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Douglas Putnam Haskell papers, 1866-1979-(bulk 1949-1964).

Series XII: Pennsylvania Avenue Council

This series contains material regarding Douglas Haskell's appointment to the President's Council on Pennsylvania Avenue in 1962. President Kennedy created an Ad Hoc Committee on Federal Office Space to devise a general policy toward future federal architecture and to issue a report on Pennsylvania Avenue. It was to be a joint undertaking by government and private enterprise to restore "focal centrality" to the capitol. The President's Council on Pennsylvania Avenue included leaders in the fields of planning, art, and urban design. The bulks dates are 1962-1964.

The folders in this series are arranged in no particular order. There is a variety of types of material including many publications which are not foldered. Because of the wide variety of formats of material, the summary statement contains the contents of each box. Original subject titles of folders have been retained wherever they were present. (Many folders in this series do not have titles. Please consult folder descriptions for more complete information.)

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Box 98 (No folder titles. This box contains various publications.)

The Architectural Review. This issue titled "New Uses for Old Buildings." May 1972, 31 pp.

Look. April 6, 1965. 95 pp. Contains the article "Washington's Pennsylvania Avenue: Grand Avenue for the Great Society."

"Pennsylvania Avenue." Architectural Forum. Reprint of July 1964 issue. [9 pp.]

Downtown Progress. Undated. 40 pp. "This report recommends action to give the streets and places of Downtown Washington "distinct indentities related to their uses" as called for by the Action Plan for Downtown published by Downtown Progress in January 1962."

Pennsylvania Avenue: Report of the President's Council on Pennsylvania Avenue. Washington: US Government Printing Office, 1964. 56 pp. (Signed copy: Nathaniel Owings, Dan Kiley, John Woodbridge, and two others whose names are not legible.)

Review of Pennsylvania Avenue Plan: Prepared for Pennsylvania Avenue Advisory Council. Washington: Larry Smith & Company, 1963. 32 pp. (There are 4 copies of this, of which 2 are drafts. The 2 draft copies are 27 pp. each, and contain correspondence with Larry Smith & Co.)

Pennsylvania Avenue Report of The President's Council on Pennsylvania Avenue.

"Penna Ave—Warnecke proposal for south side of national Square." Photograph. 8x10, B&W. (Elevation.)

Box 99 (No folder titles. This box contains various publications)

Material includes clippings by Ada Louise Huxtable, Jane Jacobs, and others; includedis various correspondence relating to a Pennsylvania Avenue article written by DH for Harper's; and misc. other material.

Recommendations for Transportation in the National Capital Region, Finance and Organization: A Report to the President for Transmittal to Congress. By the National Capital Transportation Agency. Washington: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1962. 92 pp.

Historic Preservation. Volume 15, no. 3. Washington: National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1963. pp. 84-118. (4 copies.)

"How Economic is the Washington Economy?" Address by Philip Stoddard Brown. Washington: Washington Center for Metropolitan Studies, 1961.

"Political Aspects of Potomac River Development." By Royce Hanson. Washington: Washington Center for Metropolitan Studies, 1960.

"Rapid Growth Key to Understanding Metropolitan Problems." Address by Philip M. Hauser. Washington: Washington Center for Metropolitan Studies, 1961.

Architectural Forum. July 1964. Contains the article "Pennsylvania Avenue." (3 copies.)

Washington Present and Future: A General Summary of the Comprehensive Plan for the National Capital and Its Environs. Washington: National Capital Park and Planning Commission, 1950. 47 pp. (Inscribed to Helen and Douglas Haskell, from Bill Wurster.)

L'architecture d'aujourd'hui. December 1964-February 1965. (Contains article on Penn. Ave.) 10.The Pennsylvania Avenue Plan, 1974. [Washington]: Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation, 1974. 88 pp. (2 copies.)

"The Pennsylvania Avenue District in United States History: A Report on the National Significance of Pennsylvania Avenue and Historically Related Environs." Washington: United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service, 1965. 72 pp.

Box 100 (No folder titles. This box contains various publications)

Action Report for Downtown Washington. [Washington: The Joint Policy Committee on Downtown, 1959.] 40 pp.

Of Plans and People: Planning the City of Washington for its People and as a Worthy Symbol of a Great Nation. Washington: Washington-Metropolitan Chapter of the AIA, 1950. 63 pp.

4 brochures; 1 photograph of DH and Nat Owings; 1 clipping from NYT titled "Avenue of the Presidents; 1 letter to DH from Richard P. Steinberg at Larry Smith & Company; photostats of 9 clippings re President Kennedy and Penn. Ave.

