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Felix Augenfeld architectural records and papers, 1910-1972

Series II: Professional Papers

Consists of documents, articles, and images that Augenfeld used as reference or inspiration, as well as scrapbooks that contain articles and clippings on his work, and his portfolios. This material reflects a more general view of his work or process, instead of the project-focused approach of Series I: Project Records. This series also includes a collection of original textiles (both hand painted and commercially printed) that were designed by Augenfeld for specific projects or for general retail. Some of these textiles can be found in project photos of the finished interiors.

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Box 4 Folder 18 Work by assorted Viennese Architects (Vienna, Austria), 1910-1938

Primary creators: Adolf Loos, Otto Wagner, Cl. Holzmeister, Theiss & Jaksch, P. Bahrens, Josef Hoffmann, etc.; 21 photographs; 1 magazine clipping; 1 magazine (Moderne Bauformen)

Box 4 Folder 19 Work by assorted Viennese Architects and Designers (Vienna, Austria), 1920-1938

Primary creators: Sobotka, Strnad, Frank, Plischke, Victor Gruenbaum, Baumfeld, Lichtblau, etc.; 26 photographs; 1 brochure; 1 envelope

Box 4 Folder 20 Wartime demolition of Vienna Opera House & Projects for rebuilding Burgtheater

12 photographs, 1 envelope

Box 5 Folder 1-3 "Felix Augenfeld: Architect & Interior Designer" Portfolio (3 volumes)

3 volumes of photographs, with occasional newspaper clippings

Oversize 2 Folder 1-2 Scrapbook (vol. I & II), c. 1940-1951; c. 1951-1957

Assorted newspaper clippings and magazine articles

Oversize 1 Folder 3 "Innen-Dekoration" (Vienna, Austria), c. 1928-1931

Primary creators: Haus & Garten; multiple issues of the magazine

Box 5 Folder 4 Correspondence regarding Architectural League Exhibition, 1960 & 1961: Buttinger Library & Thonet Showroom (New York City, NY), 1960-1963

Correspondence between Augenfeld, Pokorny, Thonet Industries, and the Architectural League;

Box 5 Folder 5 "Domus" excerpts, 1956-1963

Excerpts and duplicates regarding Augenfeld's work from 6 issues of Domus

Drawer 73 La Triennale de Milano, "Diploma di Collaborazione", 1933

1 certificate

Above OSS Oversize box plus 2 tube boxes Textiles

Hand painted textiles and commercially printed versions of Augenfeld's designs. Some can be seen in the interior photographs within Augenfeld's "Project Records" above; 35 textiles (13 hand painted, 22 commercially printed) include 'Deep Sea', 'Pharmacy I', 'Pharmacy II', among others