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James Rossant papers, 1950s-1990s

Series IV: Personal Papers

Series IV covers material distinct from Rossant's professional and teaching careers. An incomplete selection of his student work (1946-1952) includes keepsakes as well as incomplete student notebooks from the Harvard Graduate School of Design in the early 1950s. Otherwise, the bulk of this series deals with Rossant's output as a fine artist, including gallery correspondence, resumes, brochures, reproductions of his designs for imaginary cities, and some miscellaneous sketches and cartoons. Also included are the contents of a binder of Asian travel photography and a handful of letters (including personal correspondence and non-architectural letters to businesses and publications) which offer biographical insight into James Rossant's life, interests, and personality.

Box 7: Folder 27 Student Papers: Miscellaneous 1946-1952

diploma from New York High School of Science (1946); copy of L'Architecture d'aujourd'hui (February 1950), given to James Rossant by guest editor Paul Rudolph; examination 'blue books' (1952)

Box 7: Folder 28 Student Papers: "Harvard GSD Lecture Notes 1951-52" 1951-1952

lecture notes and student papers from Harvard Graduate School of Design and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, from courses on Land Economics (Leo Grebler), Government and the Conservation of Natural Resources (no instructor listed), Seminar in Policy and Administration (John M. Gaus) and others, including notes on New Towns and planning, intermixed with technical coursework and extensive marginalia and cartooning (particularly of automobiles)

Box 7: Folder 29 Student Papers: Harvard GSD Planning Material 1951-1952

lecture notes and student papers from Harvard Graduate School of Design and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, from courses on Urban Land Economics (Leo Grebler) and others, including drafts of paper on the automobile nad the development of miami, with extensive marginalia and cartooning including sketches of modular housing and automobiles, and early references to Colette Rossant

Box 7: Folder 30 Design Sketches: Automobiles and Prefabricated Housing 1952-1955

folder of car designs labeled by James Rossant as belonging to his time stationed in Munich with the U.S. Army Counterintelligence Corps (1953 or 1954 to 1955); photocopied sketches of prefabricated housing units elevated in three-dimensional matrix, with label "Labström Neda) (1952-1953)

Box 8: Folder 1 Artistic C.V.s and Artist's Statements ca. 1980s-2000s

C.V.s, essays and book proposals concerning James Rossant's artistic production in general and the "Cities in the Sky / Cities of the Plain" series particularly

Box 8: Folder 2 Artistic Correspondence 1977-1997 and undated

letters and grant materials relating to James Rossant's artistic production, including correspondence with Kenneth Frampton, Elaine Evans Dee, Fumihiko Maki, Phillip Johnson, and various gallerists, editors and friends

Box 8: Folder 3 Art Prints and Gallery Materials 1976-2000

prints of various artworks; promotional materials and postcards (including "Artists' Postcards" series) relating to various gallery shows; 1 35mm slide transparency of "Paris Show" featuring Colette Rossant in front of mounted artwork

Box 8: Folder 4 Art Publications and Criticism 1976-1998

clippings of print announcements and critical responses to art works, including Paul Goldberger, Sarane Alexandrian, Laurie Attias and others

Box 8: Folder 5 Loose Art, Sketches and Photographs 1972-1987, undated

original and photocopied sketches including some imaginary cities, promotional image for Colette Rossant's "Zee Cooking Show," and view of the World Trade Center; contact sheets showing sculptural work, construction of a geodesic dome, and travel photography of Le Corbusier's church of Notre Dame du Haut

Box 8: Folder 6 "Asia" 1/2 1986, 1998

172 35mm slide transparencies of travel photography from binder "Asia," including views of Aleppo, Damascus, Delhi, Beijing, and Hong Kong

Box 8: Folder 7 "Asia" 2/2 1972, 1980s-1990s

172 35mm slide transparencies of travel photography from binder "Asia," including views of Hong Kong, Delhi, Calcutta, Ayuthaya, Bangkok, Istanbul, and the restaurant L'Oasis (Mandelieu-la-Napoule, France)

Box 8: Folder 8 Personal Correspondence 1975, 1990-1999, undated

personal correspondence with friends, family, retail businesses and government agencies, not related to James Rossant's architectural or artistic production; letter to the New York Times with proposed solution to the Falkland Islands crisis

Box 8: Folder 9 Miscellaneous Clippings 1952-1996

newspaper clippings and reproductions from journals and books on various topics, including: report on historic preservation in New York City (1952); obituary of Talbot F. Hamlin (1956); obituary of Grosvenor Atterbury (1956); report on construction of bridge for Merritt Parkway (1957); report on slum clearance in Lagos (1957); report on changing slum clearance regulations in New York City (1957); report on archaeological excavations in Pella, Greece (1957); report on reconstruction of Lafayette Square, Washington, D.C. (n.d., probably 1950s); partial clipping of John Summerson review of Thomas Howarth's Charlies Rennie Mackintosh and the Modern Movement (1952); coverage of Frank Lloyd Wright speaking on American culture (1956); report on high-speed construction of bolted steel frames (1957); partial clipping of review of Frederick Gutheim's 100 years of American Architecture show at the National Gallery of Art (1957); report on "King Kong"-themed party hosted by James and Suzan Wines, with quote from James Rossant (1976) review of Carl Condit's The Railroad and the City (1980); Folke T. Kihlstedt, "The Automobile and the Transformation of the American House, 1910-1935" (1980-1981); review of Reyner Banham's Megastructure by Folke T. Kihlstedt (1980); Inside... newsletter of the New York School of Interior Design (1985); ACSANews newsletter of the Asosciation of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (1996); excerpt from a book by Alain Jouffroy mentioning James and Colette Rossant (n.d.; photocopy is marked 2008)

Box 8: Folder 10 Memorial Document 2010

booklet from James S. Rossant memorial service at the Ramaz School (New York, NY), April 16, 2010, including personal and architectural photography, and poem "Watching My Father Draw" by Juliette Rossant