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Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives: Saturday Evening Concert audio recordings, 1950-1981

Series I: Audio Reels

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Box 4 Item 7111.068 Saturday Evening Concert, 1950-06-26

Dance rehearsal with piano accompaniment; pieces for solo harp

Box 4 Item 7111.066 Saturday Evening Concert, 1950-12-17

Box 4 Item 7111.062 Saturday Evening Concert, 1951-01-04

Box 4 Item 7111.067 Saturday Evening Concert, 1951-03-11

Solo piano performed live by Thomas De Hartmann and vocal music, with conversation in between pieces

Box 4 Item 7111.063 Saturday Evening Concert, 1951-07-01

Radio broadcast of a program of dances from the opera Esther by De Hartmann, performed at Grant Park, Chicago; conducted by Nikolai Malko

Box 4 Item 7111.069 Saturday Evening Concert, 1951-12-23

Pieces for solo piano

Box 4 Item 7111.069 Saturday Evening Concert, 1951-12-23

Frank Lloyd Wright reads from and discusses Bertrand Russell's article The best answer to fanaticism: liberalism

Box 4 Item 7111.069 Saturday Evening Concert, 1951-12-23

Solo piano

Box 4 Item 7111.061 Saturday Evening Concert, 1952-08-31

Sunday evening: chamber music

Box 4 Item 7111.056 Saturday Evening Concert (1952-09-29), 1952-09-29

Ave Maria and other choral selections with piano; String ensemble

Box 4 Item 7111.055 Saturday Evening Concert (1952-12-04), 1952-12-04

Iovanna's group: discussion about creativity and performing

Box 4 Item 7111.059 Saturday Evening Concert (1953-08-10), 1953-08-10

Iovanna lecture in Chicago; discusses Gurdjieff; reads paper entitled Influences by Olgivanna Lloyd Wright, originally delivered at Taliesin

Box 4 Item 7111.064 Philosophy Discussion Group (1955-01-07), 1955-01-07

Weekly philosophy group meeting of Movement participants; discussion lead by Steve Oyakawa.

Box 1 Item 7006.001 Saturday Evening Concert (1968-01-14), 1968-01-14

Olgivanna Lloyd Wright 3rd sonata, Brigadoon, Schubert, Vivaldi, Olgivanna Lloyd Wright trio

Box 1 Item 7007.001 Saturday Evening Concert (1974-11-02), 1974-11-02

Box 2 Item 7111.008 Saturday Evening Concert (1975-01-11), 1975-01-11

Misterioso from John Gay's Beggar's opera; Air from Persée by Jean-Baptiste Lully; rock music by Chicago and others

Box 2 Item 7111.012 Saturday Evening Concert (1975-02-01), 1975-02-01

Greensleeves; Irish tune by Percy Aldridge Grainger; Song of Jupiter by Handel; How lovely is thy dwelling place by Brahms; three songs from Brigadoon; rock music by Led Zeppelin and others

Box 2 Item 7111.011 Saturday Evening Concert (1975-02-08), 1975-02-08

17th century Netherlandish dances; five dances from Benjamin Britten's Gloriana and others

Box 2 Item 7111.016 Saturday Evening Concert (1975-02-15), 1975-02-15

Two movements from Vivaldi's La primavera; Brahms, How lovely is thy dwelling place; rock music by Captain Beefheart and others

Box 2 Item 7111.006 Saturday Evening Concert (1975-02-22), 1975-02-22

Je prens en gré, Thomas Crecquillon; [Legerio?] by Keetman; First and third movements of Haydn's Trumpet concerto; choral music; Rock music

Box 3 Item 7111.044 Saturday Evening Concert (1975-03-08), 1975-03-08

Fugue by J.S. Bach; In these delightful pleasant groves, Purcell; Andante, Keetman; First and last movement, Haydn trumpet concerto; vocal music including: Ode to joy, Beethoven; Nymphs and shepherds, Purcell; rock music including Summer breeze, Seals and Crofts