Manuscript notes [by DH] on lined paper. Approx. 29 pp.

Letter to DH from Richard P. Steinberg of Larry Smith & Company; copy of memo written by John Woodbridge, with plan and photographs attached.

Draft: Pennsylvania Avenue: Report of the President's Council on Pennsylvania Avenue. Marked up by N.A.O." [Nathaniel Owings]. (Misc. items attached.)

9 B&W photographic prints of Pennsylvania Avenue from different perspectives, includes photos of plans.

Miscellaneous fragments of typed pages for a book, 1976-1979. Includes pages titled "Architecture as the Art of Total Surroundings--and the Joys Thereof." With typed pages re Lewis Mumford.

Correspondence dating from 1964. Correspondents include Arthur Drexler at MOMA; Ronald Allwork; AIA-New York; I.M. Pei; Max O. Urbahn; Robert Allan Jacobs; Gordon Bunshaft; Eleanor M McPeck at the Washington Gallery of Modern Art; Urban Renewal Administration; William Scheick at AIA-Washington; Think magazine; Architectural Record; Downtown Progress; Fine Arts Commission, Washington; Nathaniel Owings; and many others. Topics include an exhibit at MOMA on Pennsylvania Avenue; symposiums; meetings; and various other topics regarding Pennsylvania Avenue.

Correspondence dating from 1963. Correspondents include: Graham Redgrave-Rust; Daniel Patrick Moynihan; Frederick Gutheim; Nathaniel Owings; National Capital Planning Commission; Doxiades Associates; and others. There are many clippings in the folder regarding Pennsylvania Avenue as well as other miscellaneous material.

Miscellaneous material re Pennsylvania Avenue including correspondence from Larry Smith & Company, Real Estate Consultants; proposal for a book on Pennsylvania Avenue; news releases from the White House; clippings—"Pennsylvania Plan Asks Broad Changes to Create Grandeur and Elegance", "A Grand Boulevard For Washington", "Pennsylvania Plan Calls for Vast Renovation", "Plan to Give Pennsylvania Ave. Grandeur"; and other miscellaneous material.

8 negative photostats of Pennsylvania Avenue including some very early views, and photostats of drawings, plans, and a model of Pennsylvania Avenue; various clippings.

44 B&W photographs, 8x10. Photographs include numerous historic photographs of Washington DC and Pennsylvania Avenue -- including paintings, maps, drawings, newspaper clipping, and documents. Miscellaneous material includes a letter from Aline B. Saarinen to Bill Alex; a typed note from "P." to DH re Paul Rudolph; 10 photostats of building elevations on various streets in Washington DC.

Box 101 Folder 1 to 3 Site plan of Pennsylvania Avenue

Brochure titled "Federal Policies of the National Capital Region: The President's Memorandum"; memo from Charles H. Conrad to The National Capital Planning Commission re preliminary estimates of potential cost and displacement in regard to plans for the redevelopment of Pennsylvania Avenue; news release by the Council titled "Resolution of premature development within Pennsylvania Avenue study area"; draft of "Policies of the President's Advisory Council on Pennsylvania Avenue"; letter from Dan Kiley to DH re cost of paving, trees, pools and fountains, planting beds, etc.; draft of memo titled "Organization for the reconstruction of Pennsylvania Avenue"; memo on Downtown Progress letterhead, from Melvin F. Levine to Knox Banner, re Advisory Council on Pennsylvania Avenue; "Report to the President by the Ad Hoc Committee on Federal Office Space"; and other miscellaneous material.

46 B&W photographs, 8x10; 3 8x10 negatives of parts of [Pennsylvania Avenue?]; 7 photostats of site plans; 1 contact print of Pennsylvania Avenue; 1 map by Downtown Progress/National Capital Downtown Committee, Inc. titled "Action Plan for Downtown Washington." The photographs include various views of Washington DC and Pennsylvania Avenue -- including models of proposals, aerial views, and individual buildings.

1 drawing of site plan on tracing paper; 10 reprints of the article "Pennsylvania Avenue" published by Architectural Forum/July 1964.

Box 101 Folder 4 Council routines, pre-June 1963

Council Routines, pre-June 1963. Not everything in this folder is actually dated before June 1963. Includes "Notes on Meeting of the President's Advisory Council on Pennsylvania Avenue, July 24, 1963"; memos from R.E. Sauders; minutes of the first meeting of the Pennsylvania Avenue Advisory Council, as well as minutes from other meetings; letters from John F. Kilpatrick, Nathaniel Owings, Ralph Walker and others; and other miscellaneous material.

