore sculpture at the Tate, dated 20 Aug. 1991, and a plan for a house, unlabeled (ink and watercolor on paper)

Subseries 3: Sketch & Scrap Book

Box 14 Folder 01 1982-1984

(Accession No. 1996.005)

Box 14 Folder 02 1983-1985

(Accession No. 1996.005)

Box 14 Folder 03 1984-1986

(Accession No. 1996.005)

Box 14 Folder 04 1985-1986

(Accession No. 1996.005)

Box 14 Folder 05 1986-1987

(Accession No. 1996.005)

Box 14 Folder 06 1987-1990

(Accession No. 1996.005)

Box 14 Folder 07 1989-1990

(Accession No. 1996.005)

Box 14 Folder 08 1990-1991

(Accession No. 1996.005)

Box 14 Folder 09 1991-1993

(Accession No. 1996.005)

Series II: Architectural Drawings

Roll A87.15 Diocese of the Armenian Church of America [St. Vartan's] (New York, NY), 1964-1965

Architect: Steinmann and Cain; Other Creators: Edouard Utudjian; James Mongitore Associates; A.A. Abdalian, Consulting Engineer

24 pencil on trace drawings; 9 blueline prints

(Accession No. 2007.017)

Box 15 The Armenian Cathedral

Plan, elevations, perspective drawings, sketches of interior, postcards of significant interior pieces, and printed literature on the Armenian Cathedral in New York City, arranged into clear plastic sleeves and bound together by WOC & Associates, Architects

Oversize 01 Folder 11 [Preliminary Sketches]

Series of 5 drawings of various interior spaces, labeled "Preliminary Sketches" for: "View toward Dining Room from Library", "Library", "Stairwell", "Dining Room", and "View from Park", dated 1950 (ink on paper)

Oversize 01 Folder 15 [Plans of Cathedral]

5 photographs of site plan for Cathedral, unlabeled, undated

Oversize 02 Folder 03 [Renderings]

2 isometric drawings of house and building, rendered in pencil, unlabeled (pencil on paper)

Oversize 02 Folder 05 [Smithsonian Institution Drawings]

7 drawings of plans, section and elevation of Smithsonian Institution of Art building, including garden and plaza layout with Calder's and de Rivera's pieces labeled (ink and colored pencil on paper)

2 color photographs of exterior elevation drawings for Smithsonian Museum

Oversize 02 Folder 10 [Various Photostat Images]

2 reverse-image sheets of figure sketches, dated 1974, printed onto acetone, and 1 positive photocopy of the image

2 positive-image Photostats of country-scene sketches

2 copies of Birthday Card for Robert Philip(?) dated December 8, 1978 (image on acetone)

1 negative and 1 positive image of drawing from Medieval Ages, representing scene of Nativity (acetone and paper dry-mounted onto backboard)

Oversize 02 Folder 16 [Renderings]

1 elevation drawing of Nott Memorial Building at Union College, Schenectady, New York (pencil on paper

cartoon-like drawings of buildings and text discerning difference between "Classical" and "Romantic" styles

ground-floor plan of residential house, unlabeled, undated (pencil on paper)

1 sketch drawing of "Tamma's Barn" in perspective and elevation, dated 1982 (ink on trace paper)

2 drawings at street level of 68th street perspective view (ink on paper)

Photostat of interior drawing by McKim Mead & White for alterations to Batsford's on 122 East 55th Street

drawing of Doge's Palace in Venice (ink on paper)

series of insignias with two-dove motif (pencil on paper)

print of sketch of labyrinth-like open building, labeled "Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Projected Volley-Ball Court and Chamber-Music Building"

various photocopies of text on "Architecti Virtues"

Oversize 02 Folder 21 [Armenian Church]

1 print of Monastery of St. Keghard

4 photographs of model for Armenian Church in NY

detail drawing of church nave, unlabeled (pencil on paper)

Oversize 03 Folder 04 [College Buildings]

4 architectural renderings of college buildings, including one labeled "Library", and one reference to Union College (ink on trace paper, mounted with tape onto backboard)

1 negative and 1 positive copy of McKim Mead & White's 1913 elevations, plans, and section for the American Academy in Rome building

1 print of tempietto-like building, labeled "Union College"

1 copy of drawing of neo-classical facade, labeled only "South Elevation"