Box 2 Item 7111.010 Saturday Evening Concert (1975-03-15), 1975-03-15

17th century madrigal followed by two modern songs from the school of Carl Orff

Box 2 Item 7111.004 Saturday Evening Concert (1975-03-22), 1975-03-22

Early music; folk music performed by a choir; rock band

Box 2 Item 7111.005 Saturday Evening Concert (1975-03-30), 1975-03-30

First movement of second Brandenburg concerto; rock music including Led Zeppelin

Box 2 Item 7111.001 Saturday Evening Concert (1975-04-05), 1975-04-05

Early music (recorder ensemble) performs Thomas Ford, When first I saw your face, and other songs; chamber ensemble; choral music; rock music including Led Zeppelin

Box 3 Item 7111.030 Saturday Evening Concert (1975-06-14), 1975-06-14

Vocal music, classical and popular; rock music by Led Zeppelin and others

Box 3 Item 7111.032 Saturday Evening Concert (1975-06-28), 1975-06-28

16th-17th century dances; Pavane, William Byrd; three movements from Vivaldi's sinfonia no. 1 and no. 2; Oh lovely splendor, Palestrina; Bonsoir, Claude Debussy; selection from Pinafore by Gilbert and Sullivan

Box 3 Item 7111.030 Saturday Evening Concert (1975-07-12), 1975-07-12

Norwegian wood, Buddy Rich Band; I'm just a singer in a rock and roll band, The Moody Blues; Summer breeze, Seals and Crofts

Box 3 Item 7111.032 Saturday Evening Concert (1975-07-19), 1975-07-19

Four 16th-17th century dances; Jamaican rumba, Arthur Benjamin; Handel's Song of Jupiter; French and English folk songs; 24th psalm, Boulanger; rock music improvisations inspired by contemporary minimal composers (Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Philip Glass); Norwegian Wood and other rock songs

Box 3 Item 7111.031 Saturday Evening Concert (1975-08-02), 1975-08-02

Andante by Keetman; three Renaissance dances; Pavane by William Byrd; Sinfonia no. 2, Vivaldi; vocal selections from Beethoven, Brahms, Purcell; Rock music by the Beatles and others

Box 3 Item 7111.031 Saturday Evening Concert (1975-08-16), 1975-08-16

Early music; two selections from Bizet's Carmen suite; Penitence from Time upon time by Olgivanna Lloyd Wright; Cantante domino, Hans Hassler; Pavane, Maurice Ravel; Three Slovak folk songs, Bartók; rock music, including Tuesday afternoon by the Moody Blues

Box 2 Item 7111.013 Saturday Evening Concert (1975-11-09), 1975-11-09

Early music by recorder ensemble; choral music including The sound of silence by Simon and Garfunkel; Rock music including instrumental Norwegian wood

Box 3 Item 7111.052 Saturday Evening Concert (1975-11-27), 1975-11-27

Early music / recorder ensemble; Vocal music, including Jesus, sun of life, my splendor by Handel; In paradiso, Gabriel Fauré; When flowery meadows, Palestrina; 24th psalm, Lili Boulanger; rock music, including Summer breeze, Seals and Crofts

Box 3 Item 7111.051 Saturday Evening Concert (1975-12-06), 1975-12-06

Early music / recorder ensemble; vocal music, including Psalm 24, Lili Boulanger; Rock music including Tuesday afternoon, Moody Blues

Box 2 Item 7111.017 Saturday Evening Concert (1975), 1975

"The Veil"

Box 3 Item 7111.050 Saturday Evening Concert (1976-10-16), 1976-10-16

Suite by Erich Katz; chamber music; vocal music; rock music

Box 3 Item 7111.049 Saturday Evening Concert (1976-10-23), 1976-10-23

Gloria, Palestrina; Iam Christus astra ascenderat; three Renaissance dances; vocal music including Ode to joy, Beethoven; Vaya con dios, Les Paul; rock music, including songs by Led Zeppelin

Box 3 Item 7111.023 Saturday Evening Concert (1976-11-06), 1976-11-06

Ave Maria by Marbrianus de Orto; vocal music; rock music including Marrakech Express by Crosby, Stills and Nash

Box 2 Item 7111.014 Saturday Evening Concert (1976-12-12), 1976-12-12

Recorder ensemble performs two pieces by Olgivanna Lloyd Wright; chamber ensemble; choral music, including Ode to joy and Handel, Jesus sun of splendor, and The wayward wind; rock music, including Marrakech express by Crosby, Stills and Nash

