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Greene & Greene architectural drawings and records, 1896-1931

Series IV: Jean Murray Bangs' Research Files on Greene & Greene

The series consists of the research papers of architectural historian Jean Murrary Bangs (1894-1985). Bangs was a Berkeley-trained economist who became an architectural historian of the United States Modern movement. In the 1940s, she focused her work on the rediscovery of Charles and Henry Greene's work in Southern California. Her research on Greene & Greene was published in Architectural Forum (Oct. 1948). A planned book on the firm was never completed. The series includes blueprints found by Bangs in the garage of one of the Greene brother's former home.

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Sub-series 1: Writings and Lectures of Jean Murray Bangs

Box 7 Folder 1 to 2 Published Articles, 1948-1957

"A new appreciation of 'Greene and Greene',"Architectural Record,v.103(May 1948), p.138-140.

"Greene and Greene,"Architectural Forum,v.89(Oct. 1948), p.80-89.

"American has always been a great place for the prophet without honor,"House Beautiful,v.92(May 1950), p.138-139, 178-179.

Article was reprinted in theJournal of the American Institute of Architects, v.18 (July 1952), p. 11-16, under the title Prophet without Honor.

"A parting salute to the fathers of the California style," House & Home, , v. 12(Aug. 1957), p. 84-85.

Article offprints.

Box 1 Folder 6 Lecture Typescripts with Handwritten Notes, 1961-1966

"Greene & Greene : prophets without honor"; Lecture given for the School of Design, North Carolina State, 1961. / "One method of studying art : illustrated by the work of Greene & Greene"; Lecture given for the advanced docents, North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, Feb. 27, 1966.

Sub-series 2: Research Materials

Box 7 Folder 3 to 4 Printed Materials

Articles and other publications on Greene & Greene, California architecture, and related topics.

Box 1 Folder 7 Research Notes

File includes JMB's notes on Greene & Greene, California architecture, and article drafts.

Box 7 Folder 5 File on the Cordelia A. Culbertson house

Plates from The Pacific Coast Architect, March, 1914

Box 1 Folder 8 File on the David B. Gamble House

Clipping and two photographs

Box 2 Folder 41 to 43 Study Photographs

Thirty-five photographs of buildings that exhibit the influence of Greene & Greene. Most are Merge Studios photographs of Polytechnic Elementary School, Pasadena.

Box 2 Folder 44 to 47 Miscellaneous Graphic Materials

62 contact prints, negatives, 19 photographs, two postcards, and other illustrative material.

Sub-series 3: Greene & Greene Project Records in Jean Murray Bangs' Research Files

Box 9 Job Lists

File card records transcribed by Jean Murray Bangs from the Greenes' job book. Three sets of cards: 104 handwritten cards, 3x 5 inches; 14 typewritten cards, 3 x 5 inches; and 139 handwritten sheets of paper folded to approximately 4 1/2 x 5 1/2, inches. Each set is arranged alphabetically by client. Transcribed information includes client name, job number, year, and value of the contract.

Box 7 Folder 6 Project Drawings, 1906-1907, undated

The nine drawings listed here were the gift of Harwell Hamilton Harris, accession 1987.003. Duplicates of the drawings, except for the Cordelia A. Culbertson house and the Unidentified project (which is the only drawing of this group of nine not by Greene & Greene), are also included in Series III: Project Drawings.

NYDA.1987.003.00539: S. S. Crow house (Pasadena, California). Block plan of residence and grounds of Mr. Edward S. Crocker at Oak Knoll Blueline print (Copy of NYDA.1960.001.04517)

NYDA.1987.003.00540: Cordelia A. Culbertson house (Pasadena, California). Floor plan and part plan of basement Blueline print (Note that this item is stored with Cordelia A. Culbertson Drawings described in Series III: Project Drawings)

NYDA.1987.003.00541: Freeman A. Ford house (Pasadena, California). [Ground] floor plan ; Sheet no. 2, Sept. 21st, '06, revised June 26th '07. Blueline print (Copy of NYDA.1960.001.01225, minus the notes)

NYDA.1987.003.00542: Freeman A. Ford house (Pasadena, California). East elevation; west elevation; [interior elevation]--bedroom #3 north side, [and] south side; den east side, south side [and] west side : Sheet no. 3, Sept. 21st '06, revised June 26th '07. Blueline print (Copy of NYDA.1960.001.01226)

NYDA.1987.003.00543: Freeman A. Ford house (Pasadena, California). [Elevations] -- court east side, court south side, south side of nursery, north side of dining r'm, south side of dining r'm, west side of dining r'm, east side of dining r'm, east side dining r'm, east side of hall, east side of living r'm, west side of living room : Sheet no. 4, Sept. 21st '06, revised June 26th '07. Blueline print (Copy of NYDA.1960.001.01228)

NYDA.1987.003.00544: F.W. Hawks house (Pasadena, California). Unexecuted design, [Ground] floor plan : Sheet no. 2, July 12th '06. Blueline print (Copy of NYDA.1960.001679)

NYDA.1987.003.00545: F.W. Hawks house (Pasadena, California). Unexecuted design, West elevation, east elevation : Sheet no. 3, July 12th, '06. Blueline print (Copy of NYDA.1960.001.01680)

NYDA.1987.003.00546: F.W. Hawks house (Pasadena, California). Unexecuted design, Front elevation, section showing south side of living room, sectional elevation looking north, section thro living rm. looking west : sheet no. 4, July 12th '06. Blueline print (Copy of NYDA.1960.001.01682)

NYDA.1987.003.00547: Unidentified projec, Basement floor plan, drawn by Harwell Hamilton Harris. Blueline print (Edward R. Bosley identified this floor plan as the work of Harwell Hamilton Harris)

Box 1 Folder 9 Specifications, 1931

Prentiss house specifications for concrete retaining wall, steps and paving, job. no. 514. Two copies: Set no. 1 office copy and Set no. 3.