Avery Drawings & Archives Collections

Félix Candela architectural records and papers, 1950-1984

Series V: Personal Papers

Contained within this series are biographical papers as well as documents regarding Candela's activities and thoughts on the political situation in Spain.

Box 01: Folder 01 CV / Job Lists 1951-1962

CV and a summary of publications, structures and conferences by Félix Candela; includes CV of Enrique de la Mora y Palomar

Box 01: Folder 02 Income Statements 1968-1969

Includes bills, receipts

Box 01: Folder 03 Invitation from SAH 1972

March 7, 1972

Box 01: Folder 04 Newspaper Clippings undated

Includes photocopy of New York Timesfrom the day Candela was born and articles about relatives of Candela

Box 01: Folder 05 Publications - Political 1968-1971

Correspondence between Félix Candela and J. Dieguez (Comite de Ayuda al Pueblo España); includes newspaper clippings and articles.

Box 01: Folder 06 Slide Lists undated

Record of slides of structures by Félix Candela in the slide library of the "Sociedad de Arquitectos Mexicanos"

Box 01: Folder 07 Spanish Papers undated

Press Release of Internaltional Association of Hispanic University Professors, and other misc.

Box 01: Folder 08 Spanish Papers 1961, 1968, 1970-1971

Ibetica por la Libertad;including letter from M.Torres Campaña

Box 01: Folder 09 Spanish Papers 1965

Ibetica por la Libertad

Box 01: Folder 10 Spanish Papers 1941-1945

Peñalara;including misc. photographs, unsigned letter and business contract between F. Candela and J. Gonzalez

Box 01: Folder 11 Spanish Papers Mañana tribune democratica española 1965-1966
Box 01: Folder 12 Spanish Politics 1969

Includes clippings and articles