Box 2 Item 7111.002 Saturday Evening Concert (1977-10-29), 1977-10-29

Italian villanella; Bach Sinfonia in G minor; four dances by Michael Praetorius; two Vivaldi sinfonias; English and Western folk songs

Box 2 Item 7111.003 Saturday Evening Concert (1977-12-03), 1977-12-03

Recorder ensemble performs Renaissance dances and others; chamber ensemble performs three dances by Henry Purcell and other works; choral music, including Turn ye to me (Scottish folk song) and a selection from The bartered bride; Rock music

Box 2 Item 7111.015 Saturday Evening Concert (1978-01-14), 1978-01-14

Pavane venezienne by Claude Gervais; Sonata by Sammartini; vocal music

Box 2 Item 7111.007 Saturday Evening Concert (1978-01-28), 1978-01-28

Pavane by Claude Gervaise; Sonata by Sammartini; vocal music; rock music

Box 3 Item 7111.043 Saturday Evening Concert (1978-03-04), 1978-03-04

Pavane, Claude Gervaise; Sonata, Sammartini; Four dances by Michael Praetorius; vocal music including Turn ye to me (Scottish folk song), Brightness of our noon, Alan Hovhaness, Chorus from The bartered bride (Smetana), Vaya con dios (Les Paul)

Box 3 Item 7111.035 Saturday Evening Concert (1978-03-18), 1978-03-18

16th century dances, Chaconne from Purcell's Fairy queen; Vivaldi; vocal music including a motet by Alan Hovhaness, Kumbaya; rock music including Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon

Box 3 Item 7111.045 Saturday Evening Concert (1978-04-22), 1978-04-22

Self-portrait, Giles Farnaby; vocal music including When flowery meadows, Palestrina; Tumbling tumbleweeds

Box 3 Item 7111.033 Saturday Evening Concert (1978-04-29), 1978-04-29

Pavane alla venezienne; Air from Persee, Jean-Baptise Lully; Ballet anglaise from the Calliope suite by John Fischer; vocal music including Old soul of mine, How lovely is thy dwelling place (Brahms), Waterboy, Tumbling tumbleweeds

Box 1 Item 7004.002 Saturday Evening Concert (1978-10-28), 1978-10-28

Includes Work song, words by Frank Lloyd Wright, music by Olgivanna Lloyd Wright

Box 1 Item 7004.003 Saturday Evening Concert (1978-11-04), 1978-11-04

Includes Brahms, How lovely is thy dwelling place

Box 1 Item 7004.004 Saturday Evening Concert (1978-11-18), 1978-11-18

Box 1 Item 7004.005 Saturday Evening Concert (1978-12-16), 1978-12-16

16th century Italian passamezzo, Yugoslav folk music, St. Stephen's Day carol

Box 1 Item 7008.001 Saturday Evening Concert (1979-01-20), 1979-01-20

18th century dances: The invocation, The lovers, A minuet; followed by Fantasia by Giovanni Coperario (John Cooper)

Box 1 Item 7008.002 Saturday Evening Concert (1979-02-02), 1979-02-02

Box 1 Item 7008.003 Saturday Evening Concert (1979-02-10), 1979-02-10

Three 18th century airs

Box 1 Item 7008.004 Saturday Evening Concert (1979-02-17), 1979-02-17

Rondo [berne?] by Rameau, Canzona by Philippe de Monte, Accent on rhythm by [Bergman?]