Box 101 Folder 5 to 6 Implementation

Implementation. Contains correspondence regarding implementing the Council's recommendation; tables of "comparative analysis" and "summary of favorable and unfavorable factors"; correspondents include John F. Kirkpatrick, Larry Smith & Company, Daniel Patrick Moyhihan.

Meetings, minutes, etc. Contains correspondence regarding meetings; notes on meetings; minutes; a transcript titled "National Capital Planning Commission: Meeting of the Advisory Council on Pennsylvania Avenue," January 11, 1964; and other miscellaneous material. Correspondents include Charles A. Horsky, Advisor for National Capital Affairs; John F. Kirkpatrick; Nathaniel Owings; and others.

Box 101 Folder 7 to 8 Lists of illustrations

Lists of illustrations. Contains lists of illustrations for the Pennsylvania Avenue Report and other miscellaneous material.

Model. Contains material regarding the construction of the model of the Pennsylvania Avenue Redevelopment Scheme.

Box 101 Folder 9 to 10 NCPC (National Capital Planning Commission)

NCPC (National Capital Planning Commission) reports, July 18, 1963. Not all material is dated July 18, 1963. Contains reports, memos, and correspondence. Reports include "Report on the Status of the Pennsylvania Avenue Plan as of November 20, 1964"; draft of "Statement to the National Capital Planning Commission, July 18, 1963"; and others. Also included "Policies of the President's Advisory Council on Pennsylvania Avenue."

(12) 8x10, B&W photographic prints; 2 small negative prints. Photographs include drawings and models of proposals; and existing buildings.

Box 101 Folder 11 People

Contains a list of addresses of the people on the Pennsylvania Avenue Advisory Council, and other miscellaneous items.

Box 101 Folder 12 Budget and estimates

Contains miscellaneous items regarding costs for telephone calls; photography; drawings; transportation; model; printing; exhibit; and other expenses of the Council.

Box 101 Folder 13 History section

Contains material used for the avenue's history section of the Council's report. Included are drafts of this section, as well as four historic photographic prints of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Box 102 Folder 1 to 2 Government Printing Office

Contains a note regarding the Government Printing Office; and 2 copies of the pamphlet titled "Pennsylvania Avenue 1962," which includes a history of how and why the Pennsylvania Avenue Advisory Council was formed.

Printing of report. Contains correspondence regarding the printing of Pennsylvania Avenue: Report of the President's Council on Pennsylvania Avenue. Correspondents include Robert McKendry, Government Printing Office; Ivan Chermayeff, Chermayeff, Geismer & Associates; Public Printer, G.P.O.; R.T. Walters, Deputy Director-General of Research & Development, Ministry of Public Building and Works, London; John Woodbridge, SOM; William Turnbull, Jr., Pennsylvania Avenue Project, National Capitol Planning Commission; and others. The topics discussed include budget estimates; paper; binding; page size; quantity; proofs; illustrations; and other such details. Included are requisitions for printing and binding to the Public Printer, (an empty pad was discarded and only the filled out forms have been kept.)

Box 102 Folder 3 Model Photographs

(21) 8x10, B&W photographic prints. Used to illustrate the Council's ideas.

Box 102 Folder 4 Nathaniel A. Owings

Contains correspondence with Nathaniel A. Owings. Topics include getting together; DH's trip to Russia; Pennsylvania Avenue piece in Harper's; Patrick Moynihan at Harvard; and other Pennsylvania Avenue business.

Box 102 Folder 5 Opinion statements

Contains opinions and statements regarding the Pennsylvania Avenue project. Statements included are made by President Johnson; AIA; Downtown Progress; Yamasaki re resignation from the Council; and others.

Box 102 Folder 6 Personal

Contains some of DH's personal notes, memos, correspondence, application for federal employment, travel expenses, and other material regarding the Pennsylvania Avenue Council, as well as other miscellaneous matters.

Box 102 Folder 7 Petty purchases

Contains receipts of small purchases made by DH, such as photographs, car rental, etc.

Box 102 Folder 8 Renderings

Renderings, photographs & negatives. (22) 8x10, B&W photographic prints. Showing renderings of Pennsylvania Avenue proposals. Also (10) 2¼ x3¼, B&W film negatives of same.

Box 102 Folder 9 Travel and expenses

Contains travel vouchers, receipts, and expense reports for DH.

Box 102 Folder 10 Unfinished business

Contains various correspondence needing a response from DH including an invitation to lecture; a letter from Mrs. Keener Rudolph; and a request from the University of Pennsylvania's librarian for a copy of the Council's Report.

Box 102 Folder 11 Miscellaneous

Contains miscellaneous items including copy of clippings titled "Avenue Plan Hits Few Bumps at its First Public Presentation", "Avenue Plan Backers Agree Speed is Needed", "Avenue Grand Design Admired by Goldberg", and others. The folder also contains a list of photos order from the Library of Congress; typescripts re Pennsylvania Avenue; correspondence re MOMA exhibit of the Pennsylvania Avenue project; Downtown Progress news release; G.P.O. typographical survey; photographs; and other miscellaneous material.

Box 102 Folder 12 Schedules, budget, fiscal—Federal Triangle

Contains a cost survey of the Federal Triangle; surveys of other buildings such as the Post Office, Archives, and Commerce; production schedule for Pennsylvania Avenue; and other such material.

Box 102 Folder 13 Early ideas

Contains background material on the beginning on the project including a typescript titled "Developing Standards--The Avenue in the Past"; a clipping titled "Washington, DC: Portrait of a Sick City"; draft of "Policies of the President's Advisory Council on Pennsylvania Avenue"; "Preliminary Report of the President's Council on Pennsylvania Avenue"; "Statement to the National Capital Planning Commission, July 18, 1963"; "The Architectural League of New York, Preliminary Outline of 1963-64 Program, June 28, 1963"; list of advisory council members; draft of letter from [DH] to President Johnson, Jan. 13, 1964; plans; and other miscellaneous material.

Box 103 Unfiled material, book outlines, source ideas

Contains an outline for the Council's report; list of illustrations, graphic material, and captions; notes; a booklet titled "Summary Report on the Transit Development Program," by the National Capital Transportation Agency; and other miscellaneous material.

DH's bills, receipts, time sheets, and vouchers, while on the Council. The folder also contains clippings titled "Federal City Council Backs Avenue Plan", "Avenue of the Presidents", and others. Correspondents include Howard H. Mackey, Head, Department of Architecture, Howard University; John Rannells; John E. Burchard, MIT; and others. There is also other miscellaneous material including 4 photographs of Pennsylvania Avenue: model, rendering of proposal, aerial view, view of [Archives building?]

Box 103 Presentation and publication arrangements

Contains material regarding arrangements for publication and presentation for the Council's project. Along with orders for exhibit material and photographs is correspondence with Charles M. Horsky, The White House; William Walton, Chairman, Fine Arts Commission, Department of Interior Building; Robert Alpern; Tom Gaismar; Frank H. Mortimar, Government Printing Office; John Woodbridge, SOM; Davis, Delaney, Inc.; Public Printer, Government Printing Office; and others. Miscellaneous material includes a book of typefaces and a copy of a clipping titled "Britannica Has Pennsylvania Ave. Boo-Boo."

Box 103 Shows

Material relating to exhibits regarding the Pennsylvania Avenue project. Correspondents include University of Illinois—Urbana; The Museum of Modern Art; and others.

Box 103 Schedules

Production schedules, Pennsylvania Avenue.

Box 103 Clippings

Clippings of articles from the AIA Journal on the Pennsylvania Avenue project. Authors include Daniel P. Moynihan, I. M. Pei, Henry L. Wright, Mario E. Campioli, and David Norton Yerkes. Also contains other miscellaneous items.

Box 103 Public relations

Contins miscellaneous items regarding public relations for the Pennsylvania Avenue project. Also includes a letter form Daniel P. Moynihan; the periodical Metropolitan with a cover story on the Pennsylvania Avenue; an AIA memo; various hand-written notes by DH; a typescript of a statement made by Nathaniel A. Owings titled "Pennsylvania Avenue and the Future of the American City"; copies of various newspaper articles regarding the project; and other material.

Box 103 Photographs

(54) 8x10, B&W photographic prints. Mainly contains photographs of Pennsylvania Avenue. 1 photograph of map; 1 photograph of model; 1 photograph of Paris; 7 contact sheets; remaining photographs are various views including aerial shots; individual buildings; monuments; and many others.

(15) 5x7, (77) 8x10, B&W photographic prints. Mainly contains photographs of Pennsylvania Avenue. Various views, including aerial shots; individual buildings; monuments; renderings; shots of the model; and many others.

Box 104 Miscellaneous

Contains miscellaneous items regarding the Pennsylvania Avenue project including clippings and photographs. Items include The Pennsylvania Avenue Plan-1974 by the Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation; "Possible Outline for Report, Sept. 19, 1963"; several drafts titled "Executive Square (description)"; photocopy of clipping titled "Politics vs. Architecture " by Wolf Von Eckardt; clipping titled "Democratic Architect Replaced On Showplace District Project"; clipping titled "Kling Edges Democrat Out of Big U.S. Job"; clipping titled "Architect Replaced on D.C. Project Charges Awards Reflect Patronage"; clipping titled "Planners Balking at Attempt to Demolish Clock Tower"; Architectural Record reprint titled "The Federal Triangle John F. Kennedy Gave Washington, D.C.: Two Projects by John Carl Warnecke and Associates"; draft of Preliminary Report of The President's Advisory Council on Pennsylvania Avenue; and other miscellaneous items.

Box 104 Clippings

Mainly contains clippings from various sources regarding the Pennsylvania Avenue project. Titles of clippings include "Pennsylvania Avenue Plan Asks Broad Changes to Create Grandeur and Elegance"; "Uplifting of Penna. Ave. Seen Up to White House"; "Avenue Plan Caught in Time Trap"; "Architects Back Plan for Capital"; "Strong Commission Seen as `Only Hope' for Rebuilt Avenue"; "Pennsylvania Avenue Face-Lifting Proposed"; and many others.

Box 104 Text, drafts, etc.

Contains text and drafts regarding various subjects on the Pennsylvania Avenue project. The titles of some the texts include: "The Capitol"; "Executive Square"; "The Nature of the Avenue"; "The Avenue"; "Summary of the Council's Recommendations"; "S. Pershing Square as a New National Square"; "Preliminary Report of The President's Advisory Council on Pennsylvania Avenue"; "A Tour of Pennsylvania Avenue"; "The Nature of the Avenue"; "Notes on Pennsylvania Avenue's History"; "Summary of the Council's Recommendations"; "The Capitol Plaza Area"; "The Constitution Underpass and The National Gallery Area"; "The Archives Cross Axis and The New Market Square"; "The Avenue Design"; "A New National Square at the White House End"; "Pennsylvania Avenue Report"; draft of "Pennsylvania Avenue: Report of the President's Council on Pennsylvania Avenue."; "The Avenue's History: Decisions and Developing Standards"; "Early Grandiose Dreams and Rural Usages"; "Jeffersons Poplars"; "The Assignment"; "The Avenue in Detail"; "New Office Buildings and The New `North Triangle'"; "Summary of the Council's Recommendations"; "The Avenue's History: Decisions and Developing Standards"; and others

Box 104 Lecture Slides

(28) B&W and color 35mm slides. Original box noted "Oberlin Lecture Choice Slides."

Box 105 Capitol

Contains various material regarding the Extension of the East Front of the Capitol including photographs; galley proofs titled "The inflated Capitol Program"; press releases; "Capitol Fact Sheet"; clippings titled "Extending the Debate Over Extending," "Architects Withdraw East Front Opposition," and others; memo from William T. Stone to Robert Ware Straus, President, Galaxy Incorporated, re "proposals for a program to preserve the historic integrity and architectural beauty of the United States Capitol"; and other miscellaneous items.

"East Front of the Capitol: Remarks of Carl Feiss"; letter from Edmund R. Purves; memos and correspondence from the Committee to Preserve the National Capitol; news release titled "digest of the remarks of speaker Sam Rayburn before the National Press Club, Washington, D.C., May 27, 1958"; Moran, Proctor, Mueser & Rutledge to The Hon. J. George Stewart, Architect of the Capitol, re US Capitol: report on examination of the east exterior facade of the central portion of the US Capitol; "Capitol Fact Sheet" compiled by the Committee to Preserve the National Capitol; clippings titled "Public Protest Saved East Front 3 Times," "East Front Dangerous as Stone Deteriorates," "Architects Disagree on Capitol Extension," "4 Answers Offered to East-Front Riddle," and others; the folder also contains other related material.

Box 105 Capitol pictures and plans

Contains various material regarding the Extension of the East Front of the Capitol including 11 FORUM tear sheets dating from 1956-57 re the Capitol

(4) 8x10, B&W photographic prints. Capitol including drawings and aerial shots; (11) copies of plans of the Capitol; and other related material.

Box 105 Miscellaneous

Contains clippings re Pennsylvania Avenue and other Washington architecture; invitation to DH to opening of exhibit tilted "The Grand Design" at the Library of Congress (2 exhibit catalogs included); commencement program for President's Temporary Commission on Pennsylvania Avenue...1967"; "Report of The President's Temporary Commission on Pennsylvania Avenue on the Establishment of the Woodrow Wilson Center," Washington, D.C. 1968; and other miscellaneous material. The folder also contains the following correspondents: The Ohio State University, School of Architecture; John Lyon Reid; Ralph Kempton; Noverre Musson; Daniel P. Moynihan; outline for Ohio State talk, April 9, 1968, titled "The Grand Plan for the Nation's Capital and the Job Now."; and others.