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Roger C. Ferri architectural drawings and papers, bulk 1971-2002

Series III: Other Papers

Series III covers material distinct from Ferri's professional and teaching careers, including postcards and reference materials kept at Ferri's desk, travel slides, student work, a color palette from Ferri's training under Frank Mason, and other miscellaneous items.

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Box 5 Folder 19 Color Palette, ca. 1978-1982

gridded sheet of painted color samples, headed "Mason's Landscape Palette; dating is based on conclusion that sheet dates to Roger Ferri's study under Frank Mason at Art Students League of New York


Box 5 Folder 22 Reference and Postcards - Bulletin Board, undated

contents of resealable plastic bag labeled "Postcards etc. from bulletin board next to desk at home," including jewelry advertisement clippings and photograph of unidentified family


Box 5 Folder 23 Reference and Postcards - Envelope, undated

contents of small envelope (inscribed with miscellaneous notes), including postcards, not addressed or inscribed


Box 5 Folder 21 Reference and Postcards - Postcard Case, undated

contents of manila envelope labeled "Postcard Case," including various clippings, prints, and postcards (including correspondence from Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk and Andres Duany, Minoru Kondo, and individuals named "Ricardo," "Bob," L. Souza," "Colin," [likely Colin Amery] and "Gabriel")


Box 5 Folder 20 Reference and Postcards - Roger's Reference Materials, undated

contents of manila envelope labeled "Roger's Reference Materials," including clippings, postcards (some inscribed), and promotional cards and portfolios relating to exhibitions of Frank Mason


Box 5 Folder 14 Slides - Aalto - Wolfsburg, undated

111 35mm slide transparencies, from envelope labeled "Slides of Aalto Wolfsburg," containing travel photography principally of Alvar Aalto's cultural center (Kulturhaus) in Wolfsburg, West Germany; the envelope is addressed to Roger Ferri from Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk and postmarked 8/27/1980, but it is unclear whether the slides were originally mailed in this envelope, and if so, whether they originated with the latter architects, if they were being returned, etc.


Box 5 Folder 12 Slides - Miscellaneous (1/2), undated

42 35mm slide transparencies, from accordion folder labeled "Miscellaneous Slides," including what appears to be lecture material on art-historical and urban precedents (drawings of historic city plans; art and archaeological works, etc.)


Box 5 Folder 13 Slides - Miscellaneous (2/2), undated

210 35mm slide transparencies, from accordion folder marked "Miscellaneous Slides," including travel photography (Florida, California, Mackinac Island)


Box 5 Folder 15 Slides - Wallach Show, 2002

67 35mm slide transparencies, prepared in connection with the 2002 exhibition "Roger Ferri: Architectural Visionary" at the Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery, documenting various projects, drawings, and paintings (including several items not included in collection holdings)


Box 5 Folder 17 Student Papers on Ferri, 1983

student paper on Roger Ferri by Francis P. Russell, entitled "Roger Ferri, Architect: A Survey of His Work; 1975-1981," submitted as a thesis for the Bachelor of Arts in Art History at Vassar College, advised by Richard Pommer; 64 pages, plus notes and appendix; some limited markup (possibly by Ferri) notes alleged misquotations and inaccuracies


Box 5 Folder 18 Student Papers on Ferri, 1987

student paper on Roger Ferri by Rachel F. Stettler, entitled "Paradise Lost, Paradise Sought," institution and instructor unknown; a note indicates that Ferri was interviewed as part of the project; 14 pages, plus images and notes


Box 5 Folder 16 Student Work - Geometric Studies, ca. 1970

bound portfolio of drawings (geometry and light-casting studies), likely an assignment at Pratt Institute


Box 5 Folder 24 Unidentified Photograph, undated

unidentified photographic transparency of child holding sheep