Box 1 Item 7008.005 Saturday Evening Concert (1979-02-24), 1979-02-24

Ave maria by Mabrianus de Orto, Three French dances by Michael Praetorius

Box 1 Item 7008.006 Saturday Evening Concert (1979-03-03), 1979-03-03

Box 1 Item 7008.007 Saturday Evening Concert (1979-03-10), 1979-03-10

Includes a quintet by J. C. Bach, vocal music including Smetana's The bartered bride; rock music including Peter Frampton

Box 1 Item 7008.008 Saturday Evening Concert (1979-03-17), 1979-03-17

Irish country dance, Greensleeves, Air from Persée by Thomas Linley, Carnival Suite as arranged by Erich Katz

Box 1 Item 7008.009 Saturday Evening Concert (1979-03-24), 1979-03-24

Unidentified early music played by recorder ensemble; chamber ensemble, choral music, rock music

Box 1 Item 7008.010 Saturday Evening Concert (1979-03-31), 1979-03-31

Whither runneth my sweetheart by John Bartlet, Woodcock's Browning fantasy, and a Native American chant

Box 1 Item 7008.011 Saturday Evening Concert (1979-05-19), 1979-05-19

Music from Persée by Jean-Baptiste Lully, Quartetino by [Harold Ginsberg?]

Box 1 Item 7008.012 Saturday Evening Concert (1979-10-27), 1979-10-27

Box 1 Item 7008.013 Saturday Evening Concert (1979-11-17), 1979-11-17

Two French medieval songs from the Henry Adams collection, a fantasia by Thomas Lupo

Box 1 Item 7008.014 Saturday Evening Concert (1979-12-01), 1979-12-01

Minuet in G Major by Johann Sebastian Bach, Quatrieme suite by Nicolas Chédeville

Box 1 Item 7008.015 Saturday Evening Concert (1979-12-08), 1979-12-08

Four movements from Quatrieme suite by Nicolas Chédeville

Box 1 Item 7008.015 Saturday Evening Concert (1979-12-25), 1979-12-25

OLLW Trio #2, Sonata #4, First Movement, BBP, EFFI, Anna

Box 1 Item 7009.001 Saturday Evening Concert (1980-01-01), 1980-01-01

Trio #2, Sonata #4M First Movement, Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, EFFI, Anna

Box 1 Item 7009.002 Saturday Evening Concert (1980-01-05), 1980-01-05

Trio #2, Sonata #4M First Movement, Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, EFFI, Anna

Box 1 Item 7009.003 Saturday Evening Concert (1980-02-23), 1980-02-23

Bach chorale, Pavan by William [Birch?], Cantata Deus in adjutorium by Johann Pachelbel; Rock combo: Dave Mason So High and others

Box 1 Item 7009.005 Saturday Evening Concert (1980-03-08), 1980-03-08

Third movement of Olgivanna Lloyd Wright's Fourth sonata for violin and piano; Sonata da chiesa a trè by Correlli; Alix by Thomas Crecquillon, Allemande by Anonymous, excerpt from Sammartini

Box 1 Item 7009.006 Saturday Evening Concert (1980-03-15), 1980-03-15

Self-portrait by Giles Farnaby, Canon for three voices and bass and Deus in adjutorium by Pachelbel

Box 1 Item 7009.008 Saturday Evening Concert (1980-03-29), 1980-03-29

Fantasia by Peter Philips, piece by Nicolas Chédeville, Pater noster by Igor Stravinsky, Mother Goose by Jethro Tull and others

Box 1 Item 7009.009 Saturday Evening Concert (1980-04-05), 1980-04-05

Native American chant, piece from Henry Adams Collection, Thomas Morley's It was a lover and his lass; On wings of song by Mendelssohn; vocal music by Gabriel Fauré

Box 1 Item 7009.011 Saturday Evening Concert (1980-04-19), 1980-04-19

Ahi amor from the Henry Adams Collection, Ballet de grand [huit?], Spanish pavan, Volpe, Song of the Hebrides and others

Box 1 Item 7009.012 Saturday Evening Concert (1980-04-26), 1980-04-26

Two Renaissance dances: including pavane d'Angleterre; Three Elizabethan madrigals; Prelude in D minor from the second volume of Bach's Well-tempered clavier and others

Box 3 Item 7111.025 Saturday Evening Concert (1980-05-17), 1980-05-17

Vocal and instrumental music, early and classical

Box 3 Item 7111.024 Saturday Evening Concert (1980-05-31), 1980-05-31

Philippe de Monte; Fischer; Native American chant; Morning song by Charles Woodhouse; Village holiday, Philippe Rameau; Country reel, Charles Woodhouse; vocal music

Box 3 Item 7111.027 Saturday Evening Concert (1980-08-03), 1980-08-03

Kyrie from Palestrina's Iam Christus Astra Ascenderat; excerpt from Chédeville's Quatrieme suite; Minuet in C, Mozart; Dance for the Slovaks, Bartók; Moldau, Smetana; How lovely is thy dwelling place, Brahms; When flowery meadows, Palestrina; Bonsoir, Debussy; and others

Box 3 Item 7111.041 Saturday Evening Concert (1981-01-17), 1981-01-17

Gloria in excelsis deo, Palestrina; Moldau, Smetana; Kamarinskaya, Tchaikovsky; On wings of song, Mendelssohn; three songs by Brahms (vocal); Ave Maria and other works by Villalobos

Box 3 Item 7111.040 Saturday Evening Concert (1981-01-24), 1981-01-24

Alma redemptoris mater, Guillaume Du Fay; section from Calliope suite, Fischer; Native American chant; Concerto in B major, Telemann; Nymphs and shephards, Purcell; Psalm 71, Alan Hovhaness; The wayward wind

Box 3 Item 7111.047 Saturday Evening Concert (1981-01-31), 1981-01-31

Alma redemptoris mater, Guillaume Du Fay; section from Calliope suite, Fischer; Native American chant; Concerto in B major, Telemann; Nymphs and shephards, Purcell; Psalm 74, Alan Hovhaness; Carry me home to the lone prairie; Third movement, Third violin sonata, Olgivanna Lloyd Wright; and others

Box 3 Item 7111.048 Saturday Evening Concert (1981-02-07), 1981-02-07

Passacaglia in G minor; Browning fantasy, Woodcock; Pavane venezienne, Claude Gervaise; Two Israeli melodies; vocal music by Giovanni Pergolesi; Waterboy; The wayward wind; Five selections from the Prologue and suite, Olgivanna Lloyd Wright

Box 3 Item 7111.042 Saturday Evening Concert (1981-02-21), 1981-02-21

Gloria in excelsis deo, Palestrina; aria by Hovhaness; vocal music, including When flowery meadows, Palestrina; Turn ye to me (Scottish folk song); Carry me home (American traditional); rock music, including The Doors

Box 3 Item 7111.039 Saturday Evening Concert (1981-02-28), 1981-02-28

Air from the Fairy queen, Purcell, two Elizabethan madrigals; Allegro movement from Schubert; an andante and an allegro by Bach; vocal music

Box 3 Item 7111.028 Saturday Evening Concert (1981-03-07), 1981-03-07

Box 3 Item 7111.038 Saturday Evening Concert (1981-03-14), 1981-03-14

Reading of a poem by Dylan Thomas; suite by Jos Wuytack; La follia, Corelli; Ehre sei dir Christe, Heinrich Schütz; Love has come again (French folk song); Pavane, Maurice Ravel; rock music, including Jethro Tull, Hymn 43

Box 3 Item 7111.046 Saturday Evening Concert (1981-03-21), 1981-03-21

Box 3 Item 7111.036 Saturday Evening Concert (1981-04-04), 1981-04-04

Box 3 Item 7111.037 Saturday Evening Concert (1981-04-11), 1981-04-11

Elizabethan trios, Purcell's Chaconne from the Fairy queen; Keyboard concert in D Major, J. S. Bach; Chorale by Bach; Ehre sei dir Christe, Heinrich Schütz; Love has come again (trad. French Easter carol); three songs from Brigadoon; The wayward wind

Box 4 Item 7111.053 Saturday Evening Concert (16 Oct [no year]), undated

Second half of program

Box 4 Item 7111.054 Saturday Evening Concert (16 Oct [no year]), undated

First half of a dance program presented near Spring Green; selections introduced by Iovanna Lloyd Wright

Box 2 Item 7111.009 Reading of The Devil and Daniel Webster, undated

D. D. Webster

Box 2 Item 7111.019 Saturday Evening Concert (undated), undated

Waltzing: dramatic monologue with musical accompaniment

Box 2 Item 7111.020 Saturday Evening Concert (undated), undated

Dream Sequence

Box 4 Item 7111.058 Saturday Evening Concert (undated), undated

Piano rehersal - Part II