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Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue architectural drawings and papers, 1882-1980

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Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue architectural drawings and papers. Dept. of Drawings & Archives, Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University.

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Summary Information

At a Glance

Avery ID:D&A Goodhue View CLIO record
Creator(s):Goodhue, Bertram Grosvenor, 1869-1924.
Title:Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue architectural drawings and papers, 1882-1980
Physical description:9.5 linear feet of papers, 1,164 drawings, 35 photographs (22 manuscript boxes, 26 portfolio boxes, 3 archives boxes, 52 rolls, 6 phase boxes, 1 flatfile drawer).
Language(s): In English.
Access: This collection is available for use by qualified readers by appointment in the Drawings & Archives Reading Room, Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library at Columbia University. A portion of this collection is stored in Columbia University Libraries' off-site storage and will be recalled upon request for patrons. For further information and to make an appointment, please call (212) 854-4110 or email  More information »
Types of Materials in the Collection:Correspondence, typescript papers, carbon typescript papers, holograph papers, printed papers, photographic prints, architectural reprographic prints, and mixed media drawings .



This material is arranged in eight series:

The scope and arrangement of materials within each series is described at the beginning of each series inventory.

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Scope and Content

This collection contains architectural drawings, photographs, business records and reference materials related to the projects and designs of Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue and his successor firm, Mayers, Murray & Philips, primarily in the New York City region. A large portion of the collection consists of personal and professional correspondence to and from Goodhue from the early 1900s until his death in 1926. Relatively few architectural drawings from his professional practice survive.

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Using the Collection

Access Restrictions

 This collection is available for use by qualified readers by appointment in the Drawings & Archives Reading Room, Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library at Columbia University. A portion of this collection is stored in Columbia University Libraries' off-site storage and will be recalled upon request for patrons. For further information and to make an appointment, please call (212) 854-4110 or email

Restrictions on Use

Columbia University is providing access to the materials in the Library's collections solely for noncommercial educational and research purposes. The unauthorized use, including, but not limited to, publication of the materials without the prior written permission of Columbia University is strictly prohibited. All inquiries regarding permission to publish should be submitted in writing to the Director, Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University. For additional guidance, see Columbia University Libraries' publication policy.

In addition to permission from Columbia University, permission of the copyright owner (if not Columbia University) and/or any holder of other rights (such as publicity and/or privacy rights) may also be required for reproduction, publication, distributions, and other uses. Responsibility for making an independent legal assessment of any item and securing any necessary permissions rests with the persons desiring to publish the item. Columbia University makes no warranties as to the accuracy of the materials or their fitness for a particular purpose.

Preferred Citation

Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue architectural drawings and papers. Dept. of Drawings & Archives, Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University.

Related Material

Architectural drawings and records by Bertram Goodhue and his related firms can also be found in the Guastavino Fireproof Construction Company/George Collins Architectural Records and Drawings collection, held by Avery Library's Dept. of Drawings & Archives.

Architectural drawings and records by Cram Goodhue and Ferguson, as well as Mayers, Murray & Phillip, the successor firm to Bertram Goodhue, are also held by the Dept. of Drawings & Archives.

Architectural records and papers from Bertram Goodhue can also be found in the Raymond DeRis Collection, held by the Dept. of Drawings & Archives.

Research materials relating to Bertram Goodhue's association with James Renwick can be found in the Selma Rattner Research Papers on James Renwick, held by the Dept. of Drawings & Archives.

Lastly, medals and other items relating to Bertram Goodhue's association with sculptor Lee Lawrie can be found in the Lee Lawrie collection, held by the Dept. of Drawings & Archives.

Selected Bibliography

Oliver, Richard. Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue . New York: Architectural History Foundation; Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1983 .

For Further Information

For more information about using the collections and conducting research in the Department of Drawings & Archives, please see our FAQ.

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About the Finding Aid / Processing Information

Finding aid written by Annemarie van Roessel, Mellon Project Archivist, Dept. of Drawings & Archives, Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University.

Processing Information

The bulk of this collection was processed by Annie Grunow, Lurita Macintosh, and Taryn Zarillo, under the direction of Annemarie van Roessel, Mellon Project Archivist, Dept. of Drawings & Archives, Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, in 2005-2006.

EAD instance created by Annemarie van Roessel from Access database and MARC record April 4, 2006. Finding aid written in English.
    2006-04-06 File created.
    2009-12-03 File revised.

CLIO ID: 3460598 View CLIO record

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Subjects (Buildings)

HeadingCUL Archives:
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Nat'l / Int'l Archives:
Cathedral of the Incarnation (Baltimore, Md.)PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Church of the Heavenly Rest (New York, N.Y.)PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Convocation Tower (New York, N.Y.)PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Nebraska State Capitol (Lincoln, Neb.)PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Rice Institute (Houston, Tex.)PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Saint Thomas’s Church (New York, N.Y.)PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Wilton Lloyd-Smith Residence (Huntington, N.Y.)PortalCLIOArchiveGRID


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Architects--United States. PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Architecture--New York (N.Y.)PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Architecture, Domestic--California--Montecito.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Architecture, Domestic--New York (State)PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Architects--United States--Correspondence.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Church architecture--United States.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Churches--New York (N.Y.)PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Office buildings--New York (N.Y.)PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Public buildings--Nebraska--Lincoln.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Universities and colleges--Texas--Houston.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID

Additional Creators (Personal Names)

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Nat'l / Int'l Archives:
Alexander, Constance Grosvenor.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Anderson, C. Peake.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Bailey, Pearce, 1865-1922.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Baldwin, Ruth Ann.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Barber, Donn, 1871-1925.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Bragdon, Claude Fayette, 1866-1946.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Brewer, Cecil Claude, 1871-1918.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Brewer, Irene.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Brinton, Christian, 1870-1942.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Britton, Maurice.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Brown, Frank Chouteau, 1876-1947.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Bryant, James T.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Carroll, Marcus H.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Carson, J. M.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Clark, Kenneth.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Copeland, Herbert.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Cortissoz, Royal, 1869-1948.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Craig, James Osborne.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Cram, Ralph Adams, 1863-1942.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Croly, Herbert David, 1869-1930.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Cushman, Sarah E.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Darling, Frank.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Dater, Henry M.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Denny, Herbert L.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Drury, Samuel S. (Samuel Smith), 1878-1938.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Durley, R. J.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Eldredge, William A.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Embury, Aymar, 1880-1966.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Field, William B. Osgood.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Fletcher, Ethel.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Foster, Nellis B.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Gennert, Henry G.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Gilbert, Cass, 1859-1934.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Gillespie, James Waldron.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Gillpatrick, Wallace, 1862-1925.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Githens, Alfred Morton, 1876-1973.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Goodhue, Edward Eldredge.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Goodhue, Eldredge.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Goodhue, Frances Satterlee.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Goodhue, Harry Eldredge.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Goodhue, Hugh Grosvenor Bryant.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Goodhue, Lydia A. Bryant.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Goodhue, Mary Louise.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Goodhue, Wells.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Goodhue, Wright.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Grey, Elmer, 1871-1962.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Grosvenor, Edith Louise.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Guérin, Jules Vallée, 1866-1946.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hardenbergh, H. J. (Henry Janeway), 1847-1918.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Henderson, Harold Gould.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hewitt, Mattie Edwards, d. 1956.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Horne, Alderson B.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Horsfield, George W.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Howe, M. A. De Wolfe (Mark Antony De Wolfe), 1864-1960.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hunt, Myron, 1868-1952.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Irwin, Beatrice.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
James, George Wharton, 1858-1923.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Keith, J. C. M. (John Charles Malcolm), 1858-1940.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Kimball, Ingalls, 1874-1933.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Kirchmayer, Johannes, 1860-1930.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Lambert, Samuel W. (Samuel Waldron), 1859-1942.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Leete, Louise Grosvenor.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Léon, Maurice, b. 1880.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Lethaby, W. R. (William Richard), 1857-1931.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Ludlow, William S.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Macy, Valentine Everit, 1871-.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Maginnis, Charles Donagh, 1867-1955.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Manning, Warren H. (Warren Henry), 1860-1938.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Mathews, Charles Thompson, 1863-1934.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
McBee, Silas, 1853-1924.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
McClellan, Jessie T.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Mead, William Rutherford, 1846-1928.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Metcalf, Bryce, 1874-1951.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Meteyard, Thomas Buford, 1865-1928.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Meyer, Henry C. (Henry Coddlington), b. 1870.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Molesworth, Beatrice.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Moore, Henry Wadsworth.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Moore, John D.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Myers, Harvey, 1828-1874.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Newcomb, Edgar Allan Poe.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Nobbs, Percy E. (Percy Erskine), 1875-1964.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Olmsted, Frederick Law, 1870-1957.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Parker, Gilbert, 1862-1932.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Peabody, Slosson & Smyth.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Perry, James DeWolf.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Philbin, Thomas G.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Phillips, John S. (John Sanburn), 1861-1949.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Polk, Willis, 1867-1924.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Pond, Irving K. (Irving Kane), 1857-1939.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Poole, Ernest, 1880-1950.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Read, Mary Louise Goodhue.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Repplier, Francis Ewing.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Richards, Henry, 1848-1949.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Robb, E. Donald.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Root, Elihu, 1845-1937.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Ryerson, Martin A.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Ryerson, Martin W.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Sabine, Wallace Clement, 1868-1919.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Schuyler, Montgomery, 1843-1914.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Scott, Giles Gilbert, Sir, 1880-1960.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Shaw, Howard Van Doren, 1869-1926.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Simon, Frank W.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Slade, Marshall P.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Spreckels, John Diedrich, b. 1853.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Stein, Clarence S.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Stokes, Leonard.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Stroonnicof, Basil T.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Sturgis, R. Clipston (Richard Clipston), 1860-1951.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Swartout, Egerton.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Tabor, Francis Hebard.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Tack, Augustus Vincent, 1870-1949.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Traquair, Ramsey, 1874-1952.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Tuckerman, Bayard, 1855-1923.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Turcas, Jules.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Updike, Daniel Berkeley, 1860-1941.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Van Kleeck, Ellen B.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Vaughan, Henry, 1845-1917.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Villard, Oswald Garrison, 1872-1949.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Warren, Herbert Langford, 1857-1917.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Weir, Julian Alden, 1852-1919.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Wheeler, E. S.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Whittaker, Charles Harris.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Whittlesey, Marie Bachman.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Winslow, Carleton Monroe, 1876-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Woods, Joseph E.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Woodward, Fred J.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Yellin, Samuel, 1885-1940.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID

Additional Creators (Corporate Names)

HeadingCUL Archives:
CUL Collections:
Nat'l / Int'l Archives:
Century Association (New York, N.Y.)PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Century Club (New York, N.Y.)PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Cram, Goodhue, and Ferguson.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Cram and Ferguson.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Goodhue family.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Mayers, Murray and Philip.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Neighborhood Music School (New York, N.Y.)PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
R. Guastavino Company.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Peabody, Slosson & Smyth.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Pease & Elliman.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Rambusch (firm).PortalCLIOArchiveGRID

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical Note

Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue was born on April 28, 1869 in Pomfret, Connecticut. Goodhue was educated at Russell’s Collegiate and Military Institute in New Haven from 1880-1883, where he was known among his classmates for his skill in caricature and sketching. Without the financial means to attend college, Goodhue chose instead to apprentice with an architectural firm. In 1884, he began as an assistant and novice draftsman in the office of Renwick, Aspinall and Russell in New York City, where he acquired an intensive but largely self-directed education in architectural design and production. Moonlighting after hours as a draftsman and designer, Goodhue became adept at highly detailed and atmospheric perspective renderings of extant structures and of his own imaginative architecture.

In 1891, Goodhue was awarded a prestigious competition commission to design a cathedral in Dallas, Texas. Seeking collaborative assistance with this large project, Goodhue meet with Boston architects Ralph Adams Cram and Charles Francis Wentworth, who shortly offered him a full partnership in their firm. Although the cathedral remained unbuilt, Cram, Goodhue and Wentworth–renamed Cram, Goodhue and Ferguson in 1898–received numerous commissions throughout the New England for ecclesiastical and civic buildings and residences in the English Gothic and Beaux-Arts styles. Both Goodhue and Cram were well known for associations and collaborations with noted artisans and craftsmen, particularly members of the Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, with whom they frequently socialized. With the commission to design the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, in 1902, Goodhue returned to New York City to open a branch of CGF to more closely supervise design and construction at the site. From that office, Goodhue designed numerous other major buildings, including St. Thomas Church (New York City, 1905-1920); Rice University (Houston, Texas, 1909); the Chapel of the Intercession (New York City, 1910-1914); and the Panama-California Exposition (San Diego, California, 1911-1915).

Goodhue’s business relationship with Cram and Ferguson was dissolved in 1913 and Goodhue became an independent architect, employing several dozen staff by the start of World War I. He continued to receive significant commissions, including the Church of St. Vincent Ferrer (New York City, 1914-1918); Saint Bartholomew’s Church (New York City, 1914-1919); California Institute of Technology (Pasadena, California, 1915-1917); Rockefeller Chapel at the University of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois, 1918-1928); the Nebraska State Capitol (Lincoln, Nebraska, 1920-1932); and the Los Angeles Public Library (1921-1926). Although never formally trained in architectural idioms, Goodhue’s work frequently referred to the Arts and Crafts movement and a vernacular aesthetic, often incorporating the work of talented craftsmen. Becoming increasingly reductivist and modern after World War I, Goodhue often integrated historicist Mediterranean and Indo-European aesthetics with classical massing to achieve a recognizable style of his own.

Goodhue’s commissions took him across the United States, and he traveled widely for business and pleasure after 1900, often to see architecture of other cultures and regions, which he sketched with great aplomb. In the spring of 1924, after a trip to Los Angeles, where he was involved in building the public library, Goodhue succumbed to a heart attack, just days before his fifty-fifth birthday. His ashes were interred in a church of his own design, the Chapel of the Intercession, in New York City, in a tomb designed by a long-time colleague, sculptor Lee Lawrie.

After Goodhue’s sudden death, his office was reorganized as Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue Associates to complete outstanding commissions. In 1931 the firm was renamed by its partners Mayers, Murray & Phillip, closing finally in 1940.

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