Series III: General Files

Subseries 1: Correspondence

Box 06 Folder 01 AT&T/New Yorker

Various photocopies of letters addressed to Robert Gottlieb, Editor-in-Chief, The New Yorker, dated 27 January 1989, 28 February 1989, and 29 March 1989, regarding the "plagiarism" of idea about AT&T building as telephone receiver, originally WOC's idea

Rough draft letter addressed to Mr. Renbar regarding possible measures to deal with problem with The New Yorker, undated, and copies of letter addressed to Cy about the same subject, dated 4 May 1989

Response letters from Lee Lorenz, Art Editor, The New Yorker, dated 22 May 1991, and Robert Davidson, dated 28 February 1989

various photocopies of New Yorker cover, 30 January 1989, displaying AT&T building with phone receiver

various photocopies of drawing labeled "New York as an Italian Hill-town", including the AT&T building with phone receiver in landscape

various copies of page 20 from the August 1984 Connoisseur issue, including cartoon of AT&T building with phone receiver, among other cartoons by WOC

August 1984 Connoisseur magazine

Box 13 Folder 29 [AT&T/New Yorker]

Ink and color pencil drawing on WOC stationary of AT&T building with phone receiver.

(Accession no. 1996.005)

Box 06 Folder 02 Rosamond Bernier

Letters from Willard R. Epsy, Arthur Ross, and Rosamond Bernier exchanging bits of unfinished poetry to be completed

2 verse responses from WOC

Box 06 Folder 03 Casson

3 letters from Sir Hugh Casson, undated

Box 06 Folder 04 James Cramer/AIA Washington

Extensive rough-draft material written by WOC to James Cramer voicing his complaints about Leon Krier, the undeserved speaker at the annual AIA meeting (15 hand-written pages, ink on paper)

October 1989 issue of Oculus, journal published by The New York Chapter of the AIA

AIA Memorandum dated 10 April 1990 regarding the Honorary Fellowship Nominations for 1990

Box 06 Folder 05 Connoisseur and Interiors

August 1984 issue of Connoisseur, with note made on cover: See page 20 WOC pen & ink sketches

Reprint from Interiors, December 1967 issue, featuring "A Case of Creative Landmark Preservation in Manhattan", about the remodellation of McKim Mead & White's 1910 680 Park Ave. town house

Box 06 Folder 06 W.O. Cain Special File/Correspondence

16 letters addressed to WOC from April 1969 to May 1972, including correspondence from Beverly Pepper, Leonard Charmicheal, C.O.V. Keinbusch, and Daniel P. Moynihan

17 copies of letters/essays written by WOC from February 1970 to April 1973, including correspondence to Richard deVore, Leonard Carmicheal, Paul McCloskey, Edward West, Haik Kavookjian, Daniel P. Moynihan, and Robert Cramer

also a "Memorandum on Vietnam" addressed to Paul Barringer

Various clippings of WOC's acceptance of a Doctorate of Letters from Union College

Box 06 Folder 07 Rens Lee

1 postcard from Rens, dated 23 May 1976

Box 06 Folder 08 Russell Lynes

16 letters from Russell Lynes addressed to WOC, including one accompanied by Xerox of the cover-jacket of Lyne's new book Life in the Slow Lane

poster, about 16"x20" in size, announcing exhibit called "Russell Lynes Observes" at the Vassar College Art Gallery, Autumn 1987

New York Times clipping, dated 16 September 1991, announcing death of Russell Lynes

Century Association leaflet announcing Memorial Service for Russell Lynes

photocopy of essay on Russell written by WOC on 17 October 1991

Box 06 Folder 09 Mail

10 letters from various people, including a thank-you letter from Avery Fisher, and others by Lewis Thomas, M.D., Leonard Miall, O.B.E., Walter Lord, and John B. Coburn

copy of article on McKim, Mead & White written by Mosette Glaser Broderick (and signed by Mosette), entitled "A Place Where Nobody Goes: The Early Work of McKim, Mead, & White and the Development of the South Shore of Long Island"

Box 06 Folder 10 Personal Finance

Letter from Francis R. Bacon, Dean of the Cleveland School of Architecture, to congratulate for his son's acceptance

Dated list of events, presumably career chronology

Box 06 Folder 11 J. Russell

7 letters from John Rusell, some in regard to Rosamond Bernier's candidacy for the Century Association

2 letters from Rosamond Bernier

1 rough draft of letter to Secretary of the Century Assn. to propose Rosamond Bernier as a "Centurion"

2 photocopies of cartoons of John Russell entitled "Homage to the Labors of Russell" dated February 1986

Box 06 Folder 12 Gabriel [Seymour]

10 letters/cards sent to WOC from Gabriel Seymour, dated from 1989 to 1991

Box 06 Folder 13 Taplin

35 letters and poems from Frank E. Taplin addressed to WOC, dated from 1988 to 1992, and one package of poems still in the postage envelope

23 photocopies of poems, notes and essays written by WOC, presumably addressed to Frank Taplin

18 original copies of various poems, essays and letters addressed to Frank, including a poem entitled "O Fetch me some Gin to Toast Ethelyn"

miscellaneous items, including 2 letters with accompanying poems from Frederick P. Rose dated 1991, and 1 from John O'Connor dated 1978

Box 06 Folder 14 Lewis Thomas

Letter and accompanying essay entitled "On Error in Biology" written by Lewis Tomas, M.D., dated April 1979, 18 pages, typed

Box 06 Folder 15 [Untitled]

Spring 1985 issue of the "Village Views" magazine, including an article entitled "Walking to Work with Stanford White"

various sheets of blank letterhead stationary for "The Commission for an Exile Island of Ousted Usurpers (A.E.I.O.U.)"

3 copies of invitations to party hosted by Walker and Betty Cain, and Lyn and Ned Chase

various correspondence, including letters to Governor Mario Cuomo, Wilfred Sherk, Mosette Broderick, Raymond Clairville, Arthur Ross, and Paula Pagonis

miscellaneous, including copy of article about John Karol, and specifications letter for competition to design bronze doors for Armenian Cathedral of St. Vartan in NYC

Subseries 2: Written Text

Box 06 Folder 16 Text and Drawings for "Supermouse"

12 original drawings to illustrate text for "Supermouse", presumably written by James W. Murray

21 photocopies of drawings for "Supermouse"

Rough draft of "Supermouse", dated 26 February 1975, 11 pages, typed

Two letters from James W. Murray dated Sept. 1975 and Oct. 1976, and one undated letter signed Joch, all regarding the illustrations and publication specifications for "Supermouse"

Oversize 01 Folder 04 [Text and Drawings for "Supermouse"]

4 drawings with accompanying text for "Supermouse" cartoon (ink on paper)

Box 06 Folder 17 De Rivera

10 photographs of de Rivera and his work, including various photos of model of sculpture for entrance of Smithsonian Institution at Washington

Pamphlet offered by the Borgenicht Gallery of Art in New York City displaying de Rivera's "Constructions", and a small excerpt on de Rivera's biography

4 newspaper clippings from The New York Times dated 1969 and 1972, about de Rivera's current work on exhibit, including the sculpture for the Smithsonian Institution

Box 06 Folder 18 Prince Charles

5 newspaper clippings and 3 photocopies from 1987 to 1991 regarding the strife between modern architects and the Prince of Wales (articles from The Sunday Times (London), The New York Times, The Evening Standard (London), and the Daily Mail)

3 pages of "Notes on an Article" written by WOC, 19 May 1987, regarding competitions, winning entries, and the designs for new buildings in England

Box 06 Folder 19 Edited Version of Italian Sketchbook by WOC

2 letters from Lime Rock Press, Inc. including specifications about Italian Sketchbook, dated 1984

37 pages of text and illustrations for Italian Sketchbook by WOC, including notes and corrections made in pencil

Box 06 Folder 20 M.F.A. Thesis/Princeton University/June 1940

Hand-written, typed, and corrected version of thesis concerning School for Handicapped Children

Subseries 3: Century Club

Box 07 Folder 04 Century Association

Miscellaneous items, including original card announcing that WOC "has become an Associate of the Firm McKim, Mead & White" dated January 1, 1951

Box 07 Folder 05 Century Association

10 copies of library drawing (ink on paper)

12 invitations, drawings, and photocopies of invitations to various events to the Century Club

various correspondence among Century members regarding the sale of "The Power of Music" by William Sidney Mount

New York Times clipping about the original Century Club designed by H.H. Richardson (written by Christopher Gray)

Box 07 Folder 06 Century Club

Over 100 photocopies, enlarged and reduced, of drawings of scenes and interiors of the Century Club

Various versions and revisions to the Guide for the Club, entitled "Inside the Century", including drawings by WOC

Various letters regarding the completion of the Guide of the Club

1 portrait photograph (unknown)

Commemorative scroll of appreciation for WOC from Century Association, undated

1 rough sketch of Palladian window and shrubbery, labeled Century Club, undated

Box 07 Folder 07 W. Cain/Century Association

6 copies of 1990 Century Masked Ball invitation

1 sketch labeled "Columbus Circle-The Main Monument", and 1 plan drawing, unlabeled (ink on trace paper, pencil on trace paper)

13 letters addressed to WOC, including letters from Marshall Davidson, Otis Blodget, John Russell, John Chancellor, Francis Mason, Peter G. Cook, and Stowe C. Phelps

photocopy of monograph of the Century Club, 1889-1891, and detail photograph of open loggia, unlabeled

Box 07 Folder 08 Martin Cook/Century Book

23 drawings by WOC for the booklet "Inside the Century", of various sizes, and some with specifications on accurate dimensions

accompanying text (without the drawings) for the pamphlet

4 letters from Martin Cook Associates, presumably the publisher of the pamphlet, regarding various specifications and notes about it

Box 07 Folder 09 Century Association

Booklet of the Association entitled "Inside the Century", and 12 photocopies of the drawings by WOC used to illustrate the booklet

Essay entitled "A Janusian Musing" on Charles McKim, and various copies and drafts of poem entitled "I Can't Get Started", including one addressed "To Lyn", dated January 1993

Oversize 01 Folder 14 [Century Booklet Accompanying Illustrations]

11 original drawings of cartoon illustrations used in Century Booklet (ink on paper)

Subseries 4: Clerihews/Poems

Box 07 Folder 01 Clerihews

Various copies of poems by Lyn Chase, Lawrence White, and poems taken from "The Old Farm" and The New York Times, March 19, 1991

Correspondence including letters from Willard R. Epsy, Tom Wolfe, and Alick Bear

Copies of poem/essay entitled "The Clerihew", copies of poems entitled "Moonstruck", "The Hen", and essay entitled "Obelisks" and "Louis Galentiere"

10 drawings accompanied by short poems, and various copies of the same

copy of page from Connoiseur, August 1984, containing three drawings by WOC

copies of various invitations for various events

Box 07 Folder 02 Poems/Humor

17 original poems and notes written by WOC, various related to the "Clerihews"

13 photocopies of poems and notes written by WOC

9 photocopies of printed articles or memos, including an entry on "Clerihews Galore" from the National Review, 11 February 1991

poem entitled "Ode on a Self-Inflicted Birthday", about WOC, written on American Academy of Rome head letter, dated 1973, signed FEB

25 photocopies and original notes/letters from various people, including copies of a poem by Lawrence G. White, and Cathy Cochran

Box 07 Folder 03 Humor/Cartoons

46 original cartoon drawings and notes by WOC, mostly political satires from the early 1980's (ink on paper)

Correspondence to WOC from various people, including Robert C. Osborn, J.S. Coles, Edward C. Brewster, and Maude Davis

about 50 photocopies of drawings and cartoons by WOC, some rendered in colored pencil

about 50 photocopies of printed material on comic accounts, cartoons, puzzles, etc.

Subseries 5: McKim, Mead & White

Box 08 Folder 05 McKim Mead & White

1 group photograph, unlabeled, undated, presumably of the members of the McKim, Mead and White firm sometime in the 1920's

Undated pamphlet for a proposal for "a new Museum of History and Technology for the Smithsonian Institution"

2 New York Times clippings by Christopher Gray on McKim Mead & White architecture

Photocopy of Leland Roth's Building List for McKim Mead and White

Various photocopies of Vitruviu's text on "Qualities of an Architect"

Box 08 Folder 06 McKim

Detailed description of contents and placement of exhibit on Stanford White entitled "Stanford White's New York", displayed at the Gallery of the New York School of Interior Design, 7 December 1987 through 12 February 1988

Receipt for Outgoing Loan from the Museum of the City of New York to the Century Association, attn: Walker Cain, for exhibition entitled "Public Spaces and Private Places: Architectural Photographs of McKim, Mead & White", from 27 March 1989 to 15 May 1989, including 13 page description of each photograph on loan

original photograph of bronze statue, unlabeled, untitled

11 copies of black and white photograph of three men seated, holding plan, presumably McKim, Mead & White

various photocopies of McKim, Mead & White book label

Box 08 Folder 07 "Competition for Municipal Building, New York" by MMW

47 bound pages of plans and elevations for the Municipal Building, New York, and the US Post Office Building, New York. (Book label from MMW's office. Pencil inscription on top left corner identifying "Case 49")

Box 08 Folder 08 Bound compilation of magazine and newspaper articles and photographs

Concerning MMW, including Cortissoz, Royal, "Some Leaders in our Architectural Renaissance," and Andrews, Wayne, "McKim, Mead, White: Their Mark Remains" (Book label from MMW's office. No. 1 appears on the spine)

Box 08 Folder 09 Pamphlet on Stanford White

Including 3-page biography, and list of Watercolors and Drawings on exhibit at Davis Gallery, New York, from April 22 to May 11, 1963

Box 08 Folder 10 Stanford White's 1896 Knickerbocker Trust Company checkbook

Including various hand-written entries on recipients of written checks

Box 15 National Air Museum Smithsonian Institution

13 Photographs of Models for the Plan for the Air Museum prepared by MMW (bound and stored in clear plastic sleeves)

Box 14 An Architectural Decade by Egerton Swartwout

126 pages of text, regarding the architect's professional experience (typed, double-spaced, and bound, catalogued in the MMW library)

Box 15 Park Commission Book of Photographs taken in Europe

395 Architectural photographs of buildings from Paris, Rome, Venice, Vienna, Budapest, and England (Bound and indexed. Property of MMW library)

Box 15 McKim, Mead and White Office Party, 1954, 1 film reels; 8mm

Oversize 03 MMW Office Party, Photo Album

24 black and white photographs, unlabeled, undated

Box 17 Folder 10 List of Employees at McKim, Mead and White, 1876-1911

Subseries 6: Sandy Calder

Box 08 Folder 01 Sandy Calder

6 photographs of Alexander Calder and his work, including photos of model of the Museum of History and Technology, and the placement of an outdoor sculpture by Calder

Box 08 Folder 02 Calder

31 photographs of Smithsonian-Calder Stabile model, including 2 spreadsheets

16 letters and 10 postcards addressed to WOC from Alexander Calder, mostly related to a joint project at the Smithsonian Museum, and 2 invitations to gallery openings and reception

8 carbon copies of letters from WOC to Alexander Calder, mostly related to joint Smithsonian-Calder Stabile project, and 13 photocopies of notes and cartoon drawings related to the project

10 newspaper clippings about Calder and his current projects

Various copies of invitation to Calder Memorial Service at the Whitney Museum, December 6, 1976, including one copy with comments written by WOC, and various newspaper clippings relating Calder's recent death

Box 08 Folder 03 Writings/Calder

3 letters and 2 postcards from Sandy Calder to WOC in reference to "the project" (joint sculpture project at the Smithsonian Museum), dated 1967 (some with double-sided tape attached, thus sticking to other surfaces)

4 photocopies of letters from WOC addressed to Sandy Calder, dated 1968

Box 08 Folder 04 Symposium Text/Drafts

Various drafts, comments and considerations related to the essay regarding the Natural History Museum of the Smithsonian, including 2 typed and revised drafts on "The Museum of History and Technology" (8 pages each), and 1 hand-written draft

5 photographs of architectural renderings

1947 Report on luncheon held to discuss the dissension for plans for the United Nations building project, including various newspaper articles on the subject

Interview with WOC for the Smithsonian Institution Office of Architectural History and Historic Preservation, February 3, 1988 (70 pages)

Report written by Cynthia R. Field on "A Case of Hidden Authorship: The Role of Charles Follen McKim in the Design of the Natural History Museum of the Smithsonian"

various letters regarding matters and concerns about the new Museum of History and Technology

Subseries 7: Student Work

Box 17 Folder 1 "A Personal Introduction to City Planning", ca. 1936-1937

Handwritten student paper by Cain

Box 17 Folder 2 "A Summary of the Life, Works & Character of Leon Batista Alberti", 1936

Handwritten student paper by Cain.

Box 17 Folder 3 "An Analysis of The Cost of Housing", 1937

Handwritten student paper by Cain.

Box 17 Folder 4 "Sketches of Buildings Important in Renaissance History", ca. 1936-1937

Sketches by Cain likely submitted for school assignment

Box 17 Folder 5 "Sketches: English Renaissance," Dec. 8, 1936 - Jan. 20, 1937, 1937

Sketches by Cain likely drawn during a trip to England and submitted for school assignment

Box 17 Folder 6 "Sketches: modern residences", 1937

Sketches by Cain likely submitted for school assignment

Box 17 Folder 7 "The Water Plan - as used in Italian Renaissance Villas", 1936

Box 17 Folder 8 "Thesis III: Sir John VanBrugh and the English Renaissance", ca. 1936-1937

Handwritten student paper by Cain

Box 17 Folder 11 Cleveland School of Architecture, Western Reserve University, 1939-1948

Includes syllabi and exams

Box 17 New York Structural Institute

Leather binder with course notes (typed and handwritten)

Series IV: Medals

Box 16 Samuel Putnam Avery Medal

Box 13 Folder 32 AAR Medal

Granted to WOC, with inscription: Trustee 1952-, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees 1974-1982

Box 16 NY Chapter AIA Medal of Recognition for Madison Square Presbyterian Church

Inscribed "Awared by the New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects to McKim, Mead, and White for the Madison Square Presbyterian Church as a distinguished work of architecture represented at the annual exhibition of the Architectural League of New York, MCMVII" (1907)

Box 13 Folder 32 Society of the Beaux Arts Architects, 1938-1939 First Medal 32nd Paris Prize

2 items

Box 16 Primera Exposicion Panamericana de Arquitectura, Medal

Montevideo, Marzo 1920

Box 16 1904 Saint Louis Exposition, Gold Medal

Box 16 1892-93 World's Columbian Exposition, Medal to MMW

Box 16 Medal "Presented to MMW in recognition of Services as one of the designers of the Panama Pacific International Exposition by its Board of Directors on February 25, 1915"

Box 13 Folder 32 Memorial coin of General in Chief Bonaparte

Box 16 Memorial coin of Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association 1890.

Series V: Miscellaneous

Box 15 Photograph Album

Family album of photographs of WOC as a child and adolescent, dating from 1927 to 1936

Box 17 Folder 12 Postcards to family

4 postcards from Cain to parents, and program for funeral of Oscar Clyde Cain (WOC's father)

Box 13 Folder 24 Postcards, blank

253 items : from Singapore, Bath, London, Indonesia, Finland, Germany, Thailand, Hong Kong, Paris, Portugal, Tivoli, Sweden, Japan, Egypt

5 postcards with notes

(Accession No. 1996.005)

Box 13 Folder 25 Postcards, with notes and letters

5 items

(Accession No. 1996.005)

Box 13 Folder 25 Photographs, Egypt

5 items

(Accession No. 1996.005)

Box 13 Folder 25 Photographs, Miscellaneous

2 items

(Accession No. 1996.005)

Box 13 Folder 25 Miscellaneous envelopes, passes, articles

7 items

(Accession No. 1996.005)

Oversize 02 Folder 19 Invitations

7 copies of invitations, including 1970 invitation to Spring Concert, The 88 Amateur Show, and the Southampton Jazz Festival

Oversize 02 Folder 23 Rome and Athens Plans

Copy of Athens Plan of the Ancient Agora

Maps, Plans and Drawings from Rome "Al Tempo di Benedetto XIV" by Giambattista Nolli from 1748, published in the Vatican, 1932

Oversize 03 Folder 02 Maps

8 maps from various countries and continents from the "Geografia Commerciale" series

1 color plan of floor pattern from the Basilica of St. Marco, and 1 color isometric map of Rome from 1574, compliments of the Hotel de la Ville Inter-Continental Roma

Roll A29A.16 Copy of Old Etching/Map of Rom

1 drawing

Box 15 Smithsonian Institution Constitution Ave. Fountains

Series of letters from WOC and Anthony DiMartino, dating from 1969 to 1972, concerning the Constitution Avenue Fountain, including copies of photographs and specifications regarding the project (bound in chronological order)

Oversize 03 Folder 08 Papyrus

Egyptian insignia and dedication to WOC as Master Architect

Box 13 Folder 31 Photographs and Stamps

2 abstract color photographs, one identified as detail on fluted columns, signed by unknown artist and labeled "Athens 1983" on the back; the other of decorative woodwork

2 unaddressed envelopes with commemorative stamps of architecture in the United States, stamped in